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Greyhound Lines Complaints & Reviews

Greyhound Lines / Corporate thieves. Paid for services that were not provided and greyhound takes no responsibility for it.

nesta2814 on May 11, 2017
I purchased a bus ticket from Ukiah, CA to Los Angeles on May 8, 2017. A friend dropped me off at the small open bus stop at 1:15. The bus was due to arrive at 1:35. It never showed. I waited three hours. According to their "bus tracker" the bus simply drove by the town of Ukiah without...

Greyhound / Driver John Stanberry

Frederick Walker on May 7, 2017
I will never never use Greyhound again after paying almost $300.00 to get a ticket home from Las Angeles, I had the worst experience with the rude, nasty, unprofessional Mr John Stanberry that made derogatory statements and use profanity the entire trip. I call several of Greyhound...

Greyhound / Binghamton-to-scranton bus ride on bus # nyp0231

Linda De Voe on May 6, 2017
On Thursday May4, 2017 I was on Greyhound bus NYP0231 which left Binghamton, NY at 11:20 AM. The bus was making its way toward Scranton, PA when I started to have very low blood sugar. I have very clear medical identification detailing what to do if I have low blood sugar. Instead of being...

Greyhound Bus / Money never refunded

Irena Prager on May 4, 2017
I am awaiting ticket refund since February 8th - thats 3 months! It is for my mom who is a senior and disabled. I have been calling Greyhound every 2 weeks since February and the matter has been investigated. They promise that the refund money will be in account in the next 5 days - that...

Greyhound / Driver for bus #4407 from richmond va to cleveland oh - rude and racist comments

Jamie Kyung Min Oh on Apr 25, 2017
I am an Asian-American college student who has been a loyal customer to Greyhound. I want to inform you of a rather disturbing incident that I experienced yesterday morning (4/24/17) at the Springfield, VA station. I was waiting for my bus at the Springfield station, which was supposed to depart...

Greyhound / Check out and bus complaint

Pork meat on Mar 13, 2017
I'm writing this because I have bad experience in the gray hound bus. The first time I was going in the bus the registers where you buy the tickets were not working, and you only have two. The lady tried the two of them and said that they were not working, but if we want to to buy the...

Greyhound Bus Lines / Keith - overnight security officer

Jennifer Embry on Jan 2, 2017
Keith kicked me awake and proceeded to call me a "stupid ###hole" for not clearly comprehending who he was and what was going on. He assumed i was a homeless nobody as opposed to a regular weekly customer who happened to be stuck do to unplanned circumstances. He violated my right...

Greyhound / Bus driver on bus#86304 going from la - vegas

Brittany4989 on Dec 25, 2016
He was in not concerned about leaving on time, but then was very concerned about passengers reboarding too slow at rest stops and said if we were late we would be left, and after that he drove only 45-50mph for almost a half hour on the highway. He had no visible name tag or badge number...

Greyhound / Was on long distance hold with customer service for over an hour. No answer

Chasr on Nov 20, 2016
I wanted to make a simple change to a ticket I purchased. When I ordered the ticket for a granddaughter so she could spend Thanksgiving; I used the wrong first name. ( What can I say I'm old and have several granddaughters) All I wanted to do was change the first name. The only person I...

Greyhound / Customer service

Nomita on Nov 11, 2016
Today, at new haven, Ct greyhound bus stop, we experienced the WORST customer treatment. our bus was to leave at 7:30am and the lady behind the counter was extremely rude, refusing to answer any question simply because according to her, " that would be too easy". She continued to be...

Greyhound Lines / Lost package express

Queenb3601 on Aug 29, 2016
As a single Mother, I have been using Greyhound services to send as well as ship his packages throughout his seven (7)college career. Up to this point, I have been very satisfied with the services. However, on August 9, 2016, after my son finally landed his real job in Prairie View, TX. A...

Greyhound / Customer service

tammy86 on Aug 1, 2016
I was the Oklahoma City bus station at 11 a.m. to pick up my brother. He was due to arrive at that time on a bus from Phoenix, Az. He wasn't on the bus. I waited in line to talk to the agent to inquire about the bus he might be on as well as an arrival time. The agent wouldn't tell me if...

Greyhound / My ticket purchase from greyhound

Desiree Dillard on Jul 18, 2016
on 7/12/2016 I purchased a ticket online the purchase was completed, and the charge was made to my account. when I called to get the confirmation number I was informed that the date was today to leave and I could not get my fare back, I INFORMED THE PERSON THAT I BOOKED ONLINE AND THE...

Greyhound / Dissatisfied Customer/ Bad Service

sexc2 on Jun 26, 2016
On June 26, 2016 I was at the Philadelphia terminal trying to catch the 2:20 am bus. I was there on time the bus was late, when it did arrived the driver was rude and said he was only taking the 2:20 am passenger to New York he took maybe 5 passengers left came back said he only had 1 seat...

Greyhound / Bus stations, customer service, bus drivers

RenneW on May 16, 2016
5/16/16. Purchased a ticket for my son to travel today at 7:15 AM from Gallup NM to MD. My son was at the station a full 1/2 hr ahead of time and was at the counter picking up his ticket, and the clerk let the bus pull away from the station, stranding several people who were in line with...

Greyhound / Bus cancelled without notice no reason and no help

K.c. Larosa on May 8, 2016
On Mother's Day, May 8th, 2016 we dropped my son off at the Wilmington, DE bus station and we headed home to Rehoboth, an hour and a half away. My son was headed to NYC and then to New Jersey, where he lives. His bus was to leave at 7:20. We dropped him off at 6:30. At 7:35, I received a...

Greyhound Bus Company / Greyhound Bus - Gift Ticket Fee

jcch on Apr 9, 2016
My son, who is 17 years of age, needed to use Greyhound to visit a prospective college with 2 of his friends. I purchased a r/t ticket on-line, and was notified that I would be levied an additional $18 "Gift Ticket Fee" on a $82 ticket. I called Greyhound Customer service to voice my...

Greyhound / Ticket Information

allen.ericaf on Mar 28, 2016
I was trying to complete a purchase of a ticket online for my daughter from 3/24/2016-03/28/2016. Each time I would get to the submit payment screen and get an error message. We purchased the student advantage card and that took several tries to process. Finally I looked online to purchase...

Greyhound Courier Express / Email

hanouna on Feb 8, 2016
J'ai reçue cet émail et je voudrais savoir si c'est une escroquerie par internet et cette compagnie existe vraiment et comment ils ont eu mon Email ? Et est ce qu'ily a d'autres personnes qui ont aussi reçues des emails pareils et merci à vous. GREYHOUND COURIER EXPRESS Link...

Greyhound / Bad customer service from greyhound

Reviewer35910 on Jan 15, 2016
It is with grave concern that I am making this complaint, as I and my family often use your bus services and have been satisfied. However on the 9/01/2016 my elderly brother was booked on the 8am bus. We arrived at the bus station at 7:40am, the bus was at the station but he was informed...

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