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Amtrak Complaints & Reviews

Amtrak / Service delays

Oct 14, 2019

I travel daily between Exeter NH and Boston North Station. Increasingly the train is late on arrival in Exeter and hence Boston. My understanding is this late arrival is due to "switching problems" at more northern points along the route. My simple request is that these switching be...

Amtrak / Delayed trains

Oct 09, 2019

I am on northbound train 2168 and it is delayed. An all too frequent experience. We pay higher rates for the fastest service and can usually take a regional for the same time in the end. The excuse today is that bad weather impacted switches. I heard this before and not likely that this i...

Amtrak / train horns

Sep 24, 2019

my name is wayne davison and i live in hadley falls in massachusetts. my complaint is about the excess use of train horns being used. Lately the use of train horns being used at ALL hours of the day especially in the early morning hours. I understand they are being used for safety reason...

Amtrak / no air conditioning

Sep 22, 2019

AmtrakI was on the New Haven to Philadelphia train Sept 13 at 4:34pm and we did not have air conditioning, it was HOT the entire trip. Our train also lost power and just came to a complete stop somewhere between Penn station and Trenton NJ for approx 15-20 mins. About 30 mins prior to arriving...

Amtrak / pantry car server illegal action

Sep 21, 2019

T Kim. Train 161. From NY to DC. 21st September 2019. The server was unprofessional in two instances: 1. He did not get up to serve after NY Penn station even though I waited for many minutes. He did not even say why there was a delay. The announcement clearly stated food service would...

Amtrak / service

Sep 07, 2019

AmtrakTo Whom It May Concern I am writing this email / letter in an effort to strongly express my dis-satisfaction with the service and customer support my wife and I experienced on our recent journey from West Coast to East Coast and back again on Amtrak trains. We left Portland, Oregon in...

Amtrak / northeast regional train 86 ny-bos 6 september 2019

Sep 06, 2019

In the restaurant car, I was informed that it was Amtrak company policy not to refill keep-cups that I brought with me specifically to avoid using further throwaway paper cups. Instead I was offered more throwaway cups for landfill. Can you confirm a. That this is company policy, b...

Amtrak / Rude driver

Aug 29, 2019

I am coming from Madison it is August 29th 2019 and i am now on bus 8893 from Bloomington to peoria. This driver is so rude. She immediately yelled at me for having a tag on my bag. No one said anything about tagging my bag so how in God's name am i supposed to know?! This woman needs to...

Amtrak / fabric seating, why?

Aug 28, 2019

I take the Capitol Corridor and a few passengers & I who daily commute are concerned about the fabric seating. We all take precautions for sitting in the seats like blankets or I have seen passengers unfold the paper schedules/maps available in the train cars. But this is 2019, let's be...

Amtrak / given the wrong information

Aug 21, 2019

AmtrakOn August 16, 2019, I purchased a round trip ticket $11 for Coaster from Poinsettia to Santa Fe at 723am. The Coaster was scheduled to depart San Diego to Poinsettia station where I had parked my vehicle at 1249pm. The guy standing at the ticket vending machine stated that Amtrack from San...

Amtrak / delayed ride

Aug 20, 2019

Each time I have taken amtrak from Atlanta to Baltimore my train was delayed. I'm late for my pick up and have to take a cab to my destination I won't be booking anymore trips with Amtrak I'd rather go Greyhound at least I'll arrive on time. I've completed complaints forms twice about...

Amtrak / lost luggage

Aug 20, 2019

As a senior I have difficulty getting around. I traveled from Chicago station to Princeton, Illinois along with my two young granddaughters. The Redcap that took us and our 2 bags out to the train made sure we got on the train okay. He said as soon as he got us on he would put our luggage on...

Amtrak / late train

Aug 14, 2019

Me and my wife were traveling from Detroit to Chicago with an estimated arrival of 250pm. We had an international flight from O'Hara at 6pm giving us 3 hours to arrive and board. Our Amtrak was over an hour late and caused us to miss our international flight. The late train put us in more...

Amtrak / severely damaged baggage/luggage

Aug 13, 2019

AmtrakI need an explanation and replacement for my severely damaged luggage. I took the train from Canada to Seattle, upon arrival I was left at the baggage area for 1 of my bag was missing...I went liok for customer officer and as i went out one stafff carry my bag towards me explaining it wa...

Amtrak / delayed and bad services

Aug 08, 2019

I've got tickets from Little Rock to Dallas, departure on the 31 of July and returning on the 7 of August 2019. First the ticket was for 30 of July but the Amtrak train was so late (5 hours) that I had to change the day to the 31st. No one could explain why the delay. On the return home...

Amtrak / customer service

Aug 06, 2019

I have an upcoming trip on Amtrak..Saratoga Springs, NY I called to ask questions since this is my first trip with you...The woman never gave a name, was very short with me and I was inquiring about parking and she got frustrated and said..I have customers at the window, do you need...

Amtrak / compensation: inconvenience caused by train 393: chicago (union station), il - carbondale (amtrak), il

Aug 01, 2019

Dear Amtrak Team, I am Carlos, one of the passengers from the last Sunday evening train heading from Chicago to Carbondale (Train 393: CHICAGO (UNION STATION), IL - CARBONDALE (AMTRAK), IL) Reservation Number - C95A4E Purchase Summary - Ticket Number [protected] I am writing because, so far, I...

Amtrak / long delays on travel

Jul 23, 2019

7/16/19 thru 7/18/19 ST. Louis to Chicago on Texas Eagle Trains 22 and 21 Reservation # 8CCA30 over 4 hours delay on 7/16/19... had to rush to get to hotel then to theater to see Blue Man Group... no time to feed kids. We had planned on sight seeing that afternoon since we were only on a 3...

Amtrak / we did not receive good customer service and the amount refunded should be more than offered.

Jul 15, 2019

Dear Amtrak my husband and I took a trip from Detroit to Chicago to new Orleans sleeping room. the train was late from the very beginning although the city of new Orleans did leave on time. We were on the second seating for dinner which was after 9pm the server said they were out of food...

Amtrak / injury by fall

Jul 11, 2019

I slipped and fell, and hit my head yesterday at Union station in Chicago. I was brought to North Western Hospital by ambulance. I took CT scan of head, x-Ray on my wrist, and EKG, and blood test. I am absent work today due to this injury, so as yesterday. I would like to claim medical...

Amtrak / ran out of food on train

Jul 05, 2019

Wow this is messed up I have 2ypung kids and me and my daughter and they tell me oh we ran out of food how do u run out of food they need to prep for this and only expensive food so now what we can eat breakfast lunch dinner and tomorrow also come on and also they rude about it also then...

Amtrak / giving incorrect information, or either don't care about customer service

Jun 25, 2019

My name is :Donna Audain I made a reservation for the auto train from Sanford Fl. to Va res.#A6DAC4, at the time I made the reservation for two (2) adults and 1 SUV I was given a price of $536.00 which I paid they ask about the vehicle which I gave the year and make also the vin number yet...

Amtrak / schedule

Jun 13, 2019

June 13, 2019: Train 242 from Poughkeepsie, NY, left the station EARLY. It was announced at 4pm, even though it didn't arrive until 4:13pm. There was no further announcement, and it left BEFORE 4:15pm, according to me and several bystanders. I was offered a refund of $40 because my...

Amtrak / amtrak vacations guest services

Jun 05, 2019

I booked a trip in July 2018 for a trip in July 2019. Everytime I called when I saw a problem (over 5 times) I was told not to worry about it. I complained many times about my return date. I was told not to worry. It seems that is all I hear from them. First they change my hotel without...

Amtrak / no seats available

Jun 04, 2019

Reservation #52A5D4 660 Keystone Departure: Philadelphia (30th Street Station), Pennsylvania (Phl) Saturday June 01, 2019 9:23AM Arrival: New York (Penn Station), New York (Nyp) Saturday June 01, 2019 10:49AM Accommodation: 4 Reserved Coach Seats On Saturday, June 1, I had 4 reserved seat...

Amtrak / field trip

May 06, 2019

I recently took a field trip with my daughter first grade class. We rode amtrack from Corcoran ca - Sacramento ca. The train ride home was a complete frustration & disaster. There were 4 1st grade classes participating for this trip. 200 seats were purchased for the children & their...

Amtrak / amtrak train

May 04, 2019

I recently took a field trip with my sons 1st grade class. We rode amtrack from Corcoran ca - Sacramento ca. The train ride home was a complete frustration & disaster. There were 4 1st grade classes participating for this trip. 200 seats were purchased for the children & their parents. Our...

Amtrak / customer service/ safety of passengers

May 04, 2019

School field trip to Old sacramento 4/3/19 with 100 1st grade students and 100 parents = 200 passengers. Going to Sacramento from corcoran was fine but coming back was horrible. Safety for the kids were questioned. The safety of our kids are priority of our teacher and parents. When we...

Amtrak / customer service

May 03, 2019

Our school reserved 200 seats as a group for a field trip with 1 st grade children. Seats were reserved and paid for in September. Amtrak failed to reserve enough seats for us both ways. Part of our group had to sit in cafe cart with general public when our children are supposed to be...

Amtrak / train ride

May 03, 2019

We took our 100 1st graders o a trip to Sacramento on Amtrak today. The ride there was ok. But the ride home was absolutely unacceptable. We paid for our 200 seats in Sept of this year. Today they did not have enough seats for our 1st graders to sit with their parent. The female conductor...

Amtrak / specific bus journey

Apr 29, 2019

AmtrakOn Sat 27th April at 12.25AM, My husband (73yrs.) and I (64yrs.) took your bus from San luis Obispo to San Jose CA. I would like to register a complaint about this journey. After struggling to find two seats together, we crammed into our seats. After 10 minutes, we began feeling hot ...

Amtrak / sleeper train service

Apr 26, 2019

I have been a member of Amtrak Guest Rewards for a number of years. My wife and I recently took the Lakeshore Limited and City of New Orleans from Syracuse, NY to Chicago, IL to New Orleans. The first leg of our trip was uneventful. 4/13/2019 on Train 49. I woke early enough to stretch my...

Amtrak / rude employee

Apr 24, 2019

We were in california zephyr 5 returning from Reno. A cafe employee, name-D. Bennet who was in charge of the cafe was rude and was also hardly working. He took 30 minute break then worked for few minutes asked us to leave the cafe as soon as we finished eating though there was nobody else...

Amtrak / train arriving late.. last minute track change and leaving us standing by the train when it left..

Apr 23, 2019

Amtrak leaving Penn Station in NYC, NY late and then arriving late in Pok, NY on wrong track after last minute announcement and then making senior citizens walk three cars to the only open car... and then with the conductor in the door, pulled away.. Couldn't have been in the station...

Amtrak / late train, bad customer service

Apr 20, 2019

train from Orlando the worst, bad customer service, dirty bathrooms late train no assigned seating, fend for you and your family to get seat. Passengers in coach traveling the furthest were not seated closest to cafe car, which is supposed to happen. Missed connecting tran in New York to Boston because of late train. ran out of food very early in tirp.

Amtrak / group reservations pricing for two separate reservations.

Apr 15, 2019

Oklahoma Retired Citizens Travel Club booked a reservation, 2CE89B, for 68 passengers and paid for this trip on March 21, 2019 at a rate of $55.80. We are booking another 15 passengers, reservation 78691F, for the same date and the rate went to $66.60. The representative said I cannot add...

Amtrak / unethical behaviour

Jan 19, 2019

On December 31, 2018, my sister and I (we both are senior citizens) took the noon train from Las Vegas, NM to Albuquerque, NM. We were treated rudely by a female employee. Unfortunately, I did not get her name. She was in charge of assigning seats and checking tickets. As soon as we...

Amtrak / overbooked unsafe train

Dec 09, 2018

AmtrakWe are currently on train 665 to Harrisburg on Sunday 9 December 2018. Every single car is full and packed with additional people standing and sitting in the aisle way. It's 100 degrees in the car and no one has even checked our tickets for already going on an hour. This is a safety hazard...

Amtrak / ticket purchasing

Dec 08, 2018

I purchased a ticket by phone, unfortunately the return ticket date was wrong, when I called back in half an hour to correct the date they charged me $92 for adjustment, which is unfair and is taking advantage of the passengers since other option was to cancel which was no refund. My reservation...

Amtrak / reservation #006134, train 505 pdx to slm

Dec 02, 2018

On 11/30/2018 the Amtrak train 505 departed PDX at 6:05 pm as scheduled. It proceeded to the only scheduled stop at Oregon City, where we encountered a broken down Amtrak 508 going the opposite direction. We then spent the next 1.5 hours sitting and going nowhere. It took another 2 hour...