Greyhound Linesdilapidated buses, run down bus stations, unethical and educated staff, poor overall service!!

A Sep 09, 2018

Never will I take greyhound bus lines again. The bus was in poor shape and the smell was over bearing of urine and feces. The bus station bathrooms were in such poor condition and every single toilet was clogged. People sleeping on the ground everywhere and station attendants were like prison guards the way they talked to people where degrading.
The bus driver was extremely rude by downtalking to the customers. Even left a man at the bus stop by leaving 20 minutes early. Felt bad for the poor guy... looked like a good college student trying to get home. The driver never announced it was okay to get on the bus or what we were suppose to do. She just yelled at people and told them to get back in their seat when we had stops so everyone was extremely confused if it was actually a resting spot or just a quick pick up or drop off spot. The seats are not comfortable and you slide off of them. One guy called it the "slip & slide seat". I am not sure how greyhound stays in business with such poor customer service. I mean after all we are paying customers!!! Greyhound, you need to get it together!! We deserve better services from you!

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