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№ 0411, 412 and 415, Level 4, Strand Square, № 53, Strand Road, Pabedan Township, Yangon, Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

90 Cecil Street, № 05-00, Singapore 069531

15th Fl./18th Fl., M.Thai Tower, All Seasons Place 87 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Room 1208, 12th Floor, Sun Wah Tower, 115, Nguyen Hue Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

Complaints & Reviews

unethical behaviour

I am writing to RHB about your staff not taking their job seriously as customer support. On December 4, 2019, I went to your branches at the RHB KLCC. I currently clear my car...

complaining on staff attitude

My name is Ren, and I would like to lodge a formal complaint regarding the rude treatment I received by one of your staff, Nor Shuhada staff id 198750 if im not mistaken on the 11/12/2019 around 1pm through transfer phone call from RHB customer care hotline number to insurance department

I did admit, that i raised my voice when telling her my story that i received a call from your outsource agent rhb etika takaful En Faizul offering me an insurance plan without further explanation. To my surprise, she didnt calm me down but she had begun to raise her voice to me asking stupid questions with sarcastic voice.
I hope that this letter explains my feelings and disappointment with what has occurred, I would not like this to happen to me or any other customer and hope that corrective measures are taken swiftly.

Ren Emazaifita Rezali

complaint on mr, sunny, pung assistant, sales manager direct sales personal financing alternate sales channel

On 4th December 2019, i received a whatsapp from Mr Sunny Pung (mobilde number [protected]), a staff at RHB Bank asking me if i still works at my current company Modalku Ventures Sdn Bhd and ask if i am interested on a personal loan. I replied yes, and on following day 5th December 2019 he had emailed me a form asking me to sign and provide the necessary documents in order to do pre screening. To note, i am already an existing RHB personal Loan customer serviced by a different colleague of Mr Sunny previously. I had on 10th December 2019 replied Mr Sunny on all required documents including the forms he had asked me to sign earlier. He then queries if my company is under any Multi National Company or Public Listed Company. I mentioned Not in Malaysia, but my company is owned by a Multi National Company in Japan instead. He mentioned that he needs to check with his superior before getting back to me, after a few minutes, he replied me in exact words as per following:-

"Just confirm with my superior. Ur company just normal company only. So we just able to use ur actual basic as income. If like this I think ur application unable to go through. Cos if base on ur basic 7k plus gross after deduction of EPF n tax nett only ard 6k plus. Do u think ard 6k enuf to cover ur current commitment? If yes still have chances to apply. If no then unable to go through."

To begin with, there are few problems that i would like to highlight to RHB and hoping its taken care seriously, as i will be escalating this to Bank Negara too. i my self being a staff in financial institutions for the past 10 years find this is seriously unprofessional and offensive, and i hope action is taken.

1) Where does Mr Sunny Pung get my contact from? i seriously doubted the source my contact being obtained
2) If he gets my contact and ask me for documents? shouldnt he be making sure to do his home work before offering a product to a customer? he is asking for full documents before even confirming if its doable or not, this seriously worries me and time wasting to both customer and the sales person themselves.
3) In this case, Mr Sunny Pung have poor knowledge on RHB policy and poor justifications as a banker to help a customer (what is the definition of MNC, and what can be use to justify further to pursue with the case)
4) At the point i had provided all my personal and confidential documents to him, and i definitely feel unsafe what will this documents be used for
5) Lastly, bad communication skills, telling customer company is a normal company (anyway, we did RM3Bil loan regionally past 3 years, if we are normal. RHB personal loan unit is normal than normal, i doubt Mr Sunny Pung will hit even Millions doing personal Loan in his life time)

complaint on mr, sunny, pung assistant, sales manager direct sales personal financing alternate sales channel
complaint on mr, sunny, pung assistant, sales manager direct sales personal financing alternate sales channel
complaint on mr, sunny, pung assistant, sales manager direct sales personal financing alternate sales channel
complaint on mr, sunny, pung assistant, sales manager direct sales personal financing alternate sales channel
complaint on mr, sunny, pung assistant, sales manager direct sales personal financing alternate sales channel
complaint on mr, sunny, pung assistant, sales manager direct sales personal financing alternate sales channel
complaint on mr, sunny, pung assistant, sales manager direct sales personal financing alternate sales channel
complaint on mr, sunny, pung assistant, sales manager direct sales personal financing alternate sales channel

important: unethical behaviour customer services show by nurul nadia binti abdullah

Today 24th November 2019 around 7.04pm I had made a call to the RHB customer service and this call was accepted by the RHB customer service staff name Nurul Nadia Binti Abdullah. This complaining was made to this staff (Nurul Nadia Binti Abdullah) because I was calling to ask about the amount that shown in the ATM machine is different with the amount in the internet banking system with patiently and good tone when talking to her. At first she want me to answer some private questions with bad tone. But I just ignore her attitude because I just want to solve my problem not to finding problem with the RHB staff. But at the end the issue happened again which is she using bad tone replied to me said that I could not answer her question correctly. Then I feel uncomfortable because she choose to work as a customer service must have a good attitude first then only able to help the customers solve the problem are facing. If she unable to serve the customer with good attitude then I suggest that the TOP MANAGEMENT must take an immediate action to terminate this staff (Nurul Nadia Binti Abdullah) after the investigation regarding the issue that I had been raised out is correct. I hope the top management of RHB could take an immediate action against this issue because this could be destroy your company image if you didn't take actions to her. Moreover, after 10 minutes I called again to the customer service and this time was accepted by a Malay man and he is very good attitude to asking me the questions and I able to answered all the questions that he asked me with correctly. This is the SECOND issue that I want to raise out. Why second times I calling I able to answer the questions with correctly (Malay man pick up the call) but I could not understand and unable to answer the questions that has been asked by the staff name (Nurul Nadia Binti Abdullah). I think that she really not suitable to work as a customer service because first she don't have a good attitude when servicing the customers and second is she unable to ask questions properly which is customers cannot understand what she is asking about. Lastly, I want to suggest RHB' HR person in charge during the recruitment must really select the candidate that really meet the requirements to be a customer service staff which is MUST have GOOD ATTITUDE. If the person didn't have a good attitude to serve the customer I think she/ he is not suitable to work as a customer service and I suggest that they must find an another job that is more suitable to them such as operator because they can show their bad attitude to the machine without receive any complaining from the customers. Thank for reading this long complaining.

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group — personal loan

Salam sejahtera, Saya mewakili ibu saya ingin membuat aduan mengenai kelewatan pemprosesan pinjaman peribadi pesara kerajaan. Nama ibu : Hjh Sa'imah Binti Haris No KP ...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Groupdebt collector


Saya ingin melaporkan bahawa Debt Collector yang dilantik oleh pihak RHB telah mendedahkan maklumat keberhutangan saya kepada pihak ketiga iaitu adik saya..

Debt Collector/Encik Kamaruddin telah menghantar sms ugutan untuk datang ke rumah & menyita barang-barang ke nombor telefon yang digunakan oleh adik saya & menyebabkan ahli keluarga saya terutama ibu saya menjadi risau.

Kelakuan ini pada pendapat saya telah melanggar akta maklumat kerahsiaan (PDPA).

Perbualan telefon antara saya & Encik Kamaruddin menjadi perbalahan apabila saya memberitahu mahu pergi ke AKPK untuk mendapatkan khidmat mereka.

Saya mohon pihak tuan dapat memberi perhatian kepada aduan saya.

Terima kasih.

Nurul Afiqah

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group — office introduce her name as effie

Your recovery officers attitude same as ah long, when we ask and negotiate on payment she become furious and angry, she practically shouting all the time. She demand payment on...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group — service

This is my 3rd coming to this RHB branch in Senai Jb to open a new account as the company that working with is attached to RHB but only 1 staff able to do and when the staff i...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Groupwlopshop

29 July I answered what looked like a legitimate message from 2degrees - my mobile prepaid company carrier company

Apparently I had been selected to go into a draw for a new Samsung phone. All it required was an initial $1 payment to be eligible for the draw

On 29 July 2019 $1 was charged to my debit card as one would expect. I did note that the payment was to a company 'Wlopshop' which I do not remember from the initial message

On 30 July 2019 my debit card was charged $99 for no apparent reason. To this same 'Wlopshop'

31 July (NZ time) Later today in office hours I will cancel my debit card and log this incident with my own bank


  • Le
    Lesley Sproull Oct 09, 2019

    I have had the exact same charges to my debit card but this time my mobile carrier is Spark. Same message to pay $1.00 and go in the draw for a new Samsung phone. Nowhere did it say anything about $99.00 being debited to my account at a later stage. This is a total scam. L.S 10/10/2019

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RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Grouploan

I, Wan Rojas Bin Wan Abdul Rahim NRIC [protected] a customer to your bank Ulu Tiram branch. Previously had engaged ASB conventional loan for the sum of MYR140, 000.

On 15th April 2019 your branch officer Puan Salehah offered me to convert the conventional loan to Islamic compliant loan. On that day at the bank, I signed the forms and submitted copies of NRIC and current EPF statement as requested by the bank. Since then, there is no news about the approval of my new loan status. Nevertheless, my ASB record showed on 02nd June 2019 that my previous conventional loan of MYR140, 000 had been accordingly redeemed by the bank.

On 17th June 2019 a bank staff sent me a message to submit EPF statement. Since I have submitted earlier, I didn't respond to that as I didn't see any ground for me to resubmit once more time for such very confidential personal information.

On 24th July 2019, I have received a letter dated 17th June 2019 from the bank about rejection of the new investment by PNB and the bank requested me to reply before 1st July 2019 i.e. an expiry date upon receiving of the notice.

My complaint is that the bank is substandard in performing its duty to ensure smooth approval of my new loan application despite my good record of few loan commitments with the bank. All in all, I lost my opportunity of getting ASB dividend due to inefficiency of the bank in managing its customer. For this reason, I feel disconcerted with such banking process and apparently the customer service by other banks for ASB loan are more pleasant and efficient.

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Groupunauthorized credit card transaction

On Jul 23 2019 8.02pm, I received an SMS 63633 stating that my card nbr 3032 was being charged RM99.00 at wlopshop on 23/7/2019. However, I did not do any online purchase through wlopshop.
Quickly, I called RHB call centre and was instructed by them to file an official complain.
That is why I lodged a report here.
Please check through again as I did not do any transaction via wlopshop and should be charged for the amount transacted.
Also, I requested for a new credit card to replace my existing one.

Thank you !

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group — account opening

619429 Company name : Valam Technologies Company Account No. [protected] Contact No. [protected] Dear sir, The above is my company which i opened the current account on last month...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group — credit card complaints/ no action taken

619429 Hi team, I'm Kanagavalli here. An Acct holder with RHB bank... the reason I open the acct with ur bank due to my housing loan is with u all,, tht is the reason I open and saving...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Grouphire purchase

Wtf 9555 myvi ezi

According to rhb still having due payment of 6 months. For 2018 in which assumed been paid.

Rm586 per month which might have been overlooked as the owner, my father have passed away.

Still having payment slip which not tally according to your bank record.

Have contacted so many time but respond is to check with lawyer and advise further.

Been more than a month and now i am receiving lawyer letter to demand payment.

Even my call after receive the letter still no one has address the issue.

Question is how to make payment is there is dispute in charges?

Second is why sending notice and add up more charges when i am ready for negotiation?

Till today no exact amount has been shared with me but according to your lawyer letter is about 5k.

How did rhb get such amount if payment is due only 6 months?

Need breakdown on interest and so far only receive one notice.

Please also include notice with date that been send so i able to check thru.

I can be contacted thru [protected] and/or [protected]
Tinesh kumar vellasamy.

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Groupcollection department

Hello.good day.. i have a complain regarding the staff in charging my file.. previously i had called miss Nisya at 03-[protected] to know about my status of outstanding of my personal loan and would like to make the payment. Miss nisya had inform me that she need to check it first and will be call me back. After two month plus, i still do not get any feedback from her. At the same time, i've been tried to call her for so many times and she's not pick up the called even once. What i want to complain here was, miss nisya, instead of having a very bad customer service skills, she also quite slow in doing her job. My question is, is there any other person that can help me instead of her? Please do check on my file Mohd Fikri bin Azizan and i hope to hear from your side soon by contact me at [protected]. Thank you

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Groupfund transfer internet banking

[protected] my RHB account number is this. I have not been able to operate fund transfer in net banking and received D024 error message. Could you please resolve it at the earliest? The foreign telegraph transfer and local transfers are locked. Kindly resolve it at the earliest. My mobile number Is +[protected]. I also want to update my mobile number to +[protected].

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Grouprhb email no reply

Assalamualaikum Dan S.alam Ramadan..

RHB / Bank Negara,

Sy ingin buat aduan thadap bhgian emel RHB centre.. Sy ada sent email pd 3.5.2019 utk dptkn pnyata byaran kereta sy tetapi sgt kecewa, tiada reply sehingga sekarang.. Sgt kecewa..

Ini bukan kali Pertama.. Bnyk emel saya hntar pd RHB, namun tiada jwpn..

Aduan bkenaan staff RHB STAFF taman tun dr ismail smpai skarang tiada jwapan..

Aduan PDPA thadap En razi Dan manager Azman juga gagal dijawab oleh RHB secara professional.. Sgt frustrated dgn services RHB centre..

Adakah RHB centre sgt lemah selesaikan aduan orang ramai?

Mohon tindakan dr RHB centre dan jawapan dr director RHB bank.. Kecewa.

Yg benar


  • Updated by Faizal Sayonara · May 09, 2019

    Aduan unprofesional staff taman tun dr ismail

    Sehingga kini, sy masih tidak menerima panggilan dr cik amelia di bahagian customer complen bkenaan aduan unprofesional staff taman tun dr ismail..

    Amat buat aduan dgn rhb melalui cik amelia..sepatutnya sy menerima panggilan dr rhb bkenaan status aduan sy..

    Stelah hmpir 2 bulan, sy tidak terima updated mengapa staff rhb taman tun dr ismail enggan terima pembayaran sy pd hari jumaat sedangkan sy mohon ditunjukkan sebarang memo bkenaan keengganan staff rhb terima pembayaran, staff taman tun dr ismail gagal berikan sebarang bukti penjelasan yg jelas..

    Sy percaya dan yakin, staff rhb taman tun dr ismail telah menyalahi konsep operasi pembukaan bank seperti ditetapkan oleh bank negara.. Pihak RHB tiada hak utk sesuka hati buka atau tutup tanpa standart operasi yg betul..

    Atas masalah yg ditimbulkan oleh staff rhb taman tun dr ismail yg enggan utk terima bayaran kereta sy utk 3bulan tersebut, sy mohon diberikan tuntutan gantirugi atau compensation oleh RHB Bank...ini kerana sy telah rugi masa, wang ambil cuti sy, minyak kereta, tol dan parking di taman tun dr ismail semata2 utk buat bayaran pinjaman kereta.. Namun staff rhb taman tun dr ismail enggan terima bayaran sy, sebaliknya sy dilayan begitu kasar oleh staff rhb..ini kah staff profesional rhb bank lantik? Sgt kecewa..

    Yg benar,
    No tel: 0173784295

  • Updated by Faizal Sayonara · May 09, 2019

    Aduan unprofesional RHB Bank

    Assalamualaikum w.b.t dan salam sejhtera..

    Sy merujuk email maklumbalas yg sy terima Dari RHB Head, Santhanemy Ramien pd 10.1.2019 melalui email..

    RHB, di sini sekali lagi sy ingin menyatakan kekecewaan sy sbgai pelanggan terhadap cara maklumbalas pelanggan yg diberikan oleh RHB Bank..
    Sy menyatakan kekecewaan sy di mana Santananemy Ramien menyatakan ia final letter, tetapi bnyk aduan sy tidak dibalas dgn professional kerana penjelasan email Santanemy Ramien tidak menggambarkan keseluruhan aduan sy..

    Utk makluman, santanemy ramien gagal maklumkan beberapa isu RHB melalui percakapan sy dgn en azman hampir 2jam melalui panggilan telefon..Sy ingin menegaskan penjelasan santaremy ramien adalah tidak sama maksud dgn perbualan sy dgn manager azman hampir 2jam. Santanemy ramien gagal inform bkenaan perjanjian hire purchase sy yg dibUat 8tahun, instead of 9tahun.. Perkara ini sy pertikaikan pd manager azman, namun pnjelasan rasmi tidak diberikan dgn baik.. Santanemy ramien telah salah ambil info bahawa sy bukan ingin tahu status permohonan kad kredit, sy maklumkan pd azman, sy pergi cawangan rhb kemuning utk buat permohonan kad kredit, namun dimaklumkn ada 2profile lain..santanemy ramien, please hati-hati and beware dlm menjawab aduan pelanggan..please check carefully..rujuk panggilan sy hampir 2jam dgn manager azman.. Penjelasan anda tidak mnjawab aduan sy.. You juga gagal menjawab aduan sy bkenaan isu manager azman yg mengatakan pelanggan sebagai sarcactic..RHB sbgaia sebuah institusi kewangan profesional, pihak anda tiada hak dan kuasa mengatakan pelanggan sbgai sarcastic dan sy sungguh tersinggung dgn perkataan tidak bagus manager azman..

    Sy juga ingin menegaskan bahawa penjelasan santanemy ramien ttg aduan pdpa thadap en azman yg mnggunakan no telefon peribadi beliau utk menghubungi sy...dan sy believe and very confident that you org telah melakukan kesalahan PDPA.. Ini kerana semasa panggilan sy terima dr azman, sy ada persoalkan pd beliau, beliau telah salah dr pdpa..then azman sekali lg mesage sy by wasup. Sy pertikaikan sekali lg azman, you salah dr pdpa . Kalau no azman sama dgn bussiness card, kenapa azman dont give me any proof on that time bahawa beliau gunakan no telefon nya sbgaia urusan rasmi RHB.. Stelah sebulan, baru sy dpt informasi dr ng eng whye that no azman tu no rasmi dlm bussiness card.. Is it logic? Dont make confusing to customer org ambik masa sebulan utk buat bussiness card azman, then you org try to give me trust that azman make call sbgai no dlm bussiness card..nonsense..kalau nk tipu pun, biar la logik sikit..pakai akal...

    Sbgai pelanggan RHB, sy straight forward mengatakan sy sgt risau berkenaan keselamatan peribadi sy dlm jangka masa panjang...kerana pihak RHB berani membawa keluar no telefon pelanggan dari luar pejabat dan menyimpan no pelanggan dlm telefon peribadi..

    Sbgai institusi kewangan, pihak RHB tiada hak utk simpan no telefon pelanggan dalam talian peribadi you org..dan ia adalah salah dari segi pdpa.. Atas apa jua alasan, sebarang maklumat pelanggan walaunpun no telefon tertera dlm bussiness card, you org x bole simpan dalam talian can imagina how to wassup cust? You save cust punya no tel dlm personal tel, is not right attitude and right prosedure.. If let say you give permission to azman utk simpan no tel sy, sy juga ada hak utk dapatkan semua talian no telefon peribadi staff RHB termasuk no telefon director, azman, amelia, dll.. Sebagai seorang customer, sy persoalkan you org tidak menjaga privacy annoying..

    Saya juga kecewa dgn penjelasan santanemy ramien yg seolah-olah persalahkan sy yg pertikaikan bkenaan aduan pdpa iaitu berikan agreement pd ejen luar.. RHB, you org takda situasi sy, you org tak boleh ambil jalan mudah utk make any assumptions..santanemy ramien, you persoalkan kenapa sy tidak menolak utk sign agreement itu? Waa, begitu mudah tuduhan you..utk makluman RHB, sy telah salah tandatangan pd agreement tu sbgai protes sy pd agreement tu. Namun you org still accept that agreement? How can? Sy dimaklumkan ejen kamu, RHB akan berikan sy new agreement, , pada previous email sy, sy ada.request pd RHB utk berikan proof agreement asal yg ada tandatangan salah, utk make different old agreement and new agreement.

    Sy ingin menegaskan agreement sy terima dari RHB Bank bukannya original agreement that i sign..please give proof..

    Santanemy ramien, you patutnya persoalkan dan salahkan you punya staff, en sharazi bukannya sy.. Kenapa sharazi dont make call to me to inform that en sharazi tak boleh dtg ke luar utk sign agreement bersama sy? En sharazi juga gagal inform sy that sharazi akan bg pd ejen luar utk sign agreement..sepatutnya sharazi perlu explain clear to customer, dont make customer confuse and make any assumption..

    Yg kecewa,

    [email protected]

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group — my personal acc been hold caused of creadit card

Nama sya norhaslynda bt ariff. sya rasa terkilan dgn sikap rhb bersikap tidak bertimbang rasa dlm keadaan sya.creadit card sya bekas suami sya mengunakan sampai maximum dan...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group — duplicate account for debit card

619429 Dear Sir, My worker, Mr.Rabiul (account No: [protected]) account had been fradulently withdraw funds by other party in Cheras in Kuala Lumpur. When check with local Bank in...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group — banking operation teller

saya dtg ke rhb port klanpada pukul 9.15 dan mengambil tiket nombor di kaunter depan. saya ingin membuat transaksi Rm50000 untuk membuat pindahan 45, 800 ke Public Bank dan...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Groupcomplaint about the personal loan officer

This is the first time and also is the last time to apply this personal loans. I feel others bank better than rhb. Yesterday, the officer calling me but cannot reach until calling to my office.. A few day before, the rhb bank calling me morning, afternoon even evening, when I pick the call and say hello many times also no people answering. This is not the first time but many times and I feel that may be is the scammer. Then after this received a msg said the the officer will go to ‘premis', if didn't paid for outstanding balance. I feel how can become the ‘along' already.. I very disappointed with the rhb bank. If outstanding also will charge interest or what? Like other bank, send a letter to inform, then ok lar. So for what need to call until my office to let me know the outstanding balance rm100 something.. I borrowed the loan from bank not from "along".. If anything then send a letter to the house to inform the the outstanding balance and will charged amount. I'm very very disappointed with this kind of service.

complaint about the personal loan officer

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Groupservice

Saya pernah membuat panggilan melalui RHB customer service untuk mendapatkan maklumat berkenaan penyata bank untuk pengurangan baki pinjaman perumahan untuk kegunaan kwsp. Panggilan pertama yang telah dibuat, mendapat maklumbalas yang baik dan operator nyatakan saya kena tunggu 7hari untuk dapatkan penyata berkenaan. Selepas 7hari berlalu, saya follow up semula. Panggilan yang saya buat kalini sangat mengecewakan. Cara Operator di bahagian collection (wanita) agak kasar dan bercakap seolah-olah hendak memperbodohkan saya. Hanya kerana saya call di talian sambungan yang tidak betul. Kali ke 3 barulah saya dapat disambungkan ke talian yang betul. Walaubagaimanapun, selepas 7hari, baru saya dimaklumkan oleh rhb bank HQ yang saya kena tunggu lagi another 13 days dari hari saya call. 3 hari selepas tu, saya terus ke branch untuk follow up status permohonan saya, dan ternyata belum ada apa2 status atau permohonan yang diterima oleh branch daripada rhb hq. Status dalam sistem juga tiada. Saya sudah rugi masa menunggu selama 10hari bekerja. Perkara ni amat2 mengecewakan.

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group — service /collectors

Again! This 2nd time I recieved call from rhb bank - en amirul I dont know collector or rhb staff. Because I miss my payment last month, coz im not working. Today they was ask me...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group — credit card release letter

KAMALA SEGARAN NRIC NO: [protected] I am writing today to complain of the poor service I received from your company. i have settle my credit card payment on December 2018 and...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Groupcustomer service email and helpline

I have an account in Johor Bahru and I need to make a payment to my client in Johor Bahru. I am unable to access online banking. To date I have sent 5 emails to the customer. [protected] explaining my situation. Apart from receiving an automated response that someone will ctc me in 3 days, no one has bothered to ctc me. I had to make 2 international calls to the helpdesk as well and no one is able to resolve the issue. I now have to take a flight to Malaysia to make the payment as it is getting quite embarrassing. The first thing I will have to do is to close all my accounts with RHB. Very very disappointed. Will not recommend this bank.

Elizabeth Fiona Nishi

loan termination process

7 Jan 2019 antara 3.15pm-3.55pm kaunter no 12/11 not sure women staff nama xingat sy ke rhb ioi putrajaya utk terminate loan asb rm50k pada hari tersebut.tujuan utk terminate...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group — agent

I have a car loan with RHB branch at Sarawak kuching, I bought a Toyota Innova 2.0 latest series with down-payment of 50k and loan amount about 61k with Rhb on this year...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group — personal financing islamic

I want to complaint about your Assistant Sales Manager (RHB Bank No. 782-786, Jalan Tok Hakim 15000 Kota Bharu, Malaysia) Mr Mohd Azuhan Bin Mohd Yaacob contact no...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Groupdavid yun - bad service

Im jason lim a real estate negotiator and give bad service and blame ren from ask rhb referral scheme why he didn't inform early that we ren suppose got referral but he didn't inform.. I feel so shame that rhb got this kind of banker blaming that his commission and salary from rhb are so low. He is try to convince ren not to take the referral and I strongly suspect that he is asking some others to claim the referral fee. Between, he is insist client must get the loan agreement from his recommended solicitor. My purchaser are those type of client that very careful and calculative. To save my buyer from cancel the deal because of david yun bad attitude then I decided to ask buyer to take others bank loan.

david yun - bad service

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Groupcredit card

Saya ada dapat 2 jenis kredit kad yang mana saya tidak pernah pun apply untuk guna kadredit. Bila apply loan then pihak rhb terus bagi saya kad kredit yang dihantar melalui pos. Agak mengecewakan bila dapat surat pihak rhb meminta saya membuat bayaran pula untuk satu kad RM25. Bila saya call tanya itu adalah caj yang dikenakan sebab sst. Senang betul rhb bank makan duit pelanggan. sedangkan kad tak pernah diaktifkan pun dan tidak pernah apply pun tau2 sampai ke rumah. bila tiba masa kena bayar pulak untuk 2 kad RM50. Rupenya dah dpt kad kredit even tak nak guna kena call RHB untuk mintak buat cancel kad. Macam tu pulak. So sekarang nak tak nak saya kena juga buat bayaran lepas tu baru boleh cancel card. tak pasal nak kena DERMA duit dulu baru boleh cancel. stupid bank.

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group — management

Saya nak tanya? Saya da memohon pinjaman peribadi sejak dari hujung bulan Ogos smpai sekarang masih belum menerima jawapan. Bila saya tnya pihak bank memberitahu bahawa...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group — full settlement

How stupid rhb is? We just want you to email us the exact amount for full settlement but almost 7 days you never email to me.Is it so difficult for you to just give me the...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Groupcall centre

i have been receiving calls from Rhb for 4 years since i bought my number. they kept calling asking for this person i didnt even know who she is, and every time i kept saying its not me!!!

i dont know what they are doing when i kept saying no, they still calling me for 4 years. dont they have the contact info about that customer? you cant reach your customer for 4 years (cause you are calling me instead), yet you do nothing about it i guess. thats why you are being stupi

i cant say the exact number of times they called, but quite often in a year, and last two days. 18/10/18 they called in the morning 9.30 a.m [protected]), and today again they called again at 3 pm ([protected]).

  • Ra
    Raya Querijero Oct 20, 2018

    Same problem as mine. I got this mobile landline from PLDT Bicutan. For three years, They keep on asking Marissa Co. Even reported it to PLDT and until now they havent done any action.

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RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group — services

Salah seorang staff yang menguruskan urusan saya memandanh rendah terhadap sy yang ingin membuka akaun.. Staff berikut berbadan berisi, bertudung, melayu.. Tak kira jika kena...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group — dissatisfied with the work attitude of staff

I went to RHB Bank at Batu Kawa MJC, Kuching, Sarawak this morning to make my credit card payment over the counter, while I'm waiting there for quite a long time and I realized...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group — pegawai daripada company solution bercakap kasar dan maki pelanggan

Salam and good morning, Merujuk perkara diatas. Saya yang bernama Dg Noryanti Ag Ahmad membuat pangilan telefon dengan seorang pegawai daripada company solution En Azhar -016...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Groupcustomer service

Saya Mohd Fairuz bin Abu Lazim ingin membuat aduan tentang ada seorang wanita call saya tentang pembayaran pinjaman kereta (WB5692X) yang tertunggak, saya cuma bagitahu dekat beliau untuk periksa kembali pembayaran bulanan saya. Tetapi dia menjawab dekat saya dengan nada suara yang agak kurang ajar dan terus meletak telefon.

Saya harap pihak RHB bank mempunyai pekerja yang berdedikasi dan mempunyai soft skill yang tinggi .. harap pihak RHB mengambil tindakkan kepada staff customer service untuk menjaga nama baik RHB bank

Saya sertakan sekali print screen no telefon yang telefon saya.

customer service

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group — request for verification of housing loan statement from jan - june 2018 to claim interest subsidy from company

My company's benefit to claim Housing loan interest subsidy requires me to provide the Financier loan repayment statement . A template sent to RHB via hard copy for verification...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group — personal loan staff at rhb sales centre, puchong

619429 Dear RHB Management, I went to RHB Sales Centre in Puchong to apply for a personal loan previously. I was entertained by a staff named Shahrul(if i am not mistaken). However the...

atm machine

237527 I draw money at rhb bank atm at nu sentral, jalan tun sambathan using my Bank Islam card for rm150 however no money come out and the money been deducted from my account. I have...