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I booked a flight to Germany to see my son. I booked it for my boyfriend and I on January 24. On March 23, the airline cancelled my flight and I got an email from expedia. It said I could pick between 2 other flights. They were actually the same flight number only one said it left on Saturday and one left on Sunday (the dates on one were wrong) Also I realized that my boyfriends name was wrong on it. It showed us as having the same last name. I called back on March 28 and on March 30. On March 30, the system automatically booked me on a flight a day earlier. I couldn't do it on that day so I called back. They said someone would call me back in 5-7 business days. No one called back. On April 7, the flight changed again. I sent an email April 8th explaining everything. On April 14 I got an email saying that expedia had been calling and emailing me with no response which isn't true, because I had emailed twice and called alot before that. On April 18 expedia sent an email saying once they had the waiver they would update me. On April 25 expedia sent an email saying that they sent all the information to someone would contact me, which never happened. I emailed back that same day. on June 6th they sent me an email saying they had some more flight options. On June 7th i rebooked the flight with employee Glydel E. She told me I could change the name for 80$. I did not want to pay the 80 because I felt it wasn't me who typed it in wrong and they had given me the run around for too long, so she said to fill out the form and someone would get back to me. of course no one did. I have went on the chat a few times since then, everyone promises to call back within a day and doesn't. Today I got someone and they had me on hold for an hour but when they came back, they said I would have to buy a whole new ticket plus pay the 80$ fee. The new ticket is 900 more than it was when I booked it in January. Why am I just now finding out about that when its 2 weeks until time to go? Why did no other person tell me that before and why did the lady that rebooked me on June 7 say that I would only have to pay the 80$. The people I spoke to before June didn't even say I would have to pay the 80$ fee.

I want to be able to take my flight to Germany with my boyfriend as planned. I can not afford another 1900 ticket at this time with it being 2 weeks away. Expedia or the airline needs to make this right. This is no way to treat a customer who has been trying for 5 months to get this fixed.

Desired outcome: I want to be able to take my flight to Germany with my boyfriend as planned, without buying a new ticket, just fix the name. Expedia or the airline needs to make this right.

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