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To whom this may concern;

Dear Sir or Madam;

I"m writting this complaint about this companys practices and missleading advertizing. On January30/2007 I ordered what was called google profits kit $1.99(2.38). Now here everything is ok they chagred my card for that price with exchange. At this point is where every thing goes a stray, I recieved my statement for which I am now being charged $41.35 plus $51.47 for what I do not know. Now here is where it really screws up I'm being billed from a company that is a online drug store? Now this companyMarquilife8774620055 steps into the picture I have know idea who they were so I tried to email both companys. Both emails were returned email dose not exist, at this point I call the numbers that were given to me as contact information. The two company's [protected] and [protected] for this marquilife company. Now here is my question if Google has such a good reputation why can they not keep an eye out for this kind of practices. Its bad enought that I get spam in my mail box that should be stopped now I have to put up with this kind of fraudulent company's that bear googles name on it. It's time for Google to get off it's butt and get rid of these kinds of online business that make it hard for the rest of us who do legal business online. So unless Google is going to return my money for allowing these kinds of busniess's to flourish unchecked on there search engine. Then we all should get the same kind of service for doing business this way.


  • Zo
    zorro7000 May 18, 2016

    I just checked my bank balance and was surprised to see a charge of $19.99 and two charges of 9.99 with the same description, *socialpoint CA. I have no idea how these were charged to my account and what they represent and would greatly appreciate an explanation as soon as possible. I plan on disputing them with my bank if necessary.
    Thank you.
    Byron Miller
    [email protected]

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  • Pa
    Paresh Mahale Apr 27, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this is 2nd time i am been charged as google services 1$. i dont know why you guys are charging,
    plz mail me on [email protected]
    oe call [protected]

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  • Fu
    fusion May 08, 2010
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    Verified customer

    What needs to be done is to take what they are selling and offer it to the masses for free thereby diluting the value of the product and making them move on. I don't know what the product is that they are selling but I listened to about fifteen seconds of the spiel and knew it was a scam.

    I am a web designer. If you want to know how to make money on the web, contact me. You'll find me a

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  • Ks
    Ksmith Jan 06, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Look it is not Google's responsibility to shut down a fradulent organization or organizations just because the company puts the name "Google" on it. Furthermore, what could Google do in this situation? Google may seem like a god because of its huge presence, but it is not a law enforcement agency and cannot push a button and shut another company down just because it has the name Google attached to it. Maybe if the scam was run through one of Google's own programs (like Google Adsense) they could do something, but if a company is selling a kit through other channels then Google can't really do crap about it. Everyone seems to think Google is a very safe company to do business with, and I am sure they are right. The problem is that scammers know of this great reputation and are willing to take advantage of this by putting Google's name on their products knowing that many investors are not going to bother authenticating whether or not these products are actually associated with Google.

    I'm sincerely sorry that you were scammed here and I do not mean to imply that anyone who bought this kit is stupid, but you obviously had a serious lapse of judgment when you purchased this. You need to take responsibility for your own bad decision rather than blaming Google for this. I found a blog promoting this kit and everything about it was fishy. I immediately did a search for the "Google money kit" and behold! this website was the first thing I found! If any of you had taken thirty seconds to do some research you would have confirmed that this was a scam, which is what you should already have suspected.

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  • Pa
    Paul G Luv Jan 05, 2010

    If you're looking for a business that helps save people money, as well as puts people into business for themselves. A company that has been in Inc. 500 for the past 4 years, on course to make 2010 to be it's 5th year, and inducted into Inc. 500's hall of fame. A company that has grown over 800 percent in a down economy. Checkout 5Linx This company is far from a scam, and you build residual income as well. I've been in this business a little more than a year, and I've made more money with this company, than any business I've ever done. Google this company, and you will find out. You can also find it on youtube.

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  • Ed
    edward.g Jan 03, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow I will agree with most of the people on here about doing your research and not just falling for one of these scams. And how some of you dont even have the common sense to look at the terms of the conditions of what you are spending your money on. Here is the first paragraph of the actual contract you are signing up for.

    "Your Membership is the perfect tool to start making money on the Internet. We've helped thousands of people achieve their goals. By submitting this form you are ordering income membership and the trial membership for $1.95 Instant Access. If you do not cancel within the 3-day trial period, you will be charged a one-time amount of $129.95. In addition, you will be provided access to an online Learning Center which will bill at $39.98, unless you cancel, 30-days from the date of enrollment and you will be re-billed every 30 days at $39.98 per month until cancelled. To cancel call [protected] M-F, 7am-5pm, MST within 3 days of the date you ordered."

    So the real way these people make all this money??? Yes it is by posting links, but the links are to get you to sign up for this and then get charged over and over and over again. And if they only get the chance to charge you once thats still free money for them. So next time you see some awesome, easy and cheap way to make money at home just take some of your free time to do some research and dont contribute to some ### who is smarter then you and is making some very good money off of you.

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  • Jo
    JoeNob Dec 30, 2009

    I think if the "Google Money Kit" really worked, Google would be the ones promoting it and have it posted on every page that loads on Anything dealing with emillionaire is a scam. They'll claim that they will only charge you that $1.99 for shipping but there is nothing being shipped to you. After you submit your credit card or debit card number, you will be charged that $1.99 AND another charge of $200. 30 days later, you will be charged again for another $200.

    As for the phone number they have stated by the charge on the card statement, it's a fax number and you won't be able to get through. If you try to press charges through the police department, they find out the charges come from Nigeria (I think). I remember it was somewhere overseas and in Africa.

    Brock Felt is probably one of the biggest scammers online. He is located in Tampa, Florida but has his charges coming from overseas. That way, he can't be touched from cops in the US.

    If people cared more about their information, they would research the programs first before submitting their information. No matter how great the website looks and what they offer, always research "Product Name Scam" to make sure it's real or not. Even count down timers on websites are false. It's used as a call-to-action tactic and makes people think it's real but it's only a source code that counts down. If you wait for the timer to end, it'll only stay at 0:00 or will reset and count down again.

    People can put blames on anything but it's themselves that are to blame for not caring about who they are sending information out to. I'm not going to lie and say I haven't been scammed before because I have BUT I learned from it and do what I can to help people from getting scammed from the places I have tried.

    For anyone wanting to know how people are making money online and want to do it themselves, I know of 2 legit websites that do work. They are:

    Yes, they do cost money to sign up but they teach you everything you need to know about making money online and how to do it. Both websites offer forums with over 3, 000 members and every member is a real person. Everyone helps each other on those sites and works together to help everyone succeed. These are the only 2 legit websites I have came across, so far.

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  • Hu
    Humble Nov 30, 2009

    A while back I got caught in a scam, some may have heard about it .. SMile Brite or something like that... it is what it is, a scam as much a scam as it comes. Furthermore, and what I find interesting is that, I wonder the person with the top response calling people stupid isn't part of the same scam as the Smile Brite scam(fraser carter)?? Sure seems to use the same wording as the fellow on the complaint page as Smile Brite. Simply walk away from this one you all. Oh, hope you have a reputable Bank that recognizes that you have been taken and willing to work with you, thanks goodness for mine. If you can't then report your card stolen and get another one issued ... it negates the previous card and generates a new card number for you. Thus, the one you gave and were scammed with is no longer active. Down side, they could actually come at you as collections and get a negative mark on your credit score...counter the move by coping this page of complaints and dispute with the Credit Bureau you should have a problem after that.

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  • Th
    thebeanfactor Oct 19, 2009

    To better understand how the The Seattle Chronicle scam works, check out this pic.

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  • Vi
    Vira1978 Sep 26, 2009

    I saw a link on AOL news about this money maker thing. I thought, well it sounds great. Then I looked at the bottom of the webpage where the real tiny small print occurres and saw. This is not an affiliated company or website with google. That is when I knew something was up. So i searched google for complaints about this program and this is what I found. You have to use your noggin, especially in cases like this.

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  • To
    Tomlinson, L. Aug 21, 2009

    I signed up for the Google Money Kit, but did not read the small print about being billed every month for over $90.00 Canadian. I would like the account closed and be reimbursed the money they charged to my Visa Card.
    Thank You
    Lesley( Lee ) Tomlinson
    [email protected]

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  • E0
    e0019 Aug 03, 2009


    Guys these are people who create fake blogs and sites that promote this crap. and people fall for it still!!!

    also their are hidden chargers that will appear on your credit card ranging from 50 to 75 dollars, (they are stated in the Terms and Conditions)
    and lastly, YES this is a scam.

    and if you have i suggest you cancel your credit card, ASAP or else you are going to be screwed for a long long time.

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  • JerDon and Sara Gibbs Aug 01, 2009

    Greatful I checked out review on this... Anyone know something that really works? Sara & I have 1 on Our Twitter Account that really works... But it is not consistant... It's only a one time collection... But it is the 1st & only Online $ maker that we have gotten to work... Needing something that creates a residule Monthly Income... Any help appreciated... Sara & I haver 25, 000 Twitter Followers & creating 10 other accts... But after 2 yrs & $1, 000's of $ wasted... At least this has worked for 4 Mo's Auto Pilot... Now we need a true Money Making project that won't damage our reputation Twitter @StopChronicPain @JerDonSaraGibbs @WouldMoneyHelp ... [email protected] ... Skype jusiz13 ... Skype Tele# [protected] We live in Thailand 6 Mo's Hawaii 6 Mo's Now in Thailand... JerDon & Sara Gibbs

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  • Sc
    scott viefhaus Jul 29, 2009

    I also ordered this kit and have recieved nothing.
    I thought google was supposed to be a reputable company. Or are all those testimonials claiming such great succsess using google a bunch of crap?!
    What the Hell!

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  • Cn
    cndhernandez Jul 22, 2009

    everyone is right i order that damn google money kit for $2.50 and later they charged me with $59.95 in clickmoney in Las VEGAS NV, and i didn't sign up for anything else AAAAAAAAAA I'm so mad right now now i have to notify my credit card provider to tell them what is going on with this piece of trash got any info to share to put a stop to this poeple email me at ([email protected])
    and my name is Lorena.

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  • Bo
    bobtheman Jul 16, 2009

    Ummm... you're not dealing with Google. You gave your money to a scammer.

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  • Fi
    fine09 Jul 16, 2009


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  • Mf
    mftsc40 Jul 02, 2009

    if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Thank God I Googled this "amazing offer" before I bought into the scam..Common sense wins out everytime!

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  • Aw
    awpgvy Jun 28, 2009

    I just wanted to make people aware of what I think is a great feature offered by Bank of America on it's credit cards. It's called "shopsafe" and it allows you to create as many temporary credit cards as you need. Whenever I order anything online the first thing I do is log into my credit card account and create a new card for this upcoming purchase. All it asks me for is the amount I want to allow and how many months it will be in effect. For one-time purchases, I usually select 2 months. If I expect to have ongoing purchases (for instance ink cartridges), I might make it for 12 months. Then it puts out the image of a credit card with a unique card number and security code and the expiration date I selected. I use my snapshot program to make a copy of the card. I can add money later if necessary, and I can also delete any cards I no longer wish to allow. The really neat part is that each card only allows one vendor. The first vendor to make a charge will be the only one allowed to charge on it in the future, and they can only charge up to the amount I have allowed.

    When you use a credit card online, some vendors put in a pending charge just to see if it will go through. Most charge $1.00, but I have had some charge $10.00. In a case like the Google Money Kit, if I were to purchase it, I would probably create a temporary credit card for $15.oo. As soon as I canceled with them, I would delete that card, and they would never be able to charge me again.

    It would be nice if other banks offered this shopsafe feature.

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  • La
    laban Jun 27, 2009

    hey God help us oh
    i thank God say me self never pay MAGA O

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  • Fo
    FoolsMoney Jun 27, 2009

    I just came from the popup site of this scam. Some slick vid with smooth talker telling me how he lost his job and drove a junker until a friend of his turned him onto Google Money Kit. With this kit you can earn up to $7, 000 a week. Realllllllllllllyyyyyy??? I am always amazed by the number of people who fall into these traps. LMAO!

    Anyway, there is a picture of his old clunker and the new beemer he now drives. Only gonna cost a $1.98 shipping to get the kit for free. WOW! My immediate thought was that it is the shipping cost you paid that was the scam. They send you useless paper that only costs 50 cents to mail. So, I did what everyone should do. I fired up the Google search home page and input Google Money Kit. Whoooaaaaa...

    Search page filled up immediately with links to complaints and warnings about this scam. I came to this one first and discovered that it is a scam to get your credit card info so they can charge it up. LMAO! And they make you pay shipping charges to do it. HAHAHAha... These scammers have brass balls for sure. So, I guess I will keep playing online poker and buying the occasional lottery ticket. Not gonna get rich with this scam.

    If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.

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  • Da
    Dawna Jun 25, 2009

    I am a single mother with two toddler children to raise. About a year ago I lost a job as a result of on of my children undergoing open heart surgery. Thank God he has been cleared recently after a rigorous routine of doctor’s appointments and physical therapy. As a result of this situation I lost my home and income I have been looking for a job for quite some time but times are hard and companies are down sizing left and right so I’v been looking in to alternative avenues searching for work. Lately my e-mail has been inundated with work from home offers often times many of them are asking you to up down large amounts of money up front with no way to talk to any of them on the phone prior to purchasing. Seeing that I have no wiggle room in the financial area I have to make smart choices so when I came across the Google Money Kit for only 1.95 for a seven day trial and a monthly payment of I believe $45.99 I thought great sounds good I will have a week to do this but when I requested to speak with a live person there was no number to call so I contacted Google Inc and was informed that this is a scam. If you would like to contact them yourself there number is area code [protected] this is a real number I know it looks funny but they were friendly informative and extremely helpful. If in doughty go to the horses mouth.

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  • Il
    iLuv2Bitch Jun 21, 2009

    Thank God i Googled the kit. I was almost suckered into the whole scam. I will use the advise i read here about getting one of those pay as you go debit cards. Now how do i stop that web page from poppin' up everytime i go online? Im using a Mac.

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  • Js
    jsj Jun 19, 2009

    to gk1416 I would recommend calling your credit card company to alert them about fraudulent charges.

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  • Gk
    gk1416 Jun 17, 2009

    What do you do if you just sent them two credit card numbers because they said the first one was declined? I know I'm stupid but what is the next step to stop them from charging my card?

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  • Gu
    gumstain Jun 16, 2009

    hello, i looked in to this "google money kit" thing, but before i purchased or gave out my information, i did my research. some advice to everyone; GOOGLE IT!!! i googled "google money kit scam", and i found this site! i feel bad for everyone that got ripped off, but we live in the information age. if it's a scam, chances are somebody out there fell for it & more than likely posted it on the internet somewhere.

    i haven't been scammed yet, thank god (not on the internet at least). but people please, use your common sense from now on and GOOGLE IT!!! this has saved my @$$ plenty of times. follow my advice and chances are you won't get ripped off in the future, at least on the internet.

    i really can't stress how important researching is. anyways, i hope this post prevents some people from being scammed. the economy is bad enough as it is, and that's when the blood suckers come out and drain (even more than they already have, the fall of the economy was carefully constructed, but that's another story i won't get into on this post) us when we're at our most vulnerable and desperate state of minds.

    god bless.

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  • Ma
    maureenvaldez Jun 14, 2009

    This is really a scam it happened to me and i called them to cancel them and they said it was cancelled and the were refunding my 150.00 to my account well they did refund it and 2 days later they charged my bank account. I even canceled my credit card and guess what they got the 150.00 and the bank charge me fees for over draft.

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  • Si
    SieMyst May 22, 2009

    When they called me to verify my information I new it was a scam'
    I am glad I just used a money card that had a whole 20 dollars on it'
    This is the kind of thing president Obama needs to get out of the world wide web, it's hard to tell which one's are legit' This is exactly why I closed my debit account I suggest everyone follow my example Intel we can rid the world wide web of fraud. I suggest everyone try a money card for any online transaction then they cannot reach your bank account' But just that amount, what you put on the card.
    I asked the lady if this was a scam and she hung up on me.
    I hope this helps'

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  • Ja
    jack Apr 27, 2009

    i was looking at the google money kit ad also and it seemed too good to be true. and what are we taught about ads such as this? if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. just because the site provides user comments doesn't mean that those are legitimate. the comment portion was even disabled due to "spam".. but didn't you find it a bit odd that there weren't any users commenting on the actual product? the only comments posted stated that the user had either purchased the product or asked questions on how to obtain it. the site didn't even tell you what you needed to do. it just told you how easy it was and how much you could make within the first week. also, if you read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page, it was stated that the ad's product wasn't affiliated with google, myspace, or cnn. i don't mean to be judgmental, but you are a fool for giving your credit card information away.
    "Its bad enought that I get spam in my mail box that should be stopped now I have to put up with this kind of fraudulent company's that bear googles name on it. It's time for Google to get off it's butt and get rid of these kinds of online business that make it hard for the rest of us who do legal business online." your attitude is all wrong. admit that you made an idiotic mistake, but at least do some research before surrendering such personal information. scamming sucks but you gave your credit card number on your own. telling google to "get rid of these kinds of online business[es]" is like going into macy's in nyc and telling the employees to check every bit of merchandise for holes or stains while trying to maintain the appearance of the store and a respectable customer service department. it's never going to happen, so just be more cautious in the future and make wise decisions.

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  • Sh
    ShadowPhaxx Apr 24, 2009

    Honestly with all the online fraud why can't people be smarter. I'm young still and I know better than to use my Credit card online.. If you need to make an online purchase go to a gas station and get a pre-paid visa.. Not only is it a safe guard from your personal account ever being attacked but pre-pays cannot be auto charged/rebilled. You have to reorder if you want continued service for what ever it is you bought.. The only place you can't use a prepaid card is on adult sites and if you're putting your credit info into a site like that you're asking for it anyways..

    Every one here has made some good points. And with googles name being as bit as it is I highly doubt they would sit back and let their rep be stepped on.. They would take immediate legal action.. My guess would be when you orderd it, you didn't get if from the certified google site.. What happend is you were fished.. The site offers you the google kit as a secondary. They sell you the kit yes. But what they dont tell you is they take your credit info and order it from the official site and have it sent to you. This action makes their site legitimate. But what you dont know is at the same time they are taking your credit info and running it through their fake business and pocketing your money. Google has no affiliation with these actions.. I orderd the kit months ago and only incurred the shipping charge and nothing else...

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  • Ld
    ldm Apr 23, 2009

    Your comments have really helped me. The Google name and the d/b/a after the Google name which I saw in one place almost caught me to respond. D/B/A stands for "doing business as" and means that Google is the primary owner of this d/b/a business. I seriously doubt that is the case and would think that Google would bring legal action against these guys.

    I did more homework regarding Google opportunities. It struck me strange that Google would try a scam so I spent about 4 hours studying Google's site for business opportunity information. If you really want a Google business then I suggest you look at Google themselves. Based on what I see, Google pushes its Google AdSense program as a publisher advertisement opportunity where you have a website with a blog, an auction site, internet page business, etc., and then Google places an ad on that site. You then get paid based on how many people actually check that ad on your site. You can have as many websites as want but you can't create links to them on that page according to Google's policies and procedures. Everything is on the absolute up and up. Google even reports earning to the IRS. You won't get a way with just a few dollars. You will have to actually get a business license, have a website and have a legitimate business on the internet. And, you will have to work at building the business. You just have to decide what is that you are going to have as your website. You can link to pages like ebay or other forms of businesses that you could make money from ad you are not violating Google from what I read in their policy. Anyway, I hope this helps in possible alternatives.

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  • Li
    littlecujo Apr 11, 2009

    You have to refute it with your credit card company. Sounds like a scam to me.

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  • Me
    melissa Mar 27, 2009

    I ordered a google free trial for 3.88$ they charged my account 71.81$ Im so mad they wont answer the phone..Have to wait several days before i can get another number..How do i cancel this???????

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  • De
    debby Feb 14, 2009

    so tell me with everyone working for emillionaire worth it or now????

    and stop the rest and do something else...

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  • Gr
    greentie22 Feb 12, 2009

    got to agree with the guy above, i mean the facebook ad uses a picture of some guy with his kids right? but they aren't even looking at the camera, cos its some royalty free snap that anyone can use to make, money, the guy is making money, from you saps, hhmmm usap, that sounds like a profitable business,

    Join now

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  • Fr
    fraser carter Feb 11, 2009

    I completely disagree, your stupidity cost you the 1.99, then when further charges were debited from your account, why not file an application for credit card fraud and cancell your account
    are you that stupid,

    then you try turn around and BLAME IT ALL ON GOOGLE

    google has nothing to do with it
    they arnt the government they are not the web police, google cannot do anything if somebody tryis to claim themselves as selling a product, as a google money maker, sure enough, over time they can make arguements, even sue for illegal use of their branding, IF he is using a current Logo,

    but it all comes down to you

    Do some research before you willingly give your credit card details out

    or even get a Direct Debit credit card for online sales, and keep minimal ammounts of money or Zero dollars in there, unless you go to make a transaction


    after all this
    im just sitting here laughing at you that you even bothered to complain, like somebody outthere, is going to feel pity for you and reemburse your gambled 100 dollars

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