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+1 214 849 6246 (Lost & Damaged Baggage)
+1 800 723 3287 (Report Unsafe Driving)
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+1 877 943 3530 (Road Rewards)
+1 800 268 9000 (Website & App Support)
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harassed by bus driver

I have a complaint about the driver on bus 60581 departing from LA to San Diego at 4pm on the 8th who was terrible.

He literally shouted at me during the check in process as I showed him my e-ticket without first saying "hi". After which he caused a massive scene by literally screaming at me, causing others in the line to be nervous of him and causing embarrassment to me in front of everyone else.

I feel this is totally unacceptable as a person who uses greyhound regularly and won't be using the service again especially as I take this root often and am actually nervous to run in to this intimidating driver on the same route.

I feel I have as much right as anyone else when using Greyhound not to be intimated by the driver or harassed in the way I was and just reinforces the company stereotype about the company.

Confirmation number [protected]

very poor service-extremely unacceptable

Customers involved passengers

1. Evelyn Robbins-
2. Allison Jones
3. Samuel Robbins

We purchased our tickets roundtrip from Rochester, New York to Montgomery, Alabama leaving on May 20th, 2019 approximately 6: am. We were scheduled to arrive at the Montgomery, Alabama on Tuesday 21st, 2019. We were riding on bus number 6453. The bus broke down before we got to Erie, Pa. We waited approximately two hours to get on another bus. The bus took us to Erie, Pa greyhound bus station. We transferred our luggage to another bus. We got to Nashville, Tennessee, however, there weren't enough drivers to transport. We had to wait nine additional hours to catch a bus to Montgomery. The Greyhound gave food vouchers of 7 dollars and 50 cents to Ms. Robbins, and Ms. Jones, but not to Mr. Robins. Ms. Robbins is elderly and disabled. It was an extreme hardship on her as her entire trip from Rochester, NY to Montgomery, Alabama took 48 hours. It was also difficult for Ms. Jones and Mr. Robbins as they walked with a cane.

It was difficult to arrange relatives to pick us up as the times changed several times. We would like an apology and full refund as we missed events scheduled in Montgomery. Our original tickets were kept in Nashville.
In General, this was a trip from hell and imparted undue hardship toa all three passengers. We are requesting that a resolution be given to us for our undue hardship.
Evelyn Robbins can be contacted at [protected]. Her address is 100 Dunn Tower, Rochester, NY 14606, apartment 301. Samuel Robbins is 100 Dunn Tower, Rochester, NY 14606. His phone number is [protected].
Allyson Jones phone number is [protected].
We are scheduled to return to Rochester, NY on June 3rd, 2019.
We are hoping that you provide some kind of refund for the terrible trip that we endured.
Your attention to this matter is highly appreciated.
email correspondence could be sent to Ms. Robbins Nephew at [protected]@gmail.com.

Thank you again

very poor service-extremely unacceptable
very poor service-extremely unacceptable
very poor service-extremely unacceptable

Greyhound Lines

customer service

To whom this may concern. I was not pleased with the customer service I received as my family and I were in line to get on the bus a young man approached everyone in line and started directing us to another gate. But the way he approached and spoke to us was unacceptable. I work in customer service and I would never treat my customers the that manner. There was another female worker that as well wasn't kind. As I asked her if this was the line heading to San Antonio she replied in front of other customers saying "is this the only one that doesn't know that this is the line to San Antonio " I felt humiliated and will never travel gray hound. Please fix your customer service

bus driver

On bus route 6618. My fiance and I had to end up sitting in the front seats cause there was no room any where else. When we got on there was a charger plugged in and our phones were dead amd needed to be charged. So we plugged our phones in and went to sleep. We left Cincinnati ohio the next stop was at lexington kentucky. We got off amd smoked as we was getting back on the driver had ask us if we had unplugged the charger. We told him yes.he said we couldnt so that. We paid 345.00 for tickets and we should be able to charge our phones. He tried to kick us off the bus he called the police over this and he made us move seats which are not together. Our seat ticket numbers are 31 and 32 so they are together. He refused to let us sit in the seats together even after we plugged the charger back in. And on top of all this i had went in to the station to speak to a superviser and the lady was ignoring me so then i decided to call and the lady and the desk at lexingtons termenal ended up hanging up on me and after we got done speaking with the cops and boarded back on the bus the lady i had tried to speak to but ignored me and also hung up on me when i called came out to smoke a cigarette right by the bus and this is what she said to the bus driver of 6618 " i told you dont worry i got your back" then she starts making fun of the situation and says she needs to start video taping andcmake a show greyhounds incredible dumb moments. My husband and i paid good money for our tickets and didn't deserve to be treated bad like we done something wrong. I felt like i was in jail the way they was treating us. And laughing at us. We was treated very unfairly today and the check in lady and bus driver of 6618 are very un proffesional people.

delayed bus

My bus was scheduled to depart Orlando Florida at 1:20 pm and it is 2:40 pm and the bus has not arrived yet. The call center nor the front desk clerk has information on the bus. I am very dissatisfied with today's service. I have call the call center 6 times and have not received answers or compensation. The first call center representative placed me on hold for 15 minutes before the call was disconnected. The second representative Franny operator#4219 could not answer my questions in fact she told me the bus was on time, refused to transfer me to a supervisor and told me to wait and additional 10 minutes to call back to make a complaint.

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the bus driver

i purchased a ticket from hartford, CT to Boston, south station. the bus was scheduled for arrival at station @3 pm, board @3:20pm, depart the station @3:40pm and arrive in south station at 5:30pm. i am on a trip back to my school which is in plymouth, NH. there is one bus line that runs to my campus in Plymouth, NH. and it would leave for my campus @6:15 pm. the Greyhound bus driver was about AN HOUR LATE to pick us up for our trip, she was extremely rude when picking us up. she picked us up @4 pm and we didn't leave until 4:20. THEN, while still an HOUR away from boston the bus driver pulls over on the side of the HIGHWAY and says we have to wait for another driver to arrive to complete the trip, it is now 5:45. then after about 20 mins, she gets back on the road to finish the trip to boston. i finally arrive at boston and am completely stranded because i had arrived @6:30 when i was supposed to arrive @5:30 to catch my bus to school @6:15. now i am stuck in boson south station completely stranded because she made me miss the final bus to my school. she was EXTREMELY rude, and didn't care about her passengers. i have never had an encounter with a driver like this before. super disrespectful and inconsiderate. will NEVER be riding with greyhound EVER again. they are known to have terrible and rude drivers, which would explain why the fare prices are so cheap. TERRIBLE experience.

round trip fare to las vegas

I purchased a round trip ticket to Las Vegas, Nevada from Los Angeles, CA. for $55.00. I needed to change to time from 8:15 am to 12:30 midnight and was charged the $20.00 fee, which is okay on 4/6. I was later informed by greyhound customer service a week later that my departure time also had to be changed due to them cancelling the time schedule. So I called a rescheduled to 12.01 noon. On my way back from my trip, I checked my bank statement and noticed I was charged $103.50 on 4/20..I already paid for my trip 4/6...why was I charged again? I spoke to a customer service agent and the refund department 4/21..still no refund. Case number 736300...Please help.

bus did not show up

I am contacting you to make the following point regarding my trip with Greyhound on Monday, April 22, 2019. I bought a Plattsburgh, NY ticket in Montreal, Canada. The departure was scheduled for 3:30 pm. From 3 pm, I was at the bus stop. The bus never showed up. When it was about 4:30 pm, with a passenger who was in the same situation as me, we asked the person at the counter to see where the bus was. It was then that after doing some research online, she said that the bus was at the border. As a result, the driver did not stop at the place where he was scheduled to stop, especially since we had been waiting for the bus outside from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.
In view of the foregoing, I would like by this letter to make a complaint against Greyhound for these actions which are not worthy of the professionalism expected of a company like yours. This situation forced me to delay my trip and to ask for another ticket to take the 5:55 pm bus.in addition, I was scheduled to take a bus to Montreal for Quebec City at 7 pm. I missed this bus and I was forced to pay another ticket which amounts to 44.85 Canadian dollars. Therefore, I claim the reimbursement of the costs related to this ticket.
I hope that Greyhound will take appropriate measures to ensure that these inconveniences do not happen again, especially since it is not the first time that drivers do not stop at the Plattsburgh stop.
Please find attached my travel tickets.

Best regards.

Charles Joseph Guibla
46 Renaissance Village Way
Plattsburgh, NY, 12901

bus did not show up
bus did not show up
bus did not show up
bus did not show up
bus did not show up
bus did not show up
bus did not show up

Greyhound Lines

bus service

The Greyhound bus was EXTREMELY late. I got back to the station a half hour before the time I was told it would be there and it was leaving by the time I got there. Greyhound customer service will not let me on the next available bus unless I pay all over again. I will not pay double for the bus. To make things worse the customer service representative I spoke with was very rude and disrespectful

customer service

There is this incredibly rude African American woman working at the greyhound station in little rock, Arkansas. I watched her argue with a customer over a ticket. From what I heard she said the ticket wasn't valid even though the customer purchased it on the greyhound app. They went back and forth. The poor girl eventually just walked away. Then this rude employee made a scene and fussed at the bus driver for letting her get on the bus in the first place. I dont know the rude employees name but she wears glasses is average height and weight and was on the clock 6:30pm. She works behind the counter. Looks to be in her 30s. She works at the greyhound bus station in little rock, AR. I've attached a photo of what she looks like

customer service

Greyhound Lines

as a person with physical disabilities

I am seeking help, thus far I have went online in trying to get private legal representation for a situation...

modern slavery

I will like to get a full refund on both my tickets from Los Angeles to Ft Texas Amarillo Tx to Los Angele...

unprofessional and unethical behavior

This is my first time ever utilizing greyhound. I went online to book a bus ticket for my son to return home from school from there website.
It didn't give me the option of adding my son name as the passenger, yet. I selected the tickets put in the payment information thinking it will ask for passenger information but it didn't. Immediately withdraw my money from my account without an option to put my son as the passenger. I called to ask them to change the first name only so that my son could get on the bus and I was told they cannot change the first and that I will not receive my money back.
I called them immediately, did not print the tickets because I figure that once I print the ticket they would not change the name. I did not want a refund, just the first name changed on the ticket. Nothing of any for of solution accept that your are out of your money. Why is this acceptable or considered professional behavior?
I will never patronized this company again. I will continue to drive 6 hours to get my son from school.

wrong information provided, lateness and other unsatisfactory services

On january 19th and 21st 2019 I was informed once I arrived at the station that my trip from Cincinnati to baltimore was cancelled however I called prior to leaving home and was told that the trip were to take place. Moreover my 3pm transfer from columbus to pittsburg was 2 hrs late. On the other hand my january 1st 2019 trip from baltimore to Cincinnati had 1 transfer and 5 hours added to it because my transfer from columbus to Cincinnati left in advance. My trip confirmation number is [protected] and I require compensation for these inconveniences.

website ticket sales

On Dec. 10th I attempted to purchase Greyhound Bus tickets online for a trip from Boston, MA to Huntington, WV on the 12th, but received and error message stating that my card could not be processed and would not be charged.

However, the card was still showing a hold for the ticket amount. On a call with customer service I was informed that this happens from time to time and the hold should roll off since I received the error message.

Since i did not understand why the purchase did not go through, I decided to book an alternative means of travel, worried that multiple tries on the website would place more holds on my account, eating up my available funds.

Two days later, my card was charged for the amount. I had neither received email confirmation nor the tickets.

On a second call to greyhound, I was told by customer service that the tickets - for which I should not have been charged and never received - were not flexible tickets and were non-refundable.

They offered a voucher instead, which is unacceptable.

  • Ph
    Philly2019 Dec 12, 2018

    That sucks. File a dispute with your credit card company.

    0 Votes

customer service from greyhound bus service in san bernardino ca

I took the greyhound bus on December 1st 2018 and the encounter was the worst service I ever receive and the...


1) On Nov. 21st I traveled from Seattle to Sunnyside. The bus was almost 2 hours late. 2) My return ticket...

lost rollator chair (medical walker with seat)

Purchased Greyhound Bus Ticket #[protected] on-line for $60 (not including tax) to travel one-way from Chicago...

bus driver

Bus number 60591, He was rude to me only since I got on the bus. He told me I couldn't use my phone to talk...

greyhound service

On 11/26/2018 my greyhound bus was scheduled to arrive at 1:55 PM at white marsh mall in Baltimore county. I...

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