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Empire Today Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] Empire Today / poor communication concerning returning to complete a job/bathroom toilets not replaced.

Empire Today on Apr 21, 2016

I recently made plans with Empire to install tile in my home. The sales representative was very good and we thought we could get the work done without any problems. A couple of years we also had carpet throughout the house and Empire install this with minimal problems. This time is a...

[Resolved] Empire Today / appointment no-show

Sebringgirl on Apr 11, 2016

We scheduled an appointment for a free estimate to redo all the flooring in our home. Appointment was scheduled via telephone on last Thursday afternoon for the next day between 7-9 pm. By 8:30 pm we had not seen nor heard from any salesman as to when they might arrive or offer to...

[Resolved] Empire Today / shutters

Gerlynn Montiel on Mar 29, 2016

On 2/15/16 we submitted an order for shutters. We submitted $250 and completely financed the order. On 2/20/16 measurements were taken and notified that blinds were orders instead of shutters. We have called 6 times (3/6/16, 3/8/16, 3/12/16, 3/15/16, 3/26/16, 3/28/16) and received no call...

Empire Today / flooring

Mary Lovely on Mar 29, 2016

In August, of 2015, we had flooring placed in our kitchen. We realized that someof the tiles were crooked. They sent out another install team. The y straightened crooked tiles in areas that needed to be done. We noted that there were areas where grout was not correct. Another team came...

[Resolved] Empire Today / ceramic tile and carpet installation

vstamp01 on Mar 19, 2016

We've had issues with a former sales representative from Empire Today, however the installation of flooring went well. Therefore this time we requested a different sales person to come out for a new order. Brian Hagen was sent to our home. He seemed relatively knowledgeable and friendly...

[Resolved] Empire Today / carpet install

Don Custer on Mar 11, 2016

Ordered carpet for my brand new Family room from Empiretoday. One room and a stairway. $1200.00 plus tax. Took a day off from work for installation. The installers arrived at quarter till ten. I showed them the room and explained that it was a brand new room and asked them to be careful of...

[Resolved] Empire Today / commercial grade carpet

Reviewer66977 on Feb 12, 2016

We wanted an indoor outdoor carpet for a sunroom that leads out to the yard. We have dogs and empire came and visited. They showed us a few samples to choose from and we selected the carpet based on longest warranty - be careful - they don't honor the warranty. Within 3 months the carpet...

[Resolved] Empire Today / carpet installation and customer service

Reviewer72038 on Jan 28, 2016

We had carpet installed in 5 rooms in our home. There are no pets, children and we are only here half the year. In less than four years, we have had the carpet stretched twice to pull out the 'wrinkles'. The serviceman came out and said we would need to steam clean the carpet. In addition...

[Resolved] Empire Flooring and Carpeting / luxury vinyl tile

Terrance Flanagan on Jan 11, 2016

We had Empire install some Luxury Vinyl Tile and were happy with the installation but not the tile. The tile looked like it was factory seconds. We were told the best products will be used and they will stand behind the product. So far I have not heard back from the salesman nor the...

[Resolved] Empire Today / laminate installation

Reviewer63247 on Jan 8, 2016

I sat down with Empire Today's salesman, Sean and decided to go with their 50/50/50 deal for installation of laminate floors in my master bedroom and office. After researching several other local companies, I believe this 50/50/50 deal is a scam. My fault for not searching prior to going...

[Resolved] Empire Today / installation of engineered hardwood

Maureen Riordan on Dec 9, 2015

Approximately 2 1/2 weeks ago I contracted with Empire to have engineered hardwood installed in my home. Approximately 1100 sq. feet. The salesman came to my home. He showed me a test on the hardwood for scratching. he took his keys and vigorously scratched at the product to show that the...

[Resolved] Empire Carpet / Service

Reviewer96396 on Oct 18, 2015

We have a luxury condo that tenants damaged and required a complete restoration. It is located 5 hours from our residence. Empire advertised on line that they serviced the area. We contacted them and they stated that the customer must be present for measuring and also for installation...

[Resolved] Empire Today / manufactured hardwood floors.

Reviewer47159 on Oct 7, 2015

I am a real customer — run.. Smiling salesman says "how much do you want to pay?" wanted cash before install. Put new floor over wet sub flooring. Promised to repair twice. First time, forgot the glue, second time had wrong color flooring. Then corporate office that is in chicago, would only...

[Resolved] Empire Carpet & Tile / Unprofessional and total disregard for customer.

Yoko B on Oct 1, 2015

I made an appointment to get an estimate for replacing a carpet for 10/01/2015 between 5pm and 7pm for the estimator to meet. On the date, I called few times prior to the appointment time to make sure my appointment is confirmed and informed them that I was coming 1.5 hour away each way...

[Resolved] Empire Today / misrepresenting product

Reviewer69372 on Sep 23, 2015

On 9/23/15 the Empire rep came back. We were going to install porcelein woodgrain tile in the main level (~800 sq ft) but could not find a tile we liked. That job (with underlayment, complicated grout lines, and labor was bid at >8000). We decided to go with hardwood instead. Even though...

Empire Today LLC / not willing to stand behind their products and warranties

Reviewer89254 on Sep 19, 2015

To those it may concern, On May 6th my wife and I, Joshua and Amber Parker, purchased new ceramic floors and carpet from your company. Satisfied at the time with costumer service and product installation, no problems were noted, until July 9th. At which point Amber noticed a dime size...

[Resolved] Empire Carpet / Carpet and window coverings

Reviewer25651 on Sep 15, 2015

Sub par customer service!! Installation is shabby and rushed. Was told that installers are employees of Empire Carpet, not contracted and all English speaking (sales guy's words, not mine) which surprised me as any installation of any kind is usually contracted. That was a ploy to get our...

[Resolved] Empire Today LLC / laminate

Reviewer64605 on Sep 3, 2015

I scheduled an in-home visit to get details and measurement of three rooms. That appeared to be ok, however then the installers arrived the measurements were not accurate, and they did not get adequate bull nose to finish the edges of the laminate. The in-home agent told my husband that...

Empire - Today Flooring / poor workmanship, breach of contract with respect to payment, damage to property and the list goes on...

Jilltork on Jul 30, 2015

Avoid Empire-Today at all costs! I come from a unique perspective in that I worked as an Independent Sales Contractor for Empire for a year and a half. Unfortunately, I cannot speak to Empires business model or practices due to a confidentiality agreement, but I can speak as a customer who...

[Resolved] Empire Flooring / poor installation

Charles caldwell on Jul 9, 2015

We had new wood flooring installed by empire flooring contractors, they did a very poor job & did not complete the work. They also did not reconnect the closet door & I went to open it & it fell on me, we have tried several times to call someone about our issues but no one calls us back...