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Fairfield Inn and Suites reviews & complaints

Fairfield Inn and Suites complaints 110

Fairfield Inn and Suites - Hotel staff and dhs workers stealing mail!!!

I am here at your 2305 New York Ave NE address in Washington, DC and packages order by myself and sent by family are not being received and or given!!! As we speak there is a package being held and...

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Sep 06, 2021

Fairfield Inn and Suites - Staff

As a recent former employee of Fairfield, I felt like I had to leave my job due to biased treatment, favoritism, and a supervisor listening to jealous rumors. As well as having a housekeeping supervisor tell me on multiple occasions that she was going to punch me in the face.
My exco-workers were allowed to bully me out of a job as much as they wanted, and say and do whatever they pleased. However, I was not allowed to say or do anything to take up for myself.
I have never worked with people so unprofessional and childish in my life. This is the worst place anyone could ever work. I don't understand how I get told I was a great worker then had to let 3 of my co-workers treat me so horribly and my supervisor say she's going to punch me in the face? Great company

Desired outcome: I hired a lawyer for an employment suit, we are discussing the outcome

Fairfield Inn and Suites - A fist fight in the lobby

There was an incident last night at the Fairfield in Warwick Rhode Island. A fight broke out between two gentlemen in the lobby which started outside over someone being parked in the gangway for a couple of seconds and then escalated in the lobby. The young lady behind the desk had no idea how to handle The situation she allowed both to go to their rooms and only got the room number of one of the customers. When I asked her what the corrective action was for the corporation she didn't know the fact that she was not trained how to handle this situation is not good. I explain to her that the safety of all of the other customers is paramount and that she should not have let them go to their rooms and she should have evicted them immediately why do I has a paying customer have to feel unsafe? She would not give me the general managers name and phone number she gave me an email for a complaint line which is unacceptable and that level. When you have an incident as large as a paying customer we should be able to speak to the manager and find out what the correct of action is. My company is a corporate sponsor and put quite a few of their employees at the Fairfield and I will have a word with my company also. If you wish to speak to me about the incident my name is Kim Supik and my phone number is [protected]

Desired outcome: I would like to know what the corrective action plan is ans why your employees are not properly trained to handle escalated incidents


Fairfield Inn and Suites - Dirty room/ poor breakfast

I am writing to report that I stayed in room 122 at Jonesboro Arkansas Fairfield Inn from Friday June 25 to Sunday June 27, 2021. I had to wipe out the drawers to put my clothes in there. And I had to wipe down the bathroom. Sink and toilet were not cleaned. Room wears not dusted.
Rooms are not being cleaned and with Covid going on that makes it even more dangerous.
Breakfast no dry cereal or fruit coffee was out several times. Guy running breakfast pants down a little and you could see his underwear. I do not want to see a mans underwear near food. A lady
with big eyelashes came from the back and made
her a plate and started eating and then fill a bag with food to take wIt's her.
Thank you Barbara Jones


Fairfield Inn and Suites - False advertising of hot breakfast

It is not right to advertise free hot breakfast and then not have it. there was a to go breakfast that was not, at all, comparable and was still charged the full rate of $313 for two nights. We had...

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Fairfield Inn and Suites - Unsatisfactory stay

Marriott Bonvoy Customer Service: December 29, 2020 To Whom it May Concern: I have been a member of Marriott Bonvoy and SPG since 2013.  I have always traveled with this brand of hotels, since you...

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Oct 07, 2020

Fairfield Inn and Suites - Injury at hotel

9/16/2020 @ approximately 8:30-9:00pm in Wake Forest North Carolina I checked in to room 135. I went into bathroom, opened the shower door reached in to shower to turn on water so that I could take a...

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Fairfield Inn and Suites - Room not properly cleaned

We have spent many visits with the Marriott Hotels and have always been happy customers. You advertise cleanliness. This is the first time my wife and I have slept out since the Covid-19 Pandemic...

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May 20, 2020

Fairfield Inn and Suites - I had not been sleeping good at all

I stayed at the Utica, ny Fairfield by Marriott last nigh. I arrived late and really needed sleep. I had not been sleeping good at all. I asked the front desk to put me in a quiet room away from...

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May 03, 2020

Fairfield Inn and Suites - Hotel noises and guests

I am staying at Fairfield Inn located in Niles, OH. It is almost 4:00am & I have slept a 1/2 hour! I am in Room 216 & the people in the room above me keep walking around all night & the floor creak...

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Mar 02, 2020

Fairfield Inn and Suites - Problem with Refund due to being kicked out 5 hours after checking in.

Hello, I reserved a room from 2/28 to 3/1. I checked in on 2/28 aroung 6pm. My daughter and her cousin were dropped off at that time. They did have a couple of friends come by for a while. Now no one...

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Fairfield Inn and Suites - hot tub, pool and breakfast microwave

We have always stayed at the above location with no major problems until a Friday, January 10th. The hot tub was completely disgusting...filthy the tiles around the window in that area were missing...

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Nov 24, 2019

Fairfield Inn and Suites - our 2 day stay 11/19-20/ 2019

While our experiences have typically been good with Fairfield Properties, our last stay completely debunked this. Staying at this hotel during its hard core renovation, was the worst choice we could...

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Fairfield Inn and Suites - new management has a severe problem with an army veteran receiving orders from amazon.com!

New Management states to me as an Army Veteran that I can willing spend cash money, up to $1000 or more for a week or two week stay, however Im not allowed to receive Amazon packages pre-ordered for...

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Fairfield Inn and Suites - smoking fee

We sat outside drinking beer and smoking cigarettes around the firepit with relatives we were in town to visit. None of us saw any ashtrays, poles or garbage cans in the area of the firepit. We used...

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Aug 19, 2019

Fairfield Inn and Suites - Dangerous use of a secondary container left in a guests room.

To whom it may concern: Recently my husband and I stayed at the Fairfield by Marriott, St Petersburg Clearwater. March [protected] We have stayed with your hotel group in the past and recently became...

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Fairfield Inn and Suites - room and housekeeping

Should have known there would be a problem with the room when we saw the ear plugs. The room assigned to us was on the the 3rd floor by the freeway and it was very noisy. We asked for a quieter room and we're asked to check out a room on floor 2. We checked it out and it was just as bad. We had to settle on a room on the 3rd floor down from the freeway. The room was ok the pillows were awful way to soft and the bed was not to comfortable as well. We also found leftovers in the fridge.

Aug 05, 2019

Fairfield Inn and Suites - complaint on my former manager, deborah wall

I was an employee of Fairfield Inn Marriott as of August 2nd 2019. On August 1st 2019, I was told by the manager, Deborah Wall to not leave any creamer out for coffee, to just leave coffee when...

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Fairfield Inn and Suites - unauthorized credit card charges

I was given a case number and would like to see where this stands. The case number is [protected]. There was an unauthorized room charge on my credit card. I have tried many, many times to contact the Fairfield Inn and Suites, Indianapolis East, Indianapolis, IN. I have talked to Tiffany Braud, submitted all the documentation she requested and still cannot get this credited back to the credit card used. I need to get this resolved.

Jun 26, 2019

Fairfield Inn and Suites - customer service

In April I stay at Fairfield Inn in Boca and unfortunately I fell. Went to the front desk only to be told that their was no manager on duty. Also no accident report forms. The man in charge went outside to see where I fell, rather than offering me assistance. Thank God for the young lady at the desk who inquired if she could do anything for me and got me ice. The two following days of my stay, not once did anyone knock on my door and ask how I was doing or ask if there was anything they could assist me with.
"Your customer service program definitely needs addressing."
My experience with Fairfield Inn was unacceptable. Just send the info to you insurance company isn't the way to handle such problems.

Eleanor DeLucia

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