eDreamsfalse advertising, finds all ways possible to be on the receiving end. no customer loyalty

K Jul 30, 2019

This is my second experience with and certainly will be my last . the first instance i needed to change a letter in the spelling of a surname and was advised to call the airline, the airline then confirmed that it would need to be done by the agent . i called back and was penalized for this . I had to pay in excess of R1000 for this change. Today i book a flight online my flight price was R695 however i have been debited R979, if an otp was provided i would have been notified by sms of the amount that would be deducted and i would have cancelled the request ( the website does not ask for a one time pin ) . As per the website i have free cancellation for today . i try to do the cancellation online however i cannot, i proceed to call the call center and when i choose the option to cancel i am advised that i will wait 5 minutes for the request to be submitted automatically . i am then transferred to a consultant after 20 minutes where i am advised that I need to contact the airline again to cancel and they will refund my ticket price and that i cannot get refunded on total amount . i asked to speak to a manager and the consultant asked why i would like to speak to the manager i advised, he then advised that would not help . I asked again to speak to a manager to which the question again was raised why do i want to speak to a manager . i proceeded to advise if they are not willing to let me speak to management i will address the issue with an ombudsman. i then waited another ten minutes for the manager to get to the phone and then she pretends as if she does not hear me on the line however the consultants had no issues hearing me . it seems to me that edreams is only there to provide false information and take money from consumers . this is suppose to be a reputable company but according to my knowledge all advertising has been false thus far.

i cannot pay a fee of R979 for a ticket priced at R695 and be arequested to call another company when your company is the actual problem

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