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collector yelling at me on phone

my name is Pauline Bmante, and i received a letter dated April 22 2012, stating that i could enroll in the second chance program, to lower more affordable monthly payments, the ability to establish a positive payment history, etc...etc.
when asked about this program, was told that it no longer applied to me. wonted payments that i cannot afford.
I am a senior citizen that is no longer working receiving social security only. collector that i talked to started yelling at me, and i
told him i was filling bankruptcy and he called me a Lie. nasty man to deal with.

  • Tr
    truth-fairnessKid Aug 06, 2016

    This post is exactly correct. I have had this SST/Deeto card for years. They are out of Columbus, GA, and you cannot find a number online to call. I have had this card set up thru my online checking account. They claim they are not direct deposited as most other financial institutions, and that their funds are sent thru the mail. So, thru the years at least 2x per year, they will call and say they didn't get the payment. Without looking at my account I authorize another payment on the account. Today, I get a call, and instead of authorizing an additional payment, I looked at my checking account to review the payments. Because I sent a payment out on the 1st of the month and they did not receive it by the 6th in a previous month, I was charged $35 late fee. So, I backed the payment date up to be sent out on the 30th of the month. Guess what they did with that, the applied it to my BALANCE because they received it before the due date, before the billing cycle was finished. THIS IS A SCAM!!! Why in the world would anyone continually send $50 more than the min. payment due, $98. 1 time every month and not intend it to be posted as a PAYMENT. I asked to talk to a supervisor, a man named "Shawn Mintz" came on the line with an attitude, the first thing he did was sigh at each letter as he spelled his last name, as if it was hurting him to speak. I asked for all my late payments to be removed because this is a SCAM, he was so rude, it was ridiculous. He raised his voice, and kept repeating himself, "that's just how it is, if we receive the payment early we put it toward the principal", and added, "that's just how it is, why don't you understand"... I asked to talk to his supervisor, he said her name was Mandy and she was not available until the end of next week. So, I asked for her supervisor; he said there is no way I could have her supervisor, nor for Mandy to call me when she returns, I would just have to deal with it. Knowing how hard it is to find a contact number for this company, which I'd tried online many times thru the years, he knew I had no where to go. They called from 800 388 1806.

    August 6, 2016 We should all report them:
    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau @ and the FTC @ and the Better Business Bureau in their supposed home state of Georgia

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Unlawful billing

Statement is never on time, infact I do not even receive them most of the time. I have made $1700.00 plus in payments in the last 5 months over the phone. My balance has gone up over $ 1000.00 with no charges by me. I never received a new card in the mail & it has never been activated. They blame th United States Postal Service? I refuse to pay them any more. I did also file a complaint with the Better Business. They also responded to them that the postal service must be at fault. I feel it just there way of scamming extra penalties & fees.

Unlawful Billing Tactics

SST bought my Washington Mutual Card. I already have an account with SSN because they bought my Providian card two years ago. The service is so horrible that as soon as I found out that they took over my WAMU card I paid off the balance.

A month later I received a statement with a $4.00 finance charge. I couldn't believe it. I called them and they explained that the finance charge was back-billed!? The guy threatened to send my account to collections if I don't pay. What make this situation ridiculous is that if I pay online, their online system doesn't except payments that are less than $5.00. If I agree to pay by phone they charge $10.00 to do it.

The only option I have is to mail them this payment that I don't think I even legally owe. Oh, and one more ridiculous thing, if you pay online more than $200, they will hold your payment before crediting your account for 10 days!

Their customer service is rude and it's hard to get to anyone there. The best way to get to SST is to call [protected] and choose the option that says your card was stolen. They will get to right away. Then ask for a transfer to customer service.

For every one else whose account was transfered to SST Card Services Run from this company. Close your account. Don't activate your new card, and just stay away from this dirty company.

  • Up
    Upset and taken advantage May 08, 2012

    I have had nothing but the worst experience with this company I have been paying on an account that was charged back in the 2000 and I have paid fees after fees and I know owe 4015.00 on an original balance of 600.

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Absolutely Ridiculous

Back in April, my First Equity Business Card was transferred over to Deetto (SST Card Services). I started...

Poor Business Practices

I have been living at the same address for 16 years and somehow SST card services cannot get me a statement on time. I get calls that say my payment is late and of course there will be fees or late charges when in fact no statement was sent. Their excuse is the statement was not returned for improper address! What a powerful and irrefutable evidence of their proficiency!

Give me a break, this is the third time it has happened and it always
happens after making a payment way above the minimum! Kind of them not liking accelerated payments because it distorts their rate of expected return on the account.

More of the rampant disregard of the consumer as allowed by our governments permissive attitude toward the finance industry!

They do it because they can!


  • Ys
    Y.S. Choi Feb 14, 2010

    It had happend to me too from Chase Bank 1n 2008.
    So I tore the credit card. They pocketed about bloody my money-$ 200.
    Still they run business in the USA. Bravo!

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Card Cancelled

My husband had a credit card with Providian for years, he was a cardmember in good standing...then they sold his account to SST, interest rates went up, he still had $4000 line of credit. When it was sold he owed about $2100. It took a couple of years, but he completely paid off the card. A couple of months ago, he tried using his card it was denied he has tried several times including today. I went online they say active I called on phone...IIF AFTER YOU PAY OFF THE CARD AND YOU DO NOT USE IT WITHIN THREE MONTHS THEY CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT...with no notice...guess what you can do nothing about it.

  • St
    STUPIDCOMPLAINTS1 Jul 16, 2010

    gee ya know...there are alot of credit card companies that do that!! Discover did it to my husband and I...we only have credit cards as in case of emergency as we are debt free and worked hard to be debt free...and yes we OWN our's not just SST!!!

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Wouldn't accept payment by phone

My wife has an account with SST, which I am not on. Today, I called to make a phone payment, and was told by the agent that she could not give me any info on the account. Fair enough, I understand right-to-privacy and such. However, when I asked about a minimum I could make for this month, she wouldn't even give me that info. I asked to speak to a supervisor to make payment arrangements, she puts me on hold, and when she returned, said that since I was not on the account, a supervisor would not speak with me. Gee, and I wanted to give them money. Guess this is their way of running up the tab for their customers.

  • Op
    opps Feb 21, 2010

    what part of " I cannot discuss the account with you" do you not understand? if they can't discuss any part of the account with you.. common sense would tell you that would also include telling you what to pay. i look through these websites quite a bit, and people make useless complaints.

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WAMU Account Purchased by SST Card Services - Questionable Charges, Outrageous Finance Charges and Poor Web Services

My WAMU credit card was sold to SST w/out my knowledge/consent. Since then, I've had nothing but problems. Let me first mention that I haven't used the card since SST took the account over.

1. The website (I generally do my banking online) is inadequate and doesn't allow for automatic payment;
2. I get harassing phone messages the day I'm late (because there is not automatic payment available online (like every other account I have), so I've forgotten a few times)
3. The finance charges are outrageous: 29%!!!
4. There is a weird charge called "Balance Tran/Promo Offer" on every bill

Is there anything that can be done about a credit card company selling your account? Are there laws about how much the new company can charge for interest?

Any advice would be great!

  • Ro
    Robert Phillips Oct 08, 2008

    I agree that they have the worst customer service and outrageous fees. They are very Rude.

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high interest, penalties, rudeness

My credit card account was sold to SST Card Services well over a year ago. I had one late payment by accident and my percentage rate was raised to 28.99 %. I have been suffering with this for over a year. I have tried twice to get a lower percentage rate and was coldly and flatly refused. This last time 6-9-08 when I asked for help for a lower rate, in order to avoid bankruptcy, I was yelled at and talked to extremely rudely. A man by the name of 'Jamie' was extremely rude and yelled that they dont lower interest rates for any reason. he refused to give information about his company and did not want to give out info on any of his superiors. I was seeking help in a RESPONSIBLE manner and have never been treated so rudely. They obviously could care less about people.

Pathetic service!

My husband's motorcycle loan is serviced by SST. They had two dates in their computer that the loan payment was due. One was the online automatic payment which was being taken out each month. The other one caused us to get a late payment notice every month even though the payment had already been received by them through automatic deduction from our bank account. It took us over a year, calling every month when a late payment notice came to finally get this cleared up. They were not able to get the second due date in their computer to either get deleted or match the automatic payment date. We talked to numerous employees who always said "this time" they would get it fixed. We've never dealt with a company as inept as this one.

Fraud and scam!

Who is SST Columbus Bank and Trust. They are reporting VERY negatively on my credit report but when I contact them (which is very hard to talk with someone) they can never provide the information I am requesting.

When you do get to talk to someone they are very rude. When they bought my account from Providian (which I did not know happened) I had a balance of $380.00 and Providian was taking automatic payments from my checking account. When the automatic payments stopped I thought it was paid off. Until SST showed up on my credit report. Now SST is reporting that I have a charge off amount of $5, 326.00. HOW in the world did this go from $380.00 to $5, 326.00. I went through my payments to Providian and that is how I found that the balance after my last payment was $380.00.

This company needs to be put out of business and shut down for good. I think that the credit reporting agencies need to remove this company automatically from everyones credit report.

  • Li
    lisa wisely Jul 13, 2007

    This company is nothing but a lot of thiefs!

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  • Ch
    chris campbell May 29, 2008

    I have the same exact problem except I was never with Providian and I can't reach this company

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  • Na
    Nancy Valenta Nov 25, 2008

    Received letter (11/24-2008) canceling credit card account for no reason.

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  • Jo
    jonice h May 07, 2009

    I absolutely agree. I paid my Providian account IN FULL...did the drafts just as you mentioned. When I pulled my credit report...its shows $1169 as a write off!!! This was last dated 9/2005...but I am still disputing this charge on my account!!!

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fraud, poor customer service, lies

SST card services running their operation with a biggest scam ever. I was a providian customer, and my account sodl to SST. I have not able to my balance to this card in years now. Their whole came seeem to be put my acount int default and they are charging 29.99% for it.

I have request change my due date and person who assured me to do so. They have been still charging me almost 40 dollars late charges because she did not change my billing due date, or notified me.

Supervisor has not returned my calls. I have left 5 messages to her mail box. They have not refund me for my lost, or care to return a call back. I hope to contact better business bureau and put them out of business for all this lies, and fraud.

  • Se
    serap diaz Mar 17, 2008

    This company should be close down... Is there a some place I can take my case to?

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  • Vi
    Virginia Eko Apr 08, 2008

    I closed my Salute Account and they issued me a refund check for an overpayment I had made. The Check was written on a a fraudluant account the bank tagged it counterfeit. If this matter isn't address I will refer it to a lawyer. Virginia Eko 801 796-3745

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  • Ch
    Charles E Thacker Oct 16, 2009

    My account from WAMU was sold to SST, I have had nothing but problems with this SST! For some reason they are the only company that does not get my online bill pay on time and keep charging me late fees.

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Increased interest rates, late charges

Account sold by Providian to the CROOKS at yourcard account... I made payments online through my bank in plenty of time before the due dates, and then find out when I get my bill that they didnt get the payment till a week later, somehow, and have charged late fees and increased my interest rate to 32%! Spent a great deal of time with account managers and sent e-mails with no mediation from the corporation... As soon as I am able to transfer this balance, I will... Unfortunately I have to pay this outrageous interest rate for another 6 months or so,until I am able to get a home equity loan... This should be ILLEGAL...

  • Le
    Lee Basso Feb 11, 2008

    Where is the protection for the "little guy"??? The same thing happened to me... How about when the annual fee throws you over the limit and then they add on a penalty for that??

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Scam and cheating!

I explained to the customer service that I paid the payment via electronic transfer and that my bank showed it was paid on time. However, when i received my next months statement i noticed that the finance charge had double. At that time I called the customer service and they were very nasty and unhelpful so i closed the account. I also spoke to a supervisor Jamie collector4114 which was also unhelpful the following month. My APR is 31.58%. I was my first time ever with a late payment since I have credit cards and what they are doing is bad for business.

  • Ka
    Kathy Clark Sep 17, 2007

    My WaMu card was sold to SST Card Services. I was never late and never had a problem. I received a notice that my card had been sold and I never received anything about this except for the bill. I paid on this for about 6 months and then suddenly a late fee shows up. I mail my bills same time every month and then all of a sudden, it takes 10 days for them to get a payment. I was told by the customer service after 4 times of trying to reach them. I kept getting "cut off" that they will not reverse these charges for any reason and that I can not depend on the mail. Even though I have my whole life and have never had a problem until now. They were very rude and now I am stuck with a $39.99 charge that is a lie and a bad mark on my credit. These people are horrible, horrible people. Do not do business with them or WaMu who thinks it is profitable to make a small amount of money selling good accounts to bad people.

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  • Ch
    Chris Nov 29, 2007

    I too was scammed by SST - never ever been late, in fact made two payments couple months ago, one over $1000, to pay the higher portion interest, and the reg payment $110 to the rest. I asked they apply this way, and they did not, didn't read the note, I called because they didn't apply the way I wanted, said cannot do, I said 2nd payment then for the next month. Then after a month they charge me 39 late fee, I called, said paid two payment, never been late, they reverse the late fee - BUT at the same time increase my apr to over 30% - I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT, I thought they made a mistake I would call, and they would not change it - I have since transferred my balance to another card with low 4.99 till bal paid off and told SST where to go. Do not ever get involved with SST - they are a big rip off!

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  • La
    Laura C Pihl Dec 24, 2007

    I also feel that a scam is going on with Card Services. Over the past 3 months I have been paying online to two different accounts which are processed through card services, and in both cases my payments were NOT received or processed! Upon speaking with my bank with whom I processed the payments online, they have confirmed that the payments were made electronically and have faxed this information to the "Research Department". One representative told me that it would take 7-10 days to investigate this and another told me it could take as long as 30-60 days. At that point I asked for a supervisor who told me that it could take as long as 30 days to try to find out more information, and that there was not a way to find out of the information sent via fax by myself AND my bank had even made it to the "Research Dept." Another thing that I noticed is that the mailing addresses to which the payment need to be mailed can change from month to month! What is with that! Are they changing PO Boxes and in some cases even the city in which it is to be mailed so they can say that they didn't get the payment and charge late fees?! In the mean time the money is not in my checking account and the money is in limbo!!!! I think it's time to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's office to find out why they can get away with this. Heaven forbid that we have a change of address each month and then complain that we didn't get the bill and thus didn't pay it at all!

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  • Su
    Susan Marino Mar 26, 2008

    Please add my name to the list of people being ripped off by SST. They can't or won't tell me where charges came from after I closed my Providian account, but they expect me to pay them for the privilege of damaging my credit report.

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  • Mi
    miss lyn Apr 15, 2009

    They are liars!!! The one thing that makes me the most upset is giving them a payment over the phone and being told that it would bring my account up to date but the very next month they sent me a statement with late fees and charges again. I wonder if they took my 120.00 payment and spent it themselves. They constantly harass me by phone but I have changed phone numbers now so they don't have it. I do not intend to ever pay them for their fees and late charges . I now see that I am not the only person they have done this to. All I have to say to them is GOOD LUCK collecting all the money they keep charging people. Hell will freeze over before they collect it!!!

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  • Je
    Jean Walker Apr 25, 2016

    never can reach representative by phone; when HE called me said it takes ten days to receive payment by mail, that's crap. Received my pmt today the 25th, it is due 13 so that means to mail it b y the 3 which is 8 days notice. I thought this was against the law. My husband asked they quit calling his phone they said it is auto dialed 4 times a day when past due. Now is this not harrassment. This is definitelly not a customer caring company. Been trying to call for one hour to find a way to talk to a human to set up on monthly debit, to be told by an automated attendant they will mail me an application. Definitely out for consumers late payment fee anyway they can get it.

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Interest rate skyhigh and additional charges not authorized!

My providian card was sold to SST about 18 months ago. And was in good standing when it was bought my card was in good standings. The first month I had the card there was a charge on the card that was not authorized. They refused to take off the charge and my account has been messed up ever since. As they up over the limit charges and late charges on every month. My balance was $1200.00 when this all started and now I owe them $1834.91. I have tried to close the account but they keep telling me that I can' t close the account until it is paid off. I have been paying regular payments but I don't think I will ever get this card paid off. They call my house every other day telling me how bad this is for my credit, to which I reply what am I suppose to do. They keep telling me to come up with the money to the card back under the credit limit. I don't have it or it would be paid. It should have never gone over the credit limit as I stated earlier it had charges on it that they would not remover nor could they tell me what they were for or what company made the charge. They have done a wonderful job of wrecking my credit.

  • Sa
    SAM Feb 19, 2008


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Erroneously charged fees

I remitted payment to SST card services for my monthly payment. I work for my financial institution in the online bill payment department, so I monitored my payment status to them. 2 days prior to the due date, I found they had not received my payment. I immediately contacted them, advised them I would be placing a stop payment on the bill payment, and immediately went on their website and remitted payment. Needless to say they received the online bill payment and presented it to my financial institution for payment, and it was returned. They charged me a $35.00 ret check fee, fine. Then when they debited my account for the online payment, they said it too was returned for nsf, and charged me another $35.00 ret chk fee, however, the item paid. I spent 2 months on the phone with the reps their supervisors, arguing with them, even went as far as to send my bank statement showing them the item paid on the day they presented the item for payment, and yet they still refused to waive the (1) $35.00 fee. Finally, after paying a $200.00+ cell phone bill, I simply gave up and ate the $70.00. Mind you, I have NEVER been late to Providian or even to them, and this is how they treat you. The account is closed, but I have been paying an $850.00 balance for what seems an eternity. They are crooks. I have told them as much many many times.

  • Su
    Susan Cash Dec 13, 2007

    Every thing about SST is fraud!! They bought out Providian and I have had nothing but problems since. HUGE charges!! Even when I make the payment on-line or by phone, ahead of time, they are still charging me an over-the-limit fee and a late fee. This is riduculous!!! How can they get away with this? I don't want to stop paying all together because it will go against my credit but I can't keep making payments and the not use the card and the amount keep going up instead of down.

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Poor service!

We had an account with Providian for years, and paid our statements on time each month. We had just paid our April invoice then a very rude man called saying he was from the credit card company - which credit card company. He wanted my husband to make a payment over the phone right then. We never pay anything over the phone when we do not generate the call. Who was this man, which credit card, how could we be late on a payment and need to pay right now.

It took a long time to figure out our account had been sold to this SST card company and they were going to up our interest rate and they were very unkind.They wanted to charge us and extra $20 to take the payment by phone - we could make the payment on line but we would need our account number. We did not have an account number since our welcome letter had not even been mailed out yet. He refused to give me our account number over the phone. We were in a catch 22 - I could not pay online with out the number, he would not give it to me, I would not pay him over the phone.

I got a phone number to call SST back to talk to someone else. I asked them for our account number, same answer. I hung up and called back - I did this some 18 time asking each CST to note my account of the call and request, harassing them as much as they did me. Finally I got a guy who gave me our account number since he noticed I had called numerous times.

I made a payment and quickly found another company to role our balance over to so I would never have to deal with them again. I just received an invoice from SST for 41 cents. It cost them more to print and mail it to me that it is worth.

They are a very bad company with employees who think everyone is guilty of some horrible crime when we don't even know who they are and why they are calling us. Oh yeah, I got the welcome letter after I had paid them off.

  • Ja
    Janet Aug 06, 2007

    Hello ~ To everyone who has had these issues with SST ~ Go to JP Morgan Chase website and click on the e-mail link to Investor Relations. State to them what happened to you and let them know that you are filing a complaint with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Then, go to the OCC web site and download the Adobe Customer Complaint Form. Unfortunately, this has to be in writing but you can FAX it in so it's quick. Make sure you put that you contacted SST to no avail and let them know the details of your complaint. Then, go to and find your state senator. E-mail them and let them know what is happening and encourage them to get on board with the Credit Trap legislation that senators from MASS, MI, and NY are putting together. United WE Stand!

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Deception, payment misplacement, harassing phone calls!

I have attempted twice to make payment by phone. Both times my check "didn't clear" However, every other payment for other bills I've paid by check by phone have gone through just fine. When I look at my bank statement, the check was never even run through my bank therefore resulting in a late fee, over the limit fee, $10 check by phone fee and multiple calls every day. I believe this company purposefully does not process checks so they can collect late fees and insufficient check fees. Is there anything I can do? Plz advise smb!

  • Rv
    RVaughan Apr 01, 2008

    Not only are these people accurite about their complaints but I have a better one.
    SST will sit on your payment until its late and then charge you $39.00. When you question them on it they denie it even though you have the info in front of you. The phone calls I don't mind. I can expect them on the hour. I answer some and let the answering machine do the rest. If you want the phone calls to stop write them and get a reciept from the PO. There is also a complaint department within the attorney generals office. They keep the complaints and if enough people complain they will bust them.

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Most unethical company

This is the most nefarious credit card ever. They are the most unethical and should be put out of business.

I paid off the card in full at $1297.39.

The next bill was $25.54 which was a finance charge. I called them. Little did I know I was assessed interest 1 month behind! I called them and then had to pay $10 in addition in order to pay in full and close the card otherwise I would have received another bill.

I could not pay on the internet which takes 2 days to process while the phone does not.

None of this was disclosed or in fine print as Providian sold me to them.

This company should be shut down immediately.

  • Se
    serap diaz Feb 21, 2008

    This company is the poster child for corruption.

    The staff and management are not capable and carelless. I feel like I am getting robbed every month.

    I want someone to realize what is going on AND close this company down.

    I am more than happy to start a patition and report them to Better Business Bureuo.

    My e-mail is : [email protected]

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Unethical Nefarious fees!

I paid in full for $1300. I check my next statement and Surprise! I have a new balance and it is not $0. I called them and they informed me the finance charges are calculated one month behind. How can you ever pay that off! It cost me $10 extra to pay and close the account for a new $25 finance charge after paying $1300 in full to pay it off. I had to pay by check which is how you pay on the internet. However the phone representative informed me that if I paid on the internet it would take 2 days to process and I would be accessed a late fee as well as being charged for the payment. If JPMorgan Chase had any integrity they would shut this company down. eBay and Travelocity are the next on my hit list.

  • Ju
    Judy Nicholas Apr 16, 2008

    I started having a problem with SST in MArch 2008 due to an error my BANK made. My bank contacted SST and they were not willing to resolve the issue with them. I closed my account and did a balance transfer to PAY OFF SST. I checked my account approx 2 weeks later to make sure the transfer had taken place. It had, but then I saw a balance of 27.44 (Finance Charge). I immediately paid the 27.44 and checked the account again on 4/16 to make sure the payment posted (It had) and low and behold, there was now a balance of 47.74 due (Finance charge). I contacted SST, listen to their crap and then told them I was not paying it and was reporting this to the BBB and also to the credit bureau.

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