eDreamsairline booking service

I have rarely been so insulted and cheated by a so called good customer service

I booked a ticket Berlin - London for myself and my 2 children. Booking price should have been 550 EUR roughly. Upon receiving confirmed ticket I noted it was 626 EUR.

I contacted edreams immediately who informed me that I had booked an insurance as well, which was easily cancellable. This was done and it was refunded to me. I was NOT informed of additional service charges.

On checking my account I found to my horror that I was charged 755 EUR for my tickets. I immediately contacted edreams again and was informed they had charged additional 3 insurances - even after I cancelled these. I was told they would be refunded ... 5 days later I am still waiting for this refund. I was NOT informed of additional service charges.

Today I again called edreams to be told that I have been charged at least one if not more service charges which were NEVER mentioned before of roughly 20 EUR each!!!

Where are all these service charges coming from out of the blue
Why the need to cheat and underhand charge customers unknowingly???

NEVER to be used again
Edreams is out to cheat and con innocent people for no reason!
Complaints department puts me on hold for hours and no one has anything to say !!!

Oct 05, 2019

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