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Modular Kitchen

Ref. S.O. No. [protected] dated 01-01-14. We placed an order for a Modular Kitchen on Home Town, New Town...

Kolkata Furniture

Pathetic Service Provider

“A happy Customer might tell a friend but an unhappy one will tell the world” This completely depends on the...

Poor service and misbehaviour

We have purchased on 11/o5/2011 the tiles for our house, Home Town, Rajarhat Kolkata assured us that they will deliver the same within 4 working days as per their commitements we have removed all the marbles from the flooring but they did not turned up till 20th May 2011, we are suffering from lot dust and bust here and there.
we are very unhappy with Hometown services and support as well their delivery boy behaviour, they are very - 2 rude

  • Su
    Subhranshu Aug 19, 2011

    i have gone through the same thing

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  • Su
    Subhranshu Aug 19, 2011

    i ordered a chimney from hometown rajarhat on 12th may 2011 and they assured me that they will deliver it on 12th june 2011. but it is 3 months that they could not deliver it.
    i lodge a complaint with the manager but his response was not good.
    the salesperson there are also rude and dont co-operate after u buy the things.

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  • Vi
    vivekkhemka Sep 14, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I totally agree with your problem. I am also currently facing the same problem. I have booked a dinning table the delivery date of which was 01/09/2011 not after several attempt from my end, i discovered that they do not have the dinning table at their godown and asked me to wait for another 1 month. Now i want to cancel the booking and get by entire refund back as i can not wait for 1 month but Home Town Rajarthat has refused to refund me the money and asked me to knock their HO door by providing me a simple email of their HO.

    In my opinion, one should not buy any product from Home Town for which the delivery was supposed to be made in future without taking immediately delivery, i would advice the customer not to make the entire payment.

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  • Mr
    Mrs S. B. Nov 21, 2011

    I decided to buy a dining table from hometown, Rajarhat, but after reading this I changed my mind. Thank you.

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  • Su
    Subir Dey Mar 01, 2012

    Pls. don't buy anything from Home town. Its a dangerous place. They are there to dupe the law abiding citizens like us with rotten furnitures. If you go and lodge the complain, they will find this or that excuses and won;t provide any replacement, rather I should say, nothing. Its a hopeless place and I am planning to lodge the complain to consumer forum and to the CM office. They just can't walk away Scott free!!! Subir Dey and Antara Dey. Our Sales order number: 2078041830. I won't let them go so easily. Lets see!!!

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Damaged Artcle / Replacement by article of Different Model

Purchased a wash basin(DE-8049-Glass Basin, Code [protected]) on 02.11.2009.<br />
After ionstallation, the article was found damaged/deffective. The complaint was lodged over Telephone to Mr Bijay at Mble no.[protected]. Next a fitter was sent for inspection, He submitted his report confirming the deffect as conveyed by Mr. Bijay. He assured for replacement depending on the availability, but it was requested that the design feature of the Basin itself is considered to be faulty, the replacement with a same designed article will invite repeated complaints making unnecessary hassle and anoyance for both saler and consummer, hence to REPLACE with a basin of OTHER MODEL.<br />
It is requested for a satisfactory redressal.

Damaged Furniture

I had purchased a cabinet from Home Town on 30/09/09 and was assured that it would be assembled within 48hr...

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faulty product

I have purchased a mattress through order no [protected] on 14th jan 2009 from bangalore Marathalli hometown showroom. Item was delivered at10 pm on 4th feb 09.
Next day I observed that mattress is having stitches broken at few places. I contacted marathalli office and requested to cancel the order. The manager told me that he will raise a request for the item to pickup. After 10 days i.e on 13th of feb 2009, item has been picked up from my house. After item pickup, I again contacted the manager and he told me that when he gets confirmation from ware-house he will issue me a credit note.
Today is 3rd march 09 and item confirmation from ware-house is not recieved by the manager. When ever I call the manager, he used to say that he has yet not recieved the confirmation from the ware-house, he will contact them and he will call me back in 15 mins. But he never come back to me.
Pls suggest what can I do to get my money back.

Anirudh Sahu