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MegaBus Complaints & Reviews

Megabus / Delay, rude driver and too low temperature

Saygin Celen on Sep 24, 2017
My bus was from Philadelphia to New York at 3:40am on September 24th. - The bus didn't arrive till 4:10. The driver didn't apologize or make any explanation. - He just kept looking at my mobile ticket for half a minute and didn't confirm until I asked if there was anything wrong - It was so...

Megabus / My car was hit by two workers leaving the site after helping load the luggage onto the departing bus

Denee on Sep 24, 2017
The incident occurred on Sunday 9/24/17 as I was waiting for my son's bus (#M72) to leave. I had parked behind a silver Ford Flex (cars were back facing back) along the fence line, which ended up belonging to one of the workers who helped load the luggage. As he was leaving, he drove...

Megabus / Bus Delay

Imani Cheryl on Sep 23, 2017
I booked a ticked for an 8am bus and it is now PAST 8:40 and I'm still waiting in a long line because the bus driver was late. I spent money on this specific bus departure time to reach my destination at a very specific time, and now I suffer the consequence of missing a very important...

Megabus / cardiff to london

kemator on Sep 17, 2017
We were waiting for 1 hour the bus to London that coming with delay in Cardiff, with no explanations from the members of the staff from another buses and the actitud of the drivers from prior buses was really rude screaming to the costumers to go back over the ground. We arrived 2 hour...

Megabus / megabus drivers

nattamer on Sep 15, 2017
I recently received an email about compensation due to a delay I had today... Actually the delay was not the worst part of my trip. After we got on the new bus, after the 3 hour delay, our new bus driver was falling asleep at the wheel. I do have pictures and a video to prove this. Thi...

Megabus / refused to let on a bus for no reason (chicago to detroit)

Bree He on Sep 15, 2017
- Date: 9/15/2017 - Reservation number: AGKTPHI - Incident: I showed my ticket to a gentleman, who told me the bus is the right one. I thought that is the checking in so I headed to the door. A lady stopped me and yelled at me, asking why I didn't check in with her. I was confused at first...

Megabus / megabus from new york, new york to boston, ma

Nicole Beck on Sep 11, 2017
Hello, My name is Nicole Beck and I took the megabits from New York, New York to Boston, MA on September, 10th at 8:40 PM. I was extremely dissatisfied with my trip. First of all, the bus was scheduled to leave at 8:40 and we did not even start boarding until after 8:40. Then, the ticket...

Megabus / late

Maëva abela on Sep 8, 2017
I would like to dépose à complaint against your company. My bus is more than 1 hour late we are still not in Montreal we were suppose to get there at 11.45pm and it is 00.24 Am and we are still on the road with more than 30 minutes to go. This is unacceptable and I demand a refund on the first...

Megabus / refund the difference of the ticket

Ana Livingston Archbold on Sep 8, 2017
Yesterday I made a reservation to travel today to Tampa and you charge me $ 60.00 Dollar for one trip and supposedly it was the only one left and I look today and you have it for $ 39.00 dollar and you have more seat available I will like to know if you can refund the difference Thank you for...

Megabus / late for 2 hours!!!

Julietsai117 on Sep 8, 2017
REFUND!!! this is so ridiculous we been waiting out there from 4 in the morning till 6:15 and it was super cold outside. The customer service isn't available until 6 something. The ticket guy later showed up and called to a lady name Tiffany. Basically, what thy are saying was the bu...

Megabus / Refund

Yahne Bowers on Sep 7, 2017
I would like an refund i caught the megabus Tuesday morning from Atlanta georgia and an hour into my trip the bus was experiencing mechanical issue as well broke down in south Carolina then had to wait about 2 or 3 hours for an charter bus to come nd pick up. I didnt arrive to richmond va...

Megabus / Complications on the bus

Dharmik Vasavada on Sep 7, 2017
I ride on the bus from Baltimore to New York ! It was 30 minutes late than the schedule time and suddenly stopped on route 95 as announced by the driver having trouble to drive. The bus stopped for an hour and we still didn't get the confirmation for the second bus or anything like that...

Megabus / Megabus

KC@@@ on Sep 7, 2017
Dear Ms Levy. I'm writing as a disabled rider that was on bus DD551 that broke down on the side on I-65S from Atlanta to New Orleans. I was forced to sit on the off ramp from 2:30pm Sat afternoon until 10:15pm. This was the worse trip & response by megabus. I request full refund for the...

Megabus / my trip

My name is Pastor Angela Davis and I took a trip on Mega bus on August 16, 2017 from Chicago, IL to Cincinnati, OH at 6: 45am and I arrived in Chicago at 11: 30am. The bus driver who was a female was rude and unprofessional, she only stopped at a rest stop that had no store we were only...

Megabus / bus being 3 hours late

Jalisa Dickson-Carter on Sep 5, 2017
Sept 5, 2017. Bus was schedule for arrival at 6:50 received and email one hour later saying its going to 2-3hours late. When I called to get an update they can't provide any information was extremely rude. I tried to see if I can just reschedule told me no. I would have to pay for it! Thi...

Megabus / late arrival due to driver running out of hours.

Jamila Ramsay on Sep 5, 2017
13-9580-090417-M94R-1130-NOL-ATL This happened last night. The bus did not breakdown. The driver ran out of hours! That forced us to wait for 2hrs at a rest stop. Then got to Atlanta and had to crawl in the bus to get my bag! This was my first time and probably last time i will take the...

Megabus / delayed bus

minahil on Sep 4, 2017
My friend and I had a booking for Boston to New York on 1st September - booking number AGJE7LI for 10:30 scheduled to reach at 2:45 pm. Due to some mechanical problems, the bus did not come and everyone was accommodated on a bus that came later. we reached the NY drop off after 4:45 that...

Megabus / due to high traffic and car wrecks I missed my bus

Ariyah Mccann on Sep 2, 2017
I was 10 min late to my bus Do to traffic I left my dads at 10:30 my bus arrived at 12:00 noon I left at such a early time because of traffic on the way there was two car accidents which made traffic heavy and i missed the bus I paid my money and now I'm stuck in Chicago no money no...

Megabus / the bus driver

Robin Montague on Sep 1, 2017
We had a horrible experience on the 5:20pm from Philadelphia to Nyc on Thur Aug 31, 2017. It started from the departure, when the Driver (named Mr Driver) made the general announcements. His levelof detail, regarding the bathroom, stairs, et al, was Off Putting Inappropriate, insulting...

Megabus / sexual harassment

Aaliyas on Aug 31, 2017
On bus number M96, on Thursday, August 31 2017, en route from Washington, DC to Durham, NC, around 11:35 a.m. my right breast was prodded by the bus driver's fingers. He yelled at me not to come down the front staircase, which I apologized for and turned around to go back the way I came...

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