eDreams / edreams withholding refund - fraud

I booked a flight through eDreams using the PayPal option on July 18th.

Immediately after booking - within 2 minutes - I realized I accidentally chose the wrong connection.

I called eDreams right away to request the refund. They said I had to call the airline so I did.

The airline that was used, Norweigan Air Shuttle, allowed 24-hour same day cancellation and verified my booking qualified. Norweigan canceled the flight and sent me a confirmation email stating full refund amount:

"The amount of 594, 26 EUR paid for the reservation with reference number LG9N5Y was refunded on the 19th of July to the credit card that was used upon booking (ends with 3790). Please allow some days for this transaction to be processed."

HOWEVER, eDreams used their own card ending in 3790 to make the booking so the refund couldn't go directly back to my account.

Each time I call eDreams they claim there is some other verification document needed from the airline before they can issue me the refund. It seems never-ending and very fraudulent!

I am certain the money was returned to their card but they claim no way of seeing this. I now have a canceled flight with a refund going straight to this company.

I opened a refund case through PayPal. Hopefully, I will get my money back but incredibly angry at what terrible scammy service this company offers.



Jul 26, 2019

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