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I have purchased a vacation package with Expedia Vacation Waiver option. It tells you “You can change or cancel your trip for any reason prior to the scheduled start of your trip”. Even if you read the fine-print it gives a first impression that you can cancel or change your package without losing money. However, when I called them to cancel the package, they responded that only the hotel was refundable under the Vacation Waiver and the airfare was not. Apparently, if your ticket is not-refundable / not-changeable according to the airline policy (which is often the case), Expedia Vacation Waiver will NOT cover its cost. You are going to lose the full value of your ticket. This is far not obvious from the description of the Vacation Waiver on the Expedia site. This experience costed me $600. So, beware.

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Sep 06, 2016 10:20 pm
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Expedia travel protection waiver is suppose to cover you
In invent of trip interruption ..
Mine was medical and I had to pay for change fee.
Extra Hotel stay, 4 doctors visits at their request just so I could fly home. Yet I when I got home their insurance company said
No it's not cover .. Go back to Expedia to have claim processed. They bounce you from one agency to another
.i was told by them to save all my receipts so they (Aon)could reimburse me. They are part of Transamerica Casulty insurance. Mean while I'm still out $5681.00
It's a never ending circle. In the hopes you go away! Mean while people are still buying this worthless insurance . Is deceptive business practices. Worse yet on my return ticket
The value was $605. But the cost of the ticket I actually got was $356. But I still had to pay a $200. Change fee. But where is my credit for the remaining .. According to all those so called record line conversations I can use that credit for up to a year. No surprise they aren't rushing to tell me ., hey by the way you have a credit.
Don't buy Expedia insurance or any other insurance
Do buy travelers insurance but from reputable company. !

Jul 08, 2015 1:53 pm

Almost the same experience.
Exp agent said I would get all my money back, no problem - gave me case #.
I called back to book through Expedia and all of a sudden my case # needs more research by supervisor.
I am pretty sure I will take the pipe on my 500.00 flight/hotel package, but I am not sure yet...because I am on yet another lengthy hold to try and process my claim.
Not looking good.

May 11, 2010 3:14 am

i had the same experience w/ expedia when i booked atrip package w/ air and hotel, along w/ the vacation waiver...i was told that i would have to pay the penalty to change the air portion in order to use the ticket...and that they would turn around and credit me for the penalty...they dragged out refunding me after numerous calls over several months...being told it would take 3 billing cycles to showw my credit on my cards statement...i called my bank and they said that they credit the refund as soon as the business closes out their system which is normally done daily...i probably called over 15 times and even spoke to a supervisor w/ and attitude and kept being told it is in process, or it was already credited and to call my bank...i finally called aarp and told them to straighten this up for me because if i don't get my refund i will call my attorney to start a lawsuit for FRAUD which is what this practice is...they told me they would investigate the problem and call me back in abound 7days...well that finally got results...after only 4-5 days my refund magically appeared on my online bank could have even been credited before the 4 days but this was the first time i looked...i still have never recieved the phone call from aarp to explain to me what the hell was going on w/ this...i also have to mention that the reason that it is considered FRAUD is because they contractually agreed to do what was in question about the i wanted the money paid for the waiver itself since they never fulfilled the contract...i never received the waiver refund for the policy itself but i think they realized that they truely could have a lawsuit to deal with if you have had this problem i suggest that you call aarp and give them an ear full about their partner for travel (expedia)...if anyone else has had this problem w/ expedia's vacation waiver i'd like to hear from you ...WE HAVE TO GET THE WORD OUT BEFORE OTHER PEOPLE ARE RIPPED OFF BY THIS DECEPTIVE PRACTICE...IN NUMBERS WE HAVE MORE INFLUENCE TO GET SOMETHING DONE, such as starting and signing a petition and sending it to aarp/ expedia, as well as the the proper authorities to make sure that this becomes public knowledge...feel free to email me at [email protected]

Jan 04, 2010 9:03 pm

I fully agree! My wife and I were bumped from a flight and had to eat $1, 200 in airfare as we were never able use the flight credits.

I am considering pursuing a class action against Expedia as this is a highly deceptive practice.


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