Family Dollar/Robyn Patton Store #3726slandering my name to customers that come into the store.

L Aug 13, 2018 Review updated:

I quit about 3 weeks ago at store #3726. I was an Assistant Manager there. I have alrady talked to the store Manager 3 times and the District Manager Cathy once and left 1 voice mail to her about this issue. Nothing has been done. Robyn Patton (Store Manager) has been talking to other employees and customers of the store about me and spreading lies about me. I called today and talked to the Store Manager in the Sterling, Colorado store about this too. I need this to stop and to stop immediately. I have another job already and happy now. She needs to do the same and move on and quit spreading lies to the public about me. She is also doing it about three other employees that quit at the same time as me. This is so very unprofessional. If need be i will be getting a lawyer and i will sue the store manager, district manager and family dollar. I have at least 20 people that will testify for me and i can supena a few more that i know she has also talked to. I am tring to go about this the nice way but nothing seems to be working. If i could have someone in a higher position call me so we can get this settled i would be greatly appreciated.

Loretta Pena


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    9wood Aug 13, 2018

    doesn't seem they ( managers ) care they will just do what they want ( in my opinion)
    perhaps legal option is your best course to take

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