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Jan 13, 2020

FlixBus / FlixMobility — ticket canceled

I was traveling from Tucson to California with my family. I was not aware that my 8 year old son brought my...

Dec 26, 2019

FlixBus / FlixMobility — I was not allowed to travel in the bus

FlixBus was very rude to me today! I had booked a bus from Paris to Florence and the driver didn't...

FlixBus / FlixMobilitybus employee

Hi, I wanted to use the toilet as I really had to pee and the bus driver wouldn't allow me to. I don't understand polish and I felt he was discriminating against me. I am currently struggling to hold it as I have a long way ahead of me. They are breaking the law and I will make sure everyone hears about this I demand a refund of my money for this ride. They were so rude all because I asked to use the toilet.

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    FlixBus / FlixMobilityactions that were made by the bus driver.

    The reason of this compliant is to inform the bus flix general managers.please be advice that today on dec 22nd my family and i had that worst experience ever at flix bus. We left las Vegas at 8.05am we usually make a stop at barstow to use the restroom or grab a snak or food .but that didn't happend this time .instead she stop 45 minutes after we left las vegas in the middle of nowhere we were there at least 20 min.and because of that she didn't give us ur time to grab any food or snaks.my kids had just woke up and were very hungry .the bus driver drop a person at barstow. So i run to the store to get food 3 mins later my wife enter the store screaming and berry nervous that the bus driver told her to get out the bus and wait for the next bus .my kids had a stomic aid all the way to los Angeles .please put ur self in my situation.how would u feel if ur kids were hungry and u couldn't give them anything.

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      FlixBus / FlixMobilitybus

      4 passengers, including 2 kids 5 & 7. The bus does not enter the bus stop line at all "because was out of time" according to the support (initially). The next has was I 9 hours. We took a train. I submitted a written complaint according the company rules. The company was ignoring my mails, calls but I was persistent. The company started to insult me and finally refused the issue at all. Have not compensated nothing.
      Since it is the very "normal handling" by FLiXBUS than...

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        FlixBus / FlixMobilityflixbus cancel our return trip

        We received a simple mail of flixbus announce that our trip to return back home was cancelled. They programmed automatically another trip for us in the next day. It was so hard to get their customer, they said it was normal and we must pay for hotels to stay at night but they are not sure if there's a refund. We paid for alternative transportation to get back home. flixbus doesn't reply to my mail, formulas was full filled but they don't care to reply.

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          Nov 28, 2019

          FlixBus / FlixMobility — flixbus customer service

          NEVER USE FLIXBUS EVER!! At the end of August 2019 I bought a ticket from Zurich to Berlin for 11pm. After...

          FlixBus / FlixMobilityI was not pick at my bus stop. I have to pay extra money to nearest bus stop without any notice.

          confirmation number [protected]

          i previously booked my trip to be pick up at USC on November 27th from USC LOS ANGELES TIO BAKERSFILED but the driver took off saying that i have BEEN rerouted to Downtown, Los Angeles location . I have to spent 35 dollar to get to the bus stop. i was never notify until 3 hrs. after scheduled pick up time that the company have changed the pick up site
          i spent 35 dollar to make it to the next stop time, my time was changed from 740am to 1040am. i need my money spent on the taxis and some of kind compensation for the pain i have to endured. This is not a good service. i missed my appointment at Bakersfield for Flixbus bad customer service. see my record for today and get back to me

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            FlixBus / FlixMobilitybus service & driver

            I start travel from Genoa italy to Barcelona but the bus was 30 min late .arrivel time was 5;15 but arrived at 7;20 &when they transfer in Turin then 2nd bus was again 50min late .I called 3 time the customer service but don't even know about the bus that why the bus was late.so this is my last &last travel with flix bus even will not advice to anyone to travel with flix bus.

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              FlixBus / FlixMobilityworst service and response on refund

              I have booked my travel with flixbus for 13 sep from Paris to Nice with my family. I reached station on time at 7.30 PM. Got a mesaage saying bus is delayed for 1 hour initially and exteneded delay to 3 hours. Around 11 PM i got message saying bus is cancelled and asked to contact customer service but it was not working and no agents from flixbus were there to assist. I had to cancel my accommodation at destination as bus was cancelled and they did not make alternate arrangement after the cancellation. I was charged 100 euro from the hotel. I returned back to home at mid night after waiting for 3 hours with my wife and children. My entire tour was upset due to this. I have contacted the customer service next day. They asked me to submit all the expenses. I submitted expneses but they refused to pay the loss incurred for cancelling accommodation. I made multiple calls to Customer care and they says send email to finance department but finance department never responds. Worst experience I had.

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                Nov 04, 2019

                FlixBus / FlixMobility — unethical behaviour of driver of the flixbus

                Yesterday i travelled from Brussels North station to Cologne south, Airport . our bus number was 815.Our...

                Nov 02, 2019

                FlixBus / FlixMobility — trip from dresden to prague

                I booked my trip number (#[protected]) at 11:50 to Prag. I got there at 11:40 and found the bus at 11:47...

                FlixBus / FlixMobilitybus n474 (torino-zurich/28.06.2019) did not arrive!!!

                My niece had a ticket for the Flixbus N474 from Torino, Italy to Zurich, Switzerland scheduled to leave Torino at 19:10 on June 28, 2019. The bus did not arrive until 21:30 and my niece did not receive any information from Flixbus regarding the delay although all her contact details were on their database. We had several contacts with the Flixbus call center who also could not reach the driver and did not have any idea where the bus was. After 2 hours and 20 minutes of waiting, we had a final call with the Flixbus Call Center who informed us that they will pay the next train from Torino to Zurich and my niece left the bus station.
                Today is October 30, 2019 (4 months after the incident) and, although we have exchanged many emails and had many telephone calls, Flixbus has still NOT PAID the train ticket I bought. They are giving silly reasons, such as: "the bus was on time ..., the customer did not give us the contact information, etc. etc. ...)

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                  FlixBus / FlixMobilityFaro airport to sevilla plaza de armas

                  I take the flexibus today at the 10:05 am in Faro Portugal airport to sevilla plaza de Armas.. but the driver was so rude and all the time so angry I dont know why?? The people ask any question to him and he be so angry. Terrible service and when I arrive to Sevilla I ask about the bus to the sevilla airport and he told me I saw 3 times on board in portugues.. but yes but never saw in English .. so he never tell me nothing..
                  Omg I will never use again this buses...
                  This is a very bad customer service.. if this driver don't like his job.. no need to do!!!
                  I was use flexibus in USA because I live there but the service is completely different my name is Lorely Rangel and my phone number is [protected]


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                    FlixBus / FlixMobilitythe most unpunctual, rudest, and ignorant drivers. the worst company. avoid

                    Traveled 2 times with them from Hamburg to Berlin SXF airport, both times with a terrible outcome. First time the bus was late by 30 minutes, and arriving waaaay past the scheduled time, almost missed my flight arriving the very last minute at the gate.

                    2nd time, and the most terrible experience, the driver took a national road instead of the autobahn, the trip was supposed to be around 4 hours long. The driver was extremely slow, and once his working hours ended (~4 hours) he decided to take a 45 minute break (or until another driver arrives) once entering the city of Berlin (we were supposed to have another 1 and a half hour drive to the airport from that place). Risking to lose the flight again, we had to take the taxi for which we had to pay 60 euros. That didn't bother the management, no refund for the taxi ticket, no refund for the bus ticket. An absolute joke of a company with the most incompetent and ignorant drivers and management.
                    PAY EXTRA AND TAKE THE TRAIN

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                      FlixBus / FlixMobilityincredibly aggresive, rude and patrionizing bus driver

                      I was on the bus from Grenoble to lyon with my family on route 724, direction Nantes Haulère (9.00-10.30).

                      Me and my family were sat talking, and so were a lot of other passengers. I was sat on seat 03c and my family were on 03b and 03a (across the aisle).

                      The name of the driver was Cyril. He was bald middle aged man with glasses.

                      He stopped driving the bus about 15 minutes after we set off, and walked over to me. He got very very close to my face and shouted at me to be quiet in front of everyone. He pointed his finger in my face and was aggressive and rude.

                      I was extremely shocked because i was not talking loud, and if i was he could have asked me politely and with respect. Instead he was rude, disrespectful and patrionizing.

                      We were sat near the front talking in English. People around us were all talking in French. I don't know why he chose to pick on me out of the whole coach, but i think its because i was sat by myself.

                      I could see he wanted to intimidate me and he seemed to enjoy embarassing me for no reason in front of everyone on the bus. He had a microphone and he could have politely asked everyone to speak quieter if he wanted. My sister speaks french and could have translated to me if he had done this. He also knew she spoke french because they spoke when she showed him her tickets.

                      There was no excuse for this. He wanted a reason to embarass someone, but he also seemed to really enjoy doing it

                      I often use the flixbus, but i will never use it again because of this. I have caught buses for years in many countries with many different companies and this was the rudest and most aggressive driver i have ever had.

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                        Oct 23, 2019

                        FlixBus / FlixMobility — bus reschedules

                        Dear Sirs, We would like to complain about Flixbus bus reschedule. After purchasing, the bus was first...

                        Oct 21, 2019

                        FlixBus / FlixMobility — bus company

                        Date : October 21, 2019 Client number (booking reference) : [protected] Full description of incident : Bu...

                        FlixBus / FlixMobilityissue with company

                        Hello my name is Margaret Martinez I had booked a 2 adults and one child for 10/18 at 3:50pm from Fresno CA to phoenix Az . Booking number [protected]
                        but i was texted at 3:38am saying 10/19/2019 7:45am seats have become available n with assigned seats 5A, 6A- free of charge..#[protected] did not say anything about bus ride cancelled plus that was only 2 seats..so inconvenience to me n my family we had to rebook for [protected] 4:40pm Fresno to PHX #[protected]. I think I deserve some compensation at least no charge to L.A refund for that trip since that was what you were going to in the first place.

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                          Oct 17, 2019

                          FlixBus / FlixMobility — booking number [protected] london to caen, normandy on friday/saturday 04/05 of october 2019

                          I would like to complaint about the awful journey I experienced travelling with Flixbus from London to Caen...

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