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resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Google Treasure Chest dba Fresh Keyword Ideasscam


Sorry to everyone whom have been taken by this company, shame on them. I just wanted to give you some information that might help you get out of this mess. After reading this board on Saturday, I called my bank to see what I could do. At first they told me that I could cancel the fee but since I had only paid the $1.97, I did not want to be charged $30.00 fee to cancel $1.97. They told me if any other charges came in, I could have those charges reversed and at first that was good enough. I decided that I did not want to run the risk of the $72.21 coming out so I cancelled my credit card, and it was a good thing that I did. I contacted the company today (Monday) and the Rep. told me that the $721.21 charge was declined because my credit card was inactive (this was 10 days after I signed up and had not received anything from this company including an email confirmation that I had signed up). CANCEL YOUR CREDIT CARD NOW! You do not want to continue having the $72.21 taken each month.

Here is where those of you might be able to get some satisfaction. While the company information may be hard to find, I found it for those wishing to contact the Better Business Bureau in Utah. The company's name is Fresh Keyword Ideas. They are located in Orem, Utah 80457. The website is On the website it states that you can cancel by contacting them email. I would suggest that you contact them by phone [protected]) to cancel because I do not trust anything this company says. Please remember that you have to cancel within 5 days to make sure they are not trying to pull a fast one. Also do not wait to see if you get the CD because it has already been 10 days and I have not received anything from this company and do not expect to do so. I do not know about the rest of you, but I want my $1.97 back because they charged this fee for shipping and handling and they mailed nothing.

What I am hoping is that a class-action suit be lodged against this company, I for one will be more than will to participate. - Good Luck, Desiree


  • Li
    Lisa Apr 13, 2009

    Thanks! I just (15 minutes ago) stupidly paid the $1.97 through an ad on craiglist. I got the emails telling me that I had enrolled in trial two trial memberships which would charge me $72.96 & $38.34 per month after the trial period. I emailed with no response. I saw your post and just got off the phone with a customer service representative who gave me two cancellation confirmation numbers. I wonder if that's legitimate. I really don't want to cancel the credit card - I wonder if I should also send certified or registered mail request?

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  • Ti
    tigger37 Apr 13, 2009

    Thanks! I decided to check out the company before signing up. The Ads by Fresh Keywords Ideas are very misleading. The fees are really in "fine print" at the very bottom of the Ad.

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  • La
    Laura Apr 14, 2009

    I also paid $1.97 on my credit card after doing only "brief" research. Because of the "Google" name, you think it's o.k. Something told me to scan to the bottom of the document and read the "fine print" and I am glad I did!
    I cancelled my credit card within fifteen minutes (it was old and dingy anyway and I needed a new one) and lesson learned. I'll just have to deal with cash for the next seven days until a shiny, new card shows up. Shame on them. I'll stay poor.

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  • Nc
    ncgrma Apr 15, 2009

    I can't pull up the website nor get an answer on the phone. I don't usually even look at stuff like this, but since it was only $1.97 for the information kit, I thought it would be okay to just look at it. Then I got suspicious when I couldn't copy or save or print the receipt and even more sure that there was something wrong when I couldn't get the website. It was then that I decided to google the company and got to this website. I will call my credit card co. tomorrow morning and try to stop charges.

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  • Eu
    Eunice Apr 15, 2009

    Just paid the money too and got two emails in with details of what they will be charging me. i have recently been made redundant and trusted the Google name. Idiot!! Have decided ultimately to cancel my card and get new one. Just take cash out for a few days till new one comes in. Golden rule. Do not give credit card details over internet to an unknow company and it is looks too good to me true...
    Note to self on this one.
    Not easy to spot this when Googled. Anyone know how to set up a decent Google search result warning people against this. My web building capabilites rubbish quite frankly.

    Disgraceful in this climate.

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  • No
    notsobrighttoday... Apr 15, 2009

    I just paid money too...called the customer service number to cancel, but can't for 48 hours because I'm not in the system yet!! You don't even realize what you're getting into until you pay and can click on the "terms" on the bottom page and read them. How shady is that?!?! Definately should have done research first...
    Thanks for writing this!! What a huge help!!

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  • Ki
    Kiley Apr 15, 2009

    I read the terms and conditions before entering my credit card number and I am so glad I did! In the fine print on the bottom, they state that they are not affiliated with Google in any way, and then in the terms and conditions, they said that they would be charging over a hundred dollars in fees a month, and that they are held harmless from any losses, damages, etc. The part that really got me was the line about even if they are aware of the losses and damages that will occur, they are still not to be held responsible. What a joke! I hope more people will check out this company before they decide to sign up.

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  • Eu
    Eunice Apr 15, 2009

    Update on my last comment by self. I phoned bank and they said they have had a few of these. Bank of Scotland and best advice is to get new card. You keep your account. Just get new card with new number so their request for money is declined. In meantime unfortunately you have to live off cash which you can withdraw from your branch. Lesson well learned here! Also anyone advertising this scam in reputable magazines, they do not actually vet whomever is advertising in their magazines!

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  • Ko
    Kojack Apr 15, 2009

    I did buy the 1.97 too but i dont consider myself an idiot.. :P i use a pre-paid Visa card with $20 dollars on it for these type of things.. that way if it is a scam it doesn't have any of my personal information and they can only at best rip me off for $20.

    My advise to you is NEVER use your Credit Card for online (questionable businesses), Do like me and only use prepaid cards then you will never be "scammed" again.

    The joke will be on them when the $72 gets declined because its over my limit.. :P


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  • Ab
    ABC Apr 15, 2009

    I was fooled by "" site. This ###ing ### "Robert" claimed he makes $7000 each month by doing a little posting for Google. First he said he lives in Eastman, GA, which is my neighborhood, so I believed that. After I clicked his link, I was redirected to "Fresh Keyword Ideas" site. Since the initial fee is small, I paid the $1.97, then, I was informed that the real fee is $72.96 per month. I went back to check Robert’s blog, because I remember he claimed the fee is only $4. Guess what? Now he said he lives in Huntsville, AL! This crook! That's right! He deserved all the F words I threw at him.
    I regret I didn't check the complainsboard before I was fooled. But I canceled my credit card immediately. I can tell you this: the information, so called internet-tutorial from "Fresh Keyword Ideas" are all available from public domain, it doesn’t worth the monthly fee they want to charge you. They are not teaching you to be rich. They are cheating you to rich themselves.
    I will definitely complain to BBB. Shame on these people! In this kind of economy, they are still pulling a scam.

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  • Te
    Tex Apr 16, 2009

    So I did not fall victim to this, but did a little digging. These guys are bad news. The $1.97 charge is meant to be small enough to slip under the radar of your credit card company or bank. These guys are most likely fishing for your information, and from the look of the order form it seems like they can grab most of it. NEVER GIVE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER OR USE IT FOR YOUR ACCOUNT ID. These guys are trying to steal your identity and drain you bank account. For those who have already fallen victim, I would call your bank, cancel your cards and get identity theft coverage. If you were dumb enough to try this, you obviously need it and most banks now offer coverage.

    Best of luck,


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  • Ba
    badsocialads Apr 16, 2009

    Hey Everyone - I started a Blog about "Bad Social Ads" most commonly found on facebook and the myspaces of this world - i just posted what some could use to help identify this very scam running around on facebook. my url is and if you could share it around that would be great - i have include this page in the write up and actual screen shots to help those know what we are all talking about visually. Hope this further helps anyone from going through this crap especially during these tough economic time. Shame on this company for preying on those of us currently out of work!

    Good Luck everyone


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  • On
    oneangryguy Apr 17, 2009

    I in fact paid the $1.97 cent to i normally dont even bother with these things but i figured i the time and situation why hell why not try it but then as i realized that i didnt receive the confirmation email i did some digging around to find out this was a scam and i in fact got working numbers to cancel but to no luck i got the i cant find you in our system sir we will file a report with the research dept which i then in turn asked for the number to the research dept and what did i get there is no number or research dept so then i went diggin even further to get all of this
    benefit-today hits your statement
    and by the way i called the number for all of them and none of them is affilliated and they are 3rd party customer service to the main company and the kicks part was they all stayed in diff staes every time another one got on the phone.


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  • Be
    Bessie Apr 21, 2009

    I ordered the $1.97 kit on April 16 and I hadn't realized all the charges I would be charged every month?! I found freshkeywordideas e-mail and I told them I needed to cnacel immediately. I'm going to call them tomarrow and try to get it canceled. I haven't received the kit yet, or maybe I won't receive it at all. I paid the small fee with a debit card. They said in the terms and conditions that I would be charged $72.21, $38.84, and $24.87 every month, which I can't afford. I forgot to look at the terms and conditions and I read them later. I should have read them first, before I paid the small fee. I should of looked first before I leaped. I sure wish I had now. Bessie from Iowa...

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  • De
    deano Apr 22, 2009

    Everybody that got scammed by this outfit should file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and at the same time also file a complaint with the Internet Crime Center

    This business according to the BBB only started March 2009. They must have been closed down somewhere else.

    From BBB:
    Fresh Keyword Ideas is not a BBB Accredited business. Additional Phone Numbers Tel: [protected] Tel: [protected]

    Licensing for Fresh Keyword Ideas As of April 14, 2009 this company is not registered with the Utah Division of Corporations or the Orem City business licensing office. The address is for a private mail collection firm, not a physical address for the company. Consumers may want to find out where the company is really located before they do business with the company.

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  • De
    deano Apr 22, 2009

    Someone mentioned

    Watch this video on Youtube. What a clever scam!

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  • Su
    Surjit Jattana Apr 24, 2009

    I also did the same mistake which I should have not done it, I called the customer service number which was given by CSR on a April 20, 2009 but did not work, I thaught it going to be tough to get the money back . Today I saw my VISA statement where I got the the number and cancell the account .The CSR was telling me that I passed my 7 days which is not true . It look like the scam at the time people are struggling to meet there end these companies are screwing public with tricks. the CSR is in Phillipenes, the way speak it is very difficult to understand . She told me that she send me cancellation confirmation via email, I haven't receive so far. Please beware of these kind of scams

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  • De
    deano Apr 24, 2009

    People you all need to start filing complaints with the BBB, Internet Crime Center and the FTC

    In a recent case June, 2008 the FTC fined a company offering similar FREE CD's where the customer only have to pay the $2.00 S&H a whopping $2 million while freezing assets of over $6 million until the fine was paid.

    Extract from the FTC court papers:

    FTC regulations require terms and conditions to be displayed by companies in clearly visible text noticeable to the ordinary consumer.
    According to the FTC law, companies must clearly and prominently disclose the "material" terms of their trial offers before you give your consent
    “In any communication disseminated by means of an interactive electronic medium such as software, the Internet or online services, a disclosure must be unavoidable and presented prior to the consumer incurring any financial obligation. Any audio message shall be delivered in a volume and cadence sufficient for an ordinary consumer to hear and comprehend it. Any visual message shall be of a size and shade, with a degree of contrast to the background against which it appears, and shall appear on the screen for duration and in a location sufficiently noticeable for an ordinary consumer to read and comprehend”

    (FTC Case 4:07-cv-00011-RAS, Document 159, Page 5)

    Take note of this part:

    Any visual message shall be of a size and shade, with a degree of contrast to the background against which it appears, and shall appear on the screen for duration and in a location sufficiently noticeable for an ordinary consumer to read and comprehend.

    It is against the FTC rules to hide the conditions link in very small font right at the bottom of the page. Most of these scam sign up pages will load into your browser in such a way that the small terms and conditions link is not visible as they have cleverly positioned that on the very bottom line of the page. When your browser loads the page that very important link is hidden behind the taskbar, exactly where they know and hope most people won't see it.

    This my friends is illegal to the what the FTC requires.

    Start filing your complaints and bring these scam companies under the attention of the authorities. This is the only way to stop them in the long run.

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  • Be
    Bessie from Iowa Apr 24, 2009

    I called Fresh Keyword Ideas and they said they couldn't find any record of my account and then they told me to hold on while they were going to see what was going on and after waiting a while the phone went dead. I called them back and had to wait for the next available person and after waiting awhile, the phone went dead again. I did file a complaint with the Utah BBB. I haven't heard anything back yet. They did take 1.97 out of my checking acct. 4/17/09. I told the person when I first spoke to him that I wanted the account cancelled. I contacted my bank, too and they needed to know the date that the merchant was going to take money out? I'm not sure when. I thought maybe it was 7 days after I paid the 1.97 online. I'm watching to see if 72.21 and two other amounts get taken out. bessie from iowa.

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  • Ca
    Carol W Apr 24, 2009

    i also got scammed. How could i be so stupid ! I will try to cancel my debit account. i am going to report all of this to the Utah atty. generals office, and hopefully something can
    be done.

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  • De
    deano Apr 27, 2009

    April 24, 2009

    Press Office at

    Attorney General Abbott Charges Web Site Operator with Orchestrating Fraudulent Work-at-Home Scheme

    AUSTIN – Attorney General Greg Abbott today charged two Utah-based defendants with operating a fraudulent work-at-home scheme. The state’s enforcement action names Infusion Media Inc. and Jonathan D. Eborn, whose “” promised six-figure earnings for conducting specialized Google and Yahoo Internet searches.

    According to investigators, the defendants promised big payouts in order to convince Web users to spend $3.88 on shipping and handling for a “free kit” that supposedly would show them how to make money from home. Those who purchased the kit were later surprised to discover they were being charged $72 a month by the defendants.

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  • De
    deano Apr 27, 2009

    Everyone that got scammed by any of these Google type kits in any form should start calling their states Attorney General's office and file a complaint.

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  • Un
    unhappy camper Apr 27, 2009

    yeah thease people suck, we should all file a class action law suit them and kick there but.i just got htrough calling ther phone number this is what i found out there sups number is i-[protected] his name is brad, all they did is give me the runnaround telling me they have no record of my card wich is bull.i did find out that there company name is las vegas corperation located at 4240 west flamigo road las vegas nevada.89103 zipjust like people tell you if ti sounds to good to be true they are right.any way i learned the hard way i had to cancell my bank card because of thease scam jrks, and idots. good luck to everybody let me know if anybody starts a class action law suit i would gladley join

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  • De
    Desi Apr 27, 2009

    For everyone whom was taken by this company, even for $1.97, here is some information that I hope will give you piece of mind. I filed a complaint with the BBB in Utah, which in turn contacted Google Treasure Chest and instructed them to respond by April 28, 2009. Here is Google Treasure Chest's response:
    On April 24, 2009, the business provided the following information:
    Contact Name and Title: Google Treasure Chest
    Contact Phone: 888.705.1275
    April 24, 2009

    Office of the Utah BBB

    Re: Case #: [protected]
    Desiree Adams-Daniels
    1230 Knightswood Rd.
    Baltimore, MD 21239

    Dear Sir/Madam: wants our customers to be successful and satisfied with our products and services. Our policies and procedures help us ensure that we meet these vital goals. We have a policy which states that the terms of the agreement will be fully disclosed before the transaction is consummated. To accomplish this policy, all terms and conditions (T/C's) are posted clearly and conspicuously (immediately adjacent to where the customer enters their financial information) and in order for the transaction to be completed, the customer must affirmatively consent and agree that they have reviewed the T/C's and that they agree to be bound by the T/C's.

    According to the T/C's, each customer has seven days to explore the entire website without a subscription charge. They may cancel at anytime during the trial period to prevent from being charged for their monthly subscription. However, if they cancel their monthly subscription after the allotted time, they are not entitled to a refund. Nonetheless, they may, have access to the members' website until the expiration of their subscription.

    In addition to the T/C's, each customer receives a welcome email thanking them for their order and providing them with their username and password which grants access to the members' website. Also, a customer support phone number appears in the T/C's (along with our support email address) as well as on the welcome email. Finally, the T/C's and contact information are found on the members' website under the hyperlink entitled ''Contact Us.''

    In conclusion, we believe that our policies and procedures are legally sound and reasonable, and that our agreement with this customer is enforceable. However, we have made a good faith adjustment and refunded this customer the entire cost of $1.97 on April 24, 2009. We believe that no further action on your part is necessary. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


    Google Treasure Chest
    837 East 9400 South #233,
    Sandy, Utah 84094

    My suggestion to all would be to file a complaint with the BBB in Utah and request that your money be refunded. One thing to note is that I informed the BBB that I neither received an email confirmation nor the CD, which I was charged shipping and handling to receive.

    Good luck to you all - Desi

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  • Bi
    Bill Apr 27, 2009

    Just call your bank (credit card) and dispute the charge. The merchant (Fresh Keyword Ideas) will get a charge back fee (normally $20) and then visa/MC will also take the $80 back thus costing them $100. That's the fastest way to shut down a business. I worked in merchant services their provider will also shut them down if they start seeing multiple chargebacks.

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  • ChanelCinq Apr 30, 2009

    I don't understand how all of you guys are getting refunds so easily. I agreed to the initial 3.88 charge and never knew about these additional charges. And yes I never read the T&C like everyone else. Emailed them on the 7th or 8th day when I saw the 72.21 charge on my account. I received I one line response to call them.

    I called the number but received a fast busy signal. This gave me even more reason to believe the company did not really exist and someone with a laptop was sitting on a tropical island steeling money off credit cards.

    Anyway emailed them again to say the number they provided was a non-working number and that I started this online and wanted to finish it online. I told them I never authorized a 72.21 charge and wanted a refund immediately. Again got a one-line response to call the same number. I called the number again and this time got some sort of message.

    I then sent a third email and by now I was extremely pissed. Again I said I wanted a refund from this unauthorized charge and again I received the exact same one line response with the exact same number.

    I placed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Utah. My story goes on and on. I sent a 10 page dispute to my credit card company.

    The BBB in Utah responded a few days ago with the response from the company. They don't really do anything except pass our responses back and forth.

    My credit card company responded yesterday and denied my request. This is ridiculous! I have a client that works in compliance for the Visa (unfortunately I used a MC) home office here in the SF Bay Area. She said it is not legal to have hidden fees. She said the fees most be prominently displayed and not hidden in a 10 page T&C.

    This is insane. I can't believe they are getting away with this. I also don't understand why it was so easy for others to get a refund.

    I am not giving up but I want to get some verbiage before I contact my credit card company again.

    Please someone give me some tips on what my next step should be, please!

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  • De
    deano Apr 30, 2009

    Don't forget to file a complaint with the Attorney General's office. This is very important to bring it under the attention of the authorities.
    The BBB is just a mediator with no legal power. The AG office is the ones that will charge them and take them to court, like what happened in Texas.

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  • ChanelCinq May 01, 2009

    I live in CA and the company is located in UT. What state would I file a complaint with the Attorney General's office?

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  • De
    deano May 01, 2009

    Well, the people in TX filed with their local office against the company in Nevada. Since it is the work of the the AG's office to protect people in it's state, I would file with the CA office. After that, nothing prevents you from filing with the office in the sate where the scam company is located.

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  • ChanelCinq May 02, 2009

    OK I have now:

    Disputed with my credit card company and it was rejected
    Filed a complaint with the BBB in UT
    Filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office in CA
    Filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission
    Also filed with Michael Finney - Channel 7 on your side

    Per federal regulation Z it is illegal to hide fees. All fees must be prominently displayed.

    Section 5 of the FTC Act prohibits unfair or deceptive practices.

    I want this company shut down and I want my 72.21 back. I have been completely appalled with the level of customer service on my cc and plane to cancel it as soon as this is resolved. The fact that my cc company outsources over sees and the agents are completely useless, have no information, and will not transfer as another major factor in my decision. By the way the bank is US Airways Master card / Barclays Bank / Juniper. Another company to avoid like the swine flu.

    Somethingh better happen with this.

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  • Gr
    GR from AL May 04, 2009

    This happened to me also. I called and they credited the $38.34 and I did receive a canel number, but told me that since I already had been credited that I couldn't get my $72.96 credited without sending a written letter. I asked the first lady if she handled the other account and she said no. I can't believe Goggle is letting them get by with this. I also didn't receive the information requested until 14 days later. I am going to check with my bank and see if I have to cancel my card! I was trying to help my sister and was telling her this was too good to be true. I too will file a complaint. GR in AL

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  • Ti
    Tiv Thaiv May 06, 2009

    What a load of garbage. We never even signed up for the service, and we got charged twice! Now they won't give us a refund because we are "beyond the refund date." The charge showed up on our account YESTERDAY! We're working with the bank and cancelled our cards, but I really really dislike this company.

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  • Em
    Emily May 12, 2009

    I just spent half an hour on the phone with a company rep trying to get the $72.92 fee reversed to no avail. I can't believe that a company is still getting away with this!! It's completely immoral and HAS to be illegal. The whole thing is ridiculous and I would be MORE than happy to participate in any way I can to keep them for scamming more people and make sure they pay proper reparations.

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  • Ly
    Lynn May 14, 2009

    I was charged the $1.97 for the kit and when a representative called he was told not to charge anything else until I spoke to someone that could answer my questions. No one ever called. I found a 79.95 charge on my credit card and called them back to let them know I wanted a refund. The lady I spoke to told me that was fine and even gave me a confirmation number. I waited 2 weeks because she said it would take 7-10 days and still did not have a refund. I called the company back and the man on the phone said he would send it through with a rush. Then I was charged another 38.34 one day and the next day I was refunded the 38.34 and they are saying that is my refund. I wish that I had researched a little further before signing up for this one.

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  • Te
    Tesfile May 14, 2009

    Hey Everyone,

    Your complaints are going to Utah because that is where the all center is located, not the actual business, Google Treasure Chest.

    The call center gives this address for the company. Too bad tt is a drop box at a UPS store in Jackson Hole, WI:

    Google Treasure Chest
    970 West Broadway
    Suite E 347
    Jackson Hole WI, 83001

    These guys are running a scam, but have hired the call center to run it for them. Does anyone know the name of the company running the call center? If so, post it here and it will put pressure directly on them. All the numbers provided end up at this call center. I have spoken to two different idiots today and they will not give up the name of the company.

    If they are forced to drop these guys as a client, then they will have to stop ripping people off. Frankly the people at the call center are just as culpable in my opinion. Call and harass them!!! The one thing these ### hate is when you waste their time.


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  • Ki
    KIM MCDOWELL May 21, 2009


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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner May 24, 2009

    Google Treasure Chest / Google Money Tree /Fresh Keyword Ideas / Blazing Keywords - all the same SCAM.

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  • St
    STELLA63 May 27, 2009

    I also paided $1.97 on april 24th, it was to be for gov grants.I checked my debit card and found out thewy had charged me $38.34 AND $72.96 i called the [protected] number and they said i signed up for 2 things.I toled them noway would i do that for 72.96 a month, they did refund the $38.34 but said i would have to contact the company for the other monies.As you all konw they said they had never heard of me!!!I just got off the phone with people that cannot speak english and they said that i had canceled already and to contact the company in Springville UT I see that one of you have a diff address in UT.i did get the CD but it has nothing to do with gov grants!They did how ever give me a conformation number over the phone how good it is is another question!
    suzanne CA

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  • Jx
    JXR Jun 15, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    same story as as you ppl mentioned.I guess they also have a partner in crime named Iplan, they are exactly the same for only their charge on my cc was $32.96. I called both of them a couple of times for refund and they told me to write a letter to their head office in Springville, Utah and after doing that i got a negative reply denying any sort of refund.
    I guess i wasnt surprised thats what I expected from these fraud companies. I am pretty sure I read their terms of service as well and no such thing was mentioned in there (atleast clearly). So in short i got ripped of by two companys who shared my personal information for a a total of $100+.

    How to prevent anymore charges?
    Call your bank and inform them about it that you have cancelled with both those companays and keep all documentation (cancellation numbers and one of them does send you a cancellation confirmation email) if need be to dispute the charges. It has been more than a month now and I havent seen any charges after I cancelled.

    Why we all got ripped off?
    I guess it was because Google's name was used and we wanted to get rich faster than the others ;-).
    The saying goes a long way "there is no short cut to success"

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  • El
    Elaine Ellen Jun 26, 2009

    June 24/2009
    I found that my credit card has been charged $72.96 US per month for the last few months.

    Today I phoned my credit card company to ask what the charge of $72.96 US was for. The Credit Card rep. gave me the phone number. I phoned the call centre and they removed June's charge.

    However, I am still charged for April, and May (2 x $72.96). I checked my records. I don't remember the website. I keep a desk calendar, word files, email filefolder. I keep excellent records.

    I can only conclude that they are dishonest. FRESH KEYWORD I will continue to pursue this matter.

    Anyone else have this experience? Please share your experience.

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