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800 656 463(Transport Information Centre) 9 3
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+27 219 378 800(Operational Centre) 0 3
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Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] Complaints & Reviews

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / gold card route invalid (elsiesriver - montague gardens

Jun 25, 2019

I travel travel from Elsiesriver to Montague Gardens, I get on the bus at 28th Avenue every morning, this morning however when I scanned my card it read invalid. I was rudely informed by the lady driver (did not take the bus number - it was the Netreg - Killarney Gardens bus - I know they...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / the bus driver on bus number ph 1925 from town centre to tygervalley center left between 8:10 and 8:30

Jun 12, 2019

Driver refused to stop at bus stop of my selection. As at the previous bus stop people are getting off the bus and I start making my way forward to the front of the bus as I'll be getting off at the next bus stop, and as I do so I press the stop button driver sees me in his rear view...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / being injured on one of your busses due to it being robbed and to date no one has contacted me even to discuss my injuries and loss

Apr 30, 2019

I was en route to claremont on bus number ph2034 which departed town centre at 11am on 15 april 2019..A gentleman boarded the bus in spine road and as the bus turned into cedar avenue he started threatening a fellow female passenger if she don''t hand over her belongings he is going to...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / reckless driving of golden arrow bus driver

Mar 20, 2019

On multiple occasions, one of them being Wed, 20-03-2019 on the 04h45 bus - route OPN4, driver number 86387, bus number 4123, I was on the bus from Mitchells Plain Town Centre travelling to City of Cape Town. This driver has no respect or consideration for the passengers and drives extremely...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / loading the bus card

Feb 11, 2019

I would start off this message by saying good day, however that would not be relevant because there is nothing good about it. I am disgusted by the employees you have hired as managers because I called the Montana depot yesterday wanting assistance with the wrong route that was loaded to...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / no buses for town center from ottery

Jan 24, 2019

Good evening I'm standing from 17:00 today waiting for the bus and still haven't seen one so far kindly advise why so and when will there be one next one is for 18:30 the service delivery sucks kindly resolve soonest please otherwise I'll take my business elsewhere and not use this service again in future Yours truly Concerned and frustrated customer

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / bus driver

Jan 23, 2019

Bus no 2512 retreat to cape 16:30 bus. I have logged a complaint before about the lady that drives this bus, we stand in Claremont bus stop and she passes all the time while there are empty seats or if she stop she only says 5 people must enter, she rude doesn't know how to speak to...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / lack of service

Nov 12, 2018

I know this is not the first time a complaint is written and it clearly shows nothing is being done if another complaint is written about the same issue. I am a paying customer and I feel this issue should be addressed. I travel the mitchell's plain route (rocklands). I take the after 5...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / gold card - no stock

Oct 23, 2018

I buy my ticket at the BP garage in Montague drive they never had stock of the Gold cards which is why I never received one. Customers were informed on the bus I was travelling the cards are no longer free it will cost R25. This morning (23/10/2018) I went to the BP garage in Montague...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / unethical behaviour demonstrated by driver in addressing the issue

Oct 12, 2018

Bus Number: 4056- City Freeway from Nyanga to Cape Town I pressed the bell to alert driver to stop at the following bus stop, to my surprise the bell was not working. As im moving forward to the front and verbally informed the driver to stop at my bus stop because the bell is not working...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / bad driving, almost caused a accident.

Oct 09, 2018

I was almost drove onto by one of your busses 16:20pm today in voortrekker road Bellville, he changed lanes without indicating or checking his mirrors, I was right next to him and he came over i had to brake dead to escape this big bus, i took a picture of the number plate and a taxi...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / bus parking and driver

Oct 08, 2018

To whom it may concern.. Every day I see, but most importantly, hear the buses arriving and departing from the parking spots in Muir St that are reserved for visitors for my apartment building, The Six. Our parking area is not a ranking area for your buses! Please get them to park on the main...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / a driver's driving and his route

Oct 06, 2018

When reaching town centre Mitchell's Plain on Saturday morning at 7:50 the inspector on duty advised that there was Freeway Claremont bus at 8am. The bus rushes into town centre and is driving crazy, even the inspector saw this. This bus, the freeway bus, then continued and went through...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / unethical service

Sep 19, 2018

Morning On the date of the 03.09.2018 i purchased a bus ticket at the service station on a different area to where i reside. On that specific day i purchased/ requested for 2 bus tickets which one of was a monthly Delft-Cpt and weekly Delft- Maitland. I then pursued on to travelling with thi...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / bus stop on the main road woodstock, in front of 41 sir lowey road

Sep 11, 2018

Good day I have been taking the bus daily to and from this stop for over 2 years. More recently than before the afternoon drivers ( bus that leaves Capetown by 350) would just drive past. This happens when it is not even full. In the last month i was told by the bus driver that i am not...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / rude driver

Aug 31, 2018

I am extremely disgusted and livid with the rude behaviour of a Golden Arrow bus driver, who was driving bus NR 4819 from Cape Town to Harare, that left the Cape Town Bus terminus at 12midday, 31st August 2018. I was traveling from CPT back to work (Woodstock). I usually ask the inspector...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / rude drivers

Aug 22, 2018

this morning 22 august 2018 a boy got on the bus and he was using a monthly ticket his ticket said Claremont to wynberg but he was getting on in rondebosch the reason he was getting on in rondebosch was because when he bought the ticket he said rondebosch but they didnt have rondebosch...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / golden arrow bus stops

Aug 14, 2018

To whom it May Concern. I together with few scholars and other elderly people ride on a bus from Cape Town CBD at 15h30 to Mandalay, there is a few of us (which includes elderly people) who stay in Bongweni of which we get off at Swartklip Road closer to the robots (at the bus stop of course...

Golden Arrow Bus Services / Horrific - Driver conduct on golden arrow bus

Aug 07, 2018

To Whom this may concern Good Afternoon, to the individual who is reading this complaint, I would like to first and foremost thank You for taking the time out in just simply selecting and reading my complaint. However, with this said I need to mention in all honesty that the nature of my...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / term ticket

Aug 03, 2018

Good day I have a problem with the services when a scholar is using a term ticket. I bought one for my child for each term and in her school they are wearing casual clothes on Fridays she is still at the Primary School, every Fridays she is experiencing a big problem with her ticket not...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / driver bad attitude

Jun 22, 2018

Good day I'm so hurt and angry with the Golden Arrow bus driver who was driving Bus Number (4902) on the 21/06/2018 from Mobray - Makhaza. I boarded the bus at Athlone Bus terminus to Makhaza and as we took a different route from Khayelitsha due to the strike. the driver purposely did not...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / cash fare rates

Jun 04, 2018

To whom it May Concern: I'm utterly disgusted this morning, I had to pay R14 from Crossroads to Airport. I'm being charged for a distance that the bus doesn't drive. It's not the first time that this has happened. How do you go from paying R8.60 to R14? It's not about paying R14 it's the...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / t2501

May 28, 2018

We were waiting for the bus at wynberg mainroad for 2 hours to town and the bus arrived not full we were about 8 people in the bus stop the driver refuse to pick us up she just keep on driving and we were running after the bus hoping she will stop she still refuse to let us in she only let...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / driver with an attitude

May 23, 2018

My son usually gets the Retreat bus in Claremont which arrives at approximately 18H45. The bus driver is a woman who keeps clipping his monthly ticket in between the numbers for example she doesn't clip on number 12 but in between 13 and 14. After explaining this to her she got irate and...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / driver with a bad attitude

May 14, 2018

So last year I used to take the 7am Cape Town bus from Bellville, I get off at Goodwood Vasco station. The driver is an old man. One morning when I was the last person to exit the bus at Vasco the grumpy driver asked me if I was sleeping. I left it there.. I wanted to ask him why he'...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / poor service

Apr 17, 2018

I have been a commuter on the golden arrow bus for 12 years now and I must say the service is very appalling now imagine having to stand @ the bus for nearly an hour and when you call to the call center to find out where the bus is you don't get proper answers I am seriously disappointed...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / bus service

Apr 11, 2018

Bus number 4982 Overloading the bus in the morning. The bus which comes from town centre via Rocklands. Even though the bus is filled both seats and aisle they driver still stops picking up more people which is unlawful and unhygenic. also seeing that winter is well on its way please...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / destructive driver

Apr 06, 2018

A driver this morning cut me off on Koeberg Road at the refinery. I had to step hard on my brakes because he forced his way in. this happened at about 9ish this morning (Friday 06th April 2018). braking hard, although very dangerous seemed like to best option as the bus was about to push...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / a driver that almost ran me and my family off the road

Mar 24, 2018

Bus number SG 4897 at about 19:05 the driver of said mentioned bus number and I was both inside the traffic circle on Goven Mbeki road I was by the front of the bus and we where both about to exit the circle when your driver decided he is going to exit the circle into the inside lane where...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / 4329 driver fits of rage

Mar 21, 2018

Poor, poor, poor we all have our bad days but this tops the list. When ur dealing with an individual that is deliberately reckless in carryings out his duties, one that does not care, one who's mindset (attitude) is no longer in what he/she is doing. This morning at Blouberg Mirine Circle...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / bayview/strandfontein bus services always delayed

Feb 26, 2018

I want to draw your kind attention of the irregular bus service by the bayview/strandfontein line. The passengers face hardships since the buses are never punctually. The actual passengers have sometimes to have to wait between 20-30 minutes to catch a transport and conductors are...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / pathetic services and overloading

Feb 19, 2018

Today, 20 Feb 2018 marks the most ridiculous services ever experienced with GAB. The 1st bus, i.e. 5:15 am departure from Belhar to Cape Town, was loaded beyond capacity. When the bus reached Sasal in Symphony way, no more seats we available and 20 people were already standing. The bu...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / poor services

Feb 08, 2018

GOLDEN ARROW... No words can describe to how I feel. I have been using your services for the last 7 years and I feel that we as regular passengers are not being treated Farley and we pay a lot of money to get the services we pay for. I demand that GOLDEN ARROW place an inspector in AZ...

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / busses not stopping

Feb 05, 2018

Hi, every morning since the middle of January we have been standing at the bus stops for more then hour because of busses that passes us. It's believed that the busses are full but we can see that it's not full and that there is still space for much more people. We are 3 bu...

Golden Arrow Bus Services / bus overloaded and driver not stopping

Dec 13, 2017

Good day Could you please consider using the normal golden arrow buses and not the small buses with fewer seats on the morning from Retreat-City via Main Road. Plenty of commuters get on this bus, almost at every bus stop along the main road. The buses are always full because of the...

Golden Arrow Bus Services / driver of golden arrows bus harare to claremont at 10:30 (10:15)

Dec 12, 2017

The driver was rude to my wife and 2 kids while she was having a third one on her back. He told them that he does not have change for R100 for a trip from Khayelitsha(Bonjour) to Claremont they should get off of his bus to wait for (10:30) another bus which is coming in 45-60 min wait...

Golden Arrow Bus Services / complaint of rudeness from your employee

Dec 11, 2017

Bus : 4786 Pay : 87669 At the 10th of December 2017 punch my ticket wrong while he was suppose to punch the interchange. When I tell him that he punched wrong he said " he don't know and he gat family problems I was suppose to tell him where to punch" ..and I told him that's your...

Golden Arrow Bus Services / bus driver

Dec 06, 2017

Gooday how are you sir/madam To whom it may concern Hope this mail find you well This is very strange and I think should be delt..apparently yest around 13:45 next to gattis I was waiting for Claremont bus...When I got into the bus the driver told me to give him exact amount of get off the...

Golden Arrow Bus Services / poor service and victimization

Nov 23, 2017

Been using this service for over 6 years now. I boarded the bus 4386 going through sacks circle this morning of 24 nov at 06: 17 opposite caltex situated in the Airport industrial area. The second i got on, this elderly male driver looked at me and shouted "what you want"?. I passed my...

Golden Arrow Bus Services / golden arrow late bus

Nov 21, 2017

Hi, i do not have the bus number, however travelling from Tygervalley to Mitchells Plain is always a effort. Sometimes i need to wait 30 mins because of late busses. and most of the busses on this route doesn't want to go to Town Centre and i constantly need to fight with numerous driver...