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Credit card processing fees

We canceled our service with CTS HOLDINGS over 2 years ago & they continue stealing from our bank account for...

Took money out of my account without my knowledge or permission

Cts holdings llc took about $59 / - out of my account without my knowledge, without my permission and without...

account charged

I have a year cancelling the account with cts holdings llc settlement and just dont do it, and debit from my...

Making unauthorized withdraws

Company came in to give a quote. Took information and sign up merchant. MErchant has been billed a monthly...

Debit $149.00 from my account

CTS Holdings is a total rip off. I cancelled my credit card processor for my website 2 yrs ago because in...

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Unauthorized withdrawals for fees

This company will simply fabricate fees that they debit from your account if you don't jump through a bunch of hoops. Specifically, the like to implement things like a "PCI Compliance Fee". Even if you do meet their compliances guidelines, they charge you the fee. If you send them registered mail explaining that you have followed their instructions for compliance to the letter and therefore you explicitly deny them the right to charge you the fee, they will charge you the fee.

The "customer support department" is staffed by what seems like a collection of high school kids. They refuse to call you by your last name and, generally speaking, they couldn't be less helpful or more unprofessional.

Avoid this company at all costs...because once you are in bed with them (and they have direct access to your checking account for the deposit and withdrawal of fees) you will find that they are interested only in ripping you off.

  • Pa
    PAULG55 Oct 16, 2009


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  • Sa
    sariee Nov 01, 2009

    I just checked my bank account and found that CTS Holding had taken $139.75 out of it without my knowledge or permission.

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  • Mr
    MrK's101 Aug 24, 2010

    This CTS Holding is a nice little organization, taking lots of my little money in varying small odd amounts; in so doing not allowing me to block the withdrawals from my checking account unless i altogether close my checking account.

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  • Mi
    MIKEY01 Dec 05, 2010

    We're in the same boat... will close our business account with Wachovia to get free of these criminals. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!

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  • Al
    Alex Jone Aug 29, 2013

    We had a hard time finding a good number for CTS Holdings
    CTS Holdings is also Frist Data 1800-238-7675
    They are also affiliated with Wells Fargo ACH 1800-745-2426

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