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On 12/20/2009, at approximately 11pm a Fed Ex driver cut me off and caused me to go over into the far left lane to avoid hitting him. I was driving South on I-75 outside of Macon, GA by exit 140 when a Fex Ex driver driving a dually truck cut me off from the right hand lane. He was exceeding the speed limit and riding someones bumper. As he was passing me on the right side he quickly turned on his left turn signal, cutting over into the left lane and caused me to be forced to go over into the far left lane in order for me to avoid a collision with him. For any of the Fed Executives his trailor plate number is P187010 Indiana Plate. I would strongly suggest that this person be reprimanded for his violent driving before he causes a terrible accident that involves fatalities. I was very fortunate that there was not a vehicle in the far left lane.


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    RuthW Aug 02, 2011

    I saw a Fedex truck driving recklessly on Mercer University Drive in Macon, GA. I was surprised to find out the driver was a woman. I hope she won't cause any accidents...

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    George Fountaine Oct 02, 2018

    Today 10-02-2018 @ around 1535- Fed Ex driver exiting Hawk's Preserve (Ft. Myers Fl) was operating his step van very unsafely in a very dangerous intersection that has had many fatalities in recent years. Lic plate was something like JB6 65G.
    Driver came out of community- across east and west bound lanes-blocking vision of the vehicle turning left in front of him- cut me off in right lane westbound- without yielding- as required by law, . There have been multiple fatal accidents @ this intersection in recent years- but one would expect better from drivers trained by Fed Ex.

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