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Complaints & Reviews

discrimination and horrendus service handicap nephew

We put our nephew, who is mentally challenged to a degree, unable to move his hands well, on the bus leaving db. To newark n. J. The woman wearing rubber gloves came to him for his ticket, he, not able to navigate much, placed ticket in his teeth to show her more id, and she refused to allow him to use it, forcing him to leave the bus and purchase a duplicate, thus he spent the $20.00 he had to his name for the trip to eat. He is so distrought, may never travel bus again. We want a public apology, and ticket refund now. I will notify every paper in area and out as to what this did to this sweet boy. How very cruel and inconsiderate and discriminating. I expect a reply [protected] have been on phone trying to reach real live person to no avail. But won't stop till this is resolved.

[protected]@cfl. Rr.com

night of hell

I purchased a non-refundable ticket online about two weeks before my planned trip. The ticket informed that passengers arrive 1 hour before the scheduled departure. I arrived about 45 minutes before in Tallahassee. While checking my baggage and being issued a ticket the counter clerk informs me rather casually that I did not arrive 1 hour before the buses departure time and therefore may end up having to take the bus at 5am. Mind you, my departure time was 11pm. Inquiring into this, she informed me that the seats on the bus are "first come first serve physically" (does not matter when you buy) and that their are only 55 seats so I'd better get in line if I want to make it. Panicking I quickly scattered toward the line. Upon securing a spot in line I approached the counter again and asked for the supervisor.

First of all I asked where on my online ticket it states that seats are first come first serve? His answer was that if I had come to his station to purchase my ticket his agents are trained to verbalize that important bit of information.

Second I stated that it really does not matter then what time I get here because it is first come first serve. So if I really want to be on a bus I should arrive well before the 1 hour stipulated time then. The supervisor seeing my frustration started to become defensive. I tried to tell him that it is not his policy, but that he is the supervisor and I was trying to get somewhere on a schedule as laid out in my itinerary, and expressing my discontent with him. Nothing personal. But, really how the heck can greyhound sell more tickets than they have seats available. Then he started to attack me, threatening to not let me on the bus. Telling me not to let his greyhound uniform fool me. Ignorance. I was blown away by his behavior. I just told him to forget it and walked away.

So, missed the bus, but, fortunately they had another come about two hours later.

Next, I arrive in Orlando for a 3 hour layover. This time I was ready and in line as the crowd was getting large. Their are two lines. Originating line and Reboarding Line. Come boarding time the employee at the door of the reboarding line starts rudely telling the majority of the people in the line that they are in the wrong line, including myself. I said, no I came from Tallahassee. He angrily stated "well this line is for people that got off this particular bus that are reboarding to get their seats back". I was like ooohhkay! So I went into the originating line all the way in the back and missed the bus. I went to talk to the supervisor. Expressing my dissatisfaction, she unbelievable stated "what did you expect, this is greyhound". I said, I have never travelled greyhound and after her statement never will again. I tried to ask how I could possibly be an originating passenger, but she kept rudely interrupting me saying the same thing over and over about how next time I should stand in the right line. I asked her to listen and she told me it did not matter what I had to say...so I walked away in disbelief.

So, an 11 hour trip ended up taking 17 hours. I have never witnessed such a display of poor customer relations in all my life.

customer service on line and by person

Customer srevice what is that thinks Greyhound. After many times of being on line to buy our son (who is on leave from the U.S. Navy) a ticket. He misses the bus because of flight delay and weather.
There is a 15.00 charge to buy ticket on line.
To buy second ticket on line there is another 15 dollar cost. so we now have to talk weith a person, Then they tell us to buy second ticket it has to be done in person. So I answer oh! This would be nice to have been on the website.
The agent then tells me I am being rude. So I ask how I wire money. She answers call Western Union.
Ok do you know where one is? She answers no.
Western Union tells us Greyhound is their agent.
So What a web of lies they do weave to tell me I am rude.
Son now sits waiting for money and next bus in 6 hours.

  • On
    oneway Oct 07, 2009

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  • Ni
    Nisey Nov 12, 2009

    I purchased a ticket from greyhound and want a refund because the person did not use the ticket. On the ticket it says purchser receives refund only, can I receive a refund?

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  • Ni
    Nisey Nov 12, 2009

    Waiting for a comment

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I went traveling on Greyhound twice, and on both times, one from San Antonio to Wisconsin, and San Antonio to North Carolina. If I didn't have a fear of flying I would have rather put up with the security checkins at the airport. I went both times to bee my husband before he went to Iraq and he was training in both those states, in both of those trips coming to and from I experienced agressive, rude drivers, when I would ask about where to go, they would respond with smart ### questions, they threw people off the bus for no reason, at one point in one state, the bus smelled of smoke, the bus driver slammed on his brakes, stopped on the side of a highway and demanded to know who was smoking on the bus, thing was noone had been smoking, we told the bus driver and for some reason he thought we were trying to cover up for the "mysterious smoker" well he put a shield up so noone could exit the bus, and called the cops, while we were all sitting there, some sparks flew out of a passenger's seat and when we told the driver about it, he said we were all lying! Then the troopers arrived and just pretty much yelled at the bus, it was unbelievable! and then to top that off, while I was coming back from Columbia, N.C and arrived at the Atlanta greyhound station, I asked a staff member which door do I stand at, they directed me to the wrong door and I missed my bus and had to wait 4 hours for the next bus to come along, it is horrible. It's bad enough that you have to travel with some odd people, but the staff doesn't make anything easier or better, either employees on the bus, or in the stations. Everyone is plain rude. Don't fall for the commercials and their deals, it's NOT worth it! Not to mention you get stopped randomly by immigration people and they ask you if you're from Mexico or not, it's crazy. Don't travel the Greyhound.

incorrect ans., and terrible customer service

I arranged flight and bus travel to coincide with one another...it took me a lot of time and effort! I wished to have etickets, but could not. (Was not made clear, at the time of payment) I called a supposed Greyhound Canada number and found that the RUDE person on the other end was where else...The Carribean! She told to call the Canada #, and I told her that I was NOT expecting to speak to a person from soooo far away, whom has NO clue about my querie. I called every number possible, and spoke to at least 10 different people. I have ONLY received two consistent answers about my issue up to this point. Greyhound Canada hires out work, and does not make sure their employees have the proper knowledge to assist customers with correct information, nor POLITE manners. The lady from Missouri was polite, as was the one from New York, and the Vancouver employee. No way to connect directly with the Canad Headquarters without calling long distance!??! It is as if this is a 'mickey mouse' outfit...which it is not. I am very frustrated, as I better be able to PICK up my tickets in Vancouver, even though I am leaving by bus from Toronto. I can ONLY trust today's info from a call?!?? Thanks for letting me vent. :)

  • Yi
    yippe Jun 27, 2009

    suggestion -copy/paste yr comment on this site as well -

    its canadas best consumer comments site

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  • Sh
    sheila white Aug 19, 2009

    This letter in regards to your Greyhound office in Summerland, BC
    The clerk withheld information from me regarding a parcel. When I took the parcel in and asked what time the bus arrived, instead of saying the freight did not go on the bus, she just let me b elieve it would arrive with the bus. Consequently the fruit I sent to Vancouver will probably spoil. A clerk like this does your company much harm.

    Sheila White, Summerland BC 250 494 7865

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ticket nonrefund

I started on 6/3/09 to do computer bus ticket and gave all info and did not get a confirmation #. After two trys I called the bus line operator and told her (Ms Williams) my problem. She said I had to call in for a ticket and get a confirmation number and customer ID# and then call her back and she will check to make sure no other ticket had been purchased and to also change the price to the $98.oo amount that was listed on the computer 6/3/09. I was unable to get a operator until June 9, 2009 and at that time I was told that the ticket that had been made for me was unrefundable. I told her that I had asked for the refundable one as I did not know If this was ok with my sister ( She had to pick me up at the bus station). When I wanted to change the destination place from Huntington, WV to Lexington, Ky. the customer service said the ticket was unrefundable and she will cancel and I will have to pay for another ticket. I told her I was not going to cancel this one and not receive any refund and then turn around and purchase a ticket for the 16th of June instead of the 17 of June (1st ticket purchased) and not receive any money from the 1st one. I am posting this to let people know that the best way to purchase a ticket is to go to the bus station and do it yourself. There is much to be desired for the customer service or should I say NON customer service at Greyhound Bus Lines.


i delt with the 4 hour wait in atlanta on the way to mississippi to visit my sister for the first time i left valdosta at 5 15 am an i arrived at 7pm on the way back the bus was already 1and a half hrs late i was soppose toleave tupelo miss. at 11 40 pm the bus was already smelley like it haddent be clean we arrive in birminham ala, still 1 an a half hrs late then they had so many peole waiting they couldnt even fit every one on the bus they told people they had to wait on the next bus which would leave out at 10 the next day on top of that they let 6 people ride in the isles of the floor of the bus to atlanta u couldnt even go to the bathroom i get to atlanta of course we missed the bus to valdosta because we were still late i arrived at 9 05 am bus left at 8 i go to agent to find out if there is another bus they tell me tommorrow would be the next bus leaving out or i could take a bus to a place called cordele ga. ive never even heard of the place so in order for me to get home i should find someone to pick me up from there i panicked i dont no anyone who could get me im 2hrs away from valdosta and i have to be at work at 6 luckily i got afriend to pick me up they lied to me and told me cordele was only a half hour away i had to pay 25 more $ to get home i would like some of my money back because i did not go from destination to destination that i paid for it was a total nitemare grey hound u really need to let another bus company help or stop your services that u can not provide very unhappy customer the bus no is 6476 u cant forget that trip to all those suffered that dayplease let them no call

discrimination and displeased with treatment

May 18, 2009 Dave Leach, President Greyhound Lines Inc. P.O. Box 660362 Dallas, TX [protected] Re...

dirty and rude

I bought a round trip ticket from Canton Ohio to Clarksville Tn.The price was great, I bought it on the 14 day advance purchase and it was cheaper to go this way than to drive my vehicle. That is where the benefit ends. I am a larger male and I found the seats way to narrow so that when someone who is smaller or larger you become attached at the hips because you have no room. Then combine that with no leg room in front of you especially when the person reclines back into your lap. Very uncomfortable. The buses are so dirty that the only thing I could think of while riding the bus is what a great way to spread viruses. Bathrooms on the busses just about all of them had something wrong with them. But when you get off the bus to use the facilities those bathrooms are really dirty. Very disgusting, donot sit on the toilets. Also when you get off the bus and the bus driver announces which door to go to for your next connection you better check when you go inside more than half the times on my trip the bus driver was wrong and you would be standing in the wrong line. There are no signs or notices in the terminals to assist you which door you should go to. Greyhound should learn about electronic signs. On we go the bus driver in Cincinati, Ohio is one of the rudest and most arrogant and inconsiderent so called proffesional I have ever met he goes by the name of CJ. He has an attitude and acts like he is better than everyone else riding the bus. He wanted me to lug my luggage around the terminal to get a destination ticket for my luggage which the terminal in Clarksville failed to do there job and put one on. We had already made stops in Nashville, Louisville and it was fine. But he caused a rucus in cincinati. my other complaint is when you transfer busses and you get on a bus the other travelers will take up two seats and pretend like they are sleeping as so they donot want someone to sit by them, and some will cause a comotion when you try to sit there. I found this to be very accurate with african americans. This has to rate as one of the worst transportations ever to take if you have another option use it. But unfortunately some have no other choice, may God be with you and keep you safe.

  • To
    toolrulez0508 Jun 27, 2009

    I agree, the travelers who were african american were so rude to travel with, I was surprised that they actually acting in a manner that was racist towards any other race that traveled along with them. But whenever another african american person entered, they would offer the seat right away. Many of the males were just very offensive, when a woman would walk onto the bus and pass them, they would get their camera phones and take pictures of their butts, it was gross.

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remarks of the driver

Sunday, aprill 6, 2009 4pm, I boarded the bus bound for washington d. C. By way of new york city returning home. My boyfriend who was living in toronto accompanied me to the boarding area. He is pakinstanian and I am black. He kissed me goodbye and we hugged. While I was on the bus I remembered that I had left my food in the station. Your bus driver was on the bus but not ready to go yet. I said to him, "I left my food inside" and his remark to me was, "well I hope it doesn't stink. I could not understand why he would say this. After getting it, I got back on and told him it was only water and junk food. Then he came where I was sitting and asked me where was I going, I replied maryland by way of d. C. Your driver said" i"ve been to d. C., once before 911 and once after. This brought flame to my face, and now I understood. This was the worst ride of my life. I kept going over and over in my head about this situation. As a black woman, my race has been sterotyped all my life. I live within 6 miles of the pentagon and work within 500 ft. I know the tragedy of 911 and I also know that everyone from the middle east did not play a part in that. Just like I was not a black panther, nor in the rodney king riots, and I am just as afraid of getting my purse taken as any other race. I hoped that in the future your driver thinks before he speaks.

misplaced luggage

On March 28, 2009 I travelled from a location to Red Deer and my luggage was not on the bus, that I wa...

1 comment Red Deer Airlines

no refund

My mother in law purchased a bus ticket from Truckee, CA., and Greyhound had me scheduled out of a totally different city! After paying for a non-refunded ticket, I was told that she could get her money back for the ticket that she purchased. After several calls to the main line, I was given the number for customer service, which is located in Texas. I dailed the number and got a "disconnected" message. I would like to see that my mother in law gets her refund! There should be no reason why someone would have to pay for tickets that were issued wrong!!

  • Rj
    Rj Aug 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Greyhound lost my luggage and I've spent 10 hours so far today getting the runaround. How does this incompetent company survive? How does moving the HO to Dallas help Canadians with their claims? It's ridiculous! There hasn't been one single person who has been helpful. NOT A SINGLE ONE. Some where semi-friendly, but none returned my calls. I had to keep calling.

    They don't have toll free numbers, so yet again another cost to the customer. Nice... rip off.

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  • Ti
    tina monk Sep 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i rode a greyhound bus from Monroe la. to Lafayette la. the first bus was alright, but the second bus driver was rude and made 3 riders run to catch the bus when we stopped at a store for the driver to take a smoke break. then when we got to Lafayette he came over the loud speaker and announced that if any passengers were getting off in Lafayette they needed to get off at churches chicken, when we were exiting the bus i requested my bag and the driver told me he would give it to me when he picked up the other passengers. when he returned i asked him for my bag and he told me that my bag was at the bus station 5 blocks away. so i walked to the bus station and when i got there i explained to the workers what happened and i was informed that there is no way that it could have happened that way. then i was informed that my bag was on its way to baton rouge la. and it would not be back until 7:35. well the bus did not get there until 8:10 and my luggage was no where to be seen. the workers at the Lafayette bus station were VERY VERY rude when they informed me that they do not know what happened to my luggage, well it has been almost 48 hours and i am still wearing the same clothes i started the trip with. inside my bag was most of my clothes, some of my husbands, my new inspiron 1501laptop computer, my mp3 player and a 73 dollar pair of timberland boots. the company still has not even apologized. they haven't even tried to contact me about this situation.

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  • Me
    ME Oct 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I brought a ticket for $164.00 on Oct. 4, 2017. I was supposed to leave the bus station in Lafayette Louisiana at 7:45pm on the 4th of Oct., and arrive in Colorado Springs At the same time the next day on the 5th of Oct., but when the bus got there that i was supposed to leave on they told me amd my Wife that the bus was too pack and we wouldn't fit. So, they told us that another bus left at 8:10pm on the same night and that we would have to take that one instead. When the next bus got there they told us to get on that one, and that we will arrive in Colorado at the same time that we were scheduled to.
    Well, when we arrived at the Dallas, TX bus station there was no bus going toward Colorado Springs until 2:00pm the next day and that we would have to wait 9 hours for our bus. They also added that we wouldnt get to Colorado Springs until 5:45am on the 6th of Oct.
    I paid almost $200.00 for a 24hour bus trip not a 33 hour bus trip. This absolutly no sense at all, they shouldve told us that they had no room on the bus before they let us buy the ticket. Then they put us on the wrong bus to go to Colorado Springs. I dont appreciate that kind of service, it was very unprofessional. I believe that something needs to be done about these kinds of mistakes.

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  • Yo
    yonas Feb 02, 2009

    i lose my college bag on bus 37 at 9.45 in birmingham so please help me.

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  • Je
    jeff holland Mar 04, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree and know exactly what you went through. They could have at least covered the cost of the ticket and let you ride for free. Greyhound is going to be successfully sued one of these days and have to stop treating people like crap!

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  • Ro
    Roxanne Mar 28, 2009

    I took a bus going back home for my moms birthday. Everything went fine getting there...but on the way home my luggage was lost! They told me that it went back to my home town so I called the station and had them put it on a bus the next day... I went back to the station to get my bag which was full of new clothes and my jewelery just to look stupid when all the luggage was emptied put of the bus and see that mine wasn't there!!! I had to wait 2 more days to file a complaint for lost luggage...which the manager at the time decided to throw away...it's been 7 Months and I still don't have my luggage and still not gotten any money for my losses... GREYHOUND IS A TERRIBLE COMPANY AND NEEDS TO PERISH!!! THEY'RE RUDE TO CUSTOMERS AND HIRE THIEVES WHO STEAL BAGS AND DISPOSE OF CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS!!!

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  • Ly
    lynnette skey Jul 14, 2009

    arrived on vacation from scotland, united kingdom, my luggage was lost in philadelphia, i am over an hours drive from the bus depot, bus was asked to go back on two seperate occasions to fill out paperwork but each time i went i was told that my luggage will turn up they sent me away saying they would call, but have not called once to even give me an update on the situation, the attitude of the staff was very unconcerned and hostile not once was there even an apology, had a good holiday to a great country ruined by this unproffessional and incompetent company, and would strongly advise my friends that travel here in the future not to use greyhound buses.

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  • Bo
    Bonita Fletcher Jun 27, 2011

    I travelled on Greyhound to State College, Pennsylvania and back. The ride up to State College we were on a bus that the driver stated the engine light had come on. The driver got off the bus and said he had to check to see if any fluids were leaking. They were not so he continued to drive eventhough the engine light was on. Coming home it was disgusting. The Greyhound bus was filthy. I actually took pictures of how dirty the seats were as well as the toilet. The toilet had so much debris that it was not able to be used so we had a 5 1/2 ride with no restroom. How was this bus allowed to come out of the depot as dirty as it was? I will never ride with Greyhound again due to this uncleanliness.

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  • Go
    godsgift004 Jul 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My baggage was lost on July 8 and I have put in a report on the situation, now I can not get on hold of anyone to talk to them about how this matter is being handle to return my things to me or get the money for my things!On the return trip, the bus was late leaving and no one said anything to me and I missed my connection and had to sleep over night in the termal of the bus station!!I need to speak to someone about this, I had to worse experience in my life riding Greyhound Bus!I will never ride it again!

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  • Hi
    highpockets Aug 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I left Dallas, Texas on 7/29/2017 and arrived in Pittsburgh, PA early Sunday. I left with Dallas with 5 checked items, and now I have nothing but the clothes on my back. I am a disabled Veteran and athlete. I took my $5, 000 wheelchair with me, clothes, medication, and other equipment I need for my sporting event. I need my things found quickly. I don't have the funds to go out and buy things to replace the items lost. This is disgusting. It is frustrating. It is humiliating, and no one at Greyhound seems to want to go out of their way to do the right thing. I'm at my hotel right now wondering what in the world am I going to do.

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lost luggage

Like I said the bus company needs to be investigated for losing lost luggages, hiring corrupt lawyers who...


I left Kansas city Kansas for Las vegas, Nevada on January 27th 2009. Five hours out of Kansas city, the bus broke down and all passengers spent 7 hours at a roadside rest area until until another bus came to get us. Then when we got to Denver, we missed our connections and had to wait another 5 hours. I was late getting to Las Vegas and had a prepaid room that I didnt end up checking into until 3am and had to check out the same day. Greyhound never apologized or offered anyone on the bus compensation except for a lousy meal voucher for a sandwich and a bag of chips! How do they stay in business by treating people so shabby.? ????

cold & unheated bus

Leaving Alantic City, N.J. going to Port Authority N.Y.City at 10:30 A.M. Bus #713 arrived on time, it wa...

customer service

Buyer beware, I have never posted a complaint of this nature, but I feel obligated to do so because of my...

endangering a child, extortion

My grandchildren spent Christmas 2008 in Calgary with their father. On Dec, 28 2008 my grandchildren tried to...

lost luggage

I hate greyhound bus company. I purchased a ticket to travel from Reno NV to Las Vegas NV but I had decided not to leave on that trip until the following week. So I called Greyhound in Reno NV and asked them not to ship my bags off to Las Vegas (they were holding them in the back room for me because I arrived early) and I will come pick them up the following day. So when I got there the next day they told me that they had shipped them off WTF. They are idiots because I had two luggage's one was tagged and the carry on wasn't. Therefore my carry on was put on a bus without a tag so now it's lost and only God knows where it could be. My other suit case that was tagged was located in Las Vegas. I asked one of the csr if they could send it back for me. She was a ### and very rude and I know she couldn't stand her job because she wasn't to pleasant about moving her lazy ### from behind her desk to go look for a bag. She ended up finding my bag and she said she would ship it back to Reno for me. We'll I talked to her on Dec 18Th and it is now Dec 27Th and I still don't have either one of my bags. I have filled out every form they told me to which was the tracer, and the complaint form. I am pissed off because all my clothes that I owned was in both of those bags and the only clothing I have is the ones on my back. Greyhound now tells me that I have to wait 90 days for it to show up and I have no idea what they will do next which I would assume NOTHING. I would never recommend this horrible company to anybody and if you do ride the bus I would stay be very aware of my luggage being put on ans taken off the bus so you wont have to go through any trouble with this company. Right now I can't do anything about this because of their stupid 90 day rule but if they don't do anything about this I will sue them and that is a promise. GREYHOUND SUCKS!!! THEY SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS ASAP

  • Pi
    pissed off joe Jan 07, 2009

    i hate greyhound. i am in texas from new york today with lost luggage. please tell me how they lost my bags when we were switching buses in georgia. the nasty employee lady told me that when i arrive in texas my luggage woluld be waiting for me. yeah right, its wednesday night, still no luggage. as if they even care, i had to go to walmart and buy some shorts, underwear, socks etc. i have tried to call the station in houston, nobody picks up the phone. greyhound is a big scam. i know that my stuff will probably end up in that thrift store in alabama. they also informed me that if the bag wasnt checked in that i shouldnt even fill out the form for lost luggage. it was checked in and they are telling me that they have no record of it. i did have some personal items in my bag that meant alot to me. all i can say at this point is that i am not done fighting with them, they messed with the wrong person. i am not done calling them everyday and leaving them nasty emails.also another thing, i hope enough people read this and put them under.

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  • Da
    Darlene Capelle Dec 28, 2009

    I rode greyhound from Detroit, Mi to Gadsden, AL on Sept 15th 2009 arrived on Sept. 16th 2009 without my luggage. I had it in Nashville I took it to the next bus bound for Birmingham Al. When I arrived in Birmingham I was told I could not get my luggage to transfer it to the next bus bound for Gadsden that the employee's would transfer it for me I tried to stay and watch my Luggage but I was told by the Security Guard I had to go inside Terminal I could not Stand there and watch. Everything I owned was in there including presents for my Grandchildren and Photo's of my Father which I can't replace. I just called Greyhound and was told they are issuing me a check for 167.00 for everything I owned which doesn't even cover the camera and my clothes let alone my Laptop. I want to find out how to get everyone who has lost their luggage together and file a class action lawsuit against them. They don't care about the customers at all. I'm really pissed off. I only rode the bus because my Sister was coming back to Michigan and needed a driver.

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refund unuse ticket

I purchased a ticket on line for my mother, later that day she told me she would not be able to use the ticket I called Greyhound back the same day about an hour apart. I was told that I would only get the ticket amount refunded but not the 18.00 that was considered as a gift fee what the heck ! anyway she said she would credit my card back. 2 weeks later while reviewing my credit card statement I noticed that I was not credited for the refund. I think this was done on purpose because I told the agent that this procedure of not refunding a gift fee was wrong and ripping people off, and I said I will never EVER purchase a ticekt from Grey hound again. So instead of dealing with them again I called my credit card company and had them to a charge back. Just a warning to be carfeful if you plan to take Greyhound I would not recomend it, this says a lot about a company and to me that means stay away.

rudeness, lack of responsibility

On 11/08/08, my son and I took my mother to the greyhound station in St. Louis, Mo. to catch a bus to Chyenne, Wy. We had called in advance for assistance for her as told to do.
After getting to the station, she was told by one gentleman to follow him so she could get on the bus, however there was no one to carry her baggage so my son and I carried her bags out to the bus. Once we got there another man started screaming at us and wanted to see our tickets. We told him we were just carrying her bags out since her assistance that was supposed to be provided wasn't there.
He continued to scream at us and talk to us like we were trash, so I told him I wanted his name so I could report him. At this time he got in my face and said "did you say you was gonna hit me" I told him again that I was gonna report him. He told me he was the bus driver but wouldn't give me his name. At that time my son and I walked away to find someone in charge and he came running up on my son yelling what you gonna do, you wanna do something.
I reported the incident and of course nothing was done.
Once the bus got to Denver, my mothers bus didn't make her connection and then the next bus to Chyenne broke down causing her to be over 12 later than her scheduled arrival time.
Then to top it all off, they lost her luggage and it still hasn't been found at the time of this writing (11/19/08).
I would like to know how Greyhound can still manage to exist with all the internal problems they seem to have and why would anyone want to subject themselves to this kind of treatment?
Irate bus drivers, which could lead to road rage...do we really want this type of person sitting behind the wheel of a bus?? Bus terminal personnel that obviously would rather be doing something else rather than helping the people that are using their service to travel. Not to mention that airline tickets are almost half the cost of bus tickets and they get you there at the time they say.
My mother has traveled on the bus several times but this will be her last time, and I hope anyone that reads this will reconsider traveling by greyhound in the future.
Greyhound bus lines is by far the worst mode of transportation I have ever seen.

  • Ma
    Malka Johnson Sep 29, 2009

    Greyhound bus drivers and all of the staff who are working in the station are very low class and are not educated. It is waste of money and time to travel with Greyhound Buses. I am sure the greyhound bus line will be out of busuness very soon.

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  • Ak
    aka_mommy_2009 Jan 02, 2010

    Unfortunately, I believe the Greyhound bus lines will be in service for a very long time due to the cheaper last minute rates they offer. That is what most people end up using this crummy service so many times; if they need to get on the road fast and cheapily, they call Greyhound. I think that is why they treat all their customer's so rudely because they look down on them. They only see a couple hundred bucks, so therefore their motto (not said outloud of course; just displayed out loud) is "You get what you pay for." I truly hope I never ever have to get into a situation where I have to travel Greyhound again. I have traveled Greyhound plenty of times, and have many horror stories. One thing I definitely want to tell everyone, DO NOT RIDE GREYHOUND with little children in tow. They do not care and actually laugh at your misfortunes.

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  • So
    sonjabrannen Jan 31, 2010

    It'a all very true. I have taken them many times and on long trips. I have never ran across some rude people in my life. With my budget it is cheaper, but still regardless of the money they don't have no reason to treat people like that we are all equal and live here on this earth. People like that need to find a different kind of job if they can't work with them in a courteous manner.

    Sonja from Portland Maine

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