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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved never ever take greyhound bus

I had decided to stay longer to visit family right outside of Baltimore and missed the last train going to NYC so I headed to the Baltimore station downtown. It was the evening so I expected a wait and July 3rd; but what I did not expect was the bullying, disorganization, and harassment that would soon follow me on my ride home. Due to the breakdown of the computer system customers were told online waiting to purchase a ticket that the line was moving slow because tickets had to be written out. I was fine with that since as I stated before I had originally thought to go to a major train company. So as I waited I was told after an hour of being on line with about tweleve people in front of me since I had been on the line that there would be two buses going to New York City. Well that made sense, since again it was a holiday weekend but what didnt make sense that after I purchased my ticket for the bus that would come after the bus I had missed waiting on-line that the second bus I was to get a ticket for I was told after being promised a seat, I may not get one. Well I asked the ticket holder about that since he had just said otherwise and told him so and that what he had said had not made sense to me, he threw up his arms exasperated looking frustrated, even that did not mke me angry what started the downward spiral for me was when I went over to a very disgruntled employee who had been sarcastically remarked for her pleasntness by someone else earlier waiting on line. This employee was standing over to two lines, when I went over to her to ask about what I had been told to by the agent I purchsed the ticket from. At first she blew me off when I then had to ask again with more seriousness about the fate of my trip home. Seizing me up and down she then took one long fingernail in my face and waved it looking at me stating where I needed to stand to try to get a ride home that night after purchasing my ticket. Now this individual was somewhat older than me in her late forties to early fifties I would gather but in my thirty something years I had never had someone in annoyance with a smirk direct me where I may or may not wait for a service I had already purchased for. I looked at her finger as she moved it away from me. As the bus driver who would be riding this 10:20 p.m. bus pulled into the gate the older gentlemen who was unsure about the relevancy of my ticket told me I had a seat afterall. As I hurried to the 10:20 bus that would arrive in Philly where I would then have to transfer for a bus going home, I saw the same woman I had just asked for clarification on my ticket stand over with a bunch it appeared other Greyhound workers near the bus I was about to travel on. Hurrying for the seat a young man near the bus speaking to them who I assumed handled the baggage as we stepped on the bus I gave my suitcase to he smiled looking at the group of ladies and told me: " I don't work for Greyhound." I apologized and then looked for the person who did as the same female worker now standing next to her co-workers heckled and said: " Hee! She can't tell the difference between who works for Greyhound and who doesn't?!" Then turning back with laughter to those she was conversing with. I had had it, I walked over and said: "It makes you feel good to be condescending to people doesn't it?" She looked at me blank faced and anwered no: "I wasn't being conscending to anyone." I answered: " Yes you were and that was unprofessional." I then turned around again and then gave the man who turned up was working for greyhound my luggage and went to find a seat on the bus, not knowing things would find a way to get worse.

I found an aisle seat not to far away about three rows from the driver when about five minutes later we departed from the terminal after I looked out the window he exchanged words and smiles with the same woman I had confronted. It took about ten minutes later for the driver to introduce himself to all of us now on the bus as we already began to embark on a highway when in the midst of his rules and regulations he adds on: " There are some people on this bus that have an attitude way before they got on this bus, before we go any further if you give me any mouth, you can get off this bus right now and walk the rest of the way, no problem for me. If you have an attiude that's a problem deep inside of you, you've got issues. (Smirking) You're not speaking to me any kind of way so I suggest you shut your lips if you have any issues and enjoy the rest of the ride. I don't want to hear any lip, you get out of line you get off my bus. Some of you I hear have some major problems and you need to deal with that, there's something deeply wrong inside of you." Well coincidence? A half an hour later this individual driving the bus who has on board another coworker- a woman accompanying him are talking, he is loud and he is talking about everything from traveling to making up codes numbers when the sytem has broken down on him in the past with Greyhound to being suspended on the job. I'm listening flabbergasted, the woman co-worker who had originally been laughing withj him at his first annoucement is now being a bit more reserved he then goes on to talking about being single and then adds raising his voice: "But I'm done, cuz' some of these woman don't know how to act!" Looking up in the rearview mirror not at me but in my direction. I never said a word even though I grew more and more apalled because my first priority was to get home not this person getting a rise out of me however I knew that I would have to report this when thirty minutes later after that as we are approaching Philadelphia, out of no where the driver continues to drive home: "Yeah well its a full bus but it seems like some people didn't even want to make it here! Some seemed to want to stay in Baltimore!" To which his coworker replied: "Well Philly does have a high crime rate."

Once I arrived to Philly I said nothing to the bus driver who I believe is driving under Greyhound insane, and Greyhound is allowing someone of this nature this job at hand. It is one thing to disagree or state your case but the randomness of my incident with these employees working at Greyhound as much as I travel, make it hard to believe they will get any more bussiness out of me again. Although once I arrived in Philadelphia to get on the next bus, that bus ride was indeed smoother the craziness of the Baltimore station leaved little for me to say good about a bus company that would allow such people to represent under them. Which much regret that was and will be my last memory of ever taking Grey Hound Bus again. You've been forewarned...

  • Cu
    curious0304 Mar 14, 2011

    For your e-ticket did you try and print the ticket at home prior to going to the ticketing agent? An e-ticket is a print at home ticket and the agency is not given access to those ticket which means they do not have any ability to print the ticket. When you requested a refund, did you print out the ticket at a home printer prior to sending it to the coorperate office for your refund?

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Resolved it is better to walk than take greyhound

I would say, it is better to walk than take greyhound. The bus could be good if greyhound had some competion! If you can afford any other form of transportation, then by all means, do! Whenever I ask : Why haven't taken the bus sooner, it has been years in between when i have taken the bus. After doing so, I remember all of the crap I had to put up with with greyhound.I have used greyhound many times going across the country, just because I was poor.I have endured lost luggage, smelly bathrooms, ridiculous drivers, screaming kids, missed connections for all sorts of reasons, rude people, rough handeling of baggage. Don't think I covered it all. I hate how the bus driver is judge, jury and executioner. If you get put off the bus for some reason, which are many, you get put off and then they radio the cops and you get arrested because these surley, unhelpful drivers are mostly jerks, who have a different aganda other than their job of getting you there. You will get there, if the bus doesn't crash, or you get put off.It's tragic, if you read the rules of greyhound, things that go routinely wrong, Greyhound absolves themselves of it, by stating it on the ticket. They are not responsible for delays, missed connections, busses breaking down etc. I have had the people who unload the busses say"Idon't care, this isn't my first job, " meaning they have a second job which is more important that the one their doing. These bus terminals are located in the worst parts of town! Ever been to the station in Atlanta? I gave a bum a cigarette and then this overzealous, jerk of a cop comes up to me and asks if I'm just hanging out, or am I riding the bus. I said here is my ticket, he looks at it. I said if I was riding the bus, then I would be on the bus and hopefully leaving this place! I was thinking that this jerk was going to arreast me for being a jerk, first and then for me being smarter than him!I hate greyhound! I wwould wrather walk and be sodomized by a bunch of hillbillies than take Greyhound ever. I can go on all that is wrong with that establishment, but I'm tired.

Resolved terrible customer service

My sister and my daughter traveled using your company in February 2009 and again in April 2009. In February, my sister who paid for two seats was unable to find adjoining seats on one of your buses, coming back to New York from North Carolina. There were customers who were traveling alone and refused to offer the seats to my sister and my two year old daughter. The driver said, "nothing". My sister was then told, "That they would have to sit in separate seats. How would anyone want to allow a two year old to sit with a complete stranger and expect for the ride to be an enjoyable one. My sister had no other choice, but to hold my daughter in her lap from North Carolina to Maryland. I felt that my sister should have been entitled to a refund on my daughter's ticket. Secondly, the buses were way behind in their schedules. My sister and daughter waited eight more hours at a Fayetteville, N.C.terminal awaiting for a bus that was heading to New York. She had to get a number ticket in order to get on the bus. My question is why would she need to have a number ticket, when tickets were already purchased? My sister and daughter was suppose to reach Port Authority at 1pm but instead, did not reach until 7:20 pm. No explanation was even given to passengers. Third, My sister purchased two full priced adult and child tickets in April 2009. Once again, buses were late for arrival and did not have adjoining seats. My sister, daughter and I arrived at Port Authority two hours before departure. Staff was very uninformative about bus gates, bus times and bus scheduling. Staff needs more training when dealing with the public. As we all understand that we are customers who are paying for services that are not being rendered. My sister and daughter arrived at Raleigh, N.C. and because of the late arrival of the bus, missed the connecting bus that would've have taken them to their destination in Lumberton, N.C. Staff was unfriendly and discourteous with paid ticket(s) passengers. My sister was told by an employee that she missed her bus and to stand on line again to get on another bus. The wait would be another hour and a half. I*t, s just a shame how your bus company operates and with all the inconvenience, should really consider going out of business, due to its hassles to paying passengers. Someone really needs to look in to this problem. I will be accompany my sister, daughter and son in July 2009 and don't know if we will be using your company's services. Perhaps taking the plane or train will best suit our needs. Very dissatisfied

  • Ne
    NEVER RIDE GAYHOUND!! Sep 09, 2010


    They charged me twice for a ticket they never gave me. so, I ended up paying $250 for a nightmare experience from New Mexico to Colorado. I had a huge fight in Albuquerque with the customer service representatives. They wouldn't let me board the bus without paying again. IDIOTS! I demanded to speak to their supervisors, and I asked for everyone's name. I called the corporate headquarters and the customer service department, and they were rude and belligerent! I fought my way onto the bus, and I was squeezed in the back of a Mexican bus, near a man with a dirty-diapered baby. The whole bus smelled like diarrhea, and it made me want to puke. The bathroom was nasty, too! Some [censor] bought a dog on the bus, and it kept crapping on the floor. Eventually, the bus driver had to pull over the bus on the freeway, and the [censor]ic owner had to get off on the side of a busy highway, and walk their damn dog. What an a**hole! What kind of dumba** brings a dog on a 500-mile journey?! OMG! WTF? INSANE!!!

    I am still trying to get a refund for my ticket. But after reading the other reviews of this pathetic Gayhound, I think I'm just going to write it off as a lost cause. I may mail a copy of my ticket receipt and explanation to the corporate office, and visit my local office in Cali. But I doubt they will actually help me. Everytime I call the customer service line, they keep me on hold until the business hours are over/closed. What a great way to treat customers...NOT!


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Resolved lost luggage, treated badly, left stranded and lied to

besides the two day cancelation, the being treated like ### and yelled at by greyhound employies, the lost my...

Resolved awful experience

As I was buying my ticket at the counter an employee told me I should put some perfume on because he said I smelt like marijuana. The bus terminal was full of people and I was embarrassed by his remark because it had to have been someone else next to me. The employee said "I smoke too and I know what it is, and I always put some perfume on after, I'm just saying I work for a federal transportation company and could have you searched, I'm just warning you." I kindly gestured to him to keep his voice down, he was embarrassing me. He proceeded to suspect me, spoke louder and told me he could have me searched, call the border patrol and have dogs come and 'sniff me out' and that I should be thankful he was giving me a warning. I was terrified and mortified, I was so embarrassed and angry I left to come home and write this. I’m going back to catch a 1:45pm.

This is not the first incident with this particular employee. For three years, I've been taking the Greyhound (Vermont Transit) bus from Burlington to Boston once every month or so to see friends and family. The last incident I recall is when he got into a verbal argument with a passenger that was around his age and the employee was constantly pointing his finger at him. He then practically threw luggage underneath the bus. After everyone boarded the bus the employee came back on the bus, told the guy to never argue with him again, he said "I work here and I can kick people off if I wanted to". The guy apologized and the employee stared this passenger down being really inappropriate about it.

I have seen this employee embarrass people financially as well at the counter. He sticks his hands in people’s faces, he doesn’t wear a uniform in fact he wears big flashy earring and chains around his neck with a company vest over his pimped out sweatshirts. He obviously smokes marijuana (he told me so) and he acts like a fed. I personally think he acts like a pompous thug; he has no manners and is never friendly.

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Resolved always late

I paid for a ticket from phoenix az to mcminnville oregon, the bus was about 5-10 mins late starting from los angeles to sacremento, so i had to take another bus, they said would be straight to mcminnville but when we got to salem oregon, i was informed that there was not a bus going to mcminnville until 5pm the next day, i was traveling because my mother just passed away and sitting at a grayhound station for hours, was not what i paid for my uncle drove a couple of hours to pick my up, they refused to reimburse me the money i paid to go to mcminnville.

  • Ma
    Marcus Lawson Apr 13, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Greyhound is always late. I have been waiting for over an hour to go to Boston, MA. I was supposed to leave at 12:10pm. It is 1:15pm. The bus still has not arrived. Cheap fares with a low number of buses in your asset stock spells disaster. Buy more buses greyhound.

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Resolved get you # in gear!

Hey, Greyhound:

Please, please, please give a ### about your customers. The last time I took the bus, you lost my luggage for the nth time (and by nth, i do mean nth), and it seems that, for every time you lose my luggage, your level of courtesy goes down by 50%. The last time I went down to the Coast, I reported a missing bag, and this little twerp who looked-- and spoke-- just like Chip Coffey treated me as though it was my fault my bag was missing, and that i would be on my own for dealing with the "inconvenience" that subsequently occurred. I know i am not alone with this, because every time I have ended up trying to find my luggage, there have been a couple of other disgruntled riders, and all seem to have been treated with the same amount of disrespect and apathy that i had been. With the few exceptions of a few wonderful and helpful diamonds, the rest of the greyhound staff members that i have dealt with were completely disrespectful. As a student, I feel that it is unconscionable to waste a what could be a sizable amount of my tuition to be treated like a waste of time, a waste of space, or a waste of breath.

What we--and grehound-- need in B.C. is a competitor bus line to prevent Greyhound from getting to cocky, sitting back on their bloated laurels, and watching us spend money on the only option there is. If i were ever to come into money, I would start my own bus line. It would be called "Awesome & Efficient Transport", and we would do the best we could to be everything that Greyhound is not.

  • Ak
    aka_mommy_2009 Jan 02, 2010

    I have riden on the Greyhound bus many times due to the fact that it is the cheapest fare that I can ever hope to get if booked in advance. Unfortunately, everything else is just so darn expensive! Due to many trips, I have plenty horror stories that can still haunt me today! (The longest I had to spend on this bus was 5 days due to a wonderful blizzard in Fargo, ND, which holed all of us riders up in a cramped little bus station for 24 hours.)
    One of the worst experiences I have ever had on this bus line was in 2007. Greyhound is in no way customer friendly or even family friendly. I had to travel from MI to TN, which for me should of been a very easy ride considering the longer trips I have been on in the past. I had my 3 year old son in tow, along with a couple of carry-ons and tubs. This certain trip I had picked especially because it was the shortest route. Turned out to be the longest I have ever been on. Turns out they had ended up booking way too many passengers, so they had to rent out a charter bus to go same route. Every stop we came to, I had to unload ALL of my luggage myself, drag it to a certain line, only to get back on the same bus. Then they would change me to the other bus at the next stop, tugging all of my luggage and my poor little boy who just wanted to play. When a scheduled stop indicated about an hour layover, I thought I was able to finally relax for a little bit off the bus and get my son and I something to eat. However, the terminal informed us that we were running late, so that hour turned into a 15 minute dash to get back in another line (again with ALL luggage) just to get back on the same bus!!! I was so frazzled as any mother would be, and tired from the constant hopping around, never really knowing if I am actually getting back on the correct bus. Not one of the employees ever bothered to ask me if I needed assistance. They just didn't care. One thing that would of really benefited me was for these buslines to have a cart for customers who have small children, or customers with disabilities to use. Or even offer, seeing a mother struggle, "May I help you?" Fortunately there were some other riders on that bus who knew what I was going through and really helped me as much as they could. The constant transferring and non-transferring really was terrible.
    Greyhound really should have some competition. Their lack of customer relations and common courtesy is very disappointing. They have created such a monopoly regarding over-the-road travel, so they just completely stopped caring. They just get the money, get you on the bus, overbook, and expect you to just fend for yourself with no offer to assist. Wonder how much their employees get paid; either too much or not enough with as much business they do and rudeness they display.

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Resolved sexual harassment

My former wife was forced to take a Greyhound bus in Alburquerque to El Paso, TX. on 27 December 2009 at 6:00 pm. It turned to be one of the most horrible experiences she ever had. The previous bus was completely full and the company had to call for another bus and driver, but it looks like the rest of the passengers left before departure and my former wife was the only one to ride with the driver. This man, which he is a Mexican origin, residing in Los Angeles and about 60 years old, responds to the name of Juan, and he spent the whole trip harrassing her with his sexual comments and indecent propositions. My ex was scared to death and she tried to remain calm and awake, she was terrified by the though of falling asleep and wake up with this freaking coward on top of her trying to rape her, or being left in the middle of the road or killed.

She mentioned the driver was so direct, disrespectful and pushy that she couldn't find more words to say NO to this motherf..., who had to be thinking that everyone riding in this bus has to be low life, poor or with no rights to be treated with respect.

He can consider himself lucky that I was out of the state at that moment, othewise his days of manhood would be over. She's planning to submit a formal complaint with the possibility to sue the company.

  • Fe
    Fed_Up_Greyhound_Driver Mar 02, 2010


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Resolved terrible company

I just took a Greyhound bus trip being the first and last.

.The trip was approx. 14 hours long .

While the outside temperature was minus -30c, and that is extremley cold.

There was NO HEAT on the bus for the whole 14 hr trip.

The bus was blowing cold air from the vents.

The trip cost more than a plane fare $130.00

I complained to the head office and they were not fazed and offered a measly small credit voucher for another bus..

Terrible, terrible.

Greyhound is terrible and should be investigated by consumer groups.

They are fast to take your money and slow to return any of it.

Resolved poor experience

The name or names of the online board or boards, survey participants, and members who completed the survey is strictly confidential and will not be shared without the expressed written consent of the board/boards and the participants/members.

I have written Greyhound Lines, Inc. P.O. Box 660362, Dallas Texas 75266 several customer complaint letters, in my letters I have explained that my seat on the bus was broken when I rode from Dallas, TX to El Paso, TX and my luggage was lost for 4 days. When I did receive my luggage my new pair of Nike Shox athletic shoes was missing. I have emailed, called and attempted to call several times repeatedly waiting on hold for over 30 minutes and have not been able to speak with a customer service representative.

Despite completing all the forms they required, I have not received a refund and my Nike Shox athletic shoes have never been returned. I was told I would need to give them my original claim ticket; unfortunately I can't because their staff at the terminal kept it and did not make a copy of it.

There customer service is horrible, and there responses and letters have been disappointing, looks like you pay a big price when you travel on the cheap.

Resolved poor, poor, staff in chicago, il

Greyhound has went down the drain, but it's not "Greyhound" it's the "people" they have running...

Resolved credit card fraud

Was travelling through America I only used my credit card to purchase a Greyhound ticket in Lexington...

Resolved theft of credit card money

On 10/03/09, I tried to buy a ticket online. Since I am disabled, I thought this might be easier than finding a ride 30+ miles to the station. I am a disabled rider and have used Greyhound MANY times with no problem. This time I filled in the boxes on their site. As I reached the end, I was then informed, that because a friend used his Master card (I have none to use) that there would be a $18.00 ' gift' charge, . I decided not to use his card. When I tried to cancel the transaction, I was told on screen, that they had already SOLD the ticket to me, and I was now scheduled for a one-way ticket to my destination. No Refunds. I tried to call them within a minute or two, and their customer service said my "Ticket" was non-refundable, and refused to help me. I have now tried to fix this on 5 separate calls, and I still have no 'confirmation number". Now they won't even talk to me. The worst part of this is, I could give my friend his $18.00 back, but I am stuck with a one-way ticket when I was trying to buy one for a round trip! I can use the ticket to go, but I can not come home. $200.00 is a big chunk of my monthly disability check and I get nothing for it. DO NOT USE THEIR WEB SITE TO PURCHASE TICKETS!!! ( BY the way, I have paid my friend back. I am honest, as Greyhound isn't!!!)

Resolved bad traveling

my refrence #1523008. my baggage was lost but then . one of your employees got n my bag opened a card that had 100 n it 4 her birthday. also my medication was n that bag and by the time i got it back it was no good. My sister had to pay cash 4 my medication when i got to florida.the medication was worth 200.00. It was the worst trip with you all.I havr traveld alot with greyhound n the past I think im owed at least round trip tickets to florida or somthing. I will prasue this mater. Please email me at [protected]@yahoo.com

Resolved worst company on earth

I was traveling with my family (Husband and 5 year old child) today from michigan (8-15-09) when I came to chicago.in chicago I asked to make sure (As I was promised would not be a issue when I purchased the tickets) that I would be able to sit by my 5 year old child. However 4 different greyhound employees told me no I would not be able to accompany my 5 year old child along the 6 hour trip by his side at 1 am in the morning to st louis. They had no compassion or understanding of my need to be with my 5 year old and to be beside him on to take care of him on this trip. They quoted saying its first come first serve for the seats. That they would not be able to provide my child who is 5 a seat next to me or my husband. They said I would have to sit him by a stranger... Please keep in mind this bus travel 6 hours without any light whatsoever except one short stop. My child would have been sitted by a stranger where I would not have had any visibility or been able to observe him. Had I not become hysterical and finally after 20 minutes almost of me crying and screaming saying I will not put my 5 year old child on the bus with a stranger in the dark night without even bus lights for 6 hours and I also begged for management which never came they finally made us a seat together. However this seat was right behind a man watching *. I had been under the impression that greyhound was a family site... But they tried to separate me from my baby and tried to force me to neglect his safety and allowed us to be exposed *... He is five years old... And when I complained about it all they said was go get a complaint form. When I tried they said they were out of complaint forms. Please alert other families who are concerned about there children's well being, that they very well may be separated completely from there young children, and there children and themselves can very easily be exposed to *, by alerting people to my experiences, so they can protect themselves, and there children from such traumatic happenings, by making this public. You may use my name and any other info you need.

  • Sc
    s_cheyanna Oct 16, 2010

    I was traveling from Seattle WA, to Holbrook AZ, and they sent me on a route that should have only taken about 20 hours to be at my destination, but decided to take me through 8 states and on a 60 hour bus ride. When I got to Denver CO, I changed buses and in the middle of the night, I was sleeping and the bus filled with this very unbearable smell. At first, I thought someone was amoking crack in the bathroom, but it turned out to be a GAS LEAK on the bus!!! MInd you that I am 9 weeks pregnant. The bus driver stopped on the side of the road, and checked out the smell for a minute, and got back in the frivers seat, and drove off. Finally, after I started getting a headache, nausia, and feeling very sleepy, I went to the driver and asked him to pull over, because I was pregnant and wanted to pass out. He then informed me that we were ONLY 1 hour form Albuquerque, and if we stop, we will have to wait 2 more hours for another bus!!! I made him stop anyways, and I got off to get a drink of water and some needed air, and I got back on, and he kept driving all the way to Albuquerque!! When we arrived, I was faint, made a complaint, and all they said was theres nothing they can do, and I needed to "make a complaint." Next think I know, the agent was talking to the driver about the gas leak, and the driver loaded his passengers on the SAME BUS and took off!!! I was furious that they did nothing about this. Same trip...I was scheduled to leave NM at 7:30 am, and I had been there since 2am that morning, I was the first one in line to board the bus, had my ticket, and when we were ready to board, all the reboarders got on, and all of a sudden, the bus was FULL!!! They had over booked the bus!!! So, 10 of of got bumped, and left in NM for the next bus 18 HOURS away, and that wasnt even a guarantee that we were gonna get to get on that bus!!! They are doing too much over booking, and they wont even give refunds!!! I will nerver ride GREYHOUND again!!!

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Resolved disturbing conditions of buses and stations

On July 27, 2009 I embarked on a Greyhound bus ride from San Jose, CA to Chicago, IL. I've been traveling on Greyhound since I was a teenager and I have always enjoyed this method of transportation. However, I enjoyed little on this particular (and last) trip via 'the hound.'

While the drivers were as friendly and professional usual (and now have snappy new uniforms), the buses were in poor condition -- posted instructions WRITTEN IN MARKER INK, gum and old food stuck in between the windows and seats, bus bathrooms without sinks and often without tissue. Also, the commodes are large enough for a toddler to fall into! The bus stations were unbelievable. Something that you might find in a fourth world country: filthy floors, garbage stewn about, bathrooms strewn with feces and paper towels and unknown liquids on the unwashed floors. Again, sometimes no toilet paper at all. JUST AWFUL. And, I felt, DANGEROUS. I can easily imagine an outbreak of swine flu starting in almost any Greyhound station. That's a strong statement, but until Greyhound gets its act together, I would advise people to take a plane or train.

Resolved abuse of my child pornography and abandonment

I was traveling with my family ( husband and 5 year old child) today from Michigan (8-15-09) when i came to...

Resolved my trip from hell

I was appalled at service from all who worked for them.They were ignorant and rude.I was shoved, cussed at, spit on and that was before i left ny, to florida.I left upstate n.y. at 4 p.m. on friday, at 9 p.m. nothing open in port authority, with a 6 hour layover.Now we have 3 buses of people trying to get on one, that was almost the first riot.Since when do you put your own bags on and off the bus?I helped a young women with two babies, two carseats, two bags, because nobody from greyhound would help her.I am a 55 yo disabled female who helped all the way to fayetteville n.c.Thats where the second riot took place because the driver got lost and missed
raleigh n.c.have 2 c if i can continue my story.lol

  • Ti
    ticket agent ocala fl Oct 14, 2009

    greyhounds policy is that the PASSENGER is fully responsible for their own luggage. How difficult is the concept of taking care of your own stuff to understand? it is fully described on the back of all greyhound baggage checks, and the inside flap of the ticket envelope for all consumers to read. lol

    Since when? since 2001.

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Resolved extremely poor customer service

I had attempted to purchase a ticket online, which would cost around $14.00, but Greyhound's server wa...

Resolved facilities suck

I have used your facilities in Chicago, Wisconsin, Atlanta and Memphis and they all suck. I rode from Atlanta to Memphis and the stop we made in Tupelo, Ms was shameful. At everystop someone's bag was lost, when we reached Memphis my cousin was told her bag was lost but when we returned to Atlanta it turned out her bag was never put on the bus. When we left Memphis we arrived at the station at about 8:15 p.m., the ticket line was outside the door but the agent had went to lunch and would not be back until 9:00 but the bus that some of the passengers were taking was leaving at 9:15, there was no other agent and customer service desk was closed. Luckly we had purchased our tickets online. Every time I have traveled from Chicago to Wisconsin the bus has always been at least an hour late leaving. My last trip took 6 hours to go from Chicago to Madison Wisconsin. Greyhound is my very last choice to travel by bus.

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    oneway Oct 07, 2009

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    ftwnu Dec 28, 2011

    my son is on his way to Minn. from Pa. to visit friends, he stopped at Chicago greyhound bus station was robbed inside the station with police their. he goes and tells them, instead of going after the 2 black men the cop searches him .the crap is he has to come back that way.now we'll see how greyhound handles this.at this point none of my family will ride with them again.

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