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Mega bus at Las Vegas Bus Station — Missing Tickets upon arrival for departure

Im an avide traveler on Mega Bus and this is unusual that it would happen 3x in a row. I had purchased on 3 occasions bus tickets and they disappeared; I had the code and arrived...

Mega Busunsafe pick up location

I'm forwarding this to try to get help for Passengers that are being pick up the new location for boarding this bus was picking up and departing at Dutch Square Mall which was safe for boarding now the bus have a new pick up for boarding Which its very Dark and not enough light you wait under a shed i guess and the road is dark picking up at 3:00 am in the morning i myself after getting out the cab had to stand there no one around and houses no where you can call for help .Please i pray that Mega Bus change this back to Dutch square Mall for pick up this is not only not safe for a Women but any one before some one get hurt at that site.

Megabusrude customer service


I was suppose to be on the bus under the Megabus operation on the 12/22/2019, at 10:00am. My partner and I had one big luggage and a carry on each. We were there ahead of time and we were 7th in line. The megabus employee, named Les, asked us to step aside because we had too many luggages(according to him) and he needed to make sure there was enough room. The Megabus policy states one carry on and a big luggage a person. After waiting for all the other passengers to go through Les then checked if there was room for the luggages. In the meanwhile other people were standing behind us with more luggages. He came back and said "there is room, it's $20". I took out my wallet and as I was ready to pay him, he stated "I don't like your attitude so I'll make sure you won't get in the bus." Embarrassed and astonished from that statement I simply asked what was the reason and what kind of authority he has to make that decision. No answer was given to us, instead he ignored us and he asked the bus to leave without letting us board. The rest of your employees on site were taking your employee's side calling me rude and condescending without them been present when he actually stated such a discriminative statement. I called megabus complaint center and they arrived to a decision without anyone calling me back, as I was promised. I have never been treated in such a degrading way. The terms of megabus state: " Alternatively where megabus fails to provide on time-reliable service for reasons wholly within our control refunds, or alternative travel arrangements, may be offered". This case was clearly within your employees control and he made the executive decision out of spite because as he stated he did not like my attitude, simply because I asked to board. Your employees must go through further training on how to speak to costumers and handle tactfully and respectfully issues. I am very disappointed by Megabus. I am expecting a full refund and an immediate resolution.

Megabuscustomer service

I purchased a one-way Mega Bus ticket on November 02, 2019 online, for passage to Atlanta GA. from Orlando FL for November 27, 2019 departure. I visited the Mega Bus facility in Orlando, Florida on November 8, 2019 and was appalled at visual poor condition of their ticket validation facility and Bus Depot location. This location lacks poor passenger safety
and security and no parking arrangements for personal vehicles arrivals to the facility.

On November 8, 2019, I had to call an 800 number to request a refund, at which time, Mega Bus customer service refused to refund my ticket purchase. I believe I am due a refund due to a 19 day advance notice.

Megabusmegabus incompetence - ticket refund

To whom it may concern,
At this exact time (9:10pm) I should be arriving in NYC, instead I still have another two hours of travel. The bus driver has been lost driving around aimlessly for the past 1 plus hour, this is unacceptable!!

How is a Bus or its Driver not equipped with a GPS system to assist them navigate? Furthermore, how is this driver not proficient at their job?

I demand my money back, this has been an atrocious experience!

Vincent Nunez


My boyfriend and I booked two bus tickets from DC to NYC at 4pm. Few minutes before the bus departed people who had reserved the seats we took arrived and we had to change places but there we literally no free seats in the bus (we were willing to separate) so the driver RUDELY told us to take the seats just behind him which are SUPER TIGHT and if we weren't happy with it we could leave. My boyfriends' legs would not even fit. We had bought our tickets like everybody else in the bus and it is NOT acceptable to sit in an INCREDIBLY tight seat for 5h30min AND be talked to in a condescending tone.


Megabusabout a driver being very nasty and racist

I'm traveling to Leeds Thursday 31st October 2019 the mega bus arrived early to Sheffield so the driver said we are 35 min early if any one wants to get of for a bit the time was 2:55 so I got of to get my little boy some cookies to take home as subway do them 12 for £4 and I purchased a drink too as I was getting back on the coach the driver shouted at me saying no food and drink on the coach I told him they are cookies in the packet and I brought them to take home i
I had to show him the contents of the bag he replied well that's the rules no food or drink I said ok. And continued on the coach then I see people getting back on with sandwiches hot drinks hot food plus people were eating upstairs so I went back down to him and told him people are eating on the coach and getting on with food you have said nothing to them he replied in a nasty voice I cannot monitor 50 odd people so don't be so cheeky. How dare he he already shouted at me in front of passengers then tells me im been cheeky well he is racist as I was the only black muslim on the coach he decided to single me out which is very unfair plus im sure if I had argued back I believe I would of been thrown of the coach so I will be taking this further. It may seem like nothing to some but it makes you wander how people r so nasty with out a care for people's feelings of been getting mega bus for years and only new that no HOT food or drinks was allowed.

about a driver being very nasty and racist

Megabus — complaint

Hello, Reservation Numbers [protected]-M7R-2230-MEM-DGP- $15.00 [protected]-M7R-0915-MEM-DGP- $52.74 I would like to file a complaint in regards to the bus not showing up...

Megabusneed ticket refunded

I been waiting for the bus for more than 12hrs now to arrive and never show up. This is ridiculous, i got here to the bus stop at 11:30am bus should be arriving at 12:05 and is already 6:15am next day and nobody knows where the freaking bus is. I been calling customer service and they dont know what happen with the bus. This is stolen money from people that really have an emergency an d needs to travel. Is not fair for customers that trust on this company and they dont care and they can not even refund your money back. I should get my money back for being waiting all day and night for the bus. Customer service only said the bus should get there but they dont even know what time. This company just steal money from people.


I had booked a ticket from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. When I arrived at the location, I walked right up to the driver with my ticket. the bus driver had told me to stand in line with the other people. He was African-American man about 5'-9"/5'-11" wearing a black fitted hat. The digital screen on the bus was unreadable. He ended up driving off before I noticed. I asked the people in line where they were going. They had said New York. Being the bus driver I thought he knew what he was talking about. He told me to stand in the wrong line before I could say anything indicating to me that his bus had all its passengers and was not taking anymore. I never took the trip I payed for and had to pay 45$ extra to take a greyhound. This trip was 19 hours that should have been about 7. I would like this resolved and would like to know how to do so. Thanks

Megabusticket refund

To whom is it may concern:
I Leslie C Boomer purchused two tickets from Mobile Al to Alanta Ga. Ticket #[protected]-M94R-0050-mob-atl
Departure time-12:50 am Sun Sep 29, 2019 00:50
Arrival time- 08:05am Arrrived in Alanta Ga
From Alanta Ga to Fayetteville NC. Ticket # [protected]-M97R-1000-atl-fay
Departure time -10:00 am
Arrival time-5:45pm
My complaint is that bus driver looked at my ticket and told me I should have left saturday night. "Ma'am today is sunday" i informed him i had just purchused this ticket, he asked me to step aside. I was under the impression he was going to assist me. The Bus was scheduled to arrive at 12:50 the bus didnt show up until 1:25. So the driver was rushing, so when he aasked me to step aside i was waiting for him to explain why my ticket wasnt vaild. instead he drove offi had to wait the next day to purchuse another ticket so i would like someone to contact me for a refund.
house [protected]
main- [protected]

ticket refund
ticket refund
ticket refund
ticket refund
ticket refund

Windstar/Megabusreservation seating

Driver. Refused to resolve matter,
I purchased reserved seat (1) I paid 10.00
The person in the seat claimed she paid 10 dollers for seat (4) driver claimed that seat one was directly behind him I showed him web site seating chart he refused to acknowledge it and refused to check her ticket. Also told me that there was plenty of open seating and wouldn't I prefer to sit in a seat by myself. Driver claimed his name was don
She was very loud and disrespectful so I had to move to an available seat near the toilet. Will I be compensated or should seek my own justification?
Thank you for your attention in this matter.

reservation seating


I am travelling by the 6am megabus today, from Philadelphia to New York. There was a one hour delay in the time of departure and in fact the 5:20am bus left at 6:15am, while we were waiting in line assuming it was ours.
I'm travelling to attend an hour long talk from 9-10am. It is already 9:25 and I am not going to reach the arrival stop in less than 30 minutes from now.
This trip is a complete waste for my time as well as money. I am extreme disappointed and insist that I am compensated in some way.

Megabuswhole row of seats shifted during transport

Reservation # [protected]-m72r-1230- aus-dal..driver forced to make sudden stop due to traffic conditions...causing entire row of seats 80/81 to shift 6'4"and this is not a legal way to transport passengers... customer service expressed this was the only method of resolving this issue..A transport buisness as big as Megabus surely has a more effecient method of dealing with customer concerns or complaints

Megabusunacceptable layover

I took a mega bus on 9/15/2018. From little rock, ar to lakeland, fla. 1st- in Memphis, tn, the bus was late.. Then we broke down half an hour away from bus terminal. It took 4 hours to get us back on the road. 3 1/2 at least was mechanic!! Quite a few of us heard bus driver ask for another bus, was told mechanic fixing it. This is not way to have buses. This was my 1st and last time taking mega bus. Unacceptable way to supposed to have buses fixed. Would like to know what can be done.

Megabusrefund for breakdown

This is Jyotika from India.

For a reputed company and brand like Coach USA, it is surprising that I am having to provide documentation and fight for a refund that is rightfully ours. We were in U.S recently and took Megabus for the trip from L.A to San Jose, although I so wish i had taken Greyhound instead because they would have provided refund and resolution asap.

To recap-
1. Took a Mega bus from L.A to San Jose on 4th of July to reach well within time for an imp event there (3 passengers)
2. The bus broke down 1.5 hours after it left L.A
3. No help/support/food came for 3 hours, we were on a highway with faint phone signals.
4. Finally after waiting, we managed to book an uber to San jose . The lady was kind enough to drive us all the way on 4th of July holiday.
5. The Megabus Driver assured us that we will get a refund for Bus tickets and Uber (and it is standard for a service breakdown like this)
6. Since I have got back from U.S I have been exchanging mails with their cust care on the proof, submitted all the documents and all i have received is a discount code for my next bus ride!!

Is this some kind of a joke? For a breakdown like this, and a non citizen of U.S, i would think this is insulting to receive as a passenger. I am hoping through this complaint, they will refund the amount immd.

Megabustaking megabus from state college to new york on 22/08/2019 15:15 bad services

Having terrible services from driver, feeling discrimination to me and my family. We aren't Americans but we paid the same money as others why should we be treated like not humans.
We got perfect services when we take Megabus from NY to State college on 15/08/2019, but this time I felt disappointed to the company, if the driver and the company didn't give any apologies, I would write an article on internet to resist Megabus.
I have no idea who is the driver on 22/08/2019, I just know that he smokes and he's in black skin. I understand that driving is tired but people should be polite when you are servicing others.
Thanks for reading and I'am waiting for the feedback.
Thank you and sorry for bother.

Megabuscustomer service for this company is outrageous!

I have used mega bus many times through out the years, and was a good experience up until the last couple of years. Traveling with Mega bus has been down right horrible. The service for this company has went down hill and the drivers could care less about the passengers that are on board. The last several times the bus has been so late we're all left standing in the cold. How is that other company's such as Flex bus arrive on time, but mega bus is over an hour late for departure? To add injury to insult, Mega bus has been so late that the driver has to end there route at their 10th hour and leave passengers stranded in a random city for hours!! On August 17th we took a break at button willow and as I was still in the store I turned to look out the window and to my surprise the bus was driving away, with out me on the bus! I understand that we needed to be back on the bus at a certain time, but it's 4am in the morning and passengers are tired. The driver never bothered to check to make sure all her passengers were on the bus. She never bothered to do a head count which I have seen drivers do for mega bus in the past. So again adding insult to injury I hit panic mode and start screaming and running as fast as I can to get the bus to stop!!! This is good customer service ?? Your drivers leaving passengers abandoned in the middle of no where with all my things still on the bus??? This company is a disgrace and I am never using mega bus ever again!

Megabusbag policy/customer service/smell

To whom it may concern,
My name is Andrea and I am currently on your service from Boston to New York and I am less than satisfied with the service I have received. Firstly we were not told through the wanderu app that a second bag charge is applied once you reach the station this came as a major surprise and as I am traveling on a tight budget I did not appreciate the surprise. Secondly the man handling the bags wasn't helpful he was frustrated and quite rude when I explain I didn't know about the policy. He also made me load my own bags and as I am quite a weak girl I didn't appreciate this either. Finally the smell on the bus was as if some had thrown urine all over everything. I hope something can be done about this

Megabus — bus driver refused 62' home depot box on board despite being within baggage limit

I am currently on Megabus ride 523 from San Antonio to Katy Mills Bustop Houston which took off 8.45am and the Driver refused me checking in my box that was exactly 62'' a...

Megabus — i'm complaining about the arrival to my designation was late an hour and 10 minutes due to an incident on the bus.

On August 8, 2019 @2:20 the bus left Houston to arrive in Baton Rouge at 7:20 due to an incident on the bus we were delayed for an hour therefore we late getting to our...

Megabus — reservation 40/[protected]-m1or-2240-riv-

On Thursday 8/1/2019 I purchased 2 one way tickets at $51.98 with reserved seating in handicap seating. The Departure time for travel from Riverside, CA to be 10:40 pm to arrive...

Megabuscustomer service reps

I had a reserved seat ticket on bus from NYC to Baltimore on 8/1/19 leaving at 8pm. By 8:45 the bus hadn't come yet we were told it was stuck in traffic. I went home and tried to track the bus on your app but it said "at the present time we are not able to forecast and arrival time for this bus" and said to call # which turned out to be Megabus in Canada. I had to look up customer service number in US and called 4 times between 9:30 - 11:30 twice was told they had no info and were tracking it but I should call back "in 10 minutes" which I did twice but still nobody knew anything they were all rude, one hung up on me, and then by 11pm when therr was STILL no information on your app regarding the status not this bus they lied to me and said it left at 8:01 pm. I was STANDING at the bus stop with my ticket in had from 7:45 - 8:45 pm with no bus in sight and still at 11pm your app had NO info on this bus but your customer service reps had the AUDACITY to tell me my bus left at 8:01 pm? If it left at 8:01 pm I'd had been on it in my reserved seat #4 instead in spent the night trying to find my bus on your app and calling & calling your nasty customer service reps. This is a reprehensible and extremely disrespectful way to treat a customer and I expect a full refund and an explanation from a reasonable and respectful customer service rep, not a lying, rude, and disrespectful one.

Megabuslate arrival of transportation

Reservation Number: [protected]-M379-0620-ATL-DUR
On Friday, July 19, 2019 the scheduled pickup time of 6:20AM with an arrival time of 3:35PM. However, the actual arrival time was not until 5:35PM creating problems with the event for that day. On the return trip the even though the departure was on time, the arrival back to Atlanta was not until 2AM the following morning. The bus broke down for maintenance issues twice once on the trip to Durham and once returning to Atlanta. A charter bus was sent to assist however, the megabus driver refused to let anyone off her bus to continue on their return trip. To cap the trip off, after arriving in Atlanta because it was so late customers were not able to take public transportation (Marta) as it was after working hours and all persons were forced to pay for a taxi home if they did not want to be stranded.

If you require any additional information you can reach me at the following email:

Thank you for your time and understanding in this matter.

James Davis

Megabus — megabus

Reservation Number [protected]-M23R-1715-PHI-NEW Date: July 20, 2019 From: Philadelphia, PA, 30th St Station (5:15 PM) To: New York, NY, 7th Ave and 27th St (7:25 PM...

Megabusbus services

I was very disappointed that my bus ride to Philadelphia had no AC. It was 92 degrees out and instead of checking this before the bus departed from Washington DC, the bus driver simply told everyone who could fit to come down stairs on the lower level. I was also shocked that in this heat and with no AC when we arrived at Baltimore, the driver turned off the bus and let the passengers sit on the hot, muggy bus for 30 minutes. I think that Megabus would have done better to provide for their costumers and would like to have a refund of $10 back for my bus ride. I chose Megabus due to it's cheap prices and grand services but was disappointed in the services and would have rather spent a little extra money for adequate services like AC in July.


MEGABUS. THANK 6/30/19. 11PM.. Bus from San Francisco to Los Angeles FREEZING and air blowing directly on passengers. Driver said- " there's no windows and we need air circulation. It will warm up" when asked to turn it down. It did not get warmer. I'll fly next time. This is ridiculous. Not healthy to have air blowing in your face for 7 hours. There was a little girl across from me with a cold and the air was directly on her head. This was a horrible ride.

Megabusmega bus

The worse ride & trip I ever had, Me and My 5 Year Old Grand Son, was traveling from Dallas, Tx. To Houston, Tx. From Housto, Tx. To New Orleans, and the bus Driver had to stop twice, due to a passenger on the Bus leaving Houston, Tx. Going to New Orleans, La. Because he was in the restroom 51 minutes the 1st time, then 41 minutes the second time, and kept saying He was using it, that cause Me My Grand Son & several others to bring it to the Bus Driver attention, and cause My Grand Son to make a bow movement & Me & another passenger to urine on. Ourself's very upsetting, plys he was smoking cigarettes and drugs on the Bus, witch he was most likely was over dosing hisself, he was escorted off the bus by Police & was examined by ems and was taking to jail, I would like to know how could I be accommodated, this was the most disturbing I ever had on Megabus, cause the bus to make it to New Orleans late !!! My reservation # 12/[protected]-M71R-1825

Megabus.com2 passengers ticket

I purchased a mega bus ticket June 1 2019 I had addition luggage and I was told that I had to purchase another ticket which brought my total to 72 dollars. The bus was full to capacity and my second was taken from me. Mega bus charged me 40 dollars for extra my extra luggage but not give me my second seat which I paid for. I called only to have 5 different supervisor refused to let me make a complaint or speak to their manager to complain about this issue. This company is ripping people off and using violence against the passengers by threatening to take the luggage this is crime. This company is committing crimes by charging such high fees for second luggage. Also the supervisor refused to give their address so I make BBB complaint. This company should be out of business

Megabusbathrooms/ bus was late/ and it was hot...

I left from Columbia Sc, Going to Washington D.C...the bus was supposed to leave at. 2:15 p.m. it didn't arrive for another 30 mins... Then bus pulled over about 3 times... The Bathroom was disgusting and smelled suppose to arrive at my destination at 1:30 a.m. but now its more like 3 extra hours late...we were supposed to switch drivers in Raleigh but that turned into another hour...i have never been this dissatisfied and disappointed ...this whole top part of the bus has been complaining because this is ridiculous😡😡😡

bathrooms/ bus was late/ and it was hot...

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    I really would like a Refund

Megabusdisable riders

05/24/19 # (d) [protected]-m86r-1700-orl-fol; my trip from orlando to ft lauderdale was great.. because your driver acknowledge those whom registered with a disablity to come forward.. 05/27/19 # (d) [protected]-m86r-1540-for_orl; your driver who picked up at ft lauderdale just got off the bus & started checking riders in without acknowledging whom are registered with a disblity to come forward. why have those of us that are disable to register as a disable rider if your drivers not going to honor it.

Megabusnon refund on ticket aicc7y as I didn’t ride the bus

To whom it may concern I am writing as I think it is beyond ridiculous I purchased a ticket leaving from ATL to Indianapolis, IN and ended up missing my bus due to traffic from a BAD car accident. I spoke with 3 representatives and 2 managers all of which were rude and not accommodating at all. I even still drove to the station where I found a employee selling snacks only for him to began being very rude and nasty at the mouth as well. I would like a full Refund and certainly will not deal with this service again.

Megabuslate bus, no notification but paid.25 for notification

The bus schedule said the bus would leave at 12:50. At 1:10 I call customer service and found out the bus is running an hour and a half late. I paid for notification of schedule changes by text and never received a notification that the bus is running late. I only found out because I called. Why did I pay for text notification if I was going to be sent any? Not a very reliable source of transportation! Very disappointed AGAIN ☹️

Megabusbus trip experience

I booked a ride for 4 on a mega bus leaving San Antonio at 6pm May 2nd to New Orleans arriving at 6am. I called and said we wanted to sit together and was told there is no assigned seating. I get on the bus and several people move us because they have assigned seating. We end up spread out which is what we did not want. I call customer service and asked them to fix it and they lie and tell me there is no assigned seating. Then when she does not want to deal with me she tells me to email mega bus and hangs up on me. This has been the worst travel experience I ha e ever had and I will never use mega bus again.

Megabuscondition of buses

We ride the Megabus alot Cleveland, Ohio to Chicago, Il, I want to know why is that usually Thursday through Monday we as passengers have to ride in those nasty, dirty Lakefront buses that usually don't have outlets and wifi. My wife asks the different drivers we have rode with why we are not on a Megabus the drivers always apologize and say we have to drive what they tell us to drive.
Megabus advertises outlets and wifi but most of the time on those old raggedy Lakefront buses they don't work that's called False Advertisement! Also when travel we travel it's usually a group of us 4 -6 seniors and as the weather gets warmer it's 10 of us.
Since Megabus can't get their buses together we are thinking about going to Greyhound which we don't want to do because we like the driver's especially the morning drivers. 4 of us went to Chicago April 27, 2019 leaving Cleveland, Ohio at 7:00AM the bus had Lakefront on it, it did not have outlets and the wifi was in and out again the driver apologized and said she is driving what she was told to drive.

We don't want anything except to ride on a decent Megabus!


This is the worst bus service there is. U guys leave people and then show no remorse. My severely diabetic son was left all because driver was patient enough for him to pull up his reservation saying he gotta go. Now these drivers are late all the time and y'all don't do nothing about it. Nowy son is stuck in Memphis with no insulin but do y'all care no

Megabusbus driver

On April 14, 2019 at 5:45 pm, I was supposed to get on my bus from Maryland to Philadelphia. The bus driver proceeded to tell me that there were only 4 seats left. Myself and the crowd of people waiting to get on were immediately enraged. We had paid for these tickets, and apparently the bus driver had let passengers on without properly checking whether or not they actually bought tickets. The driver proceeded to tell us there was nothing she could do, let 4 people on out of the group, and blocked the door with her body so no one else could get in. Now a group of people are stranded with no ride home, instead of the driver checking everyone's tickets on board and kicking anyone off that did not have a ticket. Very upset right now. Bus DD592. Short woman with shoulder-length blonde hair.

Megabusmy suitcase

The issue that I have experienced was: Basically i left my suitcase in the coach as had so many small bags. realised straight after i left the coach but couldnt turn around as i had a train to stanstead airport due shortly.
My boyfriend phone up the next day and it came out that my sutcase is in Cwmbran Depot. He made a phonecall and spoke to a gentlemen who works there on a daily basis he said that there are 2 suitcase and one of them is my after a description and brief look inside.
My boyfriend said that he wont pick this up as he will wait for me to come back from my trip. The gentlemen said that "no worries the suitcase will be here waiting for me to collect" after 3 as that was the lenghth of my trip.
when i came back i phone up and the same gentleman approved that 2 suitcase are there - two of them black from the same day.
when i arrived was waiting at the front desk for 20 minutes untill they actually opened the window, the staff was chatting behind the door and noone was keen to look at the camera that somone is there..
After thee gentleman finally opened the window, and i explained who i am - he sai that the suicase its not there no more, there is only 1 left but it wasnt mine. I was shoocked but didnt want to make a problem as was with my 10YO son, i asked what have happened why it was there and its not anymore??that it supposed to wait untill i collect it, started to cry as i had valuble stuff inside. the gentleman said that unfortunately they get rid off the stuff after a month and thats what probably happened, like he didnt know but was responsible for it. that to contact the london depot and megabus - as the actual depot was Stagecoach. i was devasteted said that when promised and found they shouldnt send it anywhere!

It occurred on: 20/02/2019

This meant that I was devasteted, i suffer with depression and anxiety i receive PIP, and i mustsay it wasnt the end of the world but it affected me big time. I had a tablet and a camere in the sutcase, some expensive Moschino shoes, jewellery. It played with my head as all the time i was thinking the sucase is found and safe, but when i phoned the depot in london the lady she clearly said that its not there, i asked he r to phone the gentleman and ask what have happaned and she said that he actually said that it haS BEEN DISCARTED, AS THROWN AWAY-i was like OMG i had a panic attack never came across something like this! It means that the actual gentleman which i spoke to thrown accidently my suitcase, and lied after that he doesn't know what happaned with it. I'm still very angry about the whole situation, that is why couldnt make a complaint earlier - was too emotional for me.

please i think it's their priority to act on this, imagine if everyone

I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. As recommended by Trading Standards, I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply back via this email account.

Yours faithfully,

anna kisiel

Ticket reference or to and from locations [protected]-M7-1435-CAR-LON

Apartment 33
Queen Alexandra House Ferry Road

Megabushot bus/outdated bus and outlet not working

Hi my name is Aris Ferguson reservation # 21/[protected]-M31R-1150-Was-PHI and my family ad I had purchase 3 tickets to Washington DC, it was a belated birthday trip for my daughter.on our way back to Philadelphia the bus was extremely hot to the point that the driver had to pull over and came to the top of the bus and open the skylight in the roof of the bus, that did not help much and people was actually trying to take off as much clothes as possible to stay cool, part of the skylight in the roof of the bus was tape up, the bus was outdated, cloth seats in this day and age no buses should still have cloth seats also the outlet that I needed to charge my phone was not working.This is my first trip on mega bus and this will most likely be my last trip with nega bus,
If possible I would like a refund/partial refund...Please get those buses updated
My son Lorenzo purchase the tickets.

Thank you


MegabusBus service

Dear Sir/Madam:

My name is Elena Milner . My reservation # is [protected]-M24R-2000-TOR-NEW. My trip from Toronto Coach Terminal to New York City by an 8:00 p.m. night Megabus on December 27/2018 caused me a lot of stress and inconveniences, for I arrived in NY on Dec.28/2018 with an over 5 hour delay, at 1:30p.m. instead of 8:10a.m. as scheduled, as the result of the following :
1.An over 2 hour delay in Buffalo, N.Y., at Downtown Terminal (departed at 0:20a.m. instead of 10:10p.m. as scheduled ) due to the fact that the luggage was not properly loaded and it had to be reloaded as I was told by the driver.
2.An over 3 hour delay near Albany caused by the breakdown that occurred at 6:45 a.m. on Dec.28/2018. The replacement buses arrived only at 9:47a.m., which is 3 hours later.

Therefore, I request a refund of $74.99 USD for this trip.

My email address: [protected]
my phone #[protected].

I am looking forward to hearing from you by January 22/2019.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Elena Milner

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    Dear Sir/Madam:

    My name is Elena Milner . My reservation # is 28-3141-122718-M24R-2000-TOR-NEW. My trip from Toronto Coach Terminal to New York City by an 8:00 p.m. night Megabus on December 27/2018 caused me a lot of stress and inconveniences, for I arrived in NY on Dec.28/2018 with an over 5 hour delay, at 1:30p.m. instead of 8:10a.m. as scheduled, as the result of the following :
    1.An over 2 hour delay in Buffalo, N.Y., at Downtown Terminal (departed at 0:20a.m. instead of 10:10p.m. as scheduled ) due to the fact that the luggage was not properly loaded and it had to be reloaded as I was told by the driver.
    2.An over 3 hour delay near Albany caused by the breakdown that occurred at 6:45 a.m. on Dec.28/2018. The replacement buses arrived only at 9:47a.m., which is 3 hours later.

    Therefore, I request a full refund of $74.99 USD for this trip.

    My email address: [email protected]
    my phone #(647)591-8042.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you by January 22/2019.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


    Elena Milner
    [email protected]