Greyhound Linesrefund

L Aug 04, 2018

Case#225764 I requested refund and compensation for the funds we had to spend due to the issue caused by GREYHOUND. We are very much upset with that fact that I sent certified mail that was ignored and I had to call 8/3/18 a full month later attempting to get this issue resolved. I spoke to Rauline on 8/3/18 that stated she can only offer $60.00 refund. Your bus broke down and we had a medical appointment in Columbus GA and had to be there @ 11: 30 am. We had to pay out of pocket expenses to get to the appointment on time yet all we are compensated for is $60.00. I do not agree with this. Do the math and what we were charged to get to our appointment on time and tell me if you think $60.00 was sufficient. We paid $150.00 for the tickets and had to pay an additional $200.00 to get to the destination. If i cant get this resolved, I will be filing a CFPB, BBB, and hiring an attorney about this.

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