I booked tickets NZ-HCM easyJet For 3/11/19, recieved email. " Reservation pending " the flight cost $473 but I noticed that my bank account had two ending payments of $104.45, this was confusing as was two payments for one booking and also didn't sum up to the $473. 2 days later I recieved an email from Edreams saying they had noticed it had been 24 hours since my booking and I hadn't recieved confirmation yet ...ummm yes, because you haven't sent me it, how [censored]ic !!! They requested I called them, so I did and they asked. I wait another 24 hours whilst ticket is confirmed. During my time waiting I also recieved emails offering to book hotels, onward flight. Taxis etc ... download the app!!!And even one that said I can check into my flight !!! Very confusing as I still hadn't recieved my tickets /confirmation. After waiting the additional 24 hours I called them again and was asked to wait another 48 hours whilst they confirm the tickets, I became very annoyed as I had the easyJet flight in front of my eyes, still available ready to buy, so why are they still waiting to confirm?????

So I cancelled, I find it very unorganised, embarrassing and I feel sorry for the call operators, God only knows how much abuse they have to endure from irate and annoyed customers due to Edreams unethical and unprofessional trading .

I mean how can you sell tickets without owning them? How can you advertise a product without being sure if you can provide? What about If it was reversed ...if they gave us tickets and then we asked them to wait whilst securing the money for payment, I think not !!!

I believe that Edreams is one big. Dishonest scam, they take peoples money with promise of a good deal, hold onto it, claiming interest and then release when people have had enough and cancel, [censored] EDREAMS!!!, WAKE UP!!!

Oct 05, 2019

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