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Complaints & Reviews

King size archer bed

February 27, 2020, (order#[protected]) I ordered the Archer bed which they said it was on back order. Early...

Customer service

The store in Novi Michigan sucks. We walked in expecting to leave with a sectional an recliner an was never...

Will not resolve issue with defective sectional

I purchased a section in february 2019 and since it has been falling apart, spring are popping out. The frame is breaking down the cushions are sinking (rarely on part we never sit on). I have a warranty that says all these things are covered under the warranty. Gardner white is unwilling to exchange the couch and let me get something that is not defective. I want to send me part to fix it. I am not a furniture repair person and I am not going to put these parts together myself and I do not want to replace a bad couch for more bad couch parts. All I want is to exchange it and they will not work with me. I don't understand why. I am willing to pay the difference. I don't see the problem. Please help.

Customer service

Picked out a mattress in store Gave credit card and set up delivery Was not offered the no interest Gardner...

Online order

I ordered a kitchen table set 1 month ago and still havent received it. I tried calling the main office and no one is answering the phones. I was first in the caller que and was on hold forever. I have left a call back number and no one returns my calls. At this rate I probably wont see my kitchen table until Christmas. This is the last time I order anything from Gardner White. Someone could have warned me that a direct shipment from the manufacturer might take longer than normal. They are just trying to make a sale.

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Stupid commercial

This Air had him in his daughter keep coming out at this coronavirus time telling us to keep shopping
Get life people are Dying left and right and also people losing jobs left and right Change your dumb commercial just like everyone has if u want to stay positive do it different way not asking them buy spending money in your store how about you Donates time to people that lost their jobs

Sofa pillow

I called for service on a pillow Zipper that broke. They told me to send pictures to an Atlanta number which I did and I'd hear back from them in a few days. Nothing after a week so I called the store again and they resubmitted the order. Nothing the second week and I called the store again. Nothing the third week and I called the store again. That's when I was told that they are behind because it's the same repair company as art Van. So basically I won't get a repair for a while. So I paid for something that I can't use.

Kitchen Table and Chairs

I will never shop at Gardner White again. I put a deposit on a table and chairs in late October 2019. We finalized the order and paid for the items in full in mid November. They told us we would have it mid December. Time came and no delivery. I called and they said it would be late December. Again, no delivery or call to update. We called after the first and they said mid January. Never happened this time it was going to be the first week of February.

I finally get a call in mid February that they could deliver on Sunday. We were ready. Warehouse calls me that morning to tell me that they have the chairs but, no table yet. I was upset and went to talk to the manager. She assured me she was on top of it. Finally heard from our Sales person and he said he was on top of it.

The next week we got another call and a text message that our order was finally in. I asked them to check to make sure it was all coming. The guy says they have the table but, the chairs won't be delivered till mid April. Now, I am furious. I go to the store and cancel the order and demand a full refund. This is not the way to treat customers.

a bedroom set

I placed an order Feb 21st they told me my order would reach the store on the 23rd. My order did not reach...

wall clock

Bought a clock for a Christmas present. As it was the last one in stock, they wrapped it in stretch wrap after removing it from the wall. A week after Christmas we finally had time to hang it. Upon putting batteries in it, both the minute and hour hand turn at the same speed. I tried numerous batteries to the same result. I called to ask the return policy and was told it's seven days which have elapsed as it was a present. They told me I could return it minus a 25% restocking fee even if it's broken. I'll never shop there again

furniture/ bedroom set (king)

My bed been broke for a month now. Someone came to look at it but that was it. No one still have not called me to get the part or to come fix my bed. I am messing up my couches by sleeping on them because that's all I have to sleep on. I never thought I would get this terrible service. I am no long making payments because I am not getting the professional help and good customer service. I am destroying my other furniture because I have no bed to sleep in. This is horrible

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    Tonyaw Mar 15, 2020
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was told that they are behind because it's the same repair company as art Van. This is ridiculous. You pay to make sure things are covered and they aren't. What can we do?

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sofas chair ottomans

I purchase 2 sofas, a chair and 2 ottomans almost 2 years ago. This has been a nightmare from the date of...


I received a call on 11/14 that my items were in stock and ready to be delivered. It was not until 11/15 that...

children’s matthew and headboard

My family and I have been shopping at Gardner White for years until now. I will never shop there again and...

sectional couch

PLEASE DONT WASTE your MONEY for any Products here!

I bought Sectional (Couch) from here along with my all furniture. Obviously, they recommend you to buy Purchase protection. Since we are spending 5 to 6 grands, we will be willing to buy protection. But, Is the money we spend for Protection is absolutely nothing and it is total WASTE. This is my 2nd experience with Gardner white. First time, it happened for my Mattress. This time it is happening for my Sectional(Couch). I bought a Protection supposed to be covered for 5 years. They simply saying they don't cover bonded leather after 12 months. this is just 2 years old. The Protection company saying that they will cover only accidental damage and they don't cover if bonded leather automatically comes out. This is absolutely nonsense. While buying the products, they said they will cover everything. If the leather automatically coming out, please guess the quality of the product how it is. The Customer service is very poor. What kind of logic it is if they cover only accidental damage and not natural damage? they supposed to be more responsible for the quality of the product than accidental incidents. The Representative was very Rude from Protection company and they don't approve anything if you go for protection. Gardner-white never cares their Customers as well.

PLEASE DONT WASTE your MONEY for any Products here!

sectional couch
sectional couch
sectional couch

mattress / delivery

07/19 I called for a warranty check on our mattress. The technician who came out said the ¾" + dip in the mattress was considered reasonable wear for that mattress, and showed us how to check the mattress. Our $1200.00 mattress has a 25yr warranty, purchased on 11/28/14. We sleep on this mattress that we consider shot giving us back aches and additional visits to the chiropractor until 10/15/19 when it meets criteria 1 ½" dip that the technician said was required for the warranty, we haul the mattress to the living room, dig out the camping air mattress. 10/16/19 I call Gardner White for a warranty and they explain that it has already been approved for a warranty exchange. I can't believe they didn't call and let us know, makes us feel as they are scamming on warranties.

We go to the store Wednesday 10/16/19 to pick out an exchange, because they no longer carry that model. We pick out the model within the first 15-30 minutes and 3 different sale persons. We pick a mattress that cost $1599.00 that comes with a foundation at no additional charge and a 43" LED TV. Since we have to pay the difference in price we expect that package. The next struggle begins, we are expected to pay the additional $436.00 and we ONLY get the mattress! The TV we understood, but not the foundation. If we wanted a foundation we had to pay $150.00 and after she talked to the store manager $100.00 more. Needless to say I got on the phone with Serta and they explained that I had to work my way through the chain of commands until I could get no longer get any help and they would take care of the problem. They were also very helpful in the warranty aspect. The new mattress has a 10yr warranty, we had to get a note added that this mattress has a 20yr warranty to complete the original 25yr warranty. It only took 2.5hrs and delivery was scheduled for Friday.

If hasn't been unpleasant enough, the nightmare begins. Friday they call around 11am and leave a message there is a mix up they can't deliver until later this evening, or would I like another delivery day. I call them back right away as I was just on another phone call. I leave a message that I need the delivery as I have already taken down the air mattress and stored it in the attic so I have nothing to sleep on. I receive no return phone call. I believe in my mind they will deliver Friday evening. I was mistaken. My husband calls around 7pm leaves another message, which is a waste of time as they never call back. I call back 45 minutes and go to customer service line instead of the delivery line and we are told the truck broke down and we would not receive our delivery today and promise delivery first thing Saturday and offer a Gardner White gift certificate for $50.00 like we would actually like to do business with them ever again. We decline the gift card. 8pm and they never bothered to call, just kept us waiting around, and now we have to figure out where we are going to sleep.

Saturday arrives and they actually show up, with a mattress and no foundation. We decline delivery as we already went through the foundation issue at the store and do not want that battle again. We call the delivery line and customer service line repeatedly and get nothing but a run around for 1.5 hours to be given a BS answer that they cannot deliver today because it is a warranty exchange it needs to be authorized by corporate, it will take several hours and they will be unable to deliver until Sunday. I call them out because it should already be authorized as we were already scheduled for delivery. I ask what happened to same day delivery, more BS. I just give up and start writing my review as I have had heard enough.

did not receive purchased furniture

Purchased $4200 for sectional, ottoman and end table. Furniture wasn't in stock, so salesperson advised me he'll order the furniture and it will be delivered 3 weeks later.

Salesperson said that furniture may be delivered to their warehouse on different dates. He suggested that once any of the pieces arrives, we should gave it immediately delivered, instead of having one delivery date for all of the items.

It was explained to me that if one of our piece is sitting in there warehouse before the other pieces arrive, they can sell it. I advised the salesperson to deliver each piece when it arrives.

Our delivery date was on 9-21-19. No pieces were delivered before 9-21, so I assumed all pieces would be delivered on our scheduled date.

On 9-21, received a call from the delivery center advising that none of our furniture is in the warehouse; therefore we wouldn't be receiving our furniture.

Contacted our salesperson and he confirmed That some of our PURCHASED furniture had arrived earlier, but they already sold it. Needless to say I was very upset.

Talked with a manager, and she confirmed what the salesperson told me. She said that hopefully our PURCHASED furniture will be delivered at the end of thus month or early next month, but she couldn't guarantee it.

Her remedy to this mess was for me to go to the store (Novi Michigan) and pick out something different than what we wanted. That's not going to happen!

Why would they resell furniture that was already purchased? Salesperson's make commission off sales. So I purchased furniture and they made commission, then they resold my purchased furniture and made commission off that. Something really stinks about that.

I went ahead and cancelled my order and they were like no big deal this always happens. They advised that my account will be credited within 3-5 days. I'll be watching my account closely making sure this occurs.

Will never do business with Gardner white again.

mismanagement of customer funds

I will no longer shop at Gardner White Furniture or any other store that uses Comenity Bank. I've always liked Gardner White Furniture so when it came time for me to buy furniture of course this was where I shopped. I've made multiple purchases using the store's charge card financed through Comenity. Since the multiple purchases overlapped I had different plans/specials going on at the same time. Although I made my payments on time, apparently Comenity was purposely put a larger chunk to a plan that did not accrue interest and a minuscule amount to the plan that charges interest. After speaking with a customer service representative I asked point blank how is a consumer supposed to know how the funds are being divided if there's no mention of that on the statements or paperwork from the sales reps. Instead of answering I got two different bs answers one stating that they are not required to make a mention of that and the other stating that it's in the fine print (however, when I asked what fine print she could not tell me where). Also, to add insult to injury they attempted to give me a lecture on what I should have paid-NO Dummies-if you are upfront with how consumers payments are being split they can make that determination for themselves don't try to give me a lecture after the fact ([censored] off). Long story short due to the attitude of the customer service reps and the rather deceptive practices I feel was committed by both companies I will no longer be supporting to Gardner White Furniture or Comenity Bank. Sadly, these organizations probably won't even care.


I have made complaints numerous times and everyone is ignoring I have used gardner white to furnish my and my kids homes I have spent over 5000 with this company. The problem is my son has been on the floor since february because either the wrong parts are being sent or they go to the wrong address. On 9/14 they was supposed to come out they went to the wrong house I call gardner white in southfield and spoke with dashanae she called delivery and they said they will be there by 11pm I stayed in the house all day no one showed up I really think at this time I need compensation but I complained to corporate and to the manager at gardner white and no one seems to care great customer service [protected]

lorenzo 3-piece microfiber reclining sectional

I called in March 2019 rude lady Melody was told I will hear from the tech to schedule someone out to look at...