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Barrhead Travel Service complaints 53

Barrhead Travel Service - refund

I am very disappointed with the service you apply when cancelling holidays.
Cancelled holiday 2 nd June then get told it will be 7 th September before refund and then it takes 3 -5 working days to go in bank.

Absolutely disgusted with service baring in mind the flight that we where going on has been cancelled by yourselves so still have to wait a considerable time for refund.


Barrhead Travel Service - Disability discrimanation

I was called to make a holiday payment unknown to me my name had been removed I have asked umpteen times for all call between them and my son Steven donaghy who booked the holiday to take me away he then supposedly removed my name
But they phoned me for payment I had no idea my name was not in the holiday
Until the papers came on the same day as the holiday started my son got took into hospital and I could not even use it as it was not in my name

Desired outcome: Want my money back

Barrhead Travel Service - Package holiday non refund

I booked a holiday for summer June 25th 2020 that we were asked to rearrange to summer 24th June 2021 that is now not going ahead we as a family do NOT want to rearrange again for a further year so want a full refund but you are not allowing us to do that it is well within our rights to do this according to the ABTA guidelines. We have tried calling and stating we do not want to travel at all now as it's not safe and now the government has made it illegal to travel with 5000 fines for anyone doing so we just want our money back.

Desired outcome: Full refund

Barrhead Travel Service - Refund and communication

My Wife and I booked two holidays this year with Barrhead travel 1 in May to go to Lake Garda and a cruise in August
In May they did not contact us in regards to this being cancelled even though we knew it was
the only time we had contact with them is when they asked for the balance of our cruise on May the 15th
we have sent numerous emails asking about our refund for the Lake Garda to which we were told the 5th of August it would be back to us to this date we are still waiting and they are not responding to any of daily emails we send
Kevin Fordyce

Barrhead Travel Service - Holiday booked 2/11/18

A 6 day break was booked for Steven dinghy and Maureen Quinn
Red number8576263/8576264 my name was removed at some point without my knowledge and I only found out when the paper work came through
They phoned me for the payment without telling me I was removed and a different person was going so I was told to claim it back as a fraudulent transaction but just after all this my son Steven died and it has taken me a while to find my feet again my bank only allow 546 days to go to them they have advised me to come back to your company as the girl should not have called me for a payment when I was not a party of the booking at this point
I have been advised to come to yourselves to resolve the situation

Barrhead Travel Service - Cancelled Canada trip

Paid full balance of £8500 back in February for our honeymoon that was booked at the end of May. This never happened due to the covid lockdown however Barrhead made no effort to update us. I tried to...

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Barrhead Travel Service - Holiday cancelled by them. No response to my phone or e. Mail requests for a refund.

Holiday for 1 week was booked at Barrhead Travel Shop in Silverburn Shopping Centre Glasgow in December. 1. 6773424/S20H - JET2 REF NO 2. [protected] - BARRHEAD TRAVEL REF NO. FLIGHT...

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Barrhead Travel Service - Cancelled holiday

Dear Barrhead Travel Holiday Reference: [protected] - We received an email from yourselves on 7 April advising our holiday to Fuerteventura which was due to take place on 27 March would be...

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Barrhead Travel Service - Holiday Package and customer service when contacted them re complaint

Booking number - 9333425 We booked our honeymoon via Barrhead travel Falkirk. We booked flights and accommodation. 4 nights Singapore 7 nights Bali, documentation clearly states this. Singapore...

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Barrhead Travel Service - customer service

I would like to make a formal complaint regarding my wedding/honeymoon which was booked with Barrhead travel in April 2018 with a travel date of September 2019 to the Bahamas .From start to finish I...

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Barrhead Travel Service - carnival cruise

My wife & I booked a 6 day cruise from New York to Bermuda for the 16/09, the cruise terminal got changed to Brooklyn which then cost us more money to travel. We arrive at the ferry terminal for our Bermuda cruise to be told because of the weather we can't go straight to Bermuda but we'll go to Charleston 1st then make our way 2 Bermuda. (We should have been in Bermuda from wed until fri) on Thursday the captain announced we can't go 2 Bermuda as we don't have the time as they had to slow down the ship because of the weather but everyone will be offered a free cruise. I personally don't want a free cruise as 5 days on the ship has made my wife ill we are currently in New York and it's not enjoyable for her she has motion sickness & dizziness. are we entitled to any compensation.

Walter Scott
Email [protected]

Barrhead Travel Service - we took managers knowledge of corralejo

We told you sales advisor we were looking for a holiday in Caletta de Fuste though we hadn't been here our friends had we were them Told them we wanted. A lively area in Center as we loved Benidorm also mentioned My partner could not walk far in hilly area as long it was flat like Benidorm This was what we were looking for Dunas Apt came up in Corralego girl shouted to Manager for advice he came over and he highly recommend these apt said he had been there I told him Geordie has walking problems he said it was only ten min walk to music square maybe to him took us a lot Longer this place was more orientated for Spanish The Hotel too wasn't for us we were so isolated in this place we took Managees advice that was clearly wrong and he misled us this place was diabolical I ended up feeling We wanted to go home we ended up going to our Jet 2 for to get a move to closer to central this for us was over a 40 min walk which Geordie could not do as there was a incline to reach where we wanted to go Hated this place so much then Jet 2 wanted £1200 to move saying Dunas Apt's would not release our money for it to be used towards other accommodation I could get cheaper on at £300 for rest of holiday but was told if we did this we were breaking our terms and conditions with jet 2we didn't so we ended up using Taxis up and down all day but one night we couldn't get one so we had to walk This made me start feeling full of anxiety we then went back to Jet2 told them we wanted out of there and wanted to go to Caletta de Fuste we had to wait till Monday then was phoned we then had to pay £670 to move plus our taxi to Caybeach Hotel £60this is shocking I don't think this was great customer care I want to be refunded of the money I had to fork out Your Team knew our requirements for our holiday that we wanted but I would not put any body in this part of Corralejo this was a residential area full of flats one single shop that shut at 6 to far off beaten track

Barrhead Travel Service - holiday

I booked with barhead travel for a holiday in June but to my illness I rebooked for September this year, unfortunately I had to cancel again due to my illness contacted barhead again in June to rearrange but was told because it was a non refundable room I could not
The confirmation e mail did not state this
They are now saying that because we are now within the 6 week cancellation period there is nothing they can do

Barrhead Travel Service - unprofessional customer service agent

Three weeks ago four people from my work went into the Falkirk branch to get a quote for a holiday they were served by an older women a Karen who not only tried to sell them an overpriced holiday...

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Barrhead Travel Service - showing us a completely different hotel (on screen) to one we were being sent to

Mon 15th July 2019, we browsed ads in window, picked one (MAXORATA BEACH APTS) S/C 14 days for £419.00 PP We booked right away, paid deposit, discussed car parking, and baggage...

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Barrhead Travel Service - completely messed up hotel and flight times

I booked my holiday through Barrhead travel because I thought it would have made my three destination holiday easier. I was completely wrong staff are horrendous! I was placed in wrong hotel in...

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Barrhead Travel Service - holiday missold

Hi booked a holiday early January at Glasgow fort agent I bought it from was laura Daly. When booked holiday I asked could we have high up in our apartments or even sea view we booked...

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Barrhead Travel Service - rip off

I booked four excursion via Cruising a highlights of Ko Samuai and Private tour of Ho shi Ming city which was a rip off for both the first one the girl spoke to us twice onces to...

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Barrhead Travel Service - cancellation of holiday by company

Good evening. I had booked a holiday through Barrhead travel for a holiday to New York on 17th January direct from Inverness return. The deposit was paid as appropriate with the remainder paid 12...

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Barrhead Travel Service - 6 day break

I have complained about a holiday my son booked and I paid gave them all the complaint details they then said I needed power of attorney cost me more money only to be told I only needed written...

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