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unbelievable horrific experience

On tuesday, november 16, 2010, I went to the memphis greyhound bus station on union avenue to wait for the 10...

Resolved lost baggage

I recently took a Grey hound bus on Thurs. evening the Nov.14th, departing out of Wichita Falls Texas. I...

mechanical failure/no refund

Our bus broke down just one hour from departure. We had to wait 5 hours for the replacement bus (3 am at night). No refund for delays, mechanical failures etc. What a shame... I don't know how Greyhound stays in business. This kind of business practice should not be allowed, customers should be protected. This was my first and last trip with Greyhound. Lesson learned. Customers need to be warned to read the fine print when purchasing their ticket. NO REFUND... Greyhound takes no responsibilities or pride providing transportation to the public.

the bus didn't arrive on time

I bought a ticket online for 9 oct 09 depart from Petersburg city square Thabo Mbeki street at 00:45 to Harare. I was at the departure zone at 12:30 midnight I waited for the bus standing alone and the place is not safe at all until 2:00am and the bus had not arrived.

I went back home, and I called your offices this morning and only to be told that the bus was delayed and it only arrives at the picking point at 2:00am and there was nobody there. Now I asked your consultant if she could rebook me for the next bus to Harare and then she told me I have to pay an extra amount, I was very annoyed I then ask her why should I pay any extra amount because according to me you are the one that owes me, your bus was not on time, I risked my life standing waited for the bus for 2hours in the dark, I was rushing to attend a meeting in Harare this evening.

And she then said she will call me back and she cut me off before I could get her name. What kind of unconvincing is this, your service is very bad am not obliged to pay any extra amount what so ever its either you get me a seat for tonight or I have to get my refund.

I will never travel with greyhound in my life

On the 3rd of July I was travelling from PE to Pretoria with Greyhound.We got stuck in Queenstown for almost 5hours.The Greyhound employee that we were Travelling with Sisanda is her name took the numbers of our siblings saying that she was gonna call them and tell them that we were running late but she didnt as my sister never got that call. We were suppose to arrive in Pretoria at 9:30 in the morning but arrived at 5pm the next day and on arrival we were given apology letters and on those letters there were suppose to be travel vouchers and when we asked where the vouchers were we were told that those letters were meant for passengers for another bus and to top it all i was going to a funeral that day and i didnt make it because of greyhounds negligence I will never travel with Greyhound in my life.

  • Gi
    Gidget1987 Apr 23, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wish I could say, "I'll never go Greyhound again." But, alas, it's my only option. Greyhound, Bonanza, Peter Pan...it's all the same corporation. Vermon Transit is no more, being taken over by Greyhound, supposedly, but I've been on Bonanza from my boarding station too. I have many complaints about Greyhound. Now, after reading complaints from others, that are really horror stories, I have to be thankful none of them ever happened to me.

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rude behavior of bus operator

My wife booked a ticket for her and my son from Pretoria to Harare where I am currently managing a project on behalve of a telecoms company. After seeing remarks about luxury busses we decided to go this route when they came to visit me, to give my son the experience of traveling in a luxury bus. The experience is anything but luxurious. She phone me and told me that she was allocated a seat right at the back of the bus close to where the engin was situated. The aircon did not work at the back of the bus. They were sweating and dehidrated from the heat generated by the engin after traveling a few hours. When she approached the driver and asked him if she could moved to the front of the bus were there was two vacant seats with luggage on, he told her that those seats was reserved for him and his luggage. His behaviour was rude and he told her it is not his fault that the aircon at the back of the bus was not working. A experience that should have been pleasant turned into a nightmare and we have undertaken never to make use or Greyhound servises again.

Resolved horrible/terrible company!!

Horrible company! Terrible experience!: (

They charged me twice for a ticket they never gave me. So, I ended up paying $250 for a nightmare experience from new mexico to colorado. I had a huge fight in albuquerque with the customer service representatives. They wouldn't let me board the bus without paying again. Idiots! I demanded to speak to their supervisors, and I asked for everyone's name. I called the corporate headquarters and the customer service department, and they were rude and belligerent! I fought my way onto the bus, and I was squeezed in the back of a mexican bus, near a man with a dirty-diapered baby. The whole bus smelled like diarrhea, and it made me want to puke. The bathroom was nasty, too! Some # bought a dog on the bus, and it kept crapping on the floor. Eventually, the bus driver had to pull over the bus on the freeway, and the #ic owner had to get off on the side of a busy highway, and walk their damn dog. What an a*hole! What kind of dumba* brings a dog on a 500-mile journey?! Omg! Wtf? Insane!!!

I am still trying to get a refund for my ticket. But after reading the other reviews of this pathetic gayhound, I think i'm just going to write it off as a lost cause. I may mail a copy of my ticket receipt and explanation to the corporate office, and visit my local office in cali. But I doubt they will actually help me. Everytime I call the customer service line, they keep me on hold until the business hours are over/closed. What a great way to treat customers... Not!

Please stop riding gayhound! If enough people refuse to give them their hard-earned money, this so-called company will ultimately go out of business and die! Boycott gayhound! Stop the insanity! Don't give them a cent! They suck! They will treat you like dirt! No more! It is time to take a stand! Yes, we can!!! Lol!

ridiculous excuse for service

I was scheduled to leave Grand Junction at 12:45pm on the "Express" bus to Denver. When I checked in, I asked if we would be leaving on time. The girl behind the counter said "yes, your bus is here". By the way, she acted as if I was an annoyance. At 12:45 nothing was happening but utter chaos - three buses lined up, many people milling, no employees clarifying what is happening. I ask again and was told we were waiting for a bus from Salt Lake so other people could join the bus. We ended up leaving at 1:30 and no other bus showed up or other people joined the group, so what were we waiting for? So we start out 45 minutes late. An hour into the trip, this no-stop express, the bus driver stops to have a cigarette, so most of the bus got out to smoke too. She said she needed to "get weighed" which is ridiculous, it was a closed weigh station. About an hour later, she stops again along side the freeway to smoke! Again most of the bus poured off too. I asked one of the guys when he came back what the heck is going on. He replied that the bus driver said she is a heavy smoker! An express bus that leaves late is subjected to this woman's nicotine addiction??? Give me a break! About an hour after that she pulls over on I-70 again! This time she said she was having problems with the brakes and she went outside and lit a cigarette as did other passengers. Some passengers were furious and screaming at her and each other. About four passengers asked her to get their luggage out and when she did, they hitchhiked. She was on the phone and I was standing behind her when she was sitting in the driver's seat telling the person on the line "I can't get it over 60" referring to her air brake pressure. She and I were looking at the same gauge and number and I saw 74. She had at least three cigarettes that I saw. Meanwhile pacing and going back and forth telling people one minute that we'd have to have another bus come, but then she would change her mind and say she was going to go for it. She finally said we were going for it. Passengers were scared senseless as we had much more mountain driving to come. We hit bad traffic as is often the case on Hwy 70 on a Sunday afternoon and instead of arriving in Denver at 5:00pm as scheduled, we arrived at 8:00pm. This was a nightmare. It was my first time using Greyhound and I will NEVER EVER give that company a dime of my money. Not only did you not provide the service promised; your employees are the most rude people I have ever encountered.

worthless service

My boyfriend and I live 8 hours apart and traveling expenses are high, especially in this economy. Neither of us have used Greyhound, or any bus for that matter, before. Since the tickets were cheap and it would come to where I'm at we chose to use it. We knew they weren't the best but we didn't know that it was this awful!

He had to wait over an hour for the bus to arrive at his station and the bus was overly packed. He has now missed his connecting bus halfway through the trip and has to wait 2 more hours for the next bus and will get here a little over 3 hours after what was planned.

I have been trying to contact the station (which is in Dallas, TX and where the headquarters are) and they WILL NOT answer. I have tried contacting corporate and customer service and they won't answer because it's not Monday-Friday business hours.

-Greyhound needs people who know about customer service and will answer the phones. I understand if they're busy and can't assist me now but at least put me on hold. (I say this because I have been working in hotels for 2 1/2 years and know how to handle situations like this.)

-They also need to be more prompt. I've read several reviews of their buses being late and people missing their connecting bus.

-A 24/7 customer service would be very beneficial because they run buses while the offices are closed and if there is an issue the customer has to then be inconvenienced and wait several days to speak to someone about the issue. The only other way to contact them is by sending a letter and who knows if they even read the letters they receive??

Luckily he only bought a one-way ticket and we will be buying a plane ticket for his return trip home. This is absolutely ridiculous. Wish we had known how awful it really was because then he could have had the luxury of driving his truck (*** the gas and at $2.50 a gallon is not a very cost efficient form of travel) OR we would have bought at plane ticket. By doing option two he would have been able to sleep in (bus was supposed to leave at 4:55am) and would only have a 2 hour plane ride rather than, at this rate, a 15 hour bus ride.

  • Cm
    CM1986 Aug 01, 2010

    Greyhound is known to overbook buses. this is a very common thing with them and it pisses off travelers every year.
    i'd get your boyfriend to file a chargeback with his credit card company if you or him cannot get ahold of anyone within greyhound corporate

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racism and poor customer service

A little over a week ago I took a bus trip from California to Texas for a family gathering. I typically...

ticketing fraud

Using Greyhound's website yesterday to purchase a single one-way ticket from SF to LA resulted in triplicate charges for this singular purchase.

Several phone calls and attempts this morning to block or cancel the charges were non productive. No one I spoke with was willing to help EVEN AFTER REVIEWING and ACKNOWLEDGING THE OBVIOUS OVERCHARGE/ERROR. Instead I have been transferred to extensions that are never answered. I was told that unless I disclosed information I considered sensitive - nothing would be done to delete the charges. THIS IS FRAUD. I provided EXACTLY the same information as I did when making the initial purchase. This should be sufficient to correct the error caused BY THEIR WEBSITE. I have asked to speak to someone in their Executive Office but the line was never answered.

This complaint if not resolved today will likely be followed by legal action.

  • Te
    TedE51 Sep 07, 2009

    The Bus carrying my husband from Arlington Texas to Roseburg Oregon was late getting to Sacramento, California, so the connecting bus was missed. Now my husband must wait over 12 hours in the bus station to hopefully get on the next bus going north. I tried calling the station that is supposed to be open 24hours and no answer. This might not be so bad but back in November 2008 the same thing happened when our whole family traveled from Ft. Worth Texas to Roseburg Oregon. My husband, our 6 year old son, and our 3 year old autistic son and I had to wait over 14 hours in the sacramento bus station with drunks urinating on themselves and fights breaking out right in front of us. I complained to the company and never even received a reply from them. This is very bad business practices and they seem to be able to do whatever they want because the only people who ride the greyhound are people who are not rich. I am so angry that this is happening again and that they don't care how long you have to wait or what horrible things you have to see in their disgusting bus stations because they already have your money. The people that work in the Sacramento station are very rude and uncaring also.

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horrible customer service

The worst custome service experience ever!!!

It will take too long to tell the story in detail so i'll cut it short the best I can. From n. C. To c. A.

1. Ordered the tickets online and payed the extra fee to be mailed to me (I live in a rural area). My husband's tickets showed up, but mine did not. I call the customer service and they said mine did not arrive because I gave them the wrong address... Really? I told them I know where I live and my husbands tickets arrive how could I given them the wrong address to where I know I live. They refuse to resend them and told me that I had to pick them up (Will call) at the station. So something told me to go ahead and travel the 30mins to the station to just have them print my tickets out early so I wont have to be bothered later. I get to the gas station/station and ask the young lady to print my ticket for me. As she is making an attempt to print the ticket.. The system goes down. She asked me to just comeback at another time and she'd have it printed and waiting for me. I told her no, i'll wait for her to get it fixed and that i'm not comfortable with her way of handling this, also i'm not driving back and forth to deal with this. So finally after 2 & 1/2 hrs. She got the system to work and the system refuse to print my ticket because it showed that it was already printed. She called her helpdesk and they told her there was nothing she could do. So she ended up writing out some old school tickets... I was ok with that as long as I could get on the bus.

2. On the way back from ca to nc was the worst of the trip. We managed to get on a bus that broke down 15 mins. From the station. I didn't complain because the driver managed to get it back to the station. The issue began when they had to get a bus and thats when I knew that we were gonna be off schedule. An hour later we get a bus and we were on our way. And then the unbelievable happens... That bus breaks down too.
So now we are on the side of the hwy for a total of 5 hours on a hot august day. No a/c., no water, no nothing. So after the 5 hours on the side of the road, another bus shows up. The driver asked if there were any men willing to help unload this bus and reload the new bus. My husband and a few other men volunteered, but what was crazy is that one of the bus drivers did not help.
So anyway, finally we are on are way, with no hopes of arriving home on time. The new bus driver drops the previous bus driver off and now we are on our way again. So now we are thinking that the worst is over... Nope.
The new bus driver doesn't know the route. For real? If you were looking at us from a map it would have been up and down and then side to side. There was one gentleman who saw he was near his destination and had the driver drop him off on a corner. Another woman was the next city over (A 10 min drive). We told the driver that we noticed he didn't know where he was going but he just ignored us and took that young lady 2 hrs. Out of the way. So finally I saw my town coming up, but he annouced that he was going to some other town. I got up and said said politely that our twn was next and that he was going the wrong way. He litteraly cussed me out and told me to sit down. I had to stop my husband from going off on him. But 10 mins later the driver paged me to the front of the bus asking if I could help him with the driving directions. If I didn't want to just get off of that bus I would have told him to "f" off. So anyway since my husband and I were the only ones getting off at that town, I had him drop us off at the nearest store and we found our way home at 4:00am. (Suppose to had gotten home at 7:10pm)
3. Last but not least. I put in my call to customer service to tell them about this experience. 2 broken down buses. No food for 24 hours. My husband unloading and reloading their buses. Bus driver cussin me out and driving us all over the state lost. They told me that they could only compensate me and my husband with a $25.00 voucher for the time we lost.

This company is horrible and they don't give a damn about the people who make them thier money because they have no competion. My story is just the worst part of my trip, I did not mention the rude and unhelpful employees that I met along the way. Although we complain... What is gonna be done about these people? We all deserve better.

  • Ro
    robert johnson 2 May 20, 2011

    Greyhound is a racist company that has no competition and knows it. Everybody who is riding Greyhound is stuck with them, and at this point they can make money no matter how bad their customer service is and what ogres they hire for bus drivers.

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late, late, late and no gas or driver

I was coming home for Christmas, from school in Maine, to South Station, Boston. Usually I take the Concord bus down, but I was a bit strapped for cash and the scheduled Greyhound bus would put me into Boston with enough time to get ready to go out to dinner with my boyfriend.

At first, it was no problem. We got onto the bus, left a little late (five minutes maybe) and headed off. However, as soon as we made the first stop I knew it was going to be bad. Every stop he made, the bus driver got off and went to the bathroom/got something to eat or drink and tried to yell at riders who got up to stretch their legs. We made it to Portland at around 5:30. A HALF HOUR before we were supposed to get to Boston. We had a two hour ride ahead of us and the driver just got up and left. there was a second bus next to us and some of their passengers were transferred onto our bus. Apparently another bus broke down and they had to drive one down from Bangor to get to Portland. The bus driver came back on and said "We'll be leaving in a few minutes folks, hang in tight."

So we did. For five minutes, then ten, then twenty until we noticed our driver getting on the bus next to us and DRIVING OFF. I was irate. The passenger next to me immediately got up and, with a couple others, went to complain. The terminal didn't even know the bus driver had left.

We got a second bus driver, who got on, started the bus and then swore. He got off, came back a few minutes later and informed us that the first driver didn't put any gas in the tank. We had less than a 1/4 tank of gas to get two hours to Boston. So he pretty much said "### it" and started driving.

At this point, practically everyone on the bus is on the phone with Greyhound. Ten people, all of whom I knew from school, were going to miss their connecting flight to New York and Florida, respectively. They had made the plans so there would be an hour in between getting to Logan (from a S. Station transfer) and making it in time. One girl missed the last bus of the night to Springfield, I had to call and cancel reservations at a hard-to-get-reservations-place and the passenger next to me was missing his bus to New Jersey, which was taking him to his daughter's birthday.

The driver stopped in New Hampshire twice in order to get some gas. No gas station would take Greyhound's account and we were literally on fumes when we pulled into South Station, 2 1/2 hours late.

I was one of the lucky ones: I only missed dinner. The others had to try to get connecting flights and buses to where they needed to be. We all (and I mean, ALL) exchanged e-mails so we could keep each other updated on our claims with Greyhound.

I contacted Greyhound several times, by e-mail, phone and AT South Station. At least four times each. Each time, I was referred to someone else, they would take care of it, we'll get right back to you, blah blah blah all those excuses.

No one got their money back, no one got their money back from their missed flights or buses. Greyhound still won't even acknowledge the situation because "we can't assure you that you will be on time."

I can understand ten minutes, even twenty minutes. But I can't understand 2 1/2 hours late. I was honestly at the point that my godfather was going to pick me up in New Hampshire. I would've gotten home faster that way!

Needless to say, I will never, ever use Greyhound again. I happily went back to Concord and happily made it back to school (thank god I didn't buy a return ticket from Greyhound) on time. I even told them of the situation and they were appalled. Never, ever use Greyhound. Their customer service is atrocious and they won't take responsibility for anything!! Worst experience ever!!

  • No
    nodramain09 Jul 05, 2010

    At least everybody I know has had a horror story with Greyhound myself included. They are the highest and the service is below subpar. They even charge an $18 convenience fee just for buying tickets online. So really even if you have a discount code they find a way to get that money back.

    I just checked out Amtrak and their actually not too bad on their prices . In addition they have a great companion fare and advance purchase discount going and unlike greyhound they don't try to eat you up in xtra fees. In fact its free to pick up your tickets at the station. Believe me a bus ride on Amtrak is like being in a 5 star hotel. Its very nice alot different from riding Greyhound and having some random drunken nut sitting next to you slobbering all over you for 10 hours..lol

    *FFR-Your best bet would be to report incidents like this to the Better Business Bureau and also whoever regulates transportation in D.C. I know it might seem like a lot of hassle to go through but thats the only way Big Transit companies like Greyhound will get their act together.

    *For Future Reference.

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greyhound's service stinks and I am taking my money else where

Greyhound bus service has the worst driving and customer service ever! The schedule time for the bus to leave was 8:00pm and I got my ticket on line. I got to the bus station at 7:45pm. By 8:00pm the line was very long and there was no driver. Finally at 9:45 they got a bus and took us on our way. The driver had the nerve to then make a stop for food some where in Baltimore and people where grumbling. Then he stopped again for something to drink at exit 7 on the NJ turnpike. I asked why all the stops since he left over an hour late. He said if i had a problem then i should have taken a plane and that he actually had 4 built in stops so i should be happy he only was stopping twice. He then went on to berate people on the bus who were complaining. He said we should be lucky he took this bus because he could have driven another route. Whereas we would have still been waiting at the terminal.

I am fed up with Grey hound. Since using their service to go from NYC to dc and back from dc to NYC.. I have had a driver leave at 3:15pm although the scheduled time to leave was 3:30pm and she closed the door in my face as I tried to run for it, a bus start smoking and break down so we had to switch buses at another station along the NJ turnpike, 2 drivers get lost (one actually asked the passengers for directions as we got to VA but were going to dc), 2 drivers stopped twice for cigarette breaks, one driver get pulled over by the police, one driver on an express stopped at the Baltimore travel plaza to get burger king and proceed to drive the bus while eating a whopper.

This is outrageous. Greyhound's service stinks and I am taking my money else where. This weekends trip will be on the Bolt bus. As the driver recommended if I am in a rush I will take a plane, the Amtrak, or another bus service. Enough is enough. When will they wake up?

  • Mi
    MichaelAIL Jun 02, 2010

    BlackIrishTeen - I was hoping your trolls would be a lot more entertaining. But nay - they leave me unfulfilled.

    The reason why one would take a Greyhound bus is to get somewhere not too far [in most cases] and to get there quickly. It's quiet common for a bus to be late just as it is a Plane, Train, Taxi-Cab... Really, anything that you pay to ride because it involves people. People make mistakes and come in late, or schedules change or this or that. There are a lot of factors and common denominators that come to play when dealing with travel services. You can take your money all the places in the world, but I guarantee that you will run into the same problem. You should really think about just driving yourself, it will take the same amount of time while costing a little less money [at least maybe for the bus ticket] and a lot less stress. I hear Fiats are in again, and they get decent gas milage.

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  • Mi
    MichaelAIL Jun 03, 2010

    In a lot of cases, I'd say that you are correct. But I don't know many people who aren't old enough time who give a crap about "being on time" or going back from NYC to DC or NYC to NJ. Sounds like someone in business, or in college and coming home for the weekend. They probably are old enough to drive, but that doesn't mean that they are smart enough to drive. But I like to give the benefit of the doubt.

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slip and fall

I am 61 and in fairly good health but still had a struggle trying to get onto the bus with my bag. The bu...

stay far away from them

I purchased two one way, 21 day advance purchase e-tickets on Greyhound Buslines from Minneapolis to Nashville, TN back on December 30, 2009 for travel on January 24, 2010 (and also my return trip back to Minneapolis) since my daughter will be there for 6 months). I won’t know what specific day we are traveling until about 2 weeks ahead of time, and I saw that the fares are much lower if you buy at least 21 days ahead of time as opposed to a walk-up fare, 7 day advance or 14 day advance purchase. I studiously read the fine print on the Greyhound website before purchasing, which stated that you can take a later bus than the time listed on the ticket as long as you pay a $15 exchange fee per ticket. Just in case, I placed an email (the day before I purchased the tickets) to their customer support team. She (Linda H.) told me that was the case, that I could take a later bus with a $15 per ticket charge. But….now when I emailed them them this week (the very same lady who told me I could leave after the departure date on the tickets with only a $15 per ticket penalty) now tells me that the tickets MUST be used by January 24, because they are e-tickets (they are saying these cannot be changed) but will call tickets can. I tried to get them to change the tickets to will call, but they refuse to do so. I was told in an email “we apologize for the inconvenience”. An inconvenience? $250 worth of tickets that I can’t use based on a technicality, when a representative from Greyhound specifically told me in an email that this was fine to do? After going back and forth with many emails, going nowhere, they are now telling me to call customer service. Any ideas on how this can be resolved satisfactorily and how I should persuade customer service that this is just wrong???

  • Ki
    kimberly bogdan Aug 13, 2011

    how do i exchange my bus ticket travel date

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  • Je
    Jessica Bradley Oct 09, 2011

    That's interesting.. because they won't exchange my will call ticket (all on the same day October 9) from a 3:45 am bus to a 10:45 am... It's ridiculous.

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experienced a terrible frustration

The frustration I experienced on my recent bus trip North from home has prompted me to post this everywhere possible. Greyhound id actually not cheaper than flying in MANY Cases and the treatment I witnessed and experienced is inhumane. People are nicer to their dogs than Greyhound staff are with their customers. In 12 hours i did not meet one decent, nice or helpful staff. Instead i witnessed staff lying, yelling and aggravating clients repeatedly. The buses are filthy, broken and awful.

I will continue to titter, post etc as long as I have energy after a night of no sleep I have very little here today. I never plan to take greyhound again after my experiences on trip referenced above. I will also make sure none of my family does either. The issues are too numerous for this box and a more formal letter will follow. Nearly every single staff I encountered was rude and unhelpful if not argumentative. The very best of my encounters was still delivered with an attitude. People smoked on the bus and nothing was done. The bus was FILTHY with broken lights and seats. The luggage racks were broken and squeaked so loud not even my ipod would drown it out. Connections were missed due to lateness with no attempt to help current ticket holders over those with a later ticket. In fact we had to fight to climb around under bus to find luggage. I paid 30$ to "ship" a third bad and there were no efforts by staff to retrieve the shipped items that i was told to not handle.

I have to return to work now but will follow up here to state and restate my concerns in every form possible.

I recognize that as passengers in your large system we have very little power, but this was both more expensive and much less convenient or satisfying than flying. Every passenger I encountered had a similar horror story, like the young navy men whose bus was 2 hours delayed and the terminal closed anyway leaving them out in the cold for two hours ( FREEZING temps) in fort Eustise/Newport News. Or the several passengers i saw being YELLED at by their staff.

I will never again utilize greyhounds services

I was scheduled to leave Wichita KS at 1:35pm on Dec. 26th 2009 and arrive in Lexington KY at 12:55 on Dec.27th. When I arrived at the Wichita terminal there was a note on the door stating that the bus to Kansas City had been canceled and the station itself would not open until 3pm. When the terminal opened at 3:20, the attendant informed me that a bus to KC would be leaving at 5:30 and the normal scheduled trip would resume. When we reached the KC terminal, we had 30 minutes before boarding for St. Louis was to begin. The bus itself was there, without passengers, but they were not boarding nor were the terminal staff offering any explanation as to why they weren't boarding. When asked about the situation the terminal employees became disrespectful and rude, often threatening those asking the questions that Greyhound reserved the right to terminate their tickets on the spot. I decided to try to kill time by playing a video game. The game took my money. I asked the security guard whose name was Soloman where I could go to get my money back. He informed me that there was a sign posted stating that games were played at your own risk and money would not be refunded. When I pointed out to him that there was NO such sign posted, Soloman told me "well, we still aint refunding your money." So I stood there with everyone else until 1am when they finally decided to board. We were assured that the connection bus in St. Louis for Indianapolis would wait for us. When we finally arrived in St. Louis at 6am, the bus to Indy had left at its scheduled time of 3:20 am and the next bus to Indy will not depart until 1:20 this afternoon. Again the terminal employees will not allow any questions regarding the tardiness without resorting to rudeness and a general lack of professionalism.

As it stands right now, I will not be getting to Lexington until 8:30 tonight (at the earliest). I am scheduled to record at 3pm this afternoon and from what it looks like I will be losing money due to Greyhounds sheer incompotence. I understand that there will be delays due to bad weather, but a company like Greyhound should have contingency plans for situations like these. I am now out more than just the excess time that it takes to get back to Lexington.

Greyhound would also do well to train their employees in basic customer etiquette/service standards.

I will never again utilize Greyhounds services. The money you "save" is no where near the headache and disrespect that you will encounter on the way. If I could give this a numerical rating, I would give it -5.

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    anwiii Jan 18, 2012

    i've had nothing but problems with greyhound. out of all the trips i have taken with them, half the time, the buses didn't run as scheduled or they would force you to pay extra and leave you stuck in their terminal until you could pay a higher fee AFTER they have fully booked your fare. they are a scam company and i don't trust any part of that company. their customer service also sucks. they outsource it to a non english speaking country where you can barely understand them and where they can barely understand you. they don't resolve anything for you. in fact, they are quick to tell you anything just to get you off the phone. i wish i could afford the train or a plane ticket for my trips.

    oh! and forget about trying to call greyhound corprate office directly. they are a very secretive company that doesn't release too much information about themselves. i understand why now. when i have the means, i will be taking them to small claims court. people need to start standing up for their rights despite all the ways greyhound tries to protect themselves against consumer complaints!

    here is a link to another greyhound complaint... http://astroloco.com/forum/latest-headlines-f18/greyhound-big-company-big-name-little-customer-service-t286.html?hilit=greyhound

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Resolved crazy, unsafe driver

I just arrived finally home sfeyest. night. We took the greyhound from Las vegas to Los Angeles . The bus number 6928, driver thomas c is a unsafe driver at all.
The driver since he jumped on the bus, he was on the cellphone without bluetooth, driving with one hand and can't control at all the bus, we found that the bus is swing and some of the passenger dropped their drink of them .. it was a mess, we asked him nicely to stop talking on his cellphone, imagine the answer that we are not competent to drive a bus. I called the safe drive from the bus, but nothing happened, i emailed the company, nothing happened. We stopped in Brastow for break and i think to breath some oxygen .. oh my god it was a horrible trip. The drivre give us 15m and after we went back to th bus, we never find him, he show up after 30m saying to someone that he was charging his cellphone. Back again on the road, he drove in gustwind 70, taking left lane and i have no idea how we arrived safe.

Hate it and i will still submit another official complain, because it was not only our safety, we had a panic attach from him.

Resolved my ride was unpleasant and disturbing in some case

I was on the bus line from Detroit to Penscola, Fl. My ride was unpleasant and disturbing in some cases. I was first pissed off with the drivers coming back to Det. on Aug. 13th to the 14th. First there was a man that went into the restroom and smoked a cigarette and smoke smell was all in the back of the bus and I sure the smell reached it front where the driver could smell it, but he "NEVER" came back to investigate. Moving on to Alabama (Mobile/Birmingham) the driver wanted to put a young man off the bus because he had taken his shirt off, although no one complained (out loud) he stated that it was indecent exposure and some one might complain. The young man complied with is wishes. Yet he call for security to arrest him and told other driver to Not Let him on connecting bus (which he "was not" a driver on. Drivers were changed, and the new driver was rule to all. He was not wanting to do the job and kept saying, that he's off in a few hours and they(the company) was not paying him overtime! When arr. in Ohio(Cinn.)the manger/attendent, yelling at those that were in the bus to get back on the bus inoder that she could make a head count, to see how many of the 16 or so standing in line could board, and 6 found seats, and the others got on the bus and "stood" up until we arrived in Lima Ohio) where a wheelchair passanger exited. The driver was not willing to pull back seats because he stated that they didn't pay him for that, and that he wasn't going to do it. Passengers pulled seats back for some to sit. Pushing ro kicking luggage under the bus, ripping some luggage of passengers. Rude to all! with his attitude and disposition! AC. was broken either too hot or too cold. Bathrooms was nasty and smelling, no hand sanitizer. This was not a greyhound bus, but Caroline Line bus #85783. Last driver name was Gary( I believe) dot not give his name or stops scheduled. Stated they were for 15/20 minutes, which ended up being 25 to 30 min. realizing that we were already behind schedule about 1 to 1 1/2 hour. THIS WAS THE WORST BUS RIDE I'VE EXPERIENCED. I traveled with Greyhound for the pass couple months and years and has NEVER been disapointed or disgusted as this! With the airlines getting high with fares, and costly add on's, it would seem as if you would do things to help pull some of that flight money! But services, attendants, drivers and stations! are getting less than desiring...

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    melanie ebitty Jun 01, 2011

    I will never ride greyhound again. the ride was the ride from hell and the driver was sleeping at the wheel we almost went over the side of the road also we almost hit a truck travling along side of us, the driver which was a female was sleeping at the wheel

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    melanie ebitty Jun 01, 2011

    they should check more closely on who the employe to drive the greyhound because the drivers are dangrous on the roads

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