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Fairfield Inn and Suites reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Feb 6, 2007. The latest review Staff was posted on Sep 6, 2021. The latest complaint light fixture and light falling from the ceiling was resolved on Aug 09, 2018. Fairfield Inn and Suites has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 109 reviews. Fairfield Inn and Suites has resolved 4 complaints.

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Fairfield Inn and Suiteshotel manager kaley chulvick, scranton fairfield inn, dickson city, pa

I posted a negative review about a recent stay at the Dickson City, PA, Fairfield Inn. General Manager Kaley Chulvick contacted me via email on May 1, 2019, regarding the review: she minimized the problems I experienced, quoted corporate talking points, refused to accept any responsibility for the difficulties I encountered, and, when I asked that the communication dialog be ended, continued to contact me with useless offers of Bonvoy points. She refused to supply the name and contact information of her immediate superior.
I simply request that this manager be instructed to stop harassing me via electronic or any other means. Any other disciplinary action is, of course, at the discretion of the company.
My decision to never again use another Marriott property stands.
(I would attach the email stream here, but there does not seem to be any logical way to do so.)

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    Mar 23, 2019

    Fairfield Inn and Suites — no blackout curtains

    We were given a Room on the 3rd floor facing the parking lot I tried to pull the curtains. That is when I...

    Fairfield Inn and SuitesComplaint

    We arrived on Saturday, March 2nd. We found that there was construction on both the south and east sides on the entrance and that the entry street was torn up. When we complained to the front desk about the dust, he said that they have watered down the inside of the parking deck (we have pictures). He mentioned previous incidence of flat tires on vehicles. We checked into our hotel room at #710 and found that three was construction going on on the street to the west side of the hotel and under our window. We called the front desk to complaint around 9;00 to 10:00 pm. The construction of the front paving late until 2:00 am. Work looked great when we went out to breakfast.

    I actually thinking of posting my comments on Yelp and other sites. You should and you must warn your guest about the adjacent construction. Its your duty! Otherwise, you are just ripping off your clients.

    Cindy Capdevila, [protected]@altahomes.net

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      Feb 17, 2019

      Fairfield Inn and Suites — dirt

      I drove to Colimbus, GA from Savannah, GA for a work week training in Columbus. Our company headquarters i...

      Feb 02, 2019

      Fairfield Inn and Suites — katie-lee baker front office manager

      I lost an umbrella that I borrowed from the hotel. I was charged $20 for it. The original receipt printed to...

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      Fairfield Inn and Suitesroom charge

      I booked my hotel on 11/27 I noticed that my confirmation said 11/27 staying I called and changed it to 12/1 which is when I stayed they charged me for both nights. In addition I am a Marriott member did not get my points. From what I have read on your website you do not address customer complaints. Holding my breath for an answer.

      Angela M Reade
      Director of Administration
      Emmet Marvin & Martin LLP

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        Fairfield Inn and Suites — dirty bed

        We checked into our room. My Wife turned the covers down and said I don't think this bed is clean. There were...


        Fairfield Inn and Suitescustomer service

        My wife and I were to attend a family wedding in Melbourne FL on 12/8/2018 and we were instructed to contact Jennifer at the Fairfield Inn at 2400 Town Center Ave Melbourne FL. Being that we are from Bradenton FL (West Coast) we wanted to stay two nights, 12/7/2018 & 12/8/2018. We arrived around 4pm on the 7th and planned on leaving on the 9th. We attended the wedding and went to the reception. While at the reception we received a phone call from the front desk stating that our reservation was only for the one night and that our belongings needed to be removed from the room by 3pm or they would be removed for us by housekkeping. We arrived back at the hotel shortly after 3pm and our belongings were already removed from the room and haphazardly tossed into garbage bags and placed in a back room near the front desk. How demoralizing and disrespectful. I am a well traveled disabled military veteran and have never been treated so terribly. The employees never offered any assistance in the removal of our belongings as we carried garbage bags out the door of the lobby. The sign on your front door states that there is a 100% guarantee and I would like my funds returned to my credit card, as I was far from satisfied from this stay. I did receive a email from the General Manager, Clarena Wise (email attached) because when asked, there was absolutely no manager on duty for the weekend.

        Dear Mr. Roffe,

        Thank you for choosing to stay at the Fairfield Inn & Suites Melbourne Viera Town Center and providing your honest feedback on the Guest Satisfaction Survey.

        Providing the highest level of hospitality is our number one priority and we sincerely apologize for falling short of meeting your expectations. No changes were made to your reservation, and it did come across to our system as a one night stay. As we were in a situation where we were sold out, we were unable to extend your stay. It is our policy to attempt to contact the guest prior to removing their items from the room. I do apologize that this incident was not handled satisfactorily and that we were not more accommodating. As a teachable moment, I have shared your feedback with the appropriate hotel team to ensure the necessary guidelines are in place to prevent such service failures from occurring in the future.

        I have also applied an additional 5, 000 Marriott Rewards points to your account as a further gesture of our sincere apology for this.

        Once again, thank you for your valued feedback and we hope to serve you again whenever your travels bring you back to Melbourne.

        Clarena Wise
        General Manager
        Fairfield Inn & Suites Melbourne/Viera

        I would like to hear your response to this as well as reimbursing my credit card for my unsatisfactory experience at your facility. As Clarena stated that it was a "teachable moment", it shouldn't be at the customers expense. I hope you will abide by your 100% guarantee as stated on your front door. If you need additional information, feel free to contact me.

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          Fairfield Inn and Suiteshot tub/cockroach in bathroom

          I stayed at the Fairfield Inn and Suites this past Saturday December 1, in Lafayette, In I was in town visiting my one sister at fransican hospital and had just spent 3 days sleeping in a chair because my sister was in critical unstable condition, we decided to get a room and try and rest and relax our sore backs, we went to the hot tub and found it green but no sign was on it so thought maybe it was our eyes, once we stuck our feet it realized it was cold, aggravated and grossed out we returned to our room, while in the bathroom I was scared by a bug in the bathroom which turned out to be a cockroach, I feel I was put under more uneeded stress by choosing your hotel, there is a ton of hotels on that road but chose Fairfield because they are always
          Nice usually, I feel I I should get something more taken off my bill seeing what I had to experienced, please contact me my name is Mary Jones 725 thunderbird trail, Carol stream, Il 60188 [protected]

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            Fairfield Inn and Suites — fairfield inn &, suites, enterprise al - general manager

            Good morning, I was out in contact with Ardebra Terrell (general manager) of the Enterprise location after...

            Fairfield Inn and Suites — fairfield inn lubbock, tx, 4007 south loop 289

            November 23, 2018 (FRIDAY) We returned to the hotel after visiting son and family around 9:00 p.m. There wa...

            Fairfield Inn and Suites — charges on card

            We stayed at the Fairfield on blarney rd in Columbia SC. We all know we use a card for incedentals which we...

            Fairfield Inn and Suites — bed bug bites

            On 11/10/18 my wife, daughter and I checked into the Fairfield Suites in Hookset, NH. The clerk on duty wa...

            Fairfield Inn and Suites — billing

            I charged paid for my room a month before we left. They never changed the card I booked it with. So I had to...

            Fairfield Inn and Suites — dirty bed sheets and horrible customer service

            My staff was absolutely horrible! I made a complaint before I even checked out. And the guy didn't even...

            Fairfield Inn and Suites, Ontario, Californiapoor room(s) condition, lack of housekeeping & manager dismissed issues

            I reserved a king room for October 19th thru 22nd at the Fairfield Inn, Ontario at 3201 East Centrelake Drive. We arrived about 10pm, checked in and received our room key,
            when we walked in the door of the room and immediately noticed a "squeal" coming from the AC unit (which was already running), we tried different settings but the sound continued, we went back to the front desk asked for a different room, they found us another room without question. Issue #1 - maintenance of AC unit in first room.
            The new room was a double queen room (#340) on an interior corridor with card access only. The AC unit was fine. We settled in for the night. When we attempted to plug in our cell phone chargers we discovered that the plug in the light fixture over the desk is worn out (prongs won't make connection), same with the plug next to the bed on the window side. The next day, since we had not really had time to dirty the room overnight we placed the "no service needed" card on the door. Upon returning to the room and taking showers we noticed the bathroom door was cock-eyed and wouldn't latch, the tub drain was clogged and draining very slowly.

            I brought these issues to the attention of the front desk staff but requested they not fix these issues until after our stay. During our stay we had to have our room keys replaced 3 times because they kept "forgetting" their programming. We were very careful to keep them away from the cell phones but it still happened. The second day in the morning about 8am we took the "no service needed" card off the door and went to breakfast (which was very well done), we left for the day at 10:30am, no cards on the door expecting the room to be cleaned, we returned at 8pm to find the room had not been cleaned! We went to bed, next morning we left about 11am,
            again with no cards on the door, housekeeping was servicing the room next to ours (#338) as we left, when we returned at about 4pm we found the room again had not been cleaned! My wife had a migraine headache and needed to sleep before dinner so the "do not disturb" card was put on the door. I went to the pool which was clean but too cold (staff later told me they keep it at 70F) for this time of year when the sun is not as warm. While I was at the pool my wife was disturbed by the maintenance people apparently coming to investigate the issues I had reported to the front desk but specifically requested not be addressed until after our stay. This was our last night so there was no time to get the room cleaned when it was not going to inconvenience our stay and by now it was about 6pm. When I went down to return the rental car and get dinner I spoke to the front desk, the gentleman concerned why our room wasn't cleaned so he checked the housekeeping logs, came back and said there was not "DND" notation for our room so he could not explain why it wasn't cleaned. He took $20 off the bill for our inconvenience (not much for missing 2 days cleaning but it was "something"). Next morning at 5am when we were checking out the front desk lady asked how we liked our stay, we were honest with her, told her of the issues, since a manager was on duty yet and she was very concerned, she said she would send an email to the manager about our experiences, she gave me a printed copy of the bill and told me she would not charge us until the manager had reviewed the situation. After our flight home I found an email at 6:25am with another copy of the SAME BILL showing our CCard had been charged with no adjustments or notations, then later in the day about 3:45pm I received another email with the another copy of the same bill (exact), again no adjustments or notations...I was confused why I got 2 copies of the same bill with not changes or apologies, etc...I decided to call and ask for the manager, a woman came on the line, probably identified herself but I did not catch her name, she said she was a (or the) manager, I recounted the issues, she looked at bill, then checked the housekeeping log and told me the log notes showed "DND" sign was out both days (which is impossible!!!), she further pointed out the $20 adjustment already made and basically said that's all she can do. I told her we are Marriott regulars, we usually stay at Springhill Suites and the only 2 times we have stayed at a Fairfield Inn have had issues like this. I almost dropped this out of disgust but I am someone who believes in truthfulness and honesty...when I thought about this manager's comments in my phone call, how she nicely dismissed our issues and then indicated to me regarding the housekeeping logs that someone on the hotel staff is not being truthful, I know what when we did or did not put out
            the DND or DNC cards, one member of the staff read the logs and what he found agreed with what I know happened and now after our stay this manager is telling me that the logs show something different that makes the fact our room was not cleaned during our entire stay of 4 nights our fault!!! I have an issue with this!!! I did some online research and I am not sure who the real hotel manager is but it appears that I may have been speaking during my phone call to Front Desk Manager, Stephanie Loeys, who according to other guest comments has dismissed their issues as well in the past...The hotel's comments to another guest's review was made by another person, John M., identifying himself as "manager"...I have tried to figure out who the real manager of this particular hotel is...no luck...

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              • Updated by MLM1977 · Oct 28, 2018

                The cost of the room (smaller than other Marriott hotels, no closet, a single sheet printed page rather than the typical hotel/local amenities booklet) was commensurate with other Marriott hotels we have stayed at that had more on-site amenities, so not receiving good cleaning service to me is a major part of the room charges.

              Fairfield Inn and Suitesservice

              Last week I submitted a formal complaint regarding the air conditioning being broken in our room at the Fairfield Inn, 475 E. Margaret Dr., Terre Haute, IN 47802.
              At this time I wish to say that the manager and assist manager are working to resolve this issue in a positive way.
              If we should pass through Terre Haute, IN, we would definitely stay at the Fairfield Inn.

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                Fairfield Inn and Suites Acworth GAservice

                I had resverstion for October 6th though October 8th.for my grandson wedding Sunday. Saturday night was awful. We couldn't get any rest people running up and down the hall making all kind of noise. I call the front desk and the clerk that I had a complaint about what was happening. He didn't try to move us to another room.he was a forge I talk with.and then some drunk woman got on the phone and said that she was sorry. That same woman cane to my room knocking on my door said she was my friend and wanted to make a peace offering.i don't know this woman. And I didn't open the door. Later I went to get some ice there were some chips and a candy bar in front of the door. This wall a hell of a night. Then we check out Monday I remember leaving my pink Micheal kor watch on the bed as I got home I call the front desk and told them I had left my watch in the room. The lady I had talk to a first said let me check and said I don't see anything that had been turn in. And that she will tell the morning shift to call me.i haven't heard anybody. I know I left it in the room. I knew I wasn't going to get my watch back.that watch was centermenal to for breast cancer. It's just not any honest people anymore. I hope that I will never use this hote again.

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                  Fairfield Inn and Suites — the room

                  Below is the information about our stay at the Fairfield Inn, 475 E. Margaret Dr., Terre Haute, IN 47802 for...

                  Fairfield Inn And Suites By Marriott Kennett, Square. Pennsylvaniadid not provide room as specified

                  I submitted this complaint September 24 (with Fairfield Inn's)and have not received a response ! I made my original reservations for a handicap room at Fairfield Inn Kenneth Sq., Pennsylvania for two night's back during the day of July 17, 2018 . At check- in Sept 21 they said they were unable to give us a handicap room as reserved. This prevented my wife from showering but was acceptable and we did not make an issue of it. After staying there one night, the Front desk called and said we did not have reservations for the second night and made several attempts to get us to move out. I had firm reservations for two nights and refused to move out. They were very rude and disrespectful. I was part of a huge Cloud family reunion. Errors by big corporations do happen but rudeness and disrespect is unforgivable. In addition the front desk deactivated my room key so that we could not reenter the room early Sunday morning. They did reactivate the key after I went out to the front desk and complained.
                  Bruce M Cloud

                  Additional information; My wife and I were in room 216 and I also paid for my daughter's room 401 In resolving this problem I expect a sincere letter of apology to both my wife and I and receive full credit for the two nights(Sept. 21 & 22) my wife and I stayed in room 216.

                  Sincerely Bruce M Cloud
                  179 Warren Oaks Ln.
                  Waynesboro, VA 22980
                  Tel. What hello [protected]

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