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Complaints & Reviews

No bus stopping at the plumstead stop (opposite fnb) between 6am and 7.20amdaily

The bus stop in plumstead (immediately opposite FNB) I have noticed for two weeks flat, and by standing at...

Bus driver

Hi good afternoon to whom it may concern, I have a complain about a female bus driver from claremont enroute to mandalay the 11/06/20 05h10, she was extremely rude and very unprofessional, have no way of speaking. She gives other gabs drivers a bad name, ppl like her should be removed and not drive. I will never take that bus again period. I have always takennthat bus from claremont to hanover park and never had any issues with the deivers.

Reckless driving

To whom it may concern I am utterly disgusted and shocked by the driving style of this bus driver. Bu...

Driver complaint

Hi, there I take the lwandle bus from Malibu village to eersterivier at 05:30 and that driver is so rude he literally won't stop at the bus stop where I wait and it's clearly marked, he always look upset and drives like a speed devil I don't mind the driving but you have to be professional in your job, he also stops in the middle of the road for us to get on

Bus driver of the bus from electronic city to blaauwberg service of 05:40 am

Good day

I would like to report your drivers unproffessional rude behavior.
I take this bus every morning but the driver of this morning was not the regular driver of our route.

As I got to the destination I pressed the buzzer which did not work. I then knocked on the drivers glass to get his attention.He ignored me and drove on then after a while turned to me with an angry expression on his face and and screamed at me to press the buzzer if I wanna get off.He responded rudely to say the buzzer work for other people.
Then the other commuters is the bus told him the one I pressed does not work. He then only stopped.

This is unacceptable behavior and I will not rest till this driver get dealt with.I work in customer service and the service he rendered was ubrupt.


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Cape town cbd bus station

HI At the Bellville/Elsies river bus station - Cape town cbd are, right next to the section where you sit...

Service bus 5021 stop 9 route aob4

Hi There, I would like to complain about the service we receive in a daily basis. Everyday the bus that i...

Employee behavior

31 October 2019. I got on the golden arrow bus 4927 at 16:30 via Salt River to Belhar. When I got on the bus it was full not a place for any other person to stand in the bus. I stood on the edge of the stairs. Being sick with the flu and having my monthly period I could not stand and sat on the stairs due to feeling dizziness and was scared that I was going to faint. Driver stopped the bus shouted at me telling me he is not going to drive if I sit. I have to Stand on the stairs. The people in the bus started shouting at me due to the driver not wanting to drive. I was traumatized and felt like leaving the bus. I stood and luckily made it out alive. I pay full price for my ticket and never get a seat to sit. All busses are full that I take and do not have a problem. But today the driver did not take into consideration my circumstances. When I left the bus he humiliated me further by telling me I should read the rules and that I'm stupid. I wish for this case to be investigated and would like the driver to apologise for his behavior and never to treat anyone of the passengers in the future the way I was treated today. Thank you.

Employee behavior
Employee behavior
Employee behavior

Reckless and rude golden arrow bus driver

Good Day

I would like to bring this to your attention that today, I embarked on a bus with the following details: Driver 87619, Bus: 4913, Route BMD5 and the driver was so rude and driving recklessly all the way from Delft until we got to Cape Town station.
Some of the things he was doing on the road were crossing over the pavement corners and the bus bumps up and down, stopping the bus few meters away from the bus stop, leaving passengers behind and dropping off passengers few bus stops away from where they intended to disembark claiming that they did not ring the bell when they have actually rang the bell but the sound is so not loud and they are even standing by the door ready to disembark but he will pass the bus stop and drop them off in the next one. He was also taking harsh brakes on the N2, you can check the onboard video clips if your camera system is still work.

This is a new driver for this route I understand but the attitude and the bad driving behaviour is just too much to apprehend, We will appreciate if you to look into this issue or better send drivers who respect paying passengers and other motorists on the road so that at the end of the day we all get to our destination safely. Our regular driver never give us so much frustrations. I am afraid, situations like this if not properly handled by the management could lead to disastrous consequences.

bad driving and rude driver

Good Day Yesterday 15.10.2019 I took the 15H00 bus from Cape Town terminus to Retreat Station, getting off in...

unethical conduct / behavior of bus driver 4938 [ route 1 - makhaza]

Dear Sir / Madam

I am writing this email with the soar heart of the treatment that I had to endure at the hands of one of your drivers this afternoon (2019/07/18) @ 16H15. I am a GABS commuter from Cape Town everyday taking a Route 1/ Makhaza bus from Cape Town. As I was to board bus 4938 from Cape Town, I was shouted and sweared at by the bus driver accusing me of not standing in the queue. I was travelling with a colleague from work but delayed because I had to go to Golden Acre clicks. On my arrival, the driver's approach towards me was very aggressive and arrogant as he did not even give me an opportunity to state my side. Altercation ensued and the next minute I was called "jou p***s" " hey fu….. k" by the bus driver. I also responded back as I was angry.

What I want to raise is the inappropriate conduct / behaviour of this bus driver towards me. This is a clear demonstration that he has no regard for customers and law unto himself. His unethical conduct and arrogant behaviour has been happening with other clients as well for a while and never anticipated that such treatment could happen to me. I strongly believe that this cannot continue unabated. This bus driver is ill disciplined to the core and must be dealt with accordingly. While we were arguing in Cape Town bus terminus, he clearly gave me instructions that I can go and report him to the bus inspectors he does not care. This is a clear demonstration that he is ill disciplined and that he is not afraid of them or whoever is in charge there.

When I arrived in Khayelitsha / Makhaya and about to disembark/ jump out of the bus, he literally closed the door in my face as a clear demonstration that he was again provoking me. Thereafter he laughed and re-opened the bus door. I kept my cool and didn't say anything.

I am therefore reporting this traumatic experience for your attention and further handling. I hope that this bus driver will be dealt with according to the internal processes and be taught to respect the clients. I am deeply hurt and disturbed by what I have experienced and I could have done anything to him.

Please kindly respond at your earliest convenience and provide feedback and progress on measures taken against this particular driver that is so ill disciplined. I have never felt so humiliated and insulted like this before.

Thanking you in anticipation.


LT George
Deputy Director : Rural Enterprise & Industrial Development Branch (REID)
Cape Winelands & Overberg Districts
Department of Agriculture, Land Reform & Rural Development
[protected] / [protected]

golden arrow bus services - driver

Good Morning,

On the 15 July 2019 round about 16:35 the Rocklands bus came and refused to stand in the yellow lane . We walked towards the bus and he opened the doors for us knowing there was another bus in the yellow lane.As I got into the bus he closed the door on my foot and there was another guy that got in an same incident happened including his back pack.My foot and leg is swollen and in pain.The bus number is 4112 (Golden Arrow Bus Services). The incident happened in Montague Drive and Chain Avenue ( On the side of PPC ) that bus stop. Im not happy about the service or the way the driver the responded / reacted (Attitude)

Hope this matter will be resolved

Edwina Arendse

golden arrow bus services - driver

gold card route invalid (elsiesriver - montague gardens

I travel travel from Elsiesriver to Montague Gardens, I get on the bus at 28th Avenue every morning, thi...

the bus driver on bus number ph 1925 from town centre to tygervalley center left between 8:10 and 8:30

Driver refused to stop at bus stop of my selection. As at the previous bus stop people are getting off the bus and I start making my way forward to the front of the bus as I'll be getting off at the next bus stop, and as I do so I press the stop button driver sees me in his rear view mirror making my way forward, as we get closer to my stop I realise that he never decreased his speed yet I press the button again and inform him here is a bus stop, his response is that I pressed the button to late and he still refused to stop. Drops me off at a further drop of as I had to make my way back to work with a extra 5min walk.

I am here to inform the golden arrow bus service, that should this matter not be dealt with to my satisfaction, I will then go forth with reporting this to all social media's, news papers and hello petter. And I'll attach the photos I have taken from the driver and the bus

Should you wish to get back to me contact me on [protected] or email shafiq.[protected] or [protected]

the bus driver on bus number ph 1925 from town centre to tygervalley center left between 8:10 and 8:30
the bus driver on bus number ph 1925 from town centre to tygervalley center left between 8:10 and 8:30

being injured on one of your busses due to it being robbed and to date no one has contacted me even to discuss my injuries and loss

I was en route to claremont on bus number ph2034 which departed town centre at 11am on 15 april 2019..A gentleman boarded the bus in spine road and as the bus turned into cedar avenue he started threatening a fellow female passenger if she don''t hand over her belongings he is going to shoot. Scared and weary of his presence and current state of mind i fled to the front of the bus to be seated close to the door should the need to flee the bus for my safety arise.He became aggresive and assulting and reached for my handbag but could not get it free as it was around my waist.He persued to pu on the handbag and in this time the driver opened the door of the bus at a non designated stop for the robber to exit the bus, he however was clinging to my handbag and pulled me out of the bus which resulted in me falling and injuring my left knee...Being in pain he managed to free the bag from my waist and took of with everything..I had to see that i get to hospital was not offered by goden arrow to be taken to private hospital had to sit for 8 hrs and come back the following day to be treated further.I am left limping and was not contacted once by a company representitive to even find out how im doing.A lot has changed for me since this horrific incident and i am utterly disgusted that golden arrow dont give a rats ass about its commuters after promising security on off peak buses after robberies on buses escalated

reckless driving of golden arrow bus driver

On multiple occasions, one of them being Wed, 20-03-2019 on the 04h45 bus - route OPN4, driver number 86387...

loading the bus card

I would start off this message by saying good day, however that would not be relevant because there i...

no buses for town center from ottery

Good evening I'm standing from 17:00 today waiting for the bus and still haven't seen one so far kindly advise why so and when will there be one next one is for 18:30 the service delivery sucks kindly resolve soonest please otherwise I'll take my business elsewhere and not use this service again in future

Yours truly
Concerned and frustrated customer

bus driver

Bus no 2512 retreat to cape 16:30 bus. I have logged a complaint before about the lady that drives this bu...

lack of service

I know this is not the first time a complaint is written and it clearly shows nothing is being done if...