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Empire Today Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] Empire Carpet / Horrible experience

SLSPRAT on Aug 14, 2014

Wanted to share my experience with Empire Carpet in Colorado with any other consumers who are thinking about using them for your carpet purchase/installation. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! This was the worst experience ever – it made buying a new car seem like a dream! First off, I cancelled my...

[Resolved] Empire Carpet / padding

Jon Kathy on Jul 6, 2014

When purchasing our carpet I told the salesman that I wanted the best padding he informed us that the 8lb was the best and it came with the carpet.It's in here now it's not the best padding, our 15yr old padding was better than what we have now, when you walk barefoot on the...

Empire Today / tack strips cutting through rug

Angela Hirtle on Jun 22, 2014

I just had new carpets installed. About a week after installation my son scratched his leg open when he was playing outside of his room on the floor. As I went to investigate, I too stepped on something the stabbed me in the foot. I realized it was the tack strips coming the rug. I did...

Empire Carpet / Beyond horrible customer service / wrong carpet colors ordered

Tom Sevcik on May 5, 2014

Empire sales rep “Tim” met my wife at our house on Wednesday, April 30th. After giving Tim an $800 deposit for our two rooms plus a hallway of carpeting Tim gave my wife his cell phone number to call if there were any issues. According to Tim, he was good at promptly calling back if there...

[Resolved] Empire Flooring / high quote

Emmie Iliopoulos on Apr 17, 2014

After remodeling our old farm house, I got a quote from Home Depot for carpet in two bedrooms. I called Empire for a quote and was so surprised to get an extremely high quote for a cheaper carpet. When I showed the salesman my carpet sample from Home Depot and their quote, he went back to...

[Resolved] Empire Today Carpet / bait and switch

Anteel on Apr 13, 2014

Empire today salesman came to house measured rooms 2 bedrooms and my great room showed me carpet samples and then quoted a amazing price for installation complete with furniture moving and hauling away the old. I signed the contract with them and set an installation date only to have the...

[Resolved] Empire Carpet / poor installation

Don F on Jan 21, 2014

Hired Empire Carpet to do 2 bedrooms with closets, a bathroom, and stairway. They wanted to be paid fully before any work was done.. I refused. They set carpet out in the street and unrolled it so they could cut it. A car drove right over it. I don't blame the driver because he had no...

[Resolved] Empire Today / Wells Fargo / bait and switch financing

John L. Wheeler on Dec 2, 2013

We bought our home in 12/12 could only afford hard wood floors for approx.1/2 of the house on a 12 month 0% intrerest balance due loan through Wells Fargo. This October they were advertizing thier normal bait and hook sale so we got caught. We wanted to finnish the rooms that we did not...

[Resolved] Empire Carpet / unprofessional salesman

TRebekah on Oct 17, 2013

I made an appointment for an in-home estimate with Empire Carpet. At first the salesman seemed nice and professional. He measured our basement for carpet installation, I chose a carpet and he gave me an estimate. The estimate was almost twice the price of two previous estimates that we...

[Resolved] Empire Today Hardwood Flooring / bad quality, worst service

AmandaLAdams on Oct 1, 2013

I had the option to use another company for the same price and I am beating myself up every day for deciding to go with Empire! I was promised compete satisfaction when ordering my hardwood floors. I complained from day 1 of installation, and one month later the issue is still unresolved...

Empire Carpets / Not honoring signed commitment, not providing refund, bad customer service, rip off company

Ivana nichkawde on Sep 13, 2013

We have a written agreement dated 9/11/13 with company sales manager Ross Troquato who came after the appointment was fixed by the company. He signed a written agreement, took $587 from us and agreed in writing for a NET 30 day account for the company for $1175. On Thu afternoon he called...

[Resolved] Empire Carpet / mistreatment of furniture

D Matthews on Sep 12, 2013

I had carpet installed a year ago. While they were here, they put my furniture out on the patio. I was upstairs and noticed it was raining. I had to tell them and they quickly brought the furniture in. That's not my major complaint, just an aside regarding the lack of care they take...

[Resolved] Empire Carpet / Poor installation, rude contractor never ontime

Do not purchase from empire! I told contractor the day he installed carpet that I could feel something sharp in numerous areas. He pounded it with a mallet a few times, but that did not fix the issue. I thought that maybe with time, it would be ok. Empire pursued us for more sales and we...

[Resolved] Empire Carpet / Poor Quality Carpet

Stay away from Empire on Aug 17, 2013

We bought carpeting from Empire, two times we had to get them to come out and replace the poor quality carpeting they installed even though we paid for the "best" carpets they sold...well not!!! The carpeting us stretching and looks terrible. So I called customer service and made a...

[Resolved] Empire Carpet / False promised

S MacDonald on Aug 8, 2013

Promised Tile installation 8-5, no show.. Promised installation 8-6, no show, called Pam the manager, promised installation, 8-7, no show. After each promised, I called the next day when no one showed and was told by customer service I was not on the schedule. sitting here 8-8, another...

Empire Carpets / Reliability

tggrcraze on Aug 2, 2013

I called Empire Carpets to schedule an appointment for someone to come measure my basement apartment for carpeting in 2 rooms and linoleum to be laid down in kitchen on 7-22-13. I selected the time frame of 6:00pm to 8:00pm being I work. Empire had a representative call my home, that...

[Resolved] Empire Today / ripoff

Little Devil2 on Jul 29, 2013

I had Empire, Home Depot, and Lowes give me estimates on a 4 room carpet installation. Empire had the special of pay for 1 room and get the rest free. Well, even though they were giving me 3 rooms of carpet free(just the carpet) it was still $400 higher than the other 2. Home Depot and...

[Resolved] Empire Carpet / not gettng any satisfaction with defective carpet

Bad carpet on Apr 12, 2013

Living room carpet that was installed inMay 2012 has since developed a large amount of pulls in it. I have been playing phone tag trying to arrange for someone to come to house to look at it. This has been going on for many weeks. I am not happy at all with the customer service of this company

[Resolved] Empire Today / terrible salesman

95eclipsers on Mar 14, 2013

Have done business w / empire before, but mid march 2013. Had a salesman come over to give us quotes. Guy didn't look very professional at all, almost didn't let him in. Came in and started measuring carpet, then we sat down. Hit is mega highball, about $5, 000 for carpet in 3 rooms and...

Empire / Carpet / Bad carpet

A Gougler on Mar 2, 2013

Our carpet is coming apart not at the seam but at the backing. We have called and spoken to several people that have no clue what they are talking about. They constantly send installers out that say the same thing, you can't fix defective carpet. This is the worse company. They also...