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Be aware of expedia's nonrefeundalbe policy
I spent countless hours w/ an expedia custormer rep,when i couldnt get any where w/ her, i requested the supv, why even bother, he too claimed he could help me. My dilemma started when i booked a hotel and car package with this expedia. After booking my reservation i did additional search on the hotel i was staying. Silly me i should've done that prior to booking. To my amazement the hotel in plantation fl was not a desireable hotel. There was a blog online about this hotel and the comments were undesirable about the plantation hotel and conference center. I became a little concerned. I decided to call expedia and req another hotel and was was told by both customer service and supv that they cannot switch the hotel and will not issue a refund because of the agreement they have w/ the hotel. She suggested that i pay for another hotel. I was livid! I was also informed that since i checked that legal binded agreement online(As if i had any other choice) i cannot and will not get a refund/ credit to my credit card. I contacted my credit card company and started a dispute, i wasnt going to allow them to take charge my account for a hotel stay that was not going to take place. I contacted the hotel and the night clerk was more than happy to cancelled my reservation. However she was unable to do so because i didnt make the reservation with the hotel itself. She instructed me to contact expedia. I called them again and got another customer service rep who did more than the other two incompetent employees were able to do. I felt as if i was dealing with a totally different company. She contacted the hotel, confirmed that they were willing to cancel the reservation and she then issued me a credit. The bottom line is dont take no for an answer. Go the extra mile and try to accomplish that goal. I will not book another reservation with expedia again. I will be reporting them to the bbb because the consumers should not be treated in this manner. I should not have to make multiple phone calls to get a credit/refund.

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Jan 29, 2020 7:00 pm

DO NOT USE EXPEDIA! The company is a bunch of crooks. We were charged for four nights at a Motel but only stayed two nights. Repeated attempts to receive a refund were fruitless. All we got was a runaround with them saying to call the Motel and the Motel telling us to call Expedia. This company is a disgrace and should not be allowed to continue doing business!

Feb 22, 2017 9:32 am
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Lesson learnt today. Never book with Expedia. EVER. Worst customer service on the planet. More than happy to take your money, but won't refund any! Sheree Apps, B ath

Aug 06, 2015 7:32 pm

I had a package trip to Hawaii booked through Expedia in early January 2015 and I had to cancel for an unforeseen reason. I called an Expedia agent and they called hotel and airline to look into their policies on cancellation. The hotel gave a full refund and Delta had no issue with the cancellation. I insisted that an email be sent to me for the refund from Delta because although Delta issued a refund, Expedia stated that their policy was that you had to book through them on a separate flight to use the "credit". My credit was for $378.28 for the flight and I had a year to use it. August rolls around and I decided to use the credit. I called Expedia with the email and ITN (see attached) to book a flight to Florida. The first of at least three different agents told me that there had been a "rebooking fee" that Delta required of $200 and the remainder had been put back on our credit card. I calmly explained that this was not the case, at the time of the cancellation I was on the phone with the Expedia agent and Delta and there was no "rebooking fee". I also explained that I had an email from Expedia explaining exactly that (see attached). I was transferred to another agent who said the exact same thing as the first agent to which I replied again that they were mistaken. I did see the credit which was applied two months after the cancellation but there was $200 unaccounted for that was rightfully mine for which I wanted to apply to new travel arrangements. I was then placed on hold for 35 minutes and a third agent came back with the exact same response. I stated that the entire reason that I had an email sent from Expedia to me was for the purpose of avoiding the very situation that I was now in of trying to remember what had occurred. Of course one would assume that if Expedia sends you an email clarifying the amount of your airline credit that you have to use, the remainder of the Expedia family would honor their word. Not the case, I was told that "oh, this must have been some kind of mistake". I reiterated that it was not a mistake, this was verbatim what had been described to me on the telephone with the Expedia agent and Delta and that was the reason that I had them send me an email. Expedia then 2 month later, took $200 and put back on my card $178 without saying a word and I suppose hoped that I would forget. They also hoped that after 35 minutes on hold, they hoped I would hang up. When I insisted on talking to a supervisor, I was told "they have all gone home", "there are not any availalble", "no you can't speak to a supervisor" and "okay, I will see if I can find one". After another 15 minutes on hold, I did speak to a supervisor and he towed the company line that goes something like this "consumer, too bad and goodbye". Interesting to note that the other method that is implemented is the "talk over you" technique where they try to make sure that you don't say anything because the call is recorded. They didn't have much luck with that one and when I asked repeatedly if Expedia honored their word, the question was never answered. I will take my business elsewhere and I will tell as many people as possible to avoid Expedia, they are greedy, have forgotten how to treat their customers and have staff that have no commons sense whatsoever.

Jul 11, 2012 3:49 pm
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Do not do any business with Expedia. My card was double charged last night via the Expedia online booking system for an amount of nearly three hundred dollars and the room remains unbooked! My bank does not want to credit my account and the pathetic Expedia staff (phone call always redirects to India) will not refund or appreciate the fact that you no longer have your money. I am out of pocket $300 for a $149 room that I do not get to stay in. Many phone calls later between Bank & Expedia and still no solution and you can forget about Expedia returning any phone calls to you via their customer contact part of their web site because they won't ! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH EXPEDIA. RING THE HOTEL DIRECT. Lindy & Christina; You must have your head in the sand deep and something else sticking high out above to expect this as normality - consumers do have rights in most parts of the civilised world.


also be carefull when changing a flight date on unrefundable tickets, they will rip you off even if you follow their cancelation rules. it happen to me. they charged me more than double for the cancelation fee. first they gave me a credit for next flight and when picked a new date for departure, they charged me double for the penalty and called it a "lost value". the rip off was rediculous, i ended up paying $100 more for the ticket than it was advertised and in addition they charged me with cancelation fee.. in other words I was charged almost $600.00 for the ticket that cost $300.00. and when asked to speak with superviser, i was put on hold for over ten minutes and still didn't get to speak to their superviser. i was their customer for ten years and never thought that something like this could happen, but it did.

Jul 08, 2008 9:00 am

I agree that being charged for a non used stay is heinous and should be declared illegal. I was also charged by Expedia (over $$$600!$$$) for an unused hotel. Not only that but MY paid for room was rented to another person. You would expect that such practices to be illegal, and perhaps they are, but no lawyers have yet been savvy enough to pursue Expedia, that will hopefully soon change. Pay no attention to the two posts (coincentally posted on the same exact day) calling you an idiot. This is Expedia's lame attempt at defending its reputation, rather than do right by the customer it debases anyone who dares to complain in the belief that they will frighten other people from airing their own complaints. I suggest that we as victims of what we believe to be scammish behaviour by Expedia get together and inform the masses by placing magnetic placards on our vehicles warning people against Expedia (and it's affiliates such as, etc. etc.) By the time you reach people on the internet, they have already had a bad experience with them and that is too late.

Dec 12, 2007 6:51 pm

I have to agree with christina... if you purchase something without reading the rules... that's like walking blindfolded into on going traffic. If you were a true consumer... you would have done your homework about this reservation before you booked it.

Dec 12, 2007 11:48 am

I just wanted to say that whether you are booking with Expedia, any other travel site, or with the property directly you should know to review the rules and restrictions and to do research on what you are booking before you pay for it. So it is not Expedia's fault that you neglected to read the bright red rules.


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