eDreams / fraud charges on flight booking


I just completed a flight booking agreeing to pay a final price of 51.68 euros. Upon confirmation I was charged 65 euros. This is fraudulent behaviour. You can not take payment from customers and charge a different amount after. And now I have been on hold waiting to speak to an agent for the second time today. It is ridiculous to have to sit and wait on hold for 30 minutes and then speak to a useless representative who has no idea what you are speaking about and has no desire to reach a resolution. Initially I called to make a change to my booking because the dates booked were incorrect. Sadly, no options were given. Now I have made a new booking trusting I would be charged the amount I agreed to and then see I was charged 15 euros over what I had expected. And in addition to this there is nowhere I can find in my confirmation booking explaining the breakdown of this 15 euro extra charge. I am demanding a refund of these charges as I did not agree to pay them. Reference : [protected]

Apr 15, 2019

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