General Motors Corporation / transfer of our car title to dmv in charlottesville, va

GM Financial call number 1-800-284-2271 attention PDP, US

We moved from Arizona to Virginia a year ago.On May, 21 2019 we sent/ faxed our request to obtain information about title to our 2013 Tyota Camry and re-send them to DMV in Charlottesville, VA to register our car here . The customer service representative said, they need additional information from us to process with this request, we then snet another request with informations again on May, 29, 2019 . We called customer service and asked if they received this few days later, again, we heard, that they are sorry, but other repersentatives gave us imcoplete information and we have to send once again with additional informations. Once again, /third time/ we sent / faxed our request, every time @ fax # as requested by GM Financial representative # 1-800-379-7312 - we sent 3-rd time on June, 3, 19 / we have copies of all faxes and proof, that all three went trough/ .Now, they registered our request and told us to wait 4-6 weeks to process - as of today 08/13/19 - today is week 9-th of processing - we called again, because no any info no messssage about our title for 9 weeks, person who introduced herself as a Manager, she wasn't able answer simple answer the question why we waiting for so long, if they received requested informations form DMV in Arizona and how long we still have to wait, after such long processing. We are deeply disappointed for treating your customer this way, there is too much unprofessionalism, misleading informations from different repersentatives and too long waiting time for simple informations and processing basic request for informations about title needed to register our car in a new state where we living . We are sending this complaint for someone to get assistance in our case and to improve customer service for others waiting/ calling - like us - for weeks and months without information and professional assistance. Thank you in adavance -Elzbieta @ Paul Stepniowski
21 Kingswood Rd, Palmyra, VA, home phone # [protected], e-mail - [protected]

old address in AZ - 4529 E WoodlandDr, Phoenix, AZ 85048
acc# [protected]
VIN # 4T1BF1FK0DU698173

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