Expediafraud and cheating

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I booked a trip to CA and took the trip in September. I intentionally booked the motel I used because of the $50 gas card offer. I have emailed with Expedia several times concerning not having received the card. Expedia wanted the confirmation number indicating that I actually filled out the form to get the $50 card. Thank God I kept a hard copy! I have provided the number and was told the card would be mailed in 2 to 3 weeks and would take 10 days to arrive after being mailed. (Must be by Pony Express). Here I am seven weeks later and two more emails and still no card. Now, Expedia does not even respond. I have used this company many times as I am a frequent traveler. I will never use them again. I already have 8 'for sure' trips planned for 09 but Expedia will not get any of my business. I travel for a living so I will also spread the word about Expedia. I read that others had the same problem with this offer. Expedia is a ripoff when it comes to promotions to try to get your business. Boycott them!


  • Ma
    Mad in Michigan 2 Oct 04, 2009

    I totally agree with you!! Boycott Expedia!!!

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  • Vl
    Vlad Vais Jul 22, 2016

    Expedia are liers and cheaters. I wanted to book a hotel and found several offers on Trivago (offer by Expedia) with discount of 80% percent!!
    When I entered the trivago site via the link the price was double or triple of what have been promised by them via Trivago.
    When I asked them about the difference (their email is impossible to find!) they have asked me that they have many good deals and actualy disregarded my question, so...
    Expedia is a scam - ban the MFs!!

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  • Na
    Nathan Ladin May 08, 2018

    > Hello,
    > Me and my colleagues are using Expedia services for around 10 years.
    > Regarding ticket purchased from Expedia Itinerary # 7348985687597.
    > 1. Iberia start flying from SFO to Madrid just 04/25, when I arrive to
    > check-in counter was 17:05.
    > Row#3, Terminal G, sign IBERIA and no employees.
    > I went to information desk of airport, where they mentioned, that dont have phone number for
    > representative of Iberia and in the system they see that check-in counter
    > been closed at 17:20, which is a lie.
    > 2. I spent on phone with Expedia and Iberia in total couple of hours holding time.
    > Iberia 800 772 4642, sales reps, Santiago, Robert and others
    > Call 1: 36 min
    > Call 2: 19 min
    > Call 3:
    > Expedia, sales reps Ahmed and others
    > Call 1: 17 min
    > Call 2: 15 min
    > Call 3:
    > The Iberia and Expedia been sending to each other and saying different things, misleading me.
    > Please listen to the conversation from my number.
    > I am a businessman, my time is extremely expensive.
    > Who is going to compensate that ?!
    > 3. In a result I bought United airline just to forget this nightmare.
    > 4. Please refund my money immediately, I do not care and do not want to
    > know, who authorize the transaction, who is airline.
    > I paid to Expedia thru Expedia website !!! There is 24 hours policy.
    > 5. Please assure than you not selling tickets to airlines, which unable to provide appropriate customer care for passengers and misleading them.
    > Please assure that next time I dont need to spend 2 hours on the phone without result.

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