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Reviews and Complaints

Home Depotflooring and kitchen design/installation/delivery

Update: I am still waiting on a delivery refund of $161 - because Home Depot needs to "work with their IT department" to get something situated inside of their archaic computer system so that the full refund we deserve can be given. Great to know customers have to wait on an IT system to receive a refund. At least something is being done and we can *hope* a refund is on the way. Will update review when the full refund has come through.

Horrific experience with this store's flooring delivery and pickup subcontractors. We were charged $2, 000 and promised a flooring installation. All of the materials were dropped off by HD's flooring delivery subcontractors. Two weeks later, they were supposed to install the floor. This is weeks *after* the full measure was done - which should have obviously addressed if the floor was not level. The installer shows up and says he can't do the job because "the floor is not level." When he put the level down on the floor to show my husband, the bubble was in the middle. So, clearly, this guy just didn't want to do the job. Additionally, he groaned when he saw our (standard) wall radiator, and said that would be another issue preventing the installation. It made absolutely no sense, and was clearly an attempt by him to get out of the job. For whatever reason - maybe he doesn't like getting paid.

Throughout this whole time, Home Depot continues to hold our full refund amount. At first, they were holding $1800 of our refund because they couldn't figure out how to get someone to our place to pick up our materials, after the job could not be done. The first time a pickup was scheduled, we waited all day - 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. - and no one from HD showed up. The second time, the delivery person waited less than 15 minutes when I was outside taking my dog out in the morning, and left. Now, we are waiting for almost a week to receive a $161 refund for delivery - something that Home Depot wanted to charge us *even though* it was obviously their responsibility that they did not check if the floor was level *before* dropping off tons of flooring supplies.

Finally, let's talk about the kitchen remodeling department. We had a great designer that we originally worked with to start a kitchen remodel. However, he had to move stores. We then were transferred to work with Kurt, another kitchen designer. Kurt was less than helpful every step of the way. He first gave us an incorrect quote - almost double the quote that our former designer gave us - even though nothing had changed in the plan for the remodel. He simply didn't understand the work that the previous designer did, and all the effort he put in, and didn't care to learn. We completely had to let the project drop because we do not trust Home Depot anymore - not for *anything.* I can imagine a lot of floor-level staff hate their jobs because of the crappy company they work for, but it's amazing because the floor-level employees are usually very helpful. It's the managers and specialty department people who are the incompetent (and rude) professionals.

Needless to say, this store blows. I will never even buy a paper towel roll from this store again and will highly discourage anyone I know from shopping here.