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I fell for the hype and ordered. They lied about 2day shipping. I got an email saying my package was delivered (3hrs. After actual delivery) &I searched &asked neighbors. No one had seen a package. I was home all morning&I didn't see anything get dropped off. I contacted fashion nova the same day &they told me to ask around &hope I find it. I want a refund.


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    Aline mariette May 03, 2018

    For the love of God, we are not celebrities but when someone actually take 500$ to spend on your site. It is nothing for you but it a lot for them .i am a lawyer and I worked overseas, I came to Singapour for a court case and decided to do some shopping in your site since I don’t have much time to go around shopping . Unfortunately, I trusted your words on the website and planned everything accordingly For 8days now I have no tracking number when I’d said that it take 24 to 48 hours for the order to be processed and 5 to 10days before it will be delivered, with all the celebrities you are endorsing and the advertising you are doing. Either you think you are on TOP now and that you don’t care about your second class customers feelings so you can treat them like s**t regardless of the fact that they a are paying . I will just remind you that the core of every firm that wish to be suceesful on hye long term is Customer Service . I know that my order will never get here on time, i have to leave by the 8th may all I want is a refund, my order was not shipped therefore you can just cancel it and give me back my money please . Let this not become a court case or something else cause customer are the one making you not the reverse, so they can actually just decide to ignore you with all the celebrities you endorse . O one wants to be associated with a firm that is not doing right by its customers .

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