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Gardner-White Furniture Complaints & Reviews

Gardner-White Furniture / your commercials

Jun 18, 2019

Your commercial with the cow that disappears and turns into a couch is extremely offensive. I cannot believe this continues to air. I recently bought all new furniture from you and if I can return it all I will. I am just disgusted by whatever insensitive idiot came up with this concept...

Gardner-White Furniture / leather chair

May 22, 2019

I brought my furniture living room ( leather)set 2 years ago a got a extended warranty on it my salesman told me that anything go wrong it will be fix or replace rip, tears, broken mechanism would be covered, my recliner began cracking in about 4 spots just on one arm we call they said...

Gardner-White Furniture / furniture care repair and the entire process with gardner white

May 21, 2019

Furniture Care Repair and the entire process! Furniture Repair #1744 BC initiated in March 2019 Gardner White - you really need to review processes and procedures and better your customer service skills. Unfortunately, this is not my first bad experience with your company. I've had conversation...

Gardner-White Furniture / customer service

May 14, 2019

I purchaded a sectional couch 2 weeks ago. Due to in unprofessional and complete wrong information I have been waiting almost 10 days to have my complete sofa delivered and re assembled. The initial delivery was awful because the gentlemen wouldvnot take the time to get it into my...

Gardner-White Furniture / a couch that I purchased 6 months ago

May 10, 2019

Cushing's are sagging feels like you're sitting in a hole and on wood, the arm cushions are hard all you feel is wood, had customer service out here and they were said there was nothing they could do that is bullshit, we have purchased thousands of dollars worth of items from Gardner-White...

Gardner-White Furniture / box spring n chest drawer

May 06, 2019

Box spring tore n dust cover hanging n chest scratch n 2 big hole In the back! Repair person came on may 3 2019 and didn't repair the chest he said he did't know he was to repair the chest! Gardner white did send me a new box spring! Now iam waiting to see what they are going to do...

Gardner-White Furniture / mattress

May 06, 2019

I purchased a mattress on April 30th. It was delivered on May 1st. After 5 days of tossing and turning I called to say I wanted to switch it out for another mattress. I was told I had to sleep on the crappy mattress for 60 days and then pay $289 to get a new one. I was never offered a...

Gardner-White Furniture / credit account

Jan 22, 2019

I have had stellar credit on my account. I called on December 11th 2018 and spoke to a gentlemen because my payment was 1 day late. This gentleman said there was nothing he could do said to call next month once I received my statement to get waived. I called today January 22nd, (spoke to...

Gardner-White Furniture / repair services

Dec 21, 2018

I will never shop at gardner white again. I purchased dining room chairs and the warranty. I called for service 3 weeks ago and followed all procedures required by submitting photos to the warranty company as instructed. I was told someone will contact me to set up appoint after I emailed...

Gardner-White Furniture / bedroom furniture delivery

Nov 27, 2018

My husband and I took off a day from work waiting on furniture that was on backorder for more than a week Then we got a call from the distribution center in Auburn Hills stating that they had all the pieces in the warehouse and was ready for delivery between 4 PM and 7 PM I get a call...

Gardner-White Furniture / as5001 recliner lift chair recliner

Nov 24, 2018

I purchase a recliner on 9-29-2018 upon delivery it was discovered that the motor was dead they were going to replace the motor. I objected and received another one. Here I am 11-20-2018 and again the motor is shot they're trying to replace the motor. This is unacceptable I asked for a new...

Gardner-White Furniture / kelly leen worst sales rep

Oct 26, 2018

Kelly Leen is the worst sales rep I have ever dealt with. We bought a sectional over the weekend and she said she was taking care of the sales tax. She never said anything about a delivery fee either. When I looked at my bill I was charged tax and delivery. I tried contacting the store for...

Gardner-White Furniture / leather sectional motors in recliners

Sep 11, 2018

I Purchased a leather Sectional in 2013 and everything was fine as I hardly ever go into that room. But, the other day I heard a noise and went into the living room and to my surprise both of the end recliners where up in the air. I tried to get them to go back down but to no avail they...

Gardner-White Furniture / customer service and broken component on my brand new couch

Jul 13, 2018

Hello. I purchased a couch, love seat and chair on June 27th from your Auburn Hills store. The furniture was delivered promptly and according to schedule on June 28th. I was very pleased and provided positive feedback based on my service at that time. Shortly after we received the...

Gardner White / kids dresser

May 01, 2018

I purchased a dresser that was advertised as 20% off. I have a gardner white card which have a credit limit I wanted use bottom line. The sales lady told me the dresser would be $ 588 free shipping after I got my bill and didnt see new charges added to it I had my daughter to bring me the...

Gardner-White Furniture / comenity bank

May 01, 2018

Hello, I bought several pieces from you over the past couple years, and recently made quite a purchase. I went to payoff the account in full before surgery (that left me completely bed ridden!), on Comentity's website. They have a few selections, one is to pay the account in full. I...

Gardener White / leather reclining sofa and chair

Jan 21, 2016

I took my disabled brother to get a living room outfit and ended up buying a new sofa and reclining chair . After reviving my first set that was damaged it was replaced and several times when two people were onit if one got off I was thrown off !!! I called and complained several times and...

Gardner White Warren / removal of old bedding

Oct 25, 2015

On 10-23-2015 we puchased a new bed from Gardner White on 14 mile in WarrenI am a 69 year old and purchased a new bed on Thursday of last week.The salesperson told me that removal of the old bedding was included in the price of the new bed. When the delivery guys came, they examined the...

Gardner White / protection plan

Aug 09, 2015

Protective plan is not covering the fabric problems I'm having as I was told when purchased that this chair was covered for any thing that happens to it from anything. My salesperson said that it would either be fixed ore replaced for 5 years. I had the tech come out and he said to...

Gardner White / customer disatisfaction

Jul 30, 2015

First, during the shopping trip, my friend and I were treated quite rudely. Especially after the sales person insisted I apply for the Gardner White credit card (which I already knew I would be denied due to credit issues). Well, he ran my credit, and just as I told him, it was denied...

[Resolved] Gardner White / warranty scam

Jun 18, 2015

Purchased 5k in furniture and a $500 warranty. Warranty is a huge scam. Company is called Guardian Protection. They denied my claim based on a minor issue that could have been resolved quite easily. Saleperson definately "sold" it. The store is the Hall Rd. and Hayes store in suburban Detroit. Don not shop there or any Gardner White. Huge scam.

Gardner White Furniture / poor quality and even worse customer service

Sep 22, 2014

Not amused! On Aug 9th while I was home for a friend’s wedding, my boy friend and I found this bedroom set. We bought this bedroom set, had this bedroom set delivered and then the fun started! On Aug 16thwe got the first delivery, not the entire bedroom set made it to the warehouse...

Gardner White Warren, MI / lying sales mgr

Dec 25, 2013

Purchased a I-Comfort mattress $2400 worth, first one lasted 2 months and failed mfg specs. Next one lasted 8 months, srnt another employee to check our complaint of sags, failed again. We both weigh a total of 300 lbs. Sales mgr Paul S. basically lied time after time stating they would...

Gardner White Furniture / does not care about their employees

May 10, 2012

The owners of Gardner White does not care about their employees. I was bullied and harrased on a daily basis. I had fake gmails, fake complaints, and horrible employess trying to get me fired. I had rumors about me spread around and my job threatened for no reason. I sold 70, 000 dollar...

Gardner White / cheaply made furniture

Apr 04, 2012

We bought a love seat and 2 recliners from the Canton store last March. Within a month of having the furniture, the stuffing was packing down and shifting in the arms, the cushion of the one chair was lumpy and the handle on one chair was chipping paint. We called them in January of 2012...

Gardner White / broken crappy furniture

Mar 26, 2012

I purchased furniture on 3/2i5/11. My bed broke on 3/13/12. I contacted the store, and service tech came out. Of course, he couldn't fix it. His manager contacted me, stating it was broken because of a weight issue, basically explaining we weighed too much and broke it. (My husband...

Gardner White Waterford MI / bad mattress/terrible service

Mar 13, 2012

Last July my wife and I purchase a new king size mattress during the king for queen sale at the Gardner White on Dixie Highway in Waterford Michigan. Everything started off perfect. It was delivered a day or two later and great until after only 7 months it was sagging quite a bit. We...

Gardner White / return policy

Dec 05, 2011

Bought a set Of Leather couches and got them delivered to Canada for an extra 90 bucks! Got it home and it was damaged. Gardner white said no problem and made a second delivery...again there was damage to that set too!!! Damages were rips and scuffs and a couple of Manufacturer defect...

Gardner White / customer service

Nov 21, 2011

I bought a set of side tables and center table from Gardner white. They gave me a cleaner to use. After 6 months, the wood started peeling off. When I complained, they said they are going to send a rep. to check. When the rep. came, even before he inspected the table, he started to blame...

Gardner White Furniture / lousy quality and even worse customer service!

Jul 12, 2011

I purchased a $3000.00 Simmons Beautyrest mattress less than two years ago. It was the best one they had, according to the salesman. Now, like I said, less than two years later, one of the sides has completely collapsed! I'm talking like 3+ inches! the side is bowed out, and the...

Gardner White / liars

May 16, 2011

I was promised NO interest on my purchase ( of what turned to junk within 2 months) When I got my bill there it was INTEREST charges. When I called the Taylor store to speak with the saleswoman who sold me the furniture, she played dumb and acted as if she didn't remember me! I am...

Gardner White Furniture / odd policy

Apr 02, 2011

We purchased a sofa and chair on a Sunday afternoon, both pieces were in stock. According to Gardner White's delivery schedule, they were only able to deliver to us on the following Friday. The salesperson made a point of explaining that if other people purchased the same pieces in...

Gardener White / leather sectional sofa

Jan 12, 2011

I bought a leather sectional sofa in 2008 and the sales guy recommended to purchase a leasther protection plan for 5 years. I purchased the plan. In 2009 I sent a request to Gaurdian who are supposed to send technician to fix a very small tear came took pictures and sent a letter back...

Gardner White / they will not honor the warranty


Purchased $5000.00 couch it broke within the first month and they will not fix it says it is NOT a manufactures warranty item. The problem is the mechanism for the recliner is bent, they say this happened because we sat on the couch, the arm rest fell into the couch they said that wa...

Gardner White / terrible service


Last Dec. (2009) we purchased a living room set from Gardner White, and since then, they have been out to our house 3 times to try to fix the furniture. The recliners on the sofa and loveseat are broken and the company who makes the furniture went out of business so we can't get a new...

Gardner White / warrenty lies


I wanted to make it known that Gardner White does not come clean about warranty information. I had several goods delivered to a house before I moved them in a week to a new location. The warranty only covers the furniture under the house that it was originally delivered to. I told the...

Gardner White Furniture / deplorable


February 1, 2010 – We went to Gardner White Furniture Store in Canton, MI to shop for a mattress set. We were greeted by Jim Baumstark, sales associate. We advised him that we were looking for something very specific - an ultra plush/soft mattress set. Our current mattress set wa...

Gardner White / ruined floors


Bought furniture at Gardner White in Warren, MI. They delivered it and the loveseat was ruined. A spot/hole in the arm of the couch. Called & told them. They had another one sent out over the next couple days. The delivery guys delivered it & took away the old one and then I caught the one...

Gardner White Furniture / don't buy from gardner white!


February 1, 2010 – We went to Gardner White Furniture Store in Canton, MI to shop for a mattress set. We were greeted by Jim Baumstark, sales associate. We advised him that we were looking for something very specific - an ultra plush/soft mattress set. Our current mattress set wa...

Gardner White / don't buy a tv package - scam


I purchased a Big Picture TV package from the Gardner White store in Canton, MI on Feb 22nd, 2010. I purchased the package that included the Lipari sofa, loveseat, tables, 42” and 24” TVs for 3399.99. I also purchased leather protection for 179.99, paid shipping of 69.99 and...