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I'm in the process of rebuilding my credit score, and I applied for a credit card with First Premier Bank. I was on Free Credit checking out my credit score last weekend, and decided it was imperative to own a cc again. After navigating the site for awhile, I noticed an ad for First Premier Bank. I assumed that if Free Credit Report allowed them to advertise, they must be legit.

After applying, I decided to google First Premier, and that's how I found [redacted].com. Needless to say, if I knew about this site beforehand, I would have known better than to apply, and would have looked elsewhere.

After reading the first few pages of reports on here about First Premier, I'm now terrified. I applied for this card solely to rebuild credit from mistakes I made when I was younger. I only wish to buy gas with it a couple times a month, pay my bill on time, and build credit. It doesn't even sound like this is possible to do after reading some of the reports. I've read about people paying well in advance of their due dates only to get late fees on their next months statements.

I don't care about the initial fee's upon activation, or the monthly fees associated with this type of card. I know thats the nature of these types of cards, and part of the game of rebuilding credit.

Does anyone have anything positive to say about First Premier? What are my options from here? I have not yet even received the card, so do I have the choice to not activate it upon arrival? I read a report on here of someone doing that, but it still showed up negatively on their credit report.

Money isn't an issue really, as I really only need the card for credit building purposes. Do I send large payments before I even get my bill to create a surplus and ensure no late payment fees?

If I am able to get out of First Premier, how or where do I go about finding a reputable credit building card?


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    Terri Amshey May 11, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First premier is the worst credit card company ANYONE could pick! For example, when you change your address they DO NOT inform you that you must call into their customer service to approve the change. So you sit and wait for your statement and your bill to come in the mail to your new address. It never shows. So you call and they tell you because you had a change of address and did not call in to them and approve the change(which they don't tell you again you have to do) they now charge you a late fee because you did NOT get your bill in time! Then on top of it, if you make a payment on the phone and, say, you may enter something wrong with your bank account debit card your paying the bill with, they SEND YOU A LETTER in the mail. Conveniently this is well AFTER your payment date (instead of placing a call to tell you something went wrong and they need a new payment method) and since you don't find out that the payment was not processed they AGAIN charge you a late fee for not paying your bill on time. Obviously you did, but there was an error. Who is to say there really was? Pretty easy to say OOPS sorry your payment had problems so you have to give us more money now. This company is a scam and they basically steal money from you ANY TIME THEY CAN! They DO NOT work with you in ANY WAY to wave ANY fees that may be charged to you. Even if you can prove it was a honest mistake. Such as listed above. THEY WANT THEIR MONEY and they DON'T care if they have to scam you out of it with so called fees they just take from you that are clearly out of control!! DO NOT GET THIS CREDIT CARD to try to build your credit. It will ONLY HURT YOU more then help you!!

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  • Dd
    ddthack Jan 05, 2011

    Recently, I have had the experience with First Premier bank where they post the annual fee to a person's account whether or not it pushes you over your credit line. Then this low life company proceeds to harrass you on the phone literally daily wondering when you are going to make a payment to bring the balance under the credit line. I imformed these low life [censor], to stop calling me and yet they contiue to call. I am at the poiunt where I am going to report their activities to the Attorney General for my state of residence. This is RIDICULOUS...

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  • Ri
    Richard Lambdin Aug 16, 2010

    Thanks for the heads up...

    Its sounds like some of you could benefit from Pre-paid legal services.

    For more information and help email: [email protected]

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  • Ml
    mloudal Dec 04, 2009

    Annie of Junction City, OH December 1, 2009

    I have had this Visa through First Premier Bank for years, and have had NOTHING but trouble. The latest probelm was back in August someone had stolen my info and used my credit card online, I called in and closed that account and opened another with a NEW card-no problems I "thought".

    Anyway I recieved my new statement and I seen where my account was closed, I called in and this woman couldnt even tell me anything. She stated the ONLY way to re-open my account was to go through another credit check which lowers your credit score, and then I would have to pay more fee's on top of that. My balance was almost paid off and they want me to start all over again-its a RIP-OFF!

    They charge all these fee's to just have the card, which is CRAZY! This is a scam and I want as many people to know about what they done to me. Even the Supervisor I spoke with named Mellisa couldnt even help me, all they wanted to do was open a NEW account with new charges and NEW FEE'S, no thank you! This company is a JOKE!

    I cant use my credit card now for Christmas, I paid it almost off in order to buy my Children's Christmas now I cant even use my credit card because of what they done to me.

    Jillian of Doylestown, PA December 1, 2009

    I have been using this credit card for close to two years now. I have never charged anything over my balance and EVERY month I have paid them on time, with the exception of a single month where my payment was two days late. That month I called them to apologize about my payment and made the payment over the phone (for an eleven? maybe seven? dollar processing charge), to not be hit with a late fee.

    Each month I send them a check, write the amount in my checkbook, and am done with it. Whenever I have checked my online account with them the payments have gone through. Last month I looked at my online account and noticed that I was charged a tremendous amount for being over my limit. Frantically trying to avoid late charges, I paid the penalty and the past due balance.I never received a confirmation number, but moved on with my bills.

    This month I went, like clockwork, to pay my bill. I checked my balance again and now apparently "owe" this company nearly 500- 250 of which are in late payment charges. I do not know HOW they possibly pulled this off. Did they "lose" my check? Did their automated system not process my payment? I don't know.

    But I called them today and asked them to please look at my payment history- which is squeaky clean- and credit me money back for the late charges, and the woman with whom I spoke told me the best she can do is credit my account 35. That means that I have to come up with the 250 before the end of my bill cycle or I get charged with another 50.

    This is a scam. There is no question about it. This NEEDS to be investigated because this operation can NOT be legal. I can now not pay this company and continue to accrue debt that I know that I do not owe. I have also been having severe anxiety over this, as I do not have the money to pay them but cannot let this go to a collection agency because I am trying to clean up my credit. Someone needs to please help by looking into this, because I guarantee you it will not be a waste of time. There are many victims involved.

    shirley of middleburg, FL November 27, 2009

    I signed up for this card. Was charged 175.00 to do so. I was making all monthly payments on time every month. One payment "they said" was last and from then on I been charged a 50.00 late fee. I cancaled this card. My bill goes up every month month even after I make a 50 and month payment. They have called me so many times its not funny. They will not stop adding to my bill.

    Robert of Fortuna, CA November 20, 2009

    My wife & I were looking for lower-interest rate cards to consolidate & pay off our credit card debt. We have excellent credit ratings of 793 and 804. We applied for what appeared to be a legitimate credit card offer. I think it was a gold card, so we were under the impression we were applying for a 5, 000 to 15, 000 credit limit. We submitted an online application, and the bank website appeared to be legitimate. Three weeks later, I received an e-mail stating we had received a 300 (yes, get this, 300) credit limit. Our Costco card has a higher limit than that! If that weren't enough, the e-mail notification stated we had 121 in available credit. That basically implies we have 179 in charges, and haven't even received the cards yet, nor an account number! Apparently interest has already begun to accrue, as our first payment is already due -- yes, on the card we never received.

    My wife doesn't recall seeing anything about 179 in up-front fees being charged to open an account. She says she thinks she read something about a 75, and maybe a small annual fee. That (the annual fee) wouldn't have been so bad, had we at least been offered some reasonable line of credit. But we've already racked up 179 in fees, and we don't even have the "product." Let's see, the card initiation fees are 59.6% of the total credit limit. Is that legal? Aren't there laws and consumer protections in place to prevent this? I filed a complaint with the FTC, as the company's business practices constitute false advertising, and might be construed as fraudulent. I'm also filing consumer victim reports with the Big 3 Credit Reporting agencies, and will report these problems to the credit agencies, such as Experian.

    I read there have been several FTC actions taken against outfits like this -- one I read of was operating out of Canada. I think the FTC issued a "cease and desist" order. I'm really ticked, because my wife & I have worked really hard to establish good credit. It would be terrible if these people are to ruin my good credit rating through their terrible business practices. Please help. I want them investigated and for actions to be taken against them, to the full extent of the law.

    Edith of Riverdale, GA November 19, 2009

    Someone from the Premier Bank Card center called my job trying to get me to switch my credit card to their card claiming that I would lower my rate. I told her that I was on a no call an asked how did she get my #. The lady said that I sound just like Obama and asked who did I think I was and hung up. This did not cause any economic damage but is sure cause a lot of stress. Calling no less on my job. She asked for me by name my full name.

    Jessica of Manchester, NH November 18, 2009

    These people are ridiculous. They break FDCPA more than I can even COUNT in one conversation, and have the most insane, awful attitudes I've ever encountered. I was paying them even WITH being unemployed, and when I called to arrange payments for later, they tried to sell me on paying the whole things off. When I explained that I could not, they just got angrier and explained it was "for MY benefit". I then was unable to make payments briefly but was still contacting them to let them know I was trying, and paying what little I could here and there.

    I then started receiving ILLEGAL voicemails from one of their reps "Daisy" disclosing all of my private information on my voicemail, and even going as far as to curse. Just recently, after I decided to just pay online (to the tune of 7 per online payment fee), they started with the calls again to tell me I am past due.

    The first one I got was 2 weeks ago, and was received while I was at work. I politely explained that I was back to work, and would love to set up arrangements now that money's coming in, but that I could not speak as I was at my place of employment. I asked for a number to reach Ms. "Casey" (no last name), at. She refused, and gave me a speech about how she's trying to help me, and that if I don't work with her, I'll lose whatever "deal" she THINKS she's giving me. I explained again that I would truly like to get back to her when I'm NOT at work, and asked for the number. She refused and claimed that she had left me numerous messages (funny, because I hadn't received ONE since "daisy" months ago) and explained that I needed to talk to her now. I asked for the number again, and she raised her voice and began harassing me. I then hung up.

    Another phone call came the next week - SAME TIME - I answered and explained that I would like to call them back/have them call when I'm not at work, the EXACT same speech from the EXACT same rep! I explained that her behavior last time turned me off from wanting to contact her, and that if she listened to me this time, I would call her when I got home. She then proceeded to harass me with the exact same speech - like she was reading off a script! I then said that I was happy making the payments online, but assumed she would like a commission, and that if she just GAVE me her phone number/extension I would call back that evening. She explained that I apparently avoid responsibility etc. etc. and I promptly hung up on her again.

    What is with these people? If they would just treat the customers with dignity and respect, maybe we wouldn't be avoiding contact with you? And if you weren't so sketchy, and so idiotic to call at the SAME TIME that someone had said was a BAD TIME an expect a different outcome, maybe I'd have more faith in your company. Having worked in collections, I'm disgusted.

    starleen of sussex, NJ November 17, 2009

    I'm just yesterday mine first premier bank statement. I'm was paying online in my bank account. now was paying every month. them tells mine overpayment one month and at add over limit want me pay 116.18. that mine payments only 25.00 an month. that can't pay all this. that scam. that last credit limit at 325.00. now them had total balance of 391.18. them scam me always.

    Them add of Finance Chsrge at 9.90% -balance and 19.90% on cash advances was at last year. can't pay anything that them scam me. that them just at payment of 25 from my bank account .that so frustrating.

    mine disable was 2 strokes. can't talk very well though and losting everything from they doing this. please help me this. thank you

    David of Newport News, VA November 14, 2009

    Since I've opened this account two (2) months ago, I was given a credit limit of 250.00. My initial credit after all the charges were deducted from this account was only 71.00. I made a few purchases and when I checked my balance a few days later, I was seeing a charge of 2.00 that I was overdrawn but that my credit limit had somehow had dropped from 250.00 to 200.00. I then went and made a payment on line for 50.00, of which they charged me 7.00 to make and then called them and confronted them about the over limit amount. It took me almost an hour and a half to get the point across that the reason for the over limit was due to their changing the limit amount. I have since made another payment on line which will cost me another 7.00 out of the 180.59 that I paid.

    I was told that the funds were on hold until the 14th for clearance but that when I used the card, the amount that the charge was for is instantly deducted from my available balance. I do all my payments on line and there is only a couple that charge for that type of payment. All the other payments that I make get posted either within minutes of the payment or by noon the next day. The only reason for an electronic transaction to take any longer to process than that is that the funds are being held to draw interest before being posted.

    I received many an e-mail from this company saying 'how much they wanted me back' and then they treat me with this kind of disrespect, I DON'T THINK SO'. There is no reason for an electronic transfer to take three days to post to an account, no mater what. My SSAN, disability, even my income tax is posted to my balance of my checkink account within minutes of it being sent by these organizations so why should it take all that time to post to my account other than this companys' greed for money. PEOPLE BEWARE, FIRST PREMIER IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!!

    Nicole of Las Vegas, NV November 13, 2009

    This company is one of the worst companies in the banking industry. Not only are they charging 39.00 overlimit fees and 39.00 late fees, they charge you over 200.00 to get a 300 credit limit. Then, they make it sound like they're doing you a favor by making your credit history better! They're not.

    It's an 'unsecured' credit card run by unsecured banking executives reaping the rewards of those of us whom have credit impacted by the current economic situation or by other situations beyond our control. These are the 'bottom' feeders of the industry and should have fines assessed their company in the same amount they charge their customers.

    Shalaunda of Picayune, MS November 9, 2009

    I have been out of work for 2 years now, constantly have been looking for a job and was receiving unemployment. Prior to all of this happening, I paid my credit card with this company and everything else, actually usually more than the minimum. When my unemployment ended, that left everything on my husband to pay, needless to say, we are stretched! I received a call that started out okay. Then she went through the usual spill that my card was past due. I let her finish and explained that I am not working and I am not receiving unemployment. She then asked if I was working and when did my husband get paid, I replied with, "Yes he is working."

    She then asked if he could pay and I told her no, he is taking care of enough. This is when the call took an interesting turn. She then asked how long have I been out of work, I told her 2 years and she said, "I find that hard to believe. Well, you need to figure out how to pay this." I then hung up. Are these people serious? I have been looking for work for all this time, and I usually get the, "You are over qualified speech."

    What am I supposed to do? I want to file a complaint against them because they are so very rude when people are trying to explain their situation to them. They are some of the few people that have managed to keep their jobs. UGH!!! They have also charged me excessive fees when they contact me to set up a payment, I have to pay them a phone fee in the double digits or if I pay online, I still have to pay a fee. What can I do. We are living in very different circumstances these days and it is really hard.

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  • Ca
    caseysmom Jul 25, 2009

    No that's not it at all with this card... if it were just fees that is one thing... but the fact that they hold your payment for 20 days before applying it... or how about that your "PAST DUE" when the cycle ends and NOT when your due date goes by... so for example if the cycle ends on august 15th and your due date is september 8th... and you make a payment on september 5th you are 30 DAYS PAST DUE... that is why this company is F***d up.

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  • Ni
    Niselle Jul 23, 2009

    Ok, well, I've had my card for a month. I paid my payment on the due date, however, it's taking 6 days to process. I want to make one thing clear my friend -- THE CARD IS ALREADY ACTIVATED WHEN YOU GET IT IN THE MAIL. Good luck. We both need it.

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  • Jo
    joshua mcrae Jun 06, 2009

    i went through the same thing with a 200 dollar card. the worst biggest lousiest company ever.

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  • An
    Andrew Mar 26, 2009

    I received an ad in the mail for a 0% credit card last year and decided to give them a call. About two weeks later, I got my card in the mail. To my astonishment, my credit limit was $250.00 and I already owed them $175.00 in fees. I immediately called to cancel the card and try to avoid these fees but they refused to cancel it. I ended up spending the remaining $75.00 balance over the next week or two and have regretted it ever since.

    Every time that I have commented on the extraordinary fees to someone at First Premier Bank over the phone they say that I am obligated to pay the fees because I have already used the card. To witch I reply that I tried to cancel it upon receiving it and was denied that opportunity.

    I paid the entire balance of the card in January and asked that the account be closed. The woman that I talked to told me that I would no longer owe them anymore money and the card would be canceled. Here it is, not even April and I am getting calls telling me that I am over my limit and asking for a payment.

    To make a long story short, I have spent $75.00, paid $250.00 and now apparently I still owe them over $300.00.

    I really need help dealing with these people, a class action law suit would be good.

    I will be contacting the South Dakota Attorney Generals office today.

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  • Sa
    sarah Feb 26, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They will NOT talk to u bc u are not married or authorized user and if u want them to close the cc then he will need to call n cancel himself! u can even call for him then give him the phone! only he can close cc! if he made a purchase he owes the entire balance!(encluding fee's) bc its in the ch agreement! its not a scam its for people who want to build there crdt! if u want to find out more about the cc then he can tell them its ok to tt u and then they can! its the law! its not that they dont want to tt u its just that they cant! and alot of people dont understand that! well wish u best of luck

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  • Sa
    sarah Feb 26, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well what u need to do since u havent recived the cc yet and is on you credit report! call [protected] for customerservice or [protected] for collections if have missd pmt bf recving the cc! what u can do is say i havent recvd card n c when they sent out! if stll on way, wait to get then call n activate if want it! if dont want it still call to cancel! they do have start up fees since it is a cc that builds your crdt and there taking a risk of giving u the cc! all u need to do to build crdt is make payments by due date and stay under limt to build ur crdt! most say to keep limit at 30%!its that easy! most people dont understand so thats y they post comments about premeir bank being bad in which there the ones who dont undrstand how things work so they get lf's!u will get latefee if dont pay by ur statement date which is cycle date bf 3:00 ct bc thats they cut off time they say! a late fee will bill that night of cycle date if not recved! the reason people are saying that latefee's dont post tll next stmnt is bc thats with every cc! u have til statment date to mk pmt or that night your statement will print and show a lf on next months statement! i cant stand it when people complain about lf's bc just with anyother company if u make late payment your gonna get a lf no matter what and u need to accept the concequences! if u get the cc late dont worry bc they will b willing to get u back on track! they wll probley requst payment to credit back latefee! they can also do something called a reage bc thats what they did for me! its when u dont recve your fist statement on time or cc and get a lf n they wll automaticly credt lf back to u! remeber that what u put on your cc u will have to turn around n use! u might need to check n c if u have a monthly service fee to make sure u always have enough avalible credit on cc so when your stmt prints your not thrown over the limit! well if u have anyother questions just email me good luck with everything

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  • Sg
    SgtB Feb 24, 2009

    Anyone who gets a Bad Credit Credit Card" does so for one reason and one reason only. They have "Bad Credit". You (and I) are a risk and a huge one at that. Regardles of our intentions now this is how they see us and rightly so. There is a price we all have to pay for bad decisions or wrong moves or unfortunate circumstances. A Ying and Yang if you will. With bad credit it's rediculously high fees. That's the game. Thats how they minimized the risk. Think about it youre getting an unsecured line of credit which the system says more than likely you will not pay back. So what do they do. They minimize theyre potential losses by making you pay up-front. What ever name they want to tagged on it (processing fee, service fee, participation fee, maintenance fee, etc) thats what theyre doing and so would you. You want to minnimize your fees? Get a secured card. It is what it is. Now in defence of First Premier Bank they specialize in these types of cards and to be honest they are one of the best and have on average the lowest fees. Now Cartman is right about the hold so let me tell you how to get around it. Pay online through your banking institution. Now if you pay online thru your bank via bill pay or whatever this is the issue. IF YOUR BANKING INSTITUTION THOSE NOT HAVE A DIRECT CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT WITH THE CREDIT CARD ISSUER A 3RD PARTY IS USED TO PROCESS YOUR PAYMENT. Hence the hold. Which is why I have never had a problem with my payment getting there on-time every time and it post the next day electronically, automatically to my credit card account and my available credit is restored instantly. In other words no ACH, no hold, but a direct electronic transfer from my checking account to my credit card account as a payment. I have five "Bad Creidt Credit Card" including the infamous Contintental Finance and even with them it works the same way. My bank has contractual agreements with all my creidt card issuers and most others and I make sure this is so before I even apply for the card. Just some advice from one who knows.

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  • Sg
    SgtB Feb 24, 2009

    First Premier has no control over it. You have adware on your system that they and a million other companys subscribe to. Wipe it.

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  • Ro
    Roy Feb 14, 2009

    My son accepted a credit card offer for a $300.00 limit. he did not use the card, however, when the first bill arrive he had balance of $185.00 fees. My son has a TBI Tramatic Brain Injury, which makes him suspect to using bad judgments. I called the credit card company to demand closure and refund of fees, but they would not talk to me.

    What can be done to protect the consumer from these types of excessive fees. My son has limited income which consist of social security disability and a part time job. He has other credit card debt which he obtained in the same manner and is getting out of control.

    The $185.00 in fees seems to be criminal and nothing can be done to prevent this in the future.

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  • As
    ashley fontera Feb 09, 2009

    there insane they call u on an unknown name on your caller id and harrase you if you make a payment when you get this card throw it away its not worth it. They never give there number or names so you cant talk to people its ridiculous. The card comes ready to use and it sounds great at first i only owe them 200 and they call me 8 times daily i finally had my boyfriend answer and say this is not me so the calls will stop and i can pay them when i have money. Now there harrasing him looking for me they call him non stop and afer 8 which is illegal. You can never talk to a manager and they are always very rude and disrespectful do not deal with them there is an easier way to build your credit dont even try with them its not worth the harrasing phone calls and annoying agents you deal with believe me and believe what your reading close the account asap. I hope i can be helpful i just dont want another person to deal with what i am dealing with cause it very annoying. There a ### company and im suprised they havent been sued!!!

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  • Valerie May 13, 2008

    I am constantly bombarded by pop ups from the First Premier Bank that is trying to push its Centenial Credit Card of which I have no interest in. I clicked on the unsubscribe which doesn't mean a thing. I called the bank & they told me they have no control over it. Any suggestions please?

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