eDreamsno refund to cancelled air tickets.

On line we purchased 3 airline tickets through
Edreams. Airline was Air Canada (their nu - KK5SWV) travel - Sun 14-30 July 2019

My visa bank statement - Paid - 27 Oct 2018 EDREAMS BARCELONA $6, 067.49

We personally cancelled these flights July 2019 with Edreams due to various reasons. They confirmed by phone THERE WOULD BE A REFUND. As of today (5 Oct. 2019), there hasn't been anything further from Edreams. We have tried many times to contact edreams. Air Canada said there should be a refund.

Edreams confirm No. [protected]
Edreams Invoice number 2018-SAL7-[protected]
Edreams Date transaction 11/2/2018.
Edreams Total amount NZD 6, 067.49

Mark Purchase
Auckland NZ

Oct 04, 2019

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