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Reviews and Complaints

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renting lawn mower

I rented a lawn mower from the store and the first time it was a very pleasant experience. The second time was not a pleasant experience at all. We rented a lawn mower and the next day we were 30 minutes late and charged a late fee which is fine.My husband had to stand in line before he could turn his lawnmower in and he got charged for standing in line. That added to our late fee which is very unfair.I have no complaints against the manager of this store at all. It is his employees that I have a problem with. They were not nice to my husband at all.I'm guessing because he was late on bringing the lawn mower back. He has a job and he could not leave right at the time he needed to leave to return the lawn mower by the designated time.I had called ahead and let them know that he was going to be late so that they would not think that he was trying to take the lawn mower. These employees that work in the rental department are not nice at all. They were not nice the first time we came either. But the manager was nice the first time we rented the mower and we appreciated him very much. He was not there the second time that we rented the mower.