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On 8/1/07 I called Empire Today to have a salesperson come out and give me an estimate for carpeting and hardwood flooring. The customer service rep told me she could send someone out that afternoon - how convenient I thought! When Gary arrived, he came in to the area that I needed wood floor. He measured, and gave me a ridiculous number - $3000.00 for hardwood for a hallway! I haven't checked out other places but I had a whole condo done for a lot less! I told him that I was not expecting that price and he said that my expectations of the cost of wood were not realistic and obviously we weren't going to do business for the hardwood. He proceeded to measure the bedroom for carpet - he then gave me a price of $1000.00. That was $300.00 more than the other estimate I received from a local carpet company. I told him so and he said, "what price were you expecting?" I replied, around $700.00. I asked him the best price and he told me $912.00 including all taxes and an upgraded pad. I wanted to call my finance at work to see if the price was acceptable but Gary told me that he didn't have time to wait for me to talk with my finance and that I could sign the paperwork and cancel within 3 days if my finance didn't like the price/carpet/color. I thought that was fair (what was I thinking?!) and signed the paperwork. Gary left and I called my finance and explained everything - he was furious with how Gary treated me and told me to call him and cancel the order and return my check for $25.00. I called Gary and he told me that I should call the 1-800 number if I wanted to cancel. I told him that he just left 5 minutes ago and I wanted my check back - he hung up on me. My finance called him when he got home from work and told Gary that he wanted the check back and told him that he didn't like his sleazy sales tactics. Gary said - I don't know who this is - stop calling me... later that night, we heard a knock on the door - it was the police - the officer said that my finance threatened Gary and Gary was afraid... trust me - your thinking there must be more to this story - there isn't! My finance never threatened - just told him that he had sleazy sales tactics! I did manage to cancel my order and the rep said that my check would be returned within 10-14 days... I will be calling the BBB. This is a very sleazy company and I feel that I was taken advantage of. I wasn't using my best judgment when I signed those papers. DO NOT USE EMPIRE TODAY!!!

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Total customer satisfaction is important to us here at Empire Today. We take customer feedback very seriously and we are always striving to improve the customer’s experience. We have reviewed your posting and are currently researching this matter. You will be contacted within 24 hours to address your concerns in full detail.


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    Chris Smith Aug 05, 2007
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    Verified customer

    Had very similar experience with salesperson. Called Empire and they sent out a salesman that very afternoon. I was carpeting my home office and asked for a morning install as I had to work in the afternoon. He said it was not a problem, wrote it on the contract (I did think it was a bit pricey, but the convenience swayed me). When Empire called to confirm installation, I was informed they would be out anywhere from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Told them it was not acceptable, my contract stated it would be a morning install and let them know about my situation. Of course the response I expected was that they couldn't control what the installers do. The salesman had told me the installers were all Empire employees, so why couldn't they control the situation??? I was furious, and the woman told me she would indicate on my record I needed a morning install. I called the main phone number, repeated my request, and got the same response. Next morning around 10:30 a.m. I called the installation department and was told I was the first install of the day (how could that be since it was already 10:30). Waited another hour, no installers. Called the manager back, was told the same thing. My husband finally called, and the manager said we were the first install but they had two previous installs to do (again, how could that be). He then proceeded to get very verbal with my husband. I could hear him through the phone!!!!! Promised a 1p.m. install, and of course, the installers showed up at 3 p.m. I lost a whole day's worth of pay. I asked the installer if they were Empire employees and they said no. I did look at the order, and sure enough it said "A. M. Install, no later than noon." When I asked why they did not honor that request, suddenly they couldn't speak English. Watch Out!!! They promise you everything and come through with nothing. The carpet install was okay, carpet of poor quality, and out a whole lot of money!!!! Never again. I do not recommend this company. Will file a complaint with the BBB

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