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Complaints & Reviews

don't buy a tv package - scam

I purchased a Big Picture TV package from the Gardner White store in Canton, MI on Feb 22nd, 2010. I...

no furniture - norefund

I placed six chairs in their layaway at the end of November. I added a chest piece the next month to the...

bad customer service

My husband and I put the Southie reclining 3-piece sectional "big picture package" on layaway towards the end...

customer service/warranty

I purchased a living room package on 1-2-2010. I also purchased and had explained to me the extra stain safe...

junky furniture

I too have an issue as yet unresolved with Gardner White. My sofa is 11 months old and the cushions are totally flat. They can not be fluffed up. It feels like you are sitting on the frame of the sofa or the floor. The filling is a piece of foam with a little batting wrapped around it. There is not enough filling. Also, when using the arm rest you can feel the wood frame of the couch. It is very uncomfortable.

I too had the unpleasant experience of talking to Ms. Preston and another manager. They had a fast talking guy come out and brush off our concerns saying there is "no manufacturers defect". Sound familiar? There wasn't even an attempt to resolve the issue.

  • An
    ann g Mar 01, 2010

    Well you should not sit on the arm rest, this is for ams not butts that is why you can feel the wood

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On August 30, my husband and I went into the Gardner White furniture store on Hall Road. We spoke with the salesman Jose about a particular couch. We must have taked with him for about an hour and wanted to make sure that the couch that we liked was durable. We were very undecided about this couch and he assured us that the fabric was extremely durable and that the company that manufactured this couch was a well known company for the quality products and assured us that it came with a great warranty.

On August 31 this couch was delivered to our home. On September 13 not even two weeks later, my husband was lying on the floor by the couch and saw that there was already a wear whole in it!!! Upon further inspection of the couch, we found another wear whole that was very small, but obviously would get bigger. We immediately got in the car and drove to Gardner White. the woman behind the desk was extremely rude to us and basically told us it was our problem. We kept complaining and then jose appeared. When he found out we were there to complain about our furniture, he literally put both hands in the air and stated that we would have to deal with someone else on the issue. Finally, a manager came out to speak with us. We were told that someone would come out today to take a look at it and see if it was fixable and we were led to believe that if it was not fixable, they would just send us another one.

Well, we received a call from the company on our voicemail stating that the report came back that the couch was unfixable and that again it would be our problem and it would only be fixed "at our expense"! After hearing this voicemail we both went over to look at the couch again and found ANOTHER whole in it!

My husband spoke and talked to someone who was really rude to him and then finally was connected with Connie. She is basically telliing us that it will be up to the manufacturer to deal with this that if we would have called within 48 hours they could have done something through Gardner White, but not now. I find this funny since after reading other complaints I find that someone was told three months.

This is horrid customer service and absolutely unacceptable! You would think that they would want to make their customers happy and would do whatever they could to satify us to keep us as future customers and to gain more customers from great word of mouth. However, this is not the case. I guess they would rather lose us as customers and lose future customers since my husband and I plan on telling everyone we know not to go to this store. We are now stuck with paying over $1600 for a couch that is a piece of *** and we haven't even received the first bill yet!!!

Resolved poor quailty&customer service

In November, 2007 I paid over 3, 000.00 for a Living
Group from Garnder White by June, 2008 the cushions begin to desegregate with little or no use of
this furniture. I called the Warren store, And I told
sorry there nothing they could or would do about it.
I am now forced to purchase form cushions from other

Resolved faulty mattress

I purchased a mattress at Gardner White in August 2007. Within a month, the mattress sagged over 1...

Resolved broken furniture

Ordered two tables. Picked each of them up. When the boxes were opened at home, each one was damaged. One...

terrible employees & management

I would strongly advise anyone who is contemplating buying anything from Gardner White, to reconsider. Had we...

free sheets as advertised

The Canton, MI store advertised a free set of sheets with the purchase of a new Serta Branford mattress set. I called 2 days after receiving the set, because the "coupon" for the free sheets did not arrive with the mattress set. I was promised by the salesman, Marvin Blaze that it would be in the mail and I would be getting it within two weeks. I called after about 4 weeks and he told me again that he would send it out and I would get it within two weeks. I called again after 2 weeks and was told the same thing. After another 2 weeks I went to the store and was told again that it would be coming from the headquarters and I would get it in a week or two. It has now been 2 weeks and I still have not received the coupon. I will never do business with this store again, and I will make sure I spread the word to everyone I know not to do business with this store.

dinette chairs

The dinette chairs we purchased several months ago "as is" floor models are completely ruined &
are not useable. I am not that naive to believe
that this is the fault of the person sitting in these
chairs. An inferior product was put on the floor
& touted to be something it is not.Being a machine
& tool designer for the last 30 years has taught me
to understand structural integrity. These chairs do not have it! Unfortunately I purchased these chairs against my better judgement, but was assured by the salesperson "not to worry." I would prefer to settle this amicably with perhaps a trade or something, because the junk I have sitting around
my kitchen table isn't getting it,get it?

horrible business policies

I initially put up my complaint on but after seeing so many of them against Gardner White on this website, I thought I would add to the list. I purchased a top of the line Beauty Rest Mattress. Within 5 days of purchasing we realized how bad the mattress is. There are bumps and indentations all over the mattress.

Initially we thought the mattress is built that way to provide more comfort, there must be a reason or technology associated for the bumps.

But we soon realized there is no reason whatsoever -we approached Gardner white ,warren,Mi with in a week's time (The place where we purchased the mattress around July2004) - to exchange the mattress as it was very uncomfortable to sleep on it .

We were told there are no exchange or returns for mattresses. We really felt very cheated.

With no choice available -we started sleeping on the same mattress thinking probably after a month we will get adjusted but after a month, I developed severe inflammation of the
hip joint (I have doctors consultation receipts to support this statement) and my wife started having similar backache problems - because of the unevenness of the bed.

Right now we are sleeping on the floor. We don't have any of the back problems anymore.

But is there any justice to this -every month I pay around 40$ to Gardner White towards the mattress and I will have to pay this till July 2007 and we get to sleep on the Floor. Can Gardner White or Beauty Rest People -Explain?

It is not only selling a product, customer satisfaction is also very important.


  • An
    angela May 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Gardner white are rip offs. Wont stand behind their come on ads to get your business. They are the best company I have seen on playing the swicth up game. You want the whole story e mail me but buyer beware of gardner run fast. It takes a lot for me to be unsatisfied but you want the run around then buy from them. Rude, and their practices are built on being good mannipulators or at the very worst outright liars. I was trying to be reasonable with a return and was told one thing but they will use everything in the book to keep you from returning something. Bill Bondski has to be a drunk and broke to be thier spoksperson, or he gets his furniture for free!! Don't buy from GARDNER WHITE!!

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total b.s.!

About 5 years ago now, I purchased an entire bedroom set at Gardner-White Furniture in Canton, Michigan. It is a nice looking pine bed with headboard and footboard. The mattress sits on 4-5 wooden slats that run across the frame all the way down the center. At the time of purchase, the salesperson didn't inform us that we would be voiding our warranty if the frame didn't have a center support. Actually, there was never any mention of a center support.

And why would it be sold without it, if required, any way? Our mattress now has two indentations where we sleep on each side. The center does not sag. Also, we are not large people, not that it should matter of course. So far, we have had two inspectors come out. We were denied both times due to lack of a center support. This really makes no sense to me since the bed doesn't sag in the center, but this is what they tell us.

I have spoken to the Simmons sales manager of this region. I came to find out that he believed we had one of those metal frames which do require the center support. After informing him that we had the wooden frame with the wooden slats running down the center, he still denied us our claim. At first I figured there was nothing I could about this, and almost let it go-- until I started shopping for new mattresses.

That is when I learned that the center support issue is for the metal frames which only support the edges of the mattress. Our frame supports the edges, as well as having the wooden slats running across to support the center. This is probably why our mattress doesn't sag in the center. And why didn't Gardner-White Furniture in Canton. MI inform us of this issue at the time of purchase? Which reminds me- Bill Bonds (famous local news anchorman)- if you happen to read this- please quit doing these stupid commercials for this company-Gardner-White Furniture in Canton. MI . They don't care about their customers either. You can't need the money that badly...

Any way, I am thinking of starting up my own website dedicated to the people whom have been denied a warranty claim based on some bogus excuses by Simmons. Some type of don't buy a Simmons site. Maybe if we can get enough people to boycott their products, they will change their minds about how they treat their customers. Any short clever names for this site will be appreciated. In addition I am going to look into starting a class-action lawsuit against Simmons, if I can find enough consumers whom have been wronged by this company.

I think I will start locally, calling up the local news stations here in metro-Detroit. They seem to like going after companies who don't honor their contracts. Well, I am starting to ramble on a bit now, but this really makes me angry. We need stronger laws in this country to protect the consumers. After all, we are the backbone of this great nation...


Just another sucker whom has been screwed over by Simmons and Gardner-White furniture in Canton, Michigan...

Dana B.

  • Je
    Jeff Bennett Jul 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I TOO have been recently been screwed by a credit ard scam involving Gardner White and their 0% lender World Finacial Bank. When I bought the furniture sales people (I wouldn, t call them men) Joeseph Funk/ Michael Lamb talked me into a 0% no interest for 12 mos credit card BIG mistake. I never recieved anything from World Finacial Bank until two months and three weeks after the promotion was over and they are trying to charge me full interest @23.99% I have talked to several poeple including supervisors and managers form World Finacial Bank and they are so unorganized it is rediculous. One manager disconnected the phone on my wife two managers agreed to waive the charges and one even gave me a 35$ credit. But the problem still arises because the managers that claimed to waive the charges never did go fifure that out.
    I am currently organizing my information and filing appropiate legal actions. IF ANYONE HAS ADVICE ON HOW TO HANDLE THIS SITUATION I would appreciate any and all help.

    As a result I WILL never shop at Gardner White they have been no help at all as you know

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liars at gardner white!

My husband and I went to Gardner White in Warren, MI, to buy a mattress in September of '06. We were ...

extremely rude and unprofessional, definitely not worth the hassle!

This is a complaint against Gardner White furniture at 4400 East 14 Mile in Warren, MI. I ordered new living...