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First Premier Bank review: fraudulent billing, scamming

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My wife and I are trying to rebuild our credit. We were stupid enough to apply for a Frist Premier Card. First, the $179.00 fee was not even mentioned in the application but I accepted it thinking that I will be able to rebuild my credit if I paid my dues on time. My first bill was for a minimum amount which my wife paid online. The due date was January 5th. They called a week later saying they received no payment. My wife sent in another payment on Jan. 25. They called again saying they received no payment. Being that we pay online, I also called our bank to verify if the payments had gone through. Our bank verified that it did but that First Payment could not apply to my account. They did not know were to apply the payment. So my wife paid for the thrid time--the buggers at FPCard kep calling to the point where I started engaging them in not so civil conversation.

Meanwhile, they sent my wife an alert notifying her that her card is being used by someone else and that they would deactivate her credit card. IN the meantime, she is being charged for the "fraudulent usage" incurred by another party. Somehow this is beginning to bother us as we keep getting "unknown calls" (which I know is from FPC). We don't know where to turn to... is this complaint going to someone's attention in South Dakota?

Please help...or direct us to someone who could. For a measly 200+ dollars that I "owe", it will kill me and I will hold these fu***rs responsible...


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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May 28, 2017 10:50 am EDT
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Good day
I did an application in South Africa for an account. The agent here Bryan said that it is approved for R550 000
But they want R1500 I have paid that and then they wanted R3000 I have paid that aswell now they want R5230 more
Now I am warried. Is all of this legid?

Please contact me [protected]

I have 6 other customers that also want a loan but we are all sceptic now

Dec 04, 2009 12:32 pm EST

Wow! that's very sad and disturbing! I have been with them for over a year now and I didn't believe my mother-in-law when she said that they didi that to her. Wow! Makes me really wonder about my accounts with them.

Jun 29, 2009 1:32 am EDT

It sound like it is YOUR banks fault that the payment was not applied to your credit card bill. I would ask your bank to pay any fees accessed due to payments not being received. Are you really going to kill yourself over a credit card bill, that sounds a little over dramatic. All you have to do is pay via moneygram or debit card and it's verified funds and there isn't any confusion on either end.

Mar 30, 2009 4:09 pm EDT

I've been with first premier bank for almost two years I have called them for a credit limit increase because i have made all my payments on time and kept a small balance. Well i got a letter saying that my request had been denied. Two days later i recieve a letter from them saying because of my great credit history with them i was gauranteed approval for a second credit card with seperate credit limit, but i had to pay the fee of 149 0r something close to that.They wont give me a higher limit, just a second credit card...if i pay them more money. What a rip off I was stupid enough to do it the first time but i wont make that mistake again. Mabe the better business burea would be able to help in your situation or atleast know someone who could help you.


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