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I had a home estimate scheduled all week for 8 rooms of flooring to be replaced in my home. I even called to confirm the appointment which was scheduled for today between 3 and 5. When 5:15 rolled around, I decided to start a live chat online because nobody had called me, so I thought maybe they were running late. Crystal informed me that due to "scheduling issues" (which is still odd to me considering I had JUST called to confirm the appointment only 6 hours earlier) that nobody would be coming to my house at all today. Crystal said she could promise me $50 off my order. That is a JOKE considering if you people would have showed up to my house today I very likely would have easily spent $10, 000 on new flooring and you're telling me I get $50 off?! I am so disappointed and will remember this circumstance when it comes to friend and family future interest in flooring or windows. I absolutely will be taking my money somewhere else and you might want to think about calling people to let them know that nobody will be showing up in the future because you genuinely just lost a chunk of money.

  • Empire Today Customer Care's Response, Oct 07, 2019

    Ms. Miller, thanks for making us aware of the issues with your sales appointment. We’re personally looking into this matter and we’ll reach out to you soon to begin working on a resolution with you.

Sep 28, 2019

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