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I recently had the displeasure of ridding greybound. I was treated as if i was to be pleasured by humiliation, rudeness, and threating drivers. To add to this unforgettable ride, if a swab test were to be done on growing manifestation sof growth, it would grow a tree of filth. To my surprise, no one said a word, Why? Because we were told that if we uttered a word we would be DROPPED of at the next kill zone! Another bus station... I will never ride a pitery dish bus again.


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Jun 14, 2022 3:46 pm

I'm am stranded 6 hours from home because not 1 but 2 of the busses I was scheduled on broke down causing me to miss my connection. I had better get a refund and an apology or I will make life a living hell with my retaliation against this retarded f××king company.

Apr 07, 2022 11:58 pm

Worst company ever! The bus drive woke my oldest son up on the bus told him he was at his destination. My son who was half asleep gets off the bus the bus driver hands him his luggage and drives off. My son looks around realizes he is not at his destination. when he called us we determined he was in fact in some town in the middle of freaking nowhere and 4 hours away from his destination. The town is so small there is not even a freaking hotel. My husband who is no young man is now having to make a 6 hour freaking drive to go get him in the middle of the damn night. Your Bus Drivers from Alamogordo to Albuquerque should be fired for his negligence.

Grey Hound your company is a complete joke. Perhaps you should read some of the many many complaints on this site and fix your problems.

I was humiliated by greyhound bus driver this morning at ports authority. I was supposed to travel with 2:45 am bus NY to Baltimore, I had my bag by my side, the driver said young remove that bag or I will thrown out of the bus. I told him that I will have it on my lap because I want to rest my head on it. The driver went down came up with two corps and said this is the young lady.I was asked to step down and they opened the drunk and gave me my luggage’s and the driver drove off.

Feb 11, 2017 4:40 pm

I had such a terrible experience with Greyhound bus

There was a Greyhound online ticket system glitch in Windsor, Ontario that cost me money.

Customer service at [email protected] was extremely dishonest trying to convolute, complicate, and obfuscate simple things!

In my case the Greyhound was mean and dishonest!

Now I am using ride-share as much as I can. It is so much, much, much better. You should try it too.

Feb 11, 2017 4:42 pm
Replying to comment of Vic999

And yes, they should be boycotted and pushed out of business.

I will try my best not to ever use Greyhound again!

Greyhound totally sucks, don't ever ride them, if you value your well being. With a prepaid round trip ticket, it took my wife three days to get home in what used to be a bus ride of 18 hours. They were rude and hateful, and she will never ride them again. Spent a total of 6 hours on hold with complaint number. Absolutley they should be boycotted and out of business.

Apr 08, 2010 1:31 pm

My boyfriend got on the bus here in Corvallis, OR at 7:35am, since he had to work at 1:30pm in Portland, OR. Normally, the bus is a two hour ride, versus an hour and a half by car. It's now 11:30am, and after being stuck in Salem (halfway in between Corvallis and Portland) for more than two hours, the bus finally just got on the road again. The wheelchair ramp broke, and another bus had to be called out.

Maybe I'm just biased because my last and only experience with the Greyhound was horrible, but shouldn't a simple 80 mile drive take less than 4-6 hours? I believe it will be 1:30pm by the time my boyfriend reaches his destination, consequently being late for work.

Nice job, Greyhound. I wonder how long the buses take to get from state to state. Needless to say, I will NEVER risk that week long trip...

Jan 19, 2010 11:29 pm

I purchased two one way, 21 day advance purchase e-tickets on Greyhound Buslines from Minneapolis to Nashville, TN back on December 30, 2009 for travel on January 24, 2010 (and also my return trip back to Minneapolis) since my daughter will be there for 6 months). I won’t know what specific day we are traveling until about 2 weeks ahead of time, and I saw that the fares are much lower if you buy at least 21 days ahead of time as opposed to a walk-up fare, 7 day advance or 14 day advance purchase. I studiously read the fine print on the Greyhound website before purchasing, which stated that you can take a later bus than the time listed on the ticket as long as you pay a $15 exchange fee per ticket. Just in case, I placed an email (the day before I purchased the tickets) to their customer support team. She (Linda H.) told me that was the case, that I could take a later bus with a $15 per ticket charge. But….now when I emailed them them this week (the very same lady who told me I could leave after the departure date on the tickets with only a $15 per ticket penalty) now tells me that the tickets MUST be used by January 24, because they are e-tickets (they are saying these cannot be changed) but will call tickets can. I tried to get them to change the tickets to will call, but they refuse to do so. I was told in an email “we apologize for the inconvenience”. An inconvenience? $250 worth of tickets that I can’t use based on a technicality, when a representative from Greyhound specifically told me in an email that this was fine to do? After going back and forth with many emails, going nowhere, they are now telling me to call customer service. Any ideas on how this can be resolved satisfactorily and how I should persuade customer service that this is just wrong?

Aug 27, 2009 10:10 pm

i agree with all the comments, i already wrote a complaint so i dont want to get into my horrendous experience with greyhound and my first experience. the bus was so disgusting, the driver rude and 4 hours late gettin to knoxille because of bus breakdowns 15 min out of a 3 3/4 hr layover in cincinatti. i'm suprised i don't have some disease from riding greyhound.

Greyhound is Horrible. I have been traveling way of grey for 10+years and they are mostly ALL rude and non-caring employees. I believe this to be because of their monopoly like bus service. Recently this past beginning of april (A1 through 2 to be exact) (I live in Virginia Beach, VA) attempted to go visit my cousin in Nashville, TN that I have not seen in 3 years. It took weeks of preparing and people taking very valuable and limited time off to allow the visit. I purchased a ticket and proceeded to make my travel..when I arrived in Knoxville, TN we were told that we had to switch buses immediatly so I proceeded to gather my guitar and bags to move to the next waiting bus..after waiting in line I arrived at the driver(a she) who was taking tickets. WHen I handed her my ticket she refused it because it was STILL IN THE PACKET THEY PROVIDE. She then rudely handed it back and equally rudely demanded me to take the ticket out of the packet. I then kindly but wearly asked her because my arms and hands were full could she be kind enough to open it for that she became INFURIATED and DEMANDED that I leave the line..I of course objected..she refused to let me on the bus and told me I was a rude punk! I then in desperation proceeded to go over to a few other employees stand a couple buses down and explained what the situation was... at that I was told by a EXTREMELY RUDE Jack Wallace that I must have been rude and mean to her for that "kind old lady" to treat me that way! MONSTROUS! I then proceded to leave them knowing that they were not going to help and went to the front desk asking and explaining my happening. I was told "nothing can be done" and I was told to wait for the next bus which was at least 6 hours away. I then asked for the manager and found out to my complete amazment that Jack Wallace was the manager. the bus then left. I proceded to ask Jack for file a complaint papers and HE REFUSED TO GIVE ME ANY. At this I am stranded 700+ miles from my home and my cousin not having access to come get me. I stepped outside to smoke a cigg and Jack proceeded to come out and start taunting me and calling me degraditory names such as quote" A damned hippie" and "what are you on drugs or something?" at this my anger is showing in my voice. Then a duty cop for the station comes out and says "So whats wrong jack" Jack then proceeded to tell her white lies and half truths and she LAUGHED. then when i asked if I could speak my side of the story in private to her, she flatly and rudely told me quote-"no I dont wanna hear your ###" I then noted that they would cause major problems for me if I did not get away. I walked Knoxville for the next 5 hours untill the next bus came and while I was waiting in line they called reboarding passes only I waited in line and gave the next driver (an equally sour faced man) my reboarding pass who then proceeded to have a fit and said WRONG BOARDING PASS! GET THE HELL OVER IN THE NEXT LINE! so I left it at that and went to the other line..after he came to me again he mumbled that I must be "stupid, deaf or something" which annoyed me because I do have a confirmed hearing disability so I said " as a matter of fact sir I DO have a hearing problem! At that he said "yea right sure I still think you don't listen worth a hell" after accepting and punching my ticket. I proceeded to turn around and say " NO I believe it is you all that don't listen!" At that he threw my ticket on the ground and said "you an't riding my bus!" I was stunned and in shock. I asked him kindly please be reasonable, damn near begged because I was stranded in their town and he COLDLY AND FLATLY IGNORED ME. ALONG WITH THE OTHER EMPLOYEES THAT WATCHED THE ENITIRE EPISODE.
I then had a voided ticket, 200 dollars, no place to stay and no way of getting out. I had to walk to a near by expensive hotel to ask the desk employee who as VERY KIND to help get me in contact with my girlfriend in Virginia Beach, VA to spend 300 more dollars on flying me out of that town because I now had a void ticket. It was one of the worse experiences of my entire life. when I arrived back I immediatly called the complaint line to greyhound and a "Mrs. Smith" told me they would investigate my happening and contact me back soon for the details of it. I never recieved any calls or notices and June 30th I recieve a greyhound voucher in the mail with NO NUMBERS or anything but a paragraph saying they value me as a customer and for my troubles I recieved $135.00 half of what the ticket cost good for only another trip on their line.HA! I am not finished with these cruel people and if they think that a fake bribe will shut me up they truly and extremely mis-underestimate me and my friends and family.
I plan to take enormous actions against these people and greyhound lines. I have contacted all witnesses and people involved and they can expect to see me in court. If you have had equally terrible experence with this company please contact me at [email protected]
Thanks for taking time to read this and I say NEVER let them belittle us. Peace, Daniel M. Rigney Jr.

Jun 10, 2009 6:05 pm

A can a women have privacy in the ladies restroom at a public place. For example, the greyhound station. I recently took a trip to milwaukee, wisconsin from chicago, Il and there was a huge public ladies bathroom and then there was a small private ladies restroom. I entered the small private ladies restroom for privacy. I was not feeling well because my business trip appointment had gone underway and I hadn't eaten for a long period of time due to the requirements of this business trip. However, I was able to eat something and whatever was in the ingredients upset my stomach horrible and I have the gastritis. I was being harassed by two milwaukee greyhound men security an obscene amount of times. They did not ask if everything was alright with me. They just continued to bang on the door and attempted to try and open the door with their hands numerous of times. And threaten that they would walk in on me by using a key while I'm in the restroom on the toilet and that they will break the door down. And that I had to come out of the bathroom no matter what. This is absolutely unacceptable. I have been a paying customer of greyhound for ten years and the way they treat their customers is despicable. please comment back

Mar 27, 2009 5:07 pm

I am an African American male, and I was brutally racially profiled at the Greyhound Bus stations in Cleveland and Pittsburg to the point that I just knew that at any moment I would be tackled and arrested by a crew of tens and tens of cops. Mind you, I was on spring break from college enroute to NYC to do some research at the Schomburg Center.

The experience was so humiliating that I cannot get it out of mine. In this regard, I plan to file a civil suit against Greyhound and its band of private security officers. Just think, if there really was a threat at these stations - all of the security honchos were too busy looking at me as though I was public enemy number one.

Even more, we have allowed our society to fester into a pool of fear, mistrust, apathy, and the list goes on and on. In comparison, however, other modes of public transportation i.e. Amtrak and most of the airlines are light-years away from how Greyhound handles it situation.

All I know is Greyhound Bus company better reach a settlement with me before Feb 3, 2009.I got their law firm on forgery chrages.Plus their poor luggage staff never found my lost luggage from Feb21, 2007.So their corporaTE OFFICES IN dALLAS, tEXAS bett recognize I'm not playing games.

Nov 13, 2008 8:13 pm

I went to visit family in phoenix AZ on greyhound bus.
A passenger came from back of bus to help another passenger place her luggage in the over head rack.
I was sitting in priority seat for disable passenger next thing I KNOW I was hit hard on my head .
By the old samsonnite luggage about 25 pounds are more 3 to 4 hours later a ambulance took me to hospital.

I wear leg braces my legs went numb my head my neck my spine my body was in truma xrays were taken .
Meds was giving for pain inflammation and a neck collar after being release from hospital.
In a place I never been I call Greyhound I was told they could not help me left me out in the cold sick and did not care .
When I finaly got home I went to my doctor still hurting very bad headachs swelling sore still my head and neck hurt.
I got hurt on Oct 28 It is Nov 13 2008 and Greyhound think I got hurt on their bus but it has nothing to do with them.
Who do you think is at fough they should not have passenger helping each other on the bus if they are going to be sued.
If someone get hurt I could have been kill I know I am bless to be here I got hurt verybad

Sep 12, 2008 6:58 pm

i took a greyhound bus from monroe louisiana to lafayette louisiana. when we arrived in lafayette the bus driver told the passengers that if we were getting off in lafayette to get off at the churches chicken and i told him that i needed my bag he said he would get it for me when he came back through. when he got back he said my bag was dropped off at the bus station 5 blocks away. i walked to the bus station and asked for my bag they told me that my bag was on its way to baton rogue and that it would be back at 7:35 p.m. so i waitwd the 4 and a half hours when the bus got back my bag was not there. it has now been over 48 hours and i still havent heard a word back from them. they did not even appoligize for THEIR mess up. the workers at the lafayette bus station were the rudest people i have ever met. the bus station did not even have running water and it was filthy. it lookes like it has not been cleaned in years. i am not going to use greyhound bus lines again. i have been wearing the same clothes since the day of the trip. most of my clothes, pictures, most of my husbands clothes, my new inspiron 1501 laptop, my mp3 player, a 73 dollar pair of timberlands. all my medical records were in there also. i have not heard anything back from greyhound yet but i think its a shame the way they treat their customers.

Aug 08, 2008 2:01 am

Took a Greyhound bus from Nashville, TN. to Minneapolis in mid July, 08.


1. Drunk harassing smoking passengers in outside area in Chicago Greyhound terminal.

2. Man kicked off our bus in some town in Wisconsin. Police were called.

3. I was harassed by a ### from the mission who bums cigarettes from passengers standing outside Nashville, TN. terminal.

4. They need to put more chemical in their commodes & keep the lights fixed in the bathrooms.

Greyhound should up it's security in and around it's stations or go in business selling condoms, chocolate candy, or something . They'd probably do a lot better job in these areas & offer the public more safety. Many employees seem rude or have a don't care attitude. The drivers themselves seemed fair & professional though, at least on my trip.

###s causing problems in & around a bus station should be immediately taken to jail for a good night's stay & signs should be posted telling them that's the plan. Keep records and give longer stays for folllowing offenses. Police & legislators should be involved in this process too.

Maybe they need to give employees a raise or some bonuses also.

Mar 05, 2008 11:59 am

Hello we Order two 2 way tickets from Abbotsford BC Canada to Calgary AB canada! and back to BC! Somthing that should of cost us $316.05 ended up costing us $1267.20, 4 times they charged us! This was charged on are credit card! We gave permission once not 4 time's to take the monies off the card! This took place on March 2ed 2008 and it has been 3 days and nothing has been done about this! We have called and called to no avail! We have had the Credit card company call us and tell us that they will not give them any info until they speak to us! Well we have spoke to them over and over again and still nothing! One thing I can say is that Master card is trying and Grey hound is not! so buyer be where! and after all of this we still do not hve the tickets! thanks Dot in canada!


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