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Complaints & Reviews

greyhound overcharges on credit card purchases made on-line.

I used my wife's credit card to purchase a return ticket through Greyhound Bus lines. According to the...

aggressive driving/ speeding

September 13, 2008. Hwy #3 east of Osoyoos 35-40kms.
West bound Bus "LOCAL" 1276.

On the above mentioned evening at/around 4:45-5 pm I was travelling in my vehicle to Osoyoos at the speed limit of 100 kms /hr., approaching a double lane . The Grey hound Bus # 1276 Local west bound ;all of a sudden came speeding up behind me, at least 20- 25kms faster, and attemted to pass me with on-coming vehicles.As we were coming to a hill he lost power and had to pull back. I felt he was being extremely dangerous : speeding, Attempting to pass out of nowhere from behind, Aggressively honking his horn, and then persisting to tailgate me, only 1 car length apart, for 35 kms to Osoyoos.I attempted to take fotos out of my window to show how close he was and could see him laughing and waving to me. I am appalled w/ his agressive and unsafe speeding, tailgating: pushing me to 115- 120 kms. /hr for 35kms( 1 car length apart). til I could find a safe place to pull over.Please ensure me this driver will be reprimanded for such irresponsible behavior. Thank-you, Eric.

If I do not hear anything back in 7 days I will report to the headquarters and RCMP.

late, rude, idle and obnoxiuos service

I booked from the Greyhound website an end-of-summer trip from Toronto, On, to Niagara Falls for me, my teenage sons and my mother. For starters, our names were truncated and there were some codes (no explanation) on the ticket. No one to date returned my email inquiry about those codes. We were at the station one hour before trip time, as instructed at booking time. We had to line up amid turning buses (such an ugly and dangerous facility at Toronto's Bay street terminal!). When the 12:15 pm bus (Texas plate number) finally arrived, the driver and his helper kept the engine idling under everyone's nose for more than 30 minutes, while they were sorting passengers according to destinations, shouting instructions over the engine noise and trying to figure out what to do with us passengers for Niagara. My son has respiratory problems and wanted us to forfeit the whole thing, and my elderly mother was tired of standing in line. When I asked the driver why he was idling (the City of Toronto has an anti-idling bylaw), all he had to tell me was "JUST GO!". The bus left (30 min late) without informing Niagara-bound folks left behind of what's planned for them. I went back to the Info wicket, they paged a Greyhound customer rep, who came rushing somewhere esle and muttered something without even stopping. Eventually another bus was pulled for Niagara and the trip continued without further aggravation. This seems to be business as usual for Greyhound and the Bay terminal. Needless to say, complaining to Grayhound is just a waste of time. They don't care and they will not fix their inefficient and unfriendly processes. Piece of advice: take Viarail instead (which we did on our way back) - pleasant trip, right on time, you are treated with courtesy and respect, and you pay the same money.

no response

I was riding on your bus from Penn Station, Newark NJ to Buffalo. There was a bit of a misunderstanding with the person who I was communicating the itinerary with, as such believed I had to catch a connecting Bus in Port Authority, Manhattan, NY, which I'm still not sure if that is the case.

Needless to say, I did not make the connection.

To make a long story short: I had with me a sports bag with some very important items; my clothes, my ID, my wallet, and over 2000 cash.

The bus schedule was for 9:40pm departure from Penn Station, on August 28'th. I felt for security reasons, I would empty my pockets and place them into my bag, which I never anticipated to be disconnected from. A move I sorely regret.

On Aug 29'th I received a voice message on my phone from Buffalo, Greyhound PackageXpress stating they had my bag. The number that was given was [protected].

Since then, I've been trying desperately to get a hold of someone via numerous attempts per day at that number, and across your entire spectrum of available contact points, including email, general info and customer support, web support forms, all without luck in terms of progressing any closer to resolution.

I can understand there may be delays due to the recent weather conditions (both local and national) and also the Labor Day holiday, and I'm certain your men and women are doing a fantastic job. I've never had a problem with your service line, and am a big fan of Greyhound.

I am however, in a desperate situation as I need my bag urgently. I was recently made a job offer in Chicago, and was going to have family members in Buffalo drive me to Chicago to help me find an apartment and help with transportation until I figured my way around.

That had to be cancelled due to this difficult circumstance.

I start my job in Chicago in Sept. 8, and plan to be there by the 6'th or 7'th.

I appeal to your kindness, generosity, and general concern for your loyal customers, and implore your assistance to expedite the resolution of this matter, the timing of which for me personally is of utmost importance. It is now nearly a week, without any word.

My bags description: florescent greenish/blue sports bag, 3 feet long by 2 feet wide, had my id, clothes, sneakers, wallet, cash.

Your assistance on this matter would be so greatly appreciated.

bad customer service

On 06/10/08 I was scheduled to leave Syracuse, NY at 630AM for Cleveland, Ohio. The driver was a no-call...

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racism and total incompetence

It is hard to imagine any company worse in all respects than Greyhound. In addition to being incompetent in all respects, they are are racists (black against white)

  • Sc
    s_cheyanna Oct 16, 2010

    I hate Greyhound...They over booked so I had to sit in New Mexico for 18 HOURS!!! THey treated me like [censor] and I will never take greyhound again!!!

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  • Un
    Unhappy customer!! Dec 04, 2010

    Greyhound snuck an $18 'Gift Fee' on to my purchase when i used my wife's credit card online for my bus tickets. I did not notice until i got my email confirmation, and then it was too late with their non-refundable policy. Try to save a buck and book ahead online, and i get stuck paying even more!! SCAMMERS!!!

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  • Re
    Reviewer27710 Aug 16, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Houston tx should not be parked on mcdoonalds grounds or even on the corner

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rudeness of employees, filthy conditions of buses and terminals

Dear Customer Service Representative: I gave up traveling by Greyhound a long time ago due to the gro...

terrible experience!

I recently had the displeasure of ridding greybound. I was treated as if i was to be pleasured by...

unbelievable day from hell!

When I was eighteen, I was going to school in Chicago. I didn't have a car, so when it came time to go home over Christmas, my parents sent me tickets for Greyhound to get back home to Dayton Ohio. I was slightly nervous with it being my first time traveling alone. My day from hell has a number of chapters, spanning a number of locations. It started easily enough when I arrived over an hour early at the bus station. I just wanted to get myself situated, and make sure I was in the right place. Went and checked in with an agent, and she wrote the number of my "gate" on the back of pamphlet so that I would end up in the right place.

I was the first person at my "gate" (really just one of several doors leading to the outside) and sat down to wait in line. As the hour progressed, more and more people lined up behind me, and the lines at the gates on either side of me increased as well.

They started to announce the arrivals of the buses, and imagine my surprise when I hear that the bus I need is not leaving from MY gate, but the one to the right of me! I went immediately to an agent who was directing traffic, and showed him the fact the other agent had written down the wrong gate. He merely told me to get to the back of the line. I went to another agent, who allowed me to get to a proper place in the line, since I had been there before ANYONE else.

Because it was the holidays and Greyhound doesn't really "reserve" enough places on their buses, they'd had to call in buses from other companies to help carry their load. I ended up on one of the rentals, and settled in for the trip to Indianapolis, where I was supposed to switch buses.

In Indianapolis, everything literally fell apart. Greyhound was so overbooked, we were told flat out that there was not even close to enough room on the bus that we were supposed to be switching to. As my busload had come inside to check back in (like you're SUPPOSED to) and waiting in line again, other customers who were just arriving outside began making a mad dash to the bus that was ALREADY almost full. All we could do was WATCH.

I was talking with a ticket agent, who assured me she would find me a place on that bus, because hardly any of the lines were literally going through Dayton. As she's talking to me...the bus pulls away. At that point we were informed that we had two options -

1.Wait five hours in Indianapolis for another bus.

2.Take another bus immediately to Cincinnati, where we we could switch once more.

Cincinnati is only about an hour from Dayton, so I decided to take my chances with getting a bus out of there, rather than sit in Indianapolis for several hours. Everything was happening so fast - the bus for Cincinnati turned out to be the very rental bus we had all just gotten off of. So a large group of us are walking back outside to get BACK on the bus we'd gotten off of, and one of the workers begins throwing an ABSOLUTE fit, yelling and cursing at people, treating them like cattle, screaming at them to get on the bus.

Everything had happened so fast that I hadn't even got a chance to call my parents, and tell them what in the world was going on. I didn't have a cell-phone, so I had no way of letting them know where I was going, or when I would actually be home. They told me later on they had been in a near panic when I hadn't shown up when I was supposed to. They called Greyhound, but once again, Greyhound doesn't do "reservations", so they had literally no idea what bus I was on, or where in creation I was!

When we got to Cincinnati nobody could tell me anything. I went to the "gate" I was told to wait at, and proceeded to sit on the floor alone for 45 minutes, wondering if a bus for Dayton was even coming. When the bus DID arrive, I went out to meet the driver, and showed him my ticket. As I was trying to explain why it didn't match his route, he literally begins YELLING at me. "Just get on the bus! Just get on the bus!"

It might sound stupid, but just going back over it makes me want to cry. I could not BELIEVE the way people had acted that day. You know, I can understand being overbooked for the holidays. I can excuse the fact that I had to ride on a rental bus, and that passengers had to shout out directions to get to the Greyhound Station in Cincinnati because the driver didn't know where it was. What I CANNOT accept is the rude, unbelievable treatment we the customers were subjected to, because THEY Had overbooked. I'll never forget it. And to anyone thinking about taking Greyhound... seriously, think again.

scam and cheating!

I went back to help my mother move and to pick up a truck. Greyhound gouges your eyeballs out on for prices, and the selection stinks. Then when not eating at the terminal you don't get a choice of good food. They stood at BurgerKing, Arby's and McDonalds. What is wrong with something like SUBWAY where you get something that can pass for fresh while a good helping of veggies?


$5 a minute may not seem like much to you but for what I spent on 4 calls I could have had cellphone service. DO NOT USE THOSE DAMNED PHONES.

  • Er
    Erica Henderson Jul 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was traveling to Ottawa Ontario with my fiance Chris for a visit to his brother, my fiance purchased our tickets the day before us bus departure, the next day we went to board our bus and the driver advised us we were on the wrong bus and we were traveling to Toronto Ontario, we had to go into the bus station to make the correction and were advised it wasen't her mistake and in order for us to be able to go to Ottawa we would have to pay the difference for their mistake which was more then $80 on top of the $200 in something we spent to travel, I contacted greyhound and for weeks called them to see what would be done and I was promised a refund for our trip, well today in the mail I recieved a travel voucher for $80 and not the refund for the tickets as promised and then I was told by greyhound to mail the voucher back and they will determine what to do which will take another 6-8 which is stupid, is there anything more I can do or someone else I can speak to I have already made a complaint and spoke to people boarding greyhound that they are being ripped off and screwed over and will continue to do so till the issue is rectified.

    Thank you.

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  • Br
    Bryna Nov 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Whatever happened to customer service I myself will never use Greyhound again.

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  • Li
    Limon Fonio Jun 27, 2009

    I asked other bus company to serve Ottawa/Gatineau, but their answer was that this is impossible because Greyhound has the exclusive right to Ottawa area. So we all here in Ottawa are slaves of the monopolist Greyhound . No wonder that the fares are excessivelly high and the quality of its service more than poor.

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lost luggage!

Ok well lets start of saying that greyhound is not helpful with what they do they lose your personal items such as luggage and then give you the run around to get it back... well i came from tampa fl back to texas where i live from the holidays get to my destination and my bags were no where to be found and then i went inside of the station and the agent with vtc valley transit couch says to me its not my problem drive back to houston and gave me a form which he was suppose to file and didn't so know i have no clothes no laptop and i have to drive a whole hour to Houston to try to get something done i am frustrated pissed off and more than all disgusted of the whole situation...

  • Em
    Emanuel May 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Service in Memphis is horrible. The ticket employees are rude, rolling their eyes, sarcastic not helpful at all. One positive point. The ticket employees in Columbus, Oh were friendly nice and helpful.

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  • Ji
    Jimmy Boney May 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After a 4 day horrible experience, lost luggage, stolen wallet, and a week of frustrating dealings with Greyhound, I'm putting out a Call to Action against Greyhound. Please read below for more information:

    It's time Greyhound was held accountable, so I'm putting this action together to get everyone who has ever had trouble with Greyhound's bus system to call and complain about their operating procedures, lack of customer service, amount of lost baggage, and anything else you can think of that you, or anyone you may know, want to address with Greyhound Lines, Inc.

    Action Dates: June 23 through 27, 2008
    Action Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Standard Time (so adjust the times for your time zone.)

    I believe if you can post this information in your Blog, on Message Boards, on Forums, or email it to your friends. If everyone then calls, sends letters, creates picket lines outside your local Greyhound station, faxes Greyhound and Laidlaw on June 23 through the 27th, perhaps they will understand just how unhappy everyone is with their bus service. Also, please consider finding and taking another bus service. If you know of a bus service, please list it so others can learn about them. I've listed one below, after all the other information.

    Unpublished location of Greyhound's Corporate Offices:
    Greyhound Lines, Inc.
    Criag Lentzsch, CEO
    15110 Dallas Pkwy
    Dallas, TX 75248-4635

    Do NOT call the listed phone numbers for Greyhound (214-849-8218 is given but only reaches a voice system and it's almost impossible to reach a live person on the 800-231-2222 official Greyhound number.), instead reach a live person by calling any of these unpublished numbers:

    Operator with Executive Office: 214-849-8219
    Bryan: 214-849-8217
    Ursala: 214-849-8215
    Safety Dept: 214-849-8214
    Claudette: 214-849-8213
    Jennell: 214-849-8211

    These are the numbers that I was able to reach people, however, you can try to reach other live people by dialing 214-849-82XX (put any number in for the XX)

    The Parent Company (the company that owns Greyhound) for Greyhound is:
    Laidlaw Inc.
    55 Shulman Boulevard, Suite 400
    Naperville, IL 60563
    Phone: 630-848-3000
    Fax: 630-579-6438

    Other Bus Services:
    Trailways services some areas, so please see this website to see if they service the areas you are traveling: http://www.trailways.com/schedules.asp

    Another great website to find bus services: http://www.apta.com/links/transit_by_mode/bus.cfm

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losing lost luggage!

I am currently suing the busc company for forging fake signatures claiming I cashed a 250 dollars check plu...

have not got refund!

I was in the US for a holiday from India with my parents in May 2007. We had planned a trip to Niagara Fall...

bus failed to stop for my child!

Letter written to:
Greyhound Lines, Inc.
Mr. Steve Gorman, CEO
Ms. Robinson
P.O. Box 660689
Dallas, Texas 75266

I would like to inform you of a disturbing incident that took place on May 18, 2007 aboard your Greyhound bus. It was caused by one of your employees and was exacerbated by the fact that Greyhound.com does not list the address of bus stop locations on your website.

On May 18, I purchased a one way ticket to Lemore, CA at the Paso Robles, CA Greyhound station for my 16 year old daughter, Vincenza Zenobio. Before boarding, I personally spoke to the Greyhound bus driver and confirmed with him that Lemore would be the second stop. I was told that the first stop was Kettlemen City and the second stop would be Lemore and the driver acknowledged that he would stop there for my child. My daughter checked her luggage which was tagged to Lemore with the driver. There is no question that prior to boarding the driver acknowledged that he understood my daughter would be getting off in Lemore. We had made arrangements for my niece to be waiting in Lemore for my daughter when the bus arrived.

The problem is that the driver forgot to stop in Lemore! My daughter questioned the driver after he failed to stop and he informed her that the next stop was Hanford. My daughter called me on her cell phone, in a panic, and said that the driver would now be dropping her off in Hanford. I then informed my niece of the driver's mistake and told her to drive to Hanford. The problem was that my niece had no idea where the Hanford bus stop was, and when I searched your website to find the location for her, I discovered that Greyhound does not list the bus stop addresses on its website. So now I have my 16 year old child that is being dropped off in a city where no one is there to meet her because your driver failed to stop at her final destination; and we have no way of knowing the location/address of the drop off point.

I am upset because the driver failed to let off my child at the proper bus stop and because Greyhound does not list the bus stop addresses on their website. The safety of my daughter was placed in jeopardy, and as a customer who pays for your service, I am outraged. The fact that my niece was able to ask around at a Hanford hotel and get directions to the actual Greyhound bus stop, is fortunate for both parties but does not change the fact that there is a flaw in your system.

I would like to have receive a written apology form the bus driver that failed to stop for my child. I would like to receive compensation for a ticket that was purchased and turned into a nightmare and near disaster. I would like to see Greyhound list the bus stop addresses on its website. What would the liability have been for Greyhound if some tragedy had befallen my child in Hanford?... hmmm?

Richard Zenobio

  • Ai
    aimi ho Sep 26, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    something is not right..

    why didn't you ask the driver for the address?

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  • Ri
    Richard Zenobio May 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My daughter was only 16 and was caught off guard by the driver failing to stop. She was dropped off at the next stop and The DRIVER should have become involved in communicating to us where she was. Yeah, something was not right.. the driver failed to drop her off at the right stop and then correct the situation by working with us. He could have called on her cell phone to us. In a perfect world, my daughter would have asked the right questions, but when you buy a ticket, and your father speaks directly to the driver before departing, you would think a company like GH whose sole function is to take people from point A to point B would be able to get it right. As a follow up, I asked Greyhound to refund her ticket, at least. They wrote a BS form letter of apology and nothing else. I was more insulted by their failure to look into the situation. Yeah, something is wrong- Greyhound

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  • Mw
    mwalk Oct 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ALL stations and agents of Greyhound are listed on the website, PERIOD!! If you are too inept to plan a trip then blame it on yourself, not a company that handles thousands of passengers on a daily basis, they cannot and will not babysit you or your responsibilities, in a pefect world YOU would handle your greatest concerns instead of dropping it in someone else's lap. As to the drivers, stop blaming them for tarnished customer service because they deal with the rudest ###s that exsist, once again, on an hourly basis, who can't be ADULT enough to act properly on a bus with 40+ other people, it's soo sad to see people tring to be a social center of attention on a ###ing bus!! give me a break!!! Grow the ### up people and you will be treated like an adult!!!

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  • Al
    A Lost Soul Mar 29, 2012

    the greyhound website under station locations does list hanford but when you click it for the address it does not even say the address or where the bus stops in hanford california. when u click hanford on the greyhound website for the address it only says

    Bus Stop
    Bus stops [identified with a (B) in Greyhound Ticket Center] provide limited schedule service for a large number of locations, which do not support a full-service terminal or agency. As a general rule, no ticketing, baggage, or package express service is offered at these locations. Some of these locations may be at a local airport or transit center, while others may simply be a stop along a highway route, without an enclosed waiting area.

    Passengers should be aware that no Greyhound ticketing facilities are available at bus stop locations.

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  • Ma
    MARIO BADILLO Jul 24, 2012

    im up set why the bus driver never tell you how much time we got for used the store o use the beth room im customer for long time, before they play movies and now they play what they want, so you tell me the, wy they use the cell whent driving, and play music what they want to lesiting this is my fith time to meke this report how many more, you tell me and this is an AMERICANOS BUS LINE, AN ONE MORE, I GOT SOME MANY COMPLAINS NO TV, TALKING AN THE CELL WHENT DRIVING, REST ROOMS REALLY BAD, NO COMUNICATIONS WHENT THEY STOP EN ANY STATION, HOW LONG HE SI GOING TO STAY AN THAT STATION SO WE CAN BUY SOME THING TO EAT O USE REST ROOM, IF I PAY FOR A SERVES YOU NEED TO GIVE THAT SEVES YOU OFERT !!! HOW MANY MORE DOU YOU WANT ME TO REPOT, AN YOU NEED TO CHEK DOES OPERATORES AMERICANOS BUS LINE OPERATORES !!!EVEN I CALL CUSTOMER SERVES IT WAS CLOSED, WHAT SERVES IS THAT

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overcharge and poor customer service

Not only did Greyhound over charge my bank account for my ticket, they also had me on hold with customer...

bus delay

I was on the bus on may 24, 2007 was in jackson mississippi bus driver would not let me and 14 other passengers get on the bus said the bus was to full and their were empty seats now i,m sitting in the terminal waiting on a bus that will arrive at 10:30 pm my bus was delayed because of bus driver and i demand a refund i'm a heart patient and i cannot sit for long time waiting on a bus when on bus i can rest my body.

  • Je
    Jewell George Nov 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I started my trip from Ft Eustis bus station @ 0430 Sunday morning and was due to arrived at my destinaion at around 1200 Midnight Sunday ( now I told that my trip would be delayed in Nashvill TN and would arrive at my destination 10:00am on Monday) This in my view is unacceptable I payes for a service and I feel that proper notification should have been afforded me. Now this aspect of my travel will cause undue hardship on my body and personal finances. Please reply.

    Ph# (757) 660-0123 or (256) 226-431

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  • On
    oneway Oct 07, 2009

    Atlanta to New York / New York to Atlanta $90...Non-Stop (12hrs)...Any other Destination receive 10%-20% off the competitors rate. Reserve Your Next Trip at onewayexpresss.com

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idling hours on end

In light of global warming it is disgusting to see the Greyhound buses idling hours on end. I live behind a Greyhound bus station and there is a big sign in the station's window asking the bus drivers to turn off their buses. This does not always happened. The continuous idling disrupts my sleep and the exhaust filters through my windows often setting off my fire alarm. I have complained about this before, but nothing seems to stop the bus drivers from leaving their engines on. We have even had confrontation with the drivers when we have personally gone down to the station and ask them to turn off the buses. Idling contributes to air and noise pollution and should be stopped. I phoned our town office and there is even a bylaw that prohibits idling. But the noise and stink continues. Greyhound really does contribute to global warming and should be fined.

  • Ke
    kevincollins888 Jun 25, 2011

    This was a trip from Missoula, MT to Sweetwater, TX about a month ago. I got to the station 3 hours early so I could check my suitcase and walk around for a while since, as anyone knows, most of Greyhound's depots are too small with too little seating. Before getting on the bus I noticed my suitcase wasn't on the cart that the driver was using; I brought this up and talked to the counterperson, and she looked and it wasn't anywhere. Turns out it had got put on the *wrong* bus going west to Spokane rather than east going to the first transfer in Billings; apparently, someone who wasn't even supposed to be touching the bags put it on the wrong cart -- the unhelpful lady said "Oh, he was just trying to help." So she tells me she'll alert Spokane and will priority ship it going east and that it would reach Sweetwater either before me or when I got there (though I found both of those scenarios implausible). Oh, but before we could get there we were treated extremely rudely by the employees at the Billings depot -- they act like you're inconveniencing them by asking questions (these are usually the kinds of people who have cruddy social lives and are unpleasant at home); and then at the Denver depot, with disgusting bathrooms with thick feces caked in the commodes, we were 2 hours late leaving because some dippy dispatcher didn't bother to relay a driver's morning call that he was sick, and insteado f leveling with us and keeping us up on the situation, just kept lying and said the bus would be there "any minute" with a smug smile that indicated he just loved seeing us angry. Then at a 1-hour layover in Amarillo, half of the depot was tarped off due to "remodeling" and the frigging bathrooms were locked even though the depot was open and there was a ticket person behind the counter. And the departing bus was unnecessarily crowded because a lot of people missed their connections because of the 2-hour delay in Denver, so they had to get on this bus which made it even more crowded. Then upon getting to Sweetwater 2.5 hours late with the depot closed (it's a small town), I laid down outside until they opened up at 8a, and wouldn't you know -- no suitcase! It's June 25th now, and I haven't seen my suitcase since May 31st, and even though the helpful employee at the Sweetwater depot helped me file a claim, I've been checking back with the lost-baggage department by phone, and they're of absolutely no help! For one thing, the call center is outsourced to India or somewhere and you can't understand half what they're saying; and then they talk like a machine and don't *listen* to you. I told the people I used to do a call-center job and I know they have a comment section to write relevant details, and I keep telling them this must have something to do with the incompetent lady at the Missoula depot screwing up my suitcase *before* I'd even gotten on the bus. But all they do is keep saying I'll have to wait 30 days while they have a "trace" on the bag and are looking for it. There is only one Sweetwater depot in the entire United States; I looked. So how can my suitcase which clearly had a destination tag of Sweetwater *still* not make it there. And, of course, the maximum dollar amount they'll reimburse you for a lost bag is a lousy $250 even though I had at least $650 worth of stuff in the bag, including an extra pair of eyeglasses and a portable DVD player. And since I was moving (this was not a vacation where I just took some of my belongings), almost *all* of my belongings were in that suitcase. I've had to shell out money for clothes and socks and underwear and toilet items just to get by on an everyday basis, and Greyhound *just does not care*! I'm going to start calling their baggage phone number 3 times a day everyday until I get some results:.

    Most of the drivers are rude and surly and act like they're so much better than their passengers, . If they're such hot shots, though, what are they doing driving a frigging *bus* for a living!? The seats are majorly uncomfortable, the legroom is dismal especially when someone in front of you reclines their seat back?. And you also get some real rude and noisy passengers, who, like the drivers, act like they're so cool; they usually sit in the back but you can hear them all the way in the front and they disturb everybody, and a lot of the time the drivers won't do anything about it'. Also grating is people throwing all their crap on the seat next to them when the bus is filling up so no one will sit by them|. At the reststops you get ### passengers trying to bum cigs and money from you, who I have no problem telling them to go to and leave me alone..

    Greyhound cares absolutely nothing about their customers!. They know most of them are low-income and view them as vermin. They certainly want your money but they don't want to lift an extra finger to make sure you get your money's worth by offering basic reliable service with courtesy. What's really ironic is that Dallas is headquarters for Greyhound and yet Dallas is one of the worst, unsafest depots there is located in a bad part of downtown where the homelesss and panhandlers frequent. And instead of the lone security guard keeping an eye on the place to keep the customers safe, Greyhound has him taking people from their line out to the buses. I heard from someone that the night before the city cops came in and arrested 4 people and a stabbing happened right inside the depot, too! Again, Greyhound has no concern for the safety and convenience of their customers. An airline or Amtrak would get absolutely hammered if they treated their travelers like this; so why does Greyhound get away with it? If rich people rode Greyhound, you can bet there'd be congressional hearings and investigations by the BBB and CPA.

    For all those like me who've very bad experiences with Greyhound, the best way to get back at them is to *never* do business with them again. I'm set to go to Salt Lake City next month, and I've already purchased an advance ticket with the airline and it cost about the same amount as a Greyhound ticket. Book ahead with Amtrak and you'll get a decent price, too. Heck, even posting a rideshare ad at Craig's List is a good alternative. Greyhound has been losing customers for a while and is continuing to do so. I talked to one decent Greyhound employee who said some company rep was going to all of the depots trying to see what they can do get more business, and he suggested the execs ride their own crummy buses from coast to coast and see if they'd ever take Greyhound if they were everyday citizens. So do the smart thing, people, and plan ahead and fly or take the train. It's just not worth giving this terrible company so much as a single dollar more of your hard-earned money, especially since Greyhound does very little earn it.

    They're reprehensible, they know this, and they don't give a hoot just as long as they continue to get that money. I'd question how these company execs can have this on their consciences when the obvious answer is that they don't have consciences in the first place -- or scruples or principles or deceny or morality. Simple. As. That.

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  • Ke
    kevincollins888 Jun 25, 2011

    Thanks, and what a great saying!

    And, yes, I want my suitcase; I don't want their measly $250 payoff, which I've heard they delay paying you as long as they can. See, though the detination was Sweetwater, I needed to get to the town of Roby 18 miles away but the bus doesn't go there; I was going to hitch-hike out there, and with a rolling suitcase and being properly dressed, I wouldn't come off as some raggy nomad who people would be cautious about picking up. So I had to stay in a motel in Sweetwater overnight for $40 just to see if the suitcase turned up the next morning after the morning it was supposed to be there. So that's another $40 on top of the money I've had to spend on clothes and stuff that were in the suitcase.

    Oh, and then when I got a ride to Sweetwater 2 weeks later, I was supposed to leave out of there at 7:30p but the frigging bus arrived almost 2 hours late and was told I'd miss my connection and I'd have to be stuck in a depot for almost 12 hours. And with it being 100 degrees outside and the Sweetwater depot closed, I forked out *another* $40 for a motel so I'd have somewhere to sleep! Greyhound's got this insane idea that it's no big deal to spend 12 hours in some crowded, dirty, unsafe big-city depot for 12 hours! Again, if their execs had to do such a thing, they'd balk and scream bloody murder. If the airlines and Amtrak aren't allowed to do this people and not properly compensate the travlers for this, Greyhound shouldn't! There's a severe lack of oversight going on here because, again, lawmakers and congresspeople don't take Greyhound, so it's no big deal to them; and the low-income people who make up most of Greyhound's ridership don't have the ears of their congressman or - woman.

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