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2415 West Franklin Street
United States - 21223

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 443 919 6616(Baltimore, MD) 2 0
+1 410 789 5666(Glen Burnie, MD) 1 0
+1 410 612 1627(Edgewood, MD) 1 0
+1 410 662 4071(East Baltimore, MD) 1 0
+1 443 772 0352(Rosedale, MD) 1 0
+1 410 282 4562(Essex, MD) 1 0
+1 301 669 1925(Forestville, MD) 2 0
+1 301 350 1300(Hyattsville, MD (Central Ave.) 1 0
+1 301 439 0270(Hyattsville, MD (University Blvd) 1 0
Glen Burnie, MD
5103 Gov. Ritchie Hwy, Glen Burnie, MD 21225
Edgewood, MD
1815 Pulaski Hwy, Edgewood, MD 21040
East Baltimore, MD
800 East 25th St., Baltimore, MD 21218
Rosedale, MD
8643 Pulaski Hwy, Rosedale, MD 21237
Essex, MD
7856 Eastern Ave., Essex, MD 21224
Forestville, MD
7756 Marlboro Pike, Forestville, MD 20747
Hyattsville, MD
7870 Central Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20785
Hyattsville, MD
2101 University Blvd E., Hyattsville MD 20783

Price Busters Discount Furniture Complaints & Reviews

Price Busters Discount Furniture — bedroom set

I'm a 55 year old woman I purchased a bedroom set and had to assemble it myself Now my back, neck, shoulders and arms are hurting I asked if the delivery man was going to assemble the bedroom set and he told me that he was not going to assemble it I would have to pay him $80.00 to assemble...

Furniture  · Oct 17, 2019

Price Busters Discount Furniture — my kitchen set

My pieces to my kitchen set is not probably going together I'm pissed off due to the fact I kept getting the run around and on top of that they delivered my stuff to. 13 year old ask me to take pictures I did that did videos emailed them like I was told and still had to drive all the way...

Furniture  · Jun 27, 2019

Price Busters Discount Furniture — online booking

Price Busters Discount Furniturecan you help me regarding on the flight that I incorrectly booked? I was looking for a cheapest flight then suddenly I wasn't aware that I am looking at the date May 18, it supposed to be may 19. I already made the purchase its already booked at the same day. the flight was confirmed at...

Furniture  · May 18, 2019

Price Busters Discount Furniture — damaged furniture and rep told me that it would be difficult to change it

I won’t advise anyone to deal with the company Price Busters Furniture. I have bought the bed and small night table and the seller provided the confirmation email. He wrote that such order would take 10 weeks to be delivered. I patiently waited, but the furniture arrived already damaged. I...

Furniture  · Aug 28, 2015

Price Busters — cheap & water damaged!

I bought a new sectional/chaise couch at Price Busters September 6, 2011. It was delivered to my house on September 13, 2011. After ripping off the plastic packaging, it was soaked on the bottom. Since they DO NOT put together the furniture for you, I didn't notice this until after they...

Price Busters Furniture — very poor customer service

I Bought some furniture on a Thursday and I was told the stuffs would be delivered the next day, I waited all day and there was no call, no delivery what so ever, I called customer service all to no avail and when eventually I was able to get through, I was told the delivery guys called my...

Price Busters Furniture — try calling them and the phone keeps ringing and no one answers

Went to this furniture store to purchase a mattress for a spare room got a good price on a display mattress, so we thought but it turned out to be used and had a bad odor which we think may be bug spray. Call store back because we were told that someone had tried to clean the mattress off...

Price Busters — they delivered my order almost 2 months late

I purchased a bedroom set (bed and night stand). They delivered almost 2 months late (blaming the snow) and did a no show on one scheduled delivery date. The bed is fine but the nightstand was not assembled correctly at all. As soon as I took the night stand out of the box it fell apart...

Price Busters Furniture — got no idea what customer service is

I purchased a bedroom and living room set including a mattress set in the Brooklyn Park store. I paid 1400.00 that day. When my furniture was delivered 2 days later the mattress was ripped on the end. I had to keep calling to find out about getting a new one. They did send me out another...

Price Busters Furniture — awful experience

I purchased a bedroom set from Price Busters in Baltimore, MD. The day of the delivery, I received a phone call to inform me that the dresser and mirror is out of stock until Friday. Today is Tuesday and they called to say that they will still be delivering the bed. I payed for my furniture...

Price Busters Furniture — waste of money

I purchased a Mattress set from Price Busters (Baltimore, Md) about 3 WEEKS ago. After, being harrassed at the warehouse about ID (they wanted to take down my drivers license number). I told them I was not going to allow them that info. They then told me I would not get the mattress unle...