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Amplify Credit Union recently contracted with FIA card services to handle the Mastercard and Visa cards they issue to members. Believe it or not FIA card services can only accept checks by mail for payment, they cannot accept the standard method of payment used my most major banking institutions of electronic payments when a customer uses their online banking application. This has caused delays in payments reaching them and my incurring late payment charges.

Additionally, when I have tried to contact them I have remained on hold for over 1 hour. I have been automatically disconnected, when I finally got
through their system were undergoing updates and
they could not help me.

I had paid my account off in full in August, then in
September when they did not receive my payment on time they had an automatic phone system start calling me for days. When I finally was interrupted in a meeting by their representative to tell me my account would be past due the next day I had enough and told them to take me off their phone list. By the way, the payment had been sent to
them 4 days earlier via my Citibank online banking they had just not processed it yet.

I am tired of these institutions using technology against their customers. This company can afford a state of the art phone system to annoy customers but cannot manage to accept electronic payments to their accounts from customers banks. They also cannot fulfill their advertised availability of 7 days a week 24 hours a day - they should add they are unavailable Sunday evenings because they use
out-dated systems so they cannot do updates in
real time but need to go off line. And then there is the phone interface designed to keep human contact to a minimum.

I don't know who to be more distressed with, FIA card services or Amplify Credit Union for selecting a ###ed service provider. I know the bottom line for Amplify was looking for lower cost in providing service but consumers are smartening up. If customers have no choice in what they pay for gas its time to realize they can choose to pay more where they know they will get the service they


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    R.C. Mikolajczak Aug 29, 2008
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    This company just tried to raise my rates, because I had some inquires on my credit report. The inquires were so I could refinance my Auto loan, which I did successfully. They wanted to raise my rate from 15.98 to 28% Variable! I had an option to decline it which I did. I am in the process of informing my Senators and Congresswoman as well as the Federal Trade Commission, . The more people who go complaine about FIA Card Services, the better. FTC will investigate and the Senators staff will get tired of reading about the same company. Be polite with the government staff, have your facts straight and only provide the facts. Save the comments for the complaint board.

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    R J 1890 Sep 05, 2009

    sorry you had so many issues, but any calls you get are only after your account is already 31+ days past due to assist you. Any phone # they leave is direct to reach a live account representative person, not any computer system. there may be a hold time during peak calling times or days, but usually it's less than a few minutes but calling late night is often a great idea for prompt service.

    to make online payments (with no fee) go to or if you are polite and professional they will do a check payment by phone and waive the processing fee (again, be polite and professional when you ask), OR you can do a Bill-Pay to your credit card acct from your own checking account online from your bank or credit union (you need to know when this payment is expected to post to your credit card account as some banks print a physical check and mail it to your credit card company which will of course cause a delay in receiving and processing). as with any transaction, follow-up to be sure it was accurately completed.

    at you can get up-to-the-minute account activity (including pending transactions not yet posted), make payments, view and download statements, and complete address changes.

    typically these companies invest in technology to make things quicker and simpler...if you are late and they have to start calling you that raises their expenses in servicing your account, in addition they then have to set aside extra reserves toward bad debt based upon your increased risk assessment. they don't spend money on systems to annoy you, they just simply want you to pay what you owe them on time.

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  • Fi
    FIA rip of company Dec 03, 2009

    FIA card services will go into your account and take your money out without your authorization. They took money out of my account on 11/6/2009 and 11/23/2009 for my husband credit card account. If you pay them online out of your checking account they will generate checks and withdraw money from your bank account. The supervisor on duty 12/6/2009 will degrade you and manipulate the conversation to make you feel that you were wrong to pay them from your online account previously. One has to use caution when giving information to FIA card service which controls Bank of America Credit Cards. My bank reported that they are not in control of what FIA can do to your account. He decline to return my money and trying to take additional payments out of my account to which I have to close my bank account.

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