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Complaints & Reviews

booking service

Please be advised that I, Irina Goziker, has purchased a round trip air ticket for my Mother, Tatiana...

I mean really!!

— original message —
Sent: 4/16/2009 1:51:04 pm
To: [protected]@customercare. expedia.com
Subject: refunds questions or comments - case id: [req:[protected]]

* tpid: 1
* eap: 0
* name: marc
* tuid: guest
* e-mail address:
* phone numbers:

* itinerary number:

* subject: refunds questions or comments

* comment:
Customer: marc
Reference #: [protected]

I spoke with a representative earlier today about an issue I noticed in my itinerary this morning. it was brought to my attention when I handed in my expense report for the business travel I had booked through your website on april 3rd, I noticed an incorrect departure date for may 8th from louisville, ky. to orlando, fl on my credit card statement when the date should have been for april 23rd. I immediately called expedia to straighten out the error only to find that I am now being charged $150 per passenger to correct the error. this is for a business trip booking where I was to leave orlando on april 22nd in the afternoon, conduct a meeting the following day in louisville and then head back the same day as the meeting on the 23rd (thursday) of april. instead I found while submitting my expense report that the date I was to return is may 8th (friday).

Now I have used your website religiously for over 8 years at least and am fully competent in maneuvering around your website and booking travel. I have never had an issue in the past using your website. obviously some technical issue took place while booking for this trip. I would understand accidentally choosing the wrong month (maybe) but in no way would I have mistakenly booked for not only the wrong month but also the wrong day and date. especially considering the 8th is not even close to the 23rd. I explained the situation initially to a customer service rep who was kind enough through the conversation; she said she would first need to check with technical support and then came after a few moments on hold. she then said I needed to speak with a supervisor and passed me off.

Malik the supervisor proceeded to tell me that there was no error in the system and that I had made the mistake. I realized from the start of the conversation that malik was going to be the right one and I was just completely wrong and that I was getting nowhere in having the issue resolved. it is a business trip and obviously there was no way that I was to spend the next two weeks in louisville and had to make the necessary changes to what was originally suppose to be my itinerary.

I am still steaming from my conversation this morning with malik. I have been a repeat customer for over 9 years with expedia and you have been my default website in booking any kind of travel arrangements. I am extremely technically savvy with a degree in computer networking and I have been a manager with an it staffing firm for over 2 years if that can help explain a bit more at the ease I have with navigating through your website. if I could see the possibility of this being my error I would have no problem swallowing the $300 being charged to me but this is in no way a user error and obviously a technical glitch.

I would like to have the $300 charge waived for this issue and I will continue to do whatever necessary until it has been resolved. I expect prompt feedback and please provide me with proper contact information of who I need to speak with at the next level if need be.

I understand that you give ample time to review the full details of the itinerary before completing the purchase and I took the time to confirm that the details were correct before finalizing my purchase. the details were correct at that point yet the technical issue seems to have taken place immediately after completing the transaction. I will admit I didn't check my email thoroughly since I knew it was a confirmation email of my purchase and not the actual itinerary that usually comes days after purchase. which I might add, I never did receive any additional email past the 3rd of april with my itinerary information.

I spoke to us airways prior to even giving expedia a call yesterday and explained the situation. us airways said they would love to assist me in this matter but since I purchased through expedia, they were not able to move forward with any course of action. so seeing that us airways was willing to work with me directly if I had purchased through their website tells me that though you are bound by these rules and policies, certain situations should be no problem to override. I cannot tell you how easy it is for a company's initial response to say "sorry there is nothing we can do!", yet after persistence from the customer something is done to rectify.

Again I am done with conversing with customer service over this issue and want this matter taken to the next level within expedia's management.

— original message —
From: expedia travel support [mailto:[protected]@customercare. expedia.com]
Sent: thursday, april 16, 2009 9:59 pm
To: marc
Subject: re: refunds questions or comments - case id: [req:[protected]]

Dear expedia customer,

Thank you for contacting us about your refund request.

Please accept our apologies for any lack of service you received while trying to resolve your situation. it is never expedia.com's intent to mislead or to inconvenience our clients, and we are sorry that you feel expedia has done so. it is disheartening when our clients feel that we have not met the standards to which we hold our organization and employees, as we attempt to provide the most efficient, quality service available.

We at expedia are dedicated to providing knowledgeable service and support to our clients, but we are constrained by the policies of the vendors whose services we provide on our web site. when a flight or hotel itinerary is purchased on expedia.com, we act as the agent between the client and the vendor. any transactions are governed by the rules and regulations put in place by the vendor providing the service.

We regret any inconvenience this may have caused and would like to assure you that every reservation is important to us.

If this does not answer your question or solve your problem, feel free to reply to this message or call us at 1-800-expedia [protected]) and reference case id: [protected].

Thank you for choosing expedia.

Expedia customer service team

— original message —
From: marc
Sent: 4/17/2009 6:32:30 am
To: expedia travel support <[protected]@customercare. expedia.com>
Subject: re: refunds questions or comments - case id: [req:[protected]]

I mean you didn't really just copy/paste me some standard rhetoric as a response to my serious issue. first I don't have a question that I need answered and second; no your response is not even close to solving my problem. I obviously need this taken to the next level above a customer service representative. I will once again post my initial email below for reference and if there are any more details needed in rectifying and removing the $300 charge on my credit card, I can provide that.

— original message —
From: expedia travel support [mailto:[protected]@customercare. expedia.com]
Sent: friday, april 17, 2009 10:04 am
To: marc
Subject: re: refunds questions or comments - case id: [req:[protected]]

Dear marc,

Thank you for contacting expedia about your refund request.

There are no reports that indicate problems with the site. our website is equipped with recapping the details of the itinerary twice throughout the purchase path. all guests are given ample time to review the full details of the itinerary before completing the purchase.

Kindly take note that each of our airline partners established their own rules and policies for canceling or changing reservations. we are bound by these rules and policies and must adhere to them.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you. please be assured that the entire team at expedia.com is dedicated to not only providing the most efficient, user friendly, and accurate travel application, but also to the highest standards of support for our members.

Comments such as yours are read by numerous people within expedia and help shape our policies and practices as we learn and grow.

Unfortunately, we cannot handle refund requests through email. however, we would be happy to assist you over the phone. please give our customer service desk a call at the number provided below or [protected] for callers outside the u. s. and canada.

If possible, have your itinerary number and/or booking id available when you call.

If this does not answer your question or solve your problem, please call us at 1-800-expedia [protected]) and reference case id: 4976737.

Thank you for choosing expedia.

Expedia customer service team

— original message —
From: marc
Sent: 4/17/2009 10:38:30 am
To: expedia travel support <[protected]@customercare. expedia.com>
Subject: re: refunds questions or comments - case id: [req:4976737]

I understand that you give ample time to review the full details of the itinerary before completing the purchase and I took the time to confirm that the details were correct before finalizing my purchase. the details were correct at that point yet the technical issue seems to have taken place immediately after completing the transaction. I will admit I didn't check my email thoroughly since I knew it was a confirmation email of my purchase and not the actual itinerary that usually comes days after purchase. which I might add, I never did receive any additional email past the 3rd of april with my itinerary information.

I spoke to us airways prior to even giving expedia a call yesterday and explained the situation. us airways said they would love to assist me in this matter but since I purchased through expedia, they were not able to move forward with any course of action. so seeing that us airways was willing to work with me directly if I had purchased through their website tells me that though you are bound by these rules and policies, certain situations should be no problem to override. I cannot tell you how easy it is for a company's initial response to say "sorry there is nothing we can do!", yet after persistence from the customer something is done to rectify.

Again I am done with conversing with customer service over this issue and want this matter taken to the next level within expedia's management.


We have tried to book a flight with Expedia and we ended up getting charged by Expedia and Ebookers when we did not even visit Ebookers. Now after cancelling and getting a conformation, we are still getting charged by Visa, and the interest is piling up.

updating itinerary

Staggeringly incompetent customer service ! I'd booked a hotel reservation in Paris, France using Expedia.com for myself and my fiancee. To apply for our respective schengen visas to travel to France, we needed to submit the hotel reservation along with the schengen visa application. Since I'd booked it the itinerary only had my name on it under "Traveler Name" and I wanted to add my fiancee's name so she could submit the same itinerary for her schengen visa application.

Obviously the website didnt have any features to allow such changes so I decided to call Expedia customer support. I spent 20 minutes trying to explain what I wanted to someone with a weird accent who didnt understand what I was asking for despite me speaking slowly and clearly. For 20 minutes he kept saying that to CHANGE the name of the person he'll need to cancel and re-book while I kept telling him I did not want to CHANGE but I wanted to ADD the name of the second traveler.

Finally he got it, then he went off to talk to his supervisor and came back and said I should call the hotel so they could do it. I asked if that would make it show up on Expedia and he said no ! He didnt seem to understand that the whole purpose of me calling was to have a second person's name show up on the Expedia confirmation. And finally he said he couldnt do that in his "system".

It was extremely frustrating to get a simple request communicated. I am shocked that the most critical function of any business - customer care would have such incompetence. Expedia has horrendous customer support. I'm scared to think how it'll be if I am stranded during my travel on an Expedia itinerary and need their help. Hell with Expedia and the others (I'm sure they're all lousy) I'm going back to my travel agent. Atleast they have competent people I can talk with.

best price guarantee scam

I was going to book a hotel with Expedia at Lakeside Inn Hotel/Casino in Stateline, NV. The quote on...

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fraudulent activity

My son purchased an airline ticket through Expedia for me in March of 2008 so that I could come to see him graduate from College. The graduation was scheduled for June the same year and the ticket was to be my mother's day gift.

Unfortunately and sadly, my son passed away suddenly in May. A few days after he died, I called Expedia to cancel the trip and was told that I would most definitely receive a refund for this ticket, since I would no longer be attending a graduation in Denver. It was in a timely manner, more than 4 weeks before the scheduled flight.

I was told to send them a certified letter along with a death certificate and the refund would arrive promptly. I received a death certificate from Denver in July and that day sent it to Expedia along with my pertinent numbers they had assigned to the case. I never heard back from them.

Since that time, I have sent countless letters, made many phone called, several emails, each time I was told that it was 'pending' and I would receive compensation no later than 6 weeks. It has now been nearly 9 months.

When I call, they put me on hold and then disconnect me. They refuse to refund the money or give me a voucher for future travel. Once I was even told that they would credit my son's credit card. Strange, since he is deceased now and does not have a credit card anymore, so this is totally unacceptable to me. I cannot seem to get any resolution in this matter. I am heart-broken at the loss of my 22 yr old son, but this incident is making it worse, they are taking advantage of a death for their own pockets. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

fraud and cheating

I received a $200 Expedia coupon from Expedia.com for travel taken in Q4 2008. It is good for a travel packaged of 5 nights+ air/hotel - must be booked and taken by end of February.

The coupon appears in 'My Account' but there is no way to redeem it. I've sent emails to customer service who refer me to the [protected] number. I've spoken with 3 people at Expedia.com who also couldn't apply it. I've held for supervisors more than 90 minutes on cell phone.

The policy is 'no one will call you back - you have to hold'. When I'm put on hold - I'm told 2-3 minutes. No one ever comes back.

There is no way to reach the CEO or other executives. The only number that Expedia seems to have is there standard 800 number.

I have to believe at this point that this was a fraudulent marketing promotion. I assume I could book a trip and then take them to small claims court for the $200 - but do I really want to do business again with a company that will not let you speak with supervisors, promotes a fraudulent coupon, and has essentially 'no' customer service.

I have never found a CEO that hides like this before. Obviously there is a known customer sat problem and he doesn't want to go near it.

A company with these business policies really should not be in business in my opinion.

  • Ji
    Jim O Nov 21, 2009

    How to reach expedia.com
    On google, search expedia.com 10-k 12/31/2008 and you will find all officers listed on about the last page.

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best price guarantee

Last Saturday, my friend booked a flight ticket and hotel from
Expedia. Just today I've realized that the hotel she booked was out of
the way so we called Expedia to cancel the original hotel, pay the $27
cancellation fee, and booked another hotel within the city of
Barcelona. After booking the new hotel we discovered a better price
offer from the actual hotel itself, so we told Expedia customer
service. Here's Expedia's "Best Price Guarantee":

"Expedia guarantees you're getting the best price. If you should find
a better price online for the same trip within 24 hours, Expedia will
refund the difference—and give you a travel coupon worth $50."

And here are the reasons they provided for not following-thru:

• Apparently $7.43 price difference is too low; therefore they refused
to honor it. Customer service is not able to provide me with the
"MINIMUM" required price difference or anywhere on their legal policy
where this was stated. After I insists on seeing the legal document
that state this, she finally told me she's going to talk with her
supervisor to get his sign-off to approve the difference.
• A few minutes later, she came back with a new reason. Apparently, I
"changed" my itinerary instead of "cancelled" the previous hotel and
booked a new one. The 24hrs policy is only valid based on the original
reservation, not "changed" reservation. Understood, so what's the
problem? When we called Expedia, we specifically asked to cancel the
previous hotel reservation, paid the cancellation fee of $27, and paid
a higher price for a new reservation at another hotel. So, I guess
according to Expedia, the customer has to paid for their customer
services' screwed up.

I asked to speak with the supervisor, but the supervisor never got on
the phone. So instead I asked for Expedia corporate information so I
could contact them directly and here's what I've got (They wouldn't
give me a direct contact person):


Expedia Travel
PMB 290
2897 North Druidhills Rd
Atlanta, George 30329

fraud and cheating

I booked a trip to CA and took the trip in September. I intentionally booked the motel I used because of the $50 gas card offer. I have emailed with Expedia several times concerning not having received the card. Expedia wanted the confirmation number indicating that I actually filled out the form to get the $50 card. Thank God I kept a hard copy! I have provided the number and was told the card would be mailed in 2 to 3 weeks and would take 10 days to arrive after being mailed. (Must be by Pony Express). Here I am seven weeks later and two more emails and still no card. Now, Expedia does not even respond. I have used this company many times as I am a frequent traveler. I will never use them again. I already have 8 'for sure' trips planned for 09 but Expedia will not get any of my business. I travel for a living so I will also spread the word about Expedia. I read that others had the same problem with this offer. Expedia is a ripoff when it comes to promotions to try to get your business. Boycott them!

  • Ma
    Mad in Michigan 2 Oct 04, 2009

    I totally agree with you!! Boycott Expedia!!!

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  • Vl
    Vlad Vais Jul 22, 2016

    Expedia are liers and cheaters. I wanted to book a hotel and found several offers on Trivago (offer by Expedia) with discount of 80% percent!!
    When I entered the trivago site via the link the price was double or triple of what have been promised by them via Trivago.
    When I asked them about the difference (their email is impossible to find!) they have asked me that they have many good deals and actualy disregarded my question, so...
    Expedia is a scam - ban the MFs!!

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  • Na
    Nathan Ladin May 08, 2018

    > Hello,
    > Me and my colleagues are using Expedia services for around 10 years.
    > Regarding ticket purchased from Expedia Itinerary # 7348985687597.
    > 1. Iberia start flying from SFO to Madrid just 04/25, when I arrive to
    > check-in counter was 17:05.
    > Row#3, Terminal G, sign IBERIA and no employees.
    > I went to information desk of airport, where they mentioned, that dont have phone number for
    > representative of Iberia and in the system they see that check-in counter
    > been closed at 17:20, which is a lie.
    > 2. I spent on phone with Expedia and Iberia in total couple of hours holding time.
    > Iberia 800 772 4642, sales reps, Santiago, Robert and others
    > Call 1: 36 min
    > Call 2: 19 min
    > Call 3:
    > Expedia, sales reps Ahmed and others
    > Call 1: 17 min
    > Call 2: 15 min
    > Call 3:
    > The Iberia and Expedia been sending to each other and saying different things, misleading me.
    > Please listen to the conversation from my number.
    > I am a businessman, my time is extremely expensive.
    > Who is going to compensate that ?!
    > 3. In a result I bought United airline just to forget this nightmare.
    > 4. Please refund my money immediately, I do not care and do not want to
    > know, who authorize the transaction, who is airline.
    > I paid to Expedia thru Expedia website !!! There is 24 hours policy.
    > 5. Please assure than you not selling tickets to airlines, which unable to provide appropriate customer care for passengers and misleading them.
    > Please assure that next time I dont need to spend 2 hours on the phone without result.

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the worst moving company online

These people are only curtious when taking your money as an initial deposit, after that they are horrific. They refuse to return my calls when I tried to get my furniture delivered. They promised a delivery date and did not deliver till almost 4 weeks later. They are rude and have no sense of what customer service means. In addition, they destroyed my furniture and property, not only were my glassware broken, clothes and furniture were water soaked with mildew and severe water damage. They refuse to honor their claims for repayment of damged property, and they hide from the Better Business Bureau. I would not reccommend them to my worse enemy. Save yourself some headache and money and get a real moving company that won't treat your property like garbage!

  • D
    D Aug 11, 2008

    When I book the vanlines, I had the impression that the total cost would be $630.00 including everything. The representative (Edwin) never mentioned about the new cost to me before booking. If I were told I would not have booked this vanlines. I don't think this is a good business practice when the customer is not aware of the total cost during the booking. In addition, Edwin was talking to me acrimoniously about the issue when I called immediately after seeing my email from Expediant. I was shocked. Finally, he hung up on me. I have not experienced any such behavior in my life from a vendor.

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stranding customers

I patronized expedias service and was appauled by the horrible experience I had with them. I urge everyone that if you plan on using them "don't".

I booked my flight and rental car through them and ended up stranded at chicago airport christmas eve 2008.

My flight was fine, san francisco to chicago. I was then instructed to wait outside in the freezing cold for a shuttle to pick me up and take me to advantage rental car office offsite. I waited forty five minutes and still no shuttle, so I call info and get the phone number to advantage because the one on my paperwork doesn't work. So I call and get a recording that puts me on hold for over a half an hour and eventually hangs up.In the mean time my friend whom i'm traveling with calls expedia and is put on hold the entire time i'm trying to get a hold of advantage.

Finally we get a customer service rep from expedia and she puts us back on hold while she trys to get a hold of advantage. Another half an hour later she gets comes back and tells us that there is nothing she can do. I told her that was unacceptable and I wanted to talk to a supervisor, so she puts me on hold. Half an hour later my friend starts calling other rental car companies to see if we can get a car some how, and we are told that there is not a car to be had. Its christmas eve and we have now been at the airport three hours and still have nothing.

After an hour and twenty minutes on hold waiting for a supervisor she finally gets on the phone and informs me that advantage went bankrupt a couple months ago, and there is nothing expedia can do. So we were stuck in chicago even though we were suppose to drive to detroit that day for christmas. I told the supervisor that was not acceptable and she needed to find another rental car for us. She then told me that they knew they went bankrupt two months ago and it wasn't there responsibility to notify their customers. She told me that it was my responsibility to confirm all reservations. I then reminded her that I had a confirmation from expedia two days prior saying every thing was fine. She then told me that she could do nothing and hung up on me.

So please please please pass this along to anybody looking to use expedia...
Don't use them...

no service

I have tried for many hours to contact Expedia by phone at 13 pence per minute and no one answers. I have written 7 e-mails and they reply telling me to phone. I have sent them my number and no one calls.
I now face a loss of business because I cannot change a flight. I normally never use Expedia for my monthly intercontinental flight. I never will again. It is the absolute worse service I have ever encountered.
A call to Expedia USA did result in a reply but they cannot enter the same system and cannot contact them on other numbers.

excessive charges


Folks I don't normally go off on a subject like this, but my experience with Expedia is a slap in the face. They must view their customers like cattle, just dumb enough to fall for anything. When you book a hotel with Expedia, beware. While any hotel will allow you to cancel your reservation, with varied time clauses from 48 to 72 hours, not Expedia. They charged me $25, 99 for a cancelation that I made, six weeks prior to staying at the hotel. When I questioned them on this, this was Expedia's explanation.

"Expedia negotiates special arrangements with our partner hotels to guarantee the lowest prices available. In order to continue offering these great rates, we need to charge a $25 change/cancellation fee. But that fee allows us to bring you the best possible hotel rates in your future travel."


Expedia.com Customer Service Team

Well, I thought I would see what kind of savings that the expert negation team at Expedia had achieved to justify this claim. This is what I found. I compared a booking for December 18th, with the Marriott in Budapest. Going directly through the Marriot web site, my rate was $165.39, or 130.00 Euros. Through Expedia

Expedia itinerary number: [protected]

Hotel confirmation number: [protected]

Reserved for:

Dennis Maroney Hotel: 2 adults Deluxe Room 12/18: $164.81 per night

Hmm, now I really feel validated, and assured that the expert negotiation team of Expedia has actually saved me .58 cents! Folks, please get the word out, under no circumstances use Expedia for hotel bookings. We have been a very active customer of Expedia for the past three years. They do not give any customer appreciation points and will jump at the change to gouge you for any nickel or dime they can get away with.

Expedia's response to my .58 cents savings was:

"Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request for a refund on the cancellation fee. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused you and would like to assure you that every reservation is important to us".


Expedia.com Customer Service Team

Hmm, what is important to Expedia is squeezing every cent from your wallet!

fruads, cheaters, and ripoff

Expedia is a rip off and a fraud. they told that there were no hidden charges and if you booked a hotel room from them before a certain date, they would give us $50 dollar gas card and in the hotel bill it said, "extras, 0.00. when we came back from our trip we got a bill from Expedia that we had to pay extra $30 per room for nothing and we had booked two rooms, so they charged us extra $60. we didn't even use there extras that they offered us. and about the gas card, its like they dont know anything about it. when we call them and ask them about the gas card, they disconnect the phone .

coupon scam

Expedia is heavily advertising a $200 coupon they promise to give you if you "book and travel by January 3 2009" .

They set January 3 as the deadline, which is of course the Saturday of the New Year's weekend. Does this sound like you have to take the first leg of a round-trip by January 3, or you have to complete your whole trip by January 3? The ad doesn't specify. I called customer service and wrote emails to clarify, after I spent over $2000 on my ticket. Well, they meant, "complete travel by January 3." I thought it seemed preposterous to say "book and travel by January 3"--how could you travel by Jan. 3 if you hadn't also booked by January 3? And how could you book on January 3 for travel that day, considering it's the last Saturday of the holiday season?

I think Expedia is purposely obfuscating the travel deadline, and purposely set the deadline for travel a day early so they don't have to give coupons to people who can't get a flight on Saturday and have to travel on Sunday; and they still get the sales to people, like me, who thought if they meant "complete travel by Jan. 3" they would have said so.

  • Jo
    John Doe Nov 24, 2008

    Expedia is a scam. Source: http://www.victimsofexpedia.com

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  • Le
    Leung Feb 11, 2009

    Expedia falsely advertises the deal as "Receive a $200 travel coupon now." I booked a trip, but still have not received the $200 coupon. I called twice and and spoke to a "supervisor, " but was told that the $200 coupon would be sent when Expedia decided it was time to do so. This is mid-February already. The $200 coupon would only apply to travel completed by March 30. I suspect that even if Expedia eventually sends me the coupon, I will have little time to make travel plans and the coupon may be useless. Expedia is a fraud.

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beware & expedia vacation waiver&

I have purchased a vacation package with Expedia Vacation Waiver option. It tells you “You can change or cancel your trip for any reason prior to the scheduled start of your trip”. Even if you read the fine-print it gives a first impression that you can cancel or change your package without losing money. However, when I called them to cancel the package, they responded that only the hotel was refundable under the Vacation Waiver and the airfare was not. Apparently, if your ticket is not-refundable / not-changeable according to the airline policy (which is often the case), Expedia Vacation Waiver will NOT cover its cost. You are going to lose the full value of your ticket. This is far not obvious from the description of the Vacation Waiver on the Expedia site. This experience costed me $600. So, beware.

  • Br
    Brad H Jan 04, 2010

    I fully agree! My wife and I were bumped from a flight and had to eat $1, 200 in airfare as we were never able use the flight credits.

    I am considering pursuing a class action against Expedia as this is a highly deceptive practice.

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  • Cl
    clayguy May 11, 2010

    i had the same experience w/ expedia when i booked atrip package w/ air and hotel, along w/ the vacation waiver...i was told that i would have to pay the penalty to change the air portion in order to use the ticket...and that they would turn around and credit me for the penalty...they dragged out refunding me after numerous calls over several months...being told it would take 3 billing cycles to showw my credit on my cards statement...i called my bank and they said that they credit the refund as soon as the business closes out their system which is normally done daily...i probably called over 15 times and even spoke to a supervisor w/ and attitude and kept being told it is in process, or it was already credited and to call my bank...i finally called aarp and told them to straighten this up for me because if i don't get my refund i will call my attorney to start a lawsuit for FRAUD which is what this practice is...they told me they would investigate the problem and call me back in abound 7days...well that finally got results...after only 4-5 days my refund magically appeared on my online bank account...it could have even been credited before the 4 days but this was the first time i looked...i still have never recieved the phone call from aarp to explain to me what the hell was going on w/ this...i also have to mention that the reason that it is considered FRAUD is because they contractually agreed to do what was in question about the refund...plus i wanted the money paid for the waiver itself since they never fulfilled the contract...i never received the waiver refund for the policy itself but i think they realized that they truely could have a lawsuit to deal with ...so if you have had this problem i suggest that you call aarp and give them an ear full about their partner for travel (expedia)...if anyone else has had this problem w/ expedia's vacation waiver i'd like to hear from you ...WE HAVE TO GET THE WORD OUT BEFORE OTHER PEOPLE ARE RIPPED OFF BY THIS DECEPTIVE PRACTICE...IN NUMBERS WE HAVE MORE INFLUENCE TO GET SOMETHING DONE, such as starting and signing a petition and sending it to aarp/ expedia, as well as the the proper authorities to make sure that this becomes public knowledge...feel free to email me at [email protected]

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  • Ri
    Rivertender Jul 08, 2015

    Almost the same experience.
    Exp agent said I would get all my money back, no problem - gave me case #.
    I called back to book through Expedia and all of a sudden my case # needs more research by supervisor.
    I am pretty sure I will take the pipe on my 500.00 flight/hotel package, but I am not sure yet...because I am on yet another lengthy hold to try and process my claim.
    Not looking good.

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  • Mo
    Monimai Sep 06, 2016

    Expedia travel protection waiver is suppose to cover you
    In invent of trip interruption ..
    Mine was medical and I had to pay for change fee.
    Extra Hotel stay, 4 doctors visits at their request just so I could fly home. Yet I when I got home their insurance company said
    No it's not cover .. Go back to Expedia to have claim processed. They bounce you from one agency to another
    .i was told by them to save all my receipts so they (Aon)could reimburse me. They are part of Transamerica Casulty insurance. Mean while I'm still out $5681.00
    It's a never ending circle. In the hopes you go away! Mean while people are still buying this worthless insurance . Is deceptive business practices. Worse yet on my return ticket
    The value was $605. But the cost of the ticket I actually got was $356. But I still had to pay a $200. Change fee. But where is my credit for the remaining .. According to all those so called record line conversations I can use that credit for up to a year. No surprise they aren't rushing to tell me ., hey by the way you have a credit.
    Don't buy Expedia insurance or any other insurance
    Do buy travelers insurance but from reputable company. !!

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double booking

Sometime prior to August 22, 2008 I booked a room at the Salmon Arm, B.C. Travelodge. Prior to my scheduled arrival and certainly within 24 hours of that date, I cancelled my reservation. The reason was that I was attending a funeral and determined that my friend, whose wife passed away, invited me to stay with him. I called the Travelodge and thought that I cancelled my trip. I was informed that I only cancelled one reservation and that I had made two. I certainly had no reason to book two rooms for two of us (husband and wife) to stay overnight. I have been charged for this stay and futile efforts to recover my expenses have met with no results. I went through Travelodge and Visa. Is there some means that you can assist me to recover my lost funds ($98.95). Thank you.

  • Ch
    Cheryl Ann Nov 07, 2008

    I am an employee at a hotel and i will say this much... Third Party reservations is a bad idea. 90% percent of the time if you call the hotel and tell them that expedia has a different price the hotel will match that rate if you book it through the hotel.

    Another MAJOR problem is, you have already paid for the room by the time you get to the hotel. So, what if you have problems IE: the wireless internet isnt working, the pool heater is broken, the elevator is out of service? Guess what? the hotel cant give you a discount for your stay... We have no control over the price once you pay for the room.


    Is few dollars worth the risk? (most of the hotels rates are same as as a third party anyways WE ARE GETTING SMART!!!)

    So, Call us FIRST!!!

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failure to refund

I purchased an airline ticket online through Expedia.com. The airline made several changes to flights that I could not accomodate so Expedia told me that I could get a refund for the ticket. I made my original call to request the refund on August 4, 2008 and at that time I was told it would take a "Billing cycle or two to receive the refund.

After more than a month I contacted Expedia since I had not received the refund. At that time I was told it wuld take two to three billing cycles to receive the refund. As of today, October 30, 2008 I still have not received the refund. I called today and was told it would be three to four billing cycles to receive the refund.

This is completely unacceptable to take three or more months to receive an electronic refund. I discourage everyone from using Expedia.com to purchase tickets.

  • Ge
    Gene Nov 05, 2008

    I had a similar problem that I am still trying to resolve with Expedia. I cancelled my refundable flights July 5th and I am now on hold with Expedia (four supervisors later) and have been for 78 minutes. I was originally tol everything was being processed and that I should expect a refund in 2-3 billing cycles. the latest is that they never processed the refund because "they have been very busy in the refunds department and did not get to it until October 15th and now expect me to wait another 2-3 billing cycles. I strongly recommend avoiding Expedia. I will never book through them again.

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  • Ty
    tyler Nov 10, 2008

    It's a huge hassle dealing with expedia. I've been waiting almost 2 months now for a refund of $2300 of which Im getting charged interest on. I'm going to call my credit card company, this is stupid.

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hidden fees - poor customer service

I had a very bad experience with expedia.ca customer service regarding a "airline hidden fee issue"

Long story short we booked an all inclusive trip but on the way home were informed we couldn't check our baggage (1 bag per person - All under weight) unless we paid $15.00 USD per bag.

We expressed our displeasure to expedia.ca about there lack of communication regarding these fee's and the fact there was no mention of it in our booking confirmations etc...

The customer support person was rude and basically said tough luck and there is nothing we are willing to do to help you.

They lost 4 customers already and hopfully other will read this and come to the same concusion.

  • Al
    alexandra Feb 12, 2009

    I work in the Expedia.ca call centre, and would just like to mention that, when you book on the Expedia.ca website, YOU ARE YOUR OWN TRAVEL AGENT. We are simply an online booking tool. The baggage charge is not a hidden fee...it is simply something that is unique to each airline. Some airlines charge for the first piece of checked baggage, while others do not. As a responsible traveller, you should be checking the airline's website to see what, if any, fees are charged for baggage, as these charges vary from airline to airline. A little research on your end prior to booking your trip will prevent headaches during travel.

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cancellation of flight/refund

We booked flights for Christmas from Anchorage to Acapulco in June, 2008. The credit card was charged about $5, 100.00. On August 14, 2008 they called and said that the flight was cancelled. They said we would get a refund "within 3 billing cycles." On October 24, 2008, I called the airlines (Delta)directly about this. I was informed that Expedia never requested the refund for us, even though we were entitled to it. Now we will get our money back in 7 to 10 days (hopefully). Bottom line is that they sat on $5, 100.00 for 5 months.

  • Sh
    sha77777 Oct 05, 2009

    I made a reservation for Cancun for my two children and I back in May of 2009 for July 2009. Expedia called and informed that the airline had cancelled that flight. They said it would take a month or two to receive the refund. It is now October 2009 and I have still not received the refund. I have called so many times. Today, they told me that the airline had issued the refund to them back in May!! Even American Express was unable to help.

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