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Cadillac reviews & complaints

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Cadillac - Faulty transmission

I'm an unfortunate victim who purchased 1 of more than 12 General Motors vehicles (32, 348 miles) with known, documented total transmission failures costing close to $5, 000 dollars to repair. Some...

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Cadillac - Drive cycle

I had my battery changed a few months ago at the Cadillac dealership and was never told anything about drive cycles to reset codes. Now it will not pass inspection and everybody tells me to drive eight more miles. I've driven it almost 300. I don't use the car that much because of the Flu Manchu. I asked so Cadillac of grapevine if they could do it and reset it for me and they said no. They just gave me a list of things to do. Every time I call they just tell me to drive the car. If it's so easy to do why can't they do it for me? I think it is absolutely ridiculous with computers so advanced in this day and age that all of this has to be done to get the damn car to pass inspection. I had never even heard or seen this problem before in my car or any of my relatives or friends. Cadillac needs to improve this feature or have their dealerships fix it when they screw it up. Now I'm going to be driving with an expired registration which I will probably get a ticket for. Do you guys want to pay the tickets? I didn't think so. Jay Bullock

Desired outcome: Fix it

Cadillac - Tuner

Hello. Around six months ago I had my xt4 in because the check engine light was on. They told me I needed an update so they did it for me. I have now had it back twice because when I am talking on the phone feature( using my own phone through the speaker) no longer works. When I called to tell the maintenance Dept. I was told there is nothing they can do. When I said that is not acceptable I was given someone else who said, " I don't know what you want me to tell you" I explained this is a feature I have to have. I often work from my car and talk to my Mom Often from my car. Every time I try it it works for a few minutes then it gets a very loud screeching noise ( which will not turn down with volume button) and says tuner unavailable. The maintenance Dept. at Cole Valley told me, " maybe it will be fixed next week, maybe 6 months, maybe never." Please help. [protected]

Desired outcome: Fix my tuner/radio

Cadillac - Super cruise

Hands on the Wheel Regina King!! - Cadillac Self Driving FAILURE Self-Driving Cars may be the future, but not for Cadillac. Their version - Super Cruise failed in my car @ 8900 miles. It doesn't...

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Cadillac - remaining lease payments of returned gmc terrain vehicle.

My lease was expiring on GMC Terrain.I went to a Molouf caddilac dealer in North Brunswick nj.we agree to lease caddilac manager Joseph Mitolo and sales associate Kevin Bamrick told me that...

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Cadillac - Ed morse cadillac

Dear Mara,
I recently visited Ed Morse Cadillac for my appointment. I unfortunately assumed that Cadillac was going to help me out with the finances for this simple fix. Well that did not happen and as usual Ed Morse Cadillac was as rude as ever. In my ignorance  I assumed that Cadillac was going to help out this poor ignorant disabled old man. Well I was wrong. I also spoke with a supervisor at Cadillac who was absolutely of no assistance at all, as a matter of fact she was just as bad as Ed Morse Cadillac. She informed me that Cadillac's policy has changed since I owned my last Cadillac and probably my final Cadillac if your customer service does not change. It totally amazes me that Cadillac is willing to lose a customer over a five dollar part. Well I guess I will live and learn again which I think is to bad for your company. I will get things repaired though as I do know something about cars and CUSTOMER SERVICE.

While I am on the subject of customer service lets talk about this since I am tired of beating my head against the wall. The last Cadillac I bought from Ed Morse Cadillac had a defect as the brakes failed after three months and the car was totaled. As hard headed as I am I went out and bought another STS only a year newer (not too smart on my part wasn't it). Anyway my insurance paid the bank their part of the bargain so that's not my problem. I HAVE BEEN WAITING MONTHS FOR ED MORSE CADILLAC TO PAY MY GAP INSURANCE WHICH I BOUGHT THROUGH THEM WHEN I BOUGHT THE CAR. Well guess what I just got another call from my financial institution that they have not been paid yet which is destroying my credit. I have called the dealer several times about this ad also went to the dealer and talked to their financial expert (His name is Troy) about this at his request. He made a phone call and said everything was being taken care of, that was a couple of months ago. STILL NO RESOLUTION! What do have to do? Get nasty as the dealer and Cadillac is to me? Please I don't want to do this however what choice do I have? Can you help me resolve this? Or have a suggestion that doesn't have any unpleasant repercussions? I don't want this to happen but I am being put in a corner by Ed Morse. Please advise, I am looking for your cooperation for a congenial solution. Thank you if you can help, I have tried and tried with the dealer. I hold them responsible since I bought the GAP insurance through them.

One more thing I think you should know about my experience with Ed Morse Cadillac. I tried to give them my business since I bought my first Cadillac through them. I also own a 2002 Camaro SS loaded with GM second tier SLP options which I plan on keeping since it is close to being (if not already a classic). At any rate, I took my Camaro to Ed Morse to have a defect repaired on my rear bumper. When I inspected the vehicle when it was supposedly complete I noticed that the valance which is attached to the bottom of the bumper had a sizeable gap between the bumper and the valance. When I brought this to the attention to the service manager (I think her name is Wendy) I was told in no pleasant terms that I was wrong and that she repaired it correctly. I bought this car new and know just about everything about it since I studied everything I could including buying the Helms service manual to learn even more. I am still very proud of this car and still get many complements. In any case my car is still in the same condition and I still am not happy about it. I was told that their body shop gave me a lifetime warranty on their work but I guess I am the fool again. It didn't last two days. She was actually raising her voice to me very loudly so much that another service person near by I could tell was quite embarrassed. I was not going to have a screaming contest with her so I got in my car and left with my Camaro and the Cadillac I just bought from them.

I guess this is why I thought that maybe Ed Morse Cadillac and Cadillac Division itself could do me a favor and help me out with the Cadillac own now, It only has 47K miles on it. I realize that you are not mind a reader so I thought I would inform you and Cadillac what my position and situation has come too.

Maybe you can tell your supervisor what my change in policy is along with Cadillac's change in policy. I'm sorry it has come to this but what other choice do I have? If Cadillac can change I guess I can also. We all have to be flexible I guess. The only problem Cadillac will have is that they did not lose just one customer. What do you think my comments will be in or out of my circle of automobile friends and clubs? I guess someone's ears will be burning.

In closing, if you or someone in General Motors or the Cadillac Division has anything constructive to suggest I would be glad to hear it for a change.

Personally to you Mara have nice Holiday unlike I will stewing over the mistake I made with staying with General Motors all of these years.


Robert Fenk
9718 Little Pond Way
Tampa, Florida 33647

Cadillac - Defected brake lines

Daughter and 2 year old grandson was driving on the freeway and with no warning the brakes went out and scared them almost to death. We had car towed to Chrysler dealership which was close to location and was informed that they wouldn't fix because the lines on brakes was corruted and believed based on location of brakes tubing lines and area of corrosion with no coating on lines or shield to protect from water, salt or rain where clamp connect the brake tubing lines, that it was something GM needed to look at cause it was a safety issue and my family was lucky. Father stating in order to fix or replace line, it had to be bought in bulk and remade and he couldn't guarantee it wouldn't happen again. I contacted GMC and told them about problem and they told me the only way they could look into it, I had to take it to their choice in my state Bud Davis Cadillac. I had to pay another towing fee to have it towed to Bud Davis on Poplar on 12/23/2010. Daughter used other vehicle and went to Bud Davis to let them know car was being towed in. The service Consultant Bruce Levy was rude, disrespectful and had no regard for consumer. He looked over her apprx 15 after being announced she was there. After she finally said something to him, he went on to serve another customer who was a older, white gentleman. She voiced her dissatisfaction and he immediately told her, this is holiday season and I cant look at car until Monday. Monday 12/27/2010, my daughter called Mr. Levy and he said "Yall want something for nothing". My daughter called me and i immediately called mr levi and he became more irritated at me for calling instead of waiting for a call.. He used racial overtone and point blank said"remember its my call". I said what? He said, The vin # states its from up north and high mileage. I asked what do that mean? He stated I'm sure youre complaining so go figure it out. I call back to talk to his boss Mr. Crum and he said I must go along with my guy since yall making this a issue. I asked how do i get in touch with owner of dealership and he said, he is not available, I'm his right hand man .

I believe this situation has not been looked into with regard to safety of my family and others on the road. If a accident or death to any family is occured due to this negligence, it is on you and you have been notified. I father believe I shouldn't haft to pay for assessment that i was told to take it to so GM could get a look. This is a real safety issue and I don't believe Gm has did all it can do to rectify this problem. Please advise Shelia Williams [protected]

I bought a 2008 Cadillac SRX at Balise Chevy in Warwick, RI and had nothing but issues with the car. The car has been taken to the Cadillac dealership for repairs 7 times since we've owned the car and we only have owned the car for 5 months. The car had to have the battery, ultinater, traction control system and verious other wiring repairs also the back door windows are loose. I took the car back to Balise and they would not exchange the car without more money down which is unaccepitable. I love my Cadillac and I'd hate to get rid of it but I'm tired of taking it to get repaired all of the time. If there is anything that you can do for me it will be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
Melissa O'Toole

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Cadillac - Customer service

On 4-3-09 I took my father cadillac to napleton's for service, and was extremely unhappy with the level of customer service. My father who has been a loyal gm cadillac owned had purchased the vehicle...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Cadillac - Service

Service Department at Claude Nolan are Clueless. Put 1oo miles on my car in two days after replacing crank sensors still trying to find out why it stoped running. Went to Good year...problem cracked wire shorting out system. Goodyear found problem by moving the wires connected to crank sensors while running. May not have needed new sensors after all which cost me $400. Claude Nolan was not willing to do anything to resolve there mistake.. 5500 with no more problems...Thanks Goodyear...


In 2013 I purchased a 2007 Cadillac CTS (57000 miles). Very disappointed. Literally as soon as we drove it off the lot the water pump went out and it has just been downhill since. It had to be towed right back to the dealership. That should have been an immediate red flag. We didn't get the vehicle back for almost two weeks. Then there was was the issue with the rpm needle fluttering. I was told by the dealership, after they had the car for two days, that nothing is wrong and it still does this. Currently the pps module (airbag sensor) is out. It was a recall in December of 2010. The recall was repaired in July 2011. I was told by GM that they wouldn't repair it again because it had been repaired once under the recall. This vehicle has 85900 miles and is a 2007! If this is something that can go out twice in 4 years I find that to be a crappy made part! I bought Ford for years and never had any issues. I bought a Chrysler and never had any issues. I buy a Cadillac and it's been nothing but problems. Oh and don't drive with the windows down because the rear airbag compartment comes loose and hang down from the wind. I find this car to be junk and their customer service to be less than excited to help you and will never buy GM again!!!

Oct 31, 2007

Cadillac - fuel line recall

On 10/20/07 I was notified by Cadillac that my fuel line was possibly defective and to take it to my nearest dealer and have it repaired at NO CHARGE 'I was told by the dealer that by repairing the fuel line it might possibly deamage the fuel pump abd i would have to pay for the replacement of a new fuel pump if necessary. I contacted Cadillac and they basically told me the same thing. What a rip off, i didn't create this problem and don't feel it is my problem since cadillac was the one that put in a defective, dangerous fuel line. I guess it's time to buy a Honda ! Greg

My 2017 Cadillac ATS has been at the dealership since 6/5/19
Fault codes 700 & 711. Three delays so far, continually waiting on parts.
VIN 1G6AA5RX9H0111529
Dealer; Baker Cadillac, Charleston, SC 29403
Can you assist in expediting repair?
Thank you.
Michael E. Macy