Expediatrip insurance is a rip off

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Lesson learned, you get what you pay for. My fiancee and I wanted a tropical and affordable honeymoon, Friends and even my sister recommended Expedia, I spent hours researching other travel website and Expedia sure enough they were by far the cheapest. I proceed to book a honeymoon to cancun, leaving Jackson on our Wedding day and getting to Cancun at 9 pm, perfect! The gentleman I spoke to was polite and helpful I purchased the trip insurance, because it sounded really comprehensive. Three weeks later swine flu outbreak hits, the CDC says avoid Mexico. Disappointing but not disasterous because I got trip insurance. I call expedia, sure we can change, we have insurance! was offered no help finding something else, hours more research to find another perfect destination, the Dominican Republic. When I call to book it, I am told that since the original trip was on Continental airlines we must fly with them because that portion cannot be refunded by Expedia. Fine with me, other than there is not a flight that we could catch, lands before 11pm, or doesnt add another $1000 to the trip. Try explaining that to the Expedia people. Why can't we just change our traval dates and times? BECAUSE IT IS OUR HONEYMOON! spent hours on the phone, talked to 4 different people, had to explain it wasn't geographically possibble for us to catch afternoon flights in New Orleans of Miami, or arrive in New Jesry at midnight on my wedding day, seriously. No one seemed concerned, at all. We ended up booking our own flights through Contenintal (Expedia wouldnt commincate with them on my behalf either, big surprise) and from Miami and using Expedia from that point, if I had time I would cut them out completely. I will keep calling Expedia and complaing until I speak to someone, who shows at least some concern for the worst customer service I have ever experienced.


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    Anthony Tenoglia Jun 29, 2015

    I fell so Bad for You and could not agree more about Them. My Father Passed away and they did not care!!! Took everything!! This the text of My Sorry for You. Perhaps We could All do something...

    You are Awful. Awful People! A Curse upon Your Houses! May You never NEVER go through what I have, My father's death, trip insurance for travel protection, a need to change, no one to help at the time, perhaps a suggestion to cancel the original flight, having to go to the airline myself to get to My Father before He was creamated only to receive an email response 5 days later after My original contact, countless emails attempts requesting assistance, faxes, supervisor after supervisor and finally to be told trip insurance does not cover changes of which it clearly states it does. Bad Bad People. May You All Rot!!! Know this, Karma, is the Great Leveler!!!

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  • Horrible company. I agree the "travel insurance" is a complete rip-off. They make it sound like you can "cancel for any reason" and the assumption is that your money will be refunded. No such luck. You are issued a credit only - which may or may not be of ANY use to you. But, they don't care. If Expedia dropped off the face of the earth it would not be a huge loss - to any member of the traveling public.

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    Shooterandaggie Oct 01, 2017

    Agree 100%. Insurance sold as recouping money if cancellation is necessary. WRONG. The recouping is a credit towards the booked airline. Yes, it supposedly covers the airline fees, but not going to chance that. DO NOT buy this scam. Last time I book with is company

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    Leisa Freeman- Lewis Dec 26, 2017

    I agree I got ripped off from Expedia also for my Puerto Rico Trip my coworker got a full refund I got nothing

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    Ezra Harel Aug 23, 2018

    bad service. spend money and time for nothing!!1

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